Architecture • A manifestation of culture •• Science of the builtform • Aesthetics combined with functionality A home plan today is a reflection of changing lifestyles. Vaslu Awos is an attempttowards finding aesthetic design solutions, which ore an easy omalgamation of contemporary lifestyle and ancient Vastu principles.




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As an architect and interior designer, I have come ocross a vast number of clients who wished to incorporate Vostu principles in the construction and decoration of their homes. Designing with on emphasis on Vastu principles, therefore, hos today become the norm rather than on exception. Instead of being considered as constraints, these principles are taken as underlying guidelines for aesthetic solutions to design problems.
A home is the reflection of one's personality and aesthetic sensibilities. It'sambience is very important for the well- being of the occupants, since it is the essence of their being. If a person finds mental peace and stability at home, he will be able to go out into the world and periorm to the best of his potential! and thus, be truly successful. I toke this opportunity to thank all my readers for their overwhelming response to both my earlier books- Vostu Niwos and Niwos. This series of books on home plans and elevations continues with VostuAwos. Elaborating on my lost book Vastu Niwas, here the salient features of all eighl directions ore detailed in Chapter I, while Chapter 2 deals with individual rooms and their ideal location as per Vostu principles. These two chapters will provide readers with 0 ready reference, and combined with the sample plans and elevations, guide them in designing their homes as per Vastu principles.

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The North-East

(Ishoan - The Most Sacred Corner) II one
is not available, placing a lerracotta in it, gives excellent results. The

3fe1lTll - 1


Ishaan is the Ideal locatlon far o pond, pool, well or ony other water body pol



(trn1-Qfil?ld'1 <P1uT)


with water and sprinkled with holy basilar a vase /

am ~
If<<IR", ~ T"fll"m"llT ~

bowl with flower petals


~I m~Pltt~ ~~ <i?r ~
ftiR:rq' -qy;fr"Qt~

it <fr ~ <ri't;): -q l:IA'I tt • ~ fi1'¢'t 'PI ~l"llT ~

water and flowers should be changed on a doily basis for besl



This is the best place for offering doily prayers. It is also a suitable place for meditation, yoga, the study of holy scriptures and similar activities thai are aimed at attaining spiritual enlighlenment.

~ ~~~
<!it~~t;rr~1 2. "1ft:" ~
"'{\1IT-'flO ~

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ffl ~ ttY; m tJftuJrtTtg"<l"R't ~ ~


3. 4.

Toll trees should be avoided in


Ishoon. Smoll trees or

shrubs, with colaurfu I blooms ore ideal here. This is the like. 5. The north-east is also Ideal lor the reception and welcoming


direction in which to grow medicinal plant, mint, aniseed, turmeric and the

such as luisi, coriander,

om ~ ~ ~ 3RT ~-~ un ~ ~~~it11ln!;;m)~, -ij;~~am~tl 3. ~-qfl~wrRit"iftRT~1 m~<t"T"#I mt"EftU '!IT ~ ~~ tg 31"J"GVf t' I
mfifu; ~<t;"<110 4. ~ ~ mrr~. ~~, ~, ~,

t"t ~

uwr, ~,


3ll"f<f tg 'I-\)

~~~~~fcmTtl 5. "\3"TR-wt ~ ~ ~ 3IR ~ ~ ~

01 visiting guests.
6. Corners In this direction should be lelt vacant & free of heavy loads.

6. ~


<Iif.1Y em ~

3fR l1TfI ~it


The East (Poorva - The Direction of New Beginnings)
1. The east is ideal for the dining room, study or the bathroom. A window should be provided room for the easy entry direction hours. 2. Red, golden yellow colours should be predominant area. Red roses should be planted in a gorden, woter- lilies floated 3,

wi ("fC!' ~
1. ~ ~
"'WT .,qo ~

c#r itm)
i6M, 3IUI1I""f 3f21m Frr::F~R 3IIGVf tg

in the eastern sector 01 0 first rays

01 the

01 the



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~ I 4>'R'I' ~ ~

tg: ~

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be well Iii, particularly

in the morni,lg


2. ~
in this or red ~

m if ~,


3f1'fe:rrw<r ~


a pond here. A photo or the eastern


<I'M "it ('fJ"tlI'-~ 3M<IT (q'j'c:{fffi%) -$ ~~UIR~


The eost is the direction for new beginnings. painting depicting your ambitions or desires

3. wt~~~tmrtl <Ii'! ~ ~


wall of you r room may result in their eorlv Iu llilment.

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'<Il"Irt cCt ~

<fum" lR


Sun rays are greol healers, so any tall trees or other obstructions which block sunlighl should be removed frorn'lhis seelor. Small trees or shrubs, ideally with colourful red or golden blooms are best here. This too is a good direelion for growing medicinal plants,

4. ~

<M"fc!Ru'i ~ 311~'I'lIGIdI t 310: ~ 1fT ~ ~ 'lIT ~ ~utT W <M"f<muIT em ~ m. ~ ~ ~ (ZT ~ ~ I q;1f ~ ~ freT'lIT ~. 3l'Tiffi ~ -« (iffi'f 'lIT ~wffi~~~-q~~'w~freT~

The South-East (Agneya - The Abode of the Fire God)
1. The south-east is an ideal location rorthe kitchen, an eleelricity generator, or other activities/appliances related to fire. For the entry of sun rays throughout the day, it is best to have on open window in the south-east of any room. This should be a well-lit area because of regular use for preparation oHood. 2. 3. All trees or other obstructions blocking sunlight coming from the south-east should be done away with. Any depressions or holes in the south-east should be filled-up, and it should be made higherthon the north-east and the northwest, but lowerthan the south-west seder,



;Wt;; ~cm ~~


1. Gfa.;ur-Tf~.

~ 3TT'T~~ 3RT ~/~ ~ ftQ14gCfl'l ti W<M"fctRuif~~'IR~ ~~ 1fT 'CPIlt <W 'Gfuur-Tf -q~ ~ w;rr wifnlf t I W ffl~~ il~~ -«~m~<riRUT armT
~~~~~I ~
'lIT 3RT

2. ~ 3.


<ffi<mr vrT Gfa:roT-Tf ~ ~

~ tCr fctRuif em ~

Gfa.;ur-~ -q~ ~

UG oR 'i1IR~,

tt ~

South (Dokshin - The Zone of Activities)
1. It is ideol to sit with one's back to the south. This way, it is believed, ancestors. 2. Walls on the southern side should be made thicker and heavier, with lesser openings in the form of doors, windows or ventilators. 3. Any depressions, pits or holes in the south should be filled up, and il should be at a higher level than all the other directions, but lower than the south-west. Heavy furniture should ideolly be placed here. 4. 5.. Water should never be stored in this sedor. Sleeping with the head towards the south brings sound sleep and good health. you receive strength and wisdom from your



'Gfuur tCr 3ffi fro m ta-;rr ~ 3l'Tiffi fu.Tfu' t I ~ 'ijffiff 't fct; ~ '!fiIi'R 3ITQ" vrtmr ~ ~

m~ ~



'CjiT~HI 2. 3.

-q ~

mtt aTR 1iTfI; ~,




GfIlfl1T -q~ ~ §Q" ~, ~ ~ UG ~ ~ '\ifA ~, aTR W ffl3RT ~ ~3IT -«~ ~ 'G'fuur-~ it~m_1 'fRt~<m~'(ij'qit~'i1IRT.1

4. ~ 5.

Wsr il'I1'A'r em ~ ~ 1't1fcti7.IT \ifRT ~ I <00-01' *r 3ffi fiR m 'ffi1T m ~ -qci 3ltm ~



The South-West (Nairutyo - The Abode of Peace)
1. This is the best sectorforthe head of the family to occupy, as it provides him with safety and stability, which are paramount, since the entire family in turn depends on him for its safely and well-being. 2. Any depressions, pits or holes in the south-west should be filled up, and it should be made higher than all the other directions. The heaviestfurniture 3. Walls on the south-western orventilators. 4. Nairutya is ideal for putting up 0 rock gorden, or installing a heavy sculpture. 5. Ifon open oreo, which is equal to or more than the height of the building, is available in the south-west, toll trees or a dense hedge should be planted there. 6. Heavy indoor plants should be placed here, for example palms and rubber plants etc, planted in heovy concrete pots. is best kept here.



c)J ~ ~ ~

(~vrff~nl>T~) t ~ c)J ~~ ai:nriilnq t ~ ~ ~
~ YGl'f


3lT't 'tN 'mTI ~

t, \ill fcI; ~ 3ftlPlt Wffi '(fd ~-~

~; cf;

fuq~'tN~~t'1 2.

side should be thicker and

heavier, with lesser openings in the form of doors, windows


Gfuur--qftqq -q ~ ~ ~ ~,. ~ 3JW(fI G ~ ~ ~ U mftq, 3fR ~ ~ ~ ~3if"il ~~ xml 'IiRI~W~~tl GfuuJ-~ ~ if <fuITt ~ +Oft ~ 'IiRI 'MT •. ~ fr ~. ~ 1rnrmm t ~ -q ~ 'ijflJ'f cpq"il



GfuuT--qftqq m;-~
~~~I 1f1Fr


"1lT ~




5. ~ ~I 6.

cfr ~


-q ~


m cr~l'\¥jt)tJann 'EA'r ~




'WfT ahr
'WIT ~



TheWest (Pashchim- TheAbode offhe Mys1ical Sofum)
1. II the west is to be extended in any manner, it should be ensured that the extension is square or rectangular shope. 2. All depressions, pits or holes in the west should be filled up with clear sand, and it should be made higher than all the other directions, except the south-west and the south. Heavier furniture may be placed here. 3. In the house or work place, one should sit with the bock to the west. It is best to face the direction of clarity i.e. the eastwhich is the direction of the rising sun - and receive the energies afthe sun directly. in


t ~~


'IiRIlJ'I'R'!T wmr 'lfl? lITl1 3l'R m ~

(\!t5'F1I~~ vrr.rq)r~wr) 'qfhf'nm ~ ~ ~ ~ -q fcmmt:r fcmn \iITffi ~ m ~ ~ fcmn 'i1IRT ~ f$ fcmmt:r mrr CJ1f 3lmIT 3{]"lffi '$

-q if I

2. ~1{~~~~,

'\iI'RT ~


~ ~ GfuuT--qftqq 3l'R G1m'ur
"il-&T.n ~

3lft!furn 3RT ~ aTt!~ ~ "il ~


3. "ER 1{ 3!mIT qmf-~

CJil ~ cfr 3lR ~ ~ ~ ~I '~ cfr~· fl ~\1Il fcI; ~ Wff wf cit ~ t cfr 3lR ~ CRt m 3IR -wf cfr ~ ~ lW'T
'tN ~ 'CR'1T~~tll


Walls on the western side should be thicker and heavier, with lesser open ings for doors, windows covered with vines having thick loliage, direction. and ventilators.

4. ~


boundary wall made of heavy stone, a fence or a trellis are ideal in this

~ <fil 00 mi'n,rci mfr -m:t., ~1~.1'C1 ~, ~'imT~<fil~<PI1~.1 ~wmT~ ~~ <fil ~ (~I\'I~.<lJcl),. ~ lffiT ~ ~ ~ <itt.

<mramm~~~"$"~ammtl 5.

3tR ~ tt ~CI1lIt"$"
i3fAT ~




The western sector of the entire residence, as well as of each room should bear the heavier furniture. This serves as a barrier to withhold the spiritual forces and positive energies that enter through the east. These auspicious forces travel through each room to reach the west, A heavy and closed west restricts these auspicious energ ies from flowing out of the house.

wm m~

~ ~ 1lRl ~'i'Hm



wf <fil 3IR it




-q ~

tg mtTT'(fl1'<fil4 ~

t" I ~ ~


<filrt~.~~ ~3lT '<liT m ~ ~

vrfcRt<fl ~ 11lRl~

iI'G ~

1-JTlT ~



Any natural elevation like a mound, a hillock or even a highrise building to the west of the house is considered lucky. Such a mound or hillock should be used as a rock garden, or for placing statues or decorative stones etc,

6. ~.~~~-~\ihl"fu;rr,


If an open area, which is equal to or more than the height of the building, is available to the west then toll trees or a dense hedge may be planted there.


Heavier indoor plants such as palms or rubber plants should be placed here, planted in big heavy concrete pots.

1fCR" '#r, 11CA<fil ~ fem -ij' m-rr ~ lWIT umrr % I ~ ttit amm _ .cpr ~ "if<nm, ~ amcrr ~~ m~mTifc!nrr'\ifRT.1 7. ~ 'lfCA'<€r ~ t-rn<R ~ mm 3l'fuCIl:~ m-.~ -q~Tilm<ffl~<]1ff 8. ~ 3jt)~ ~ ~ ~. ~T wn 1WJ m w, cm§'rc <)1~, ~lJ1ffif-qwrR·~11


The North-West (Vayavyo - the Area of Turhulence)
1. If the north-western sector is to be extended for any reason, it should be shaped into a square or rectangle, orthe northeastern corner should be extended instead. 2,. If this sector is lower than the north-east, any depressions or holes should be filled up to make it higher, but it should be kept lower than the south-east and the south-west. 3. If the north-west is low-lying Moruta or Hanuman and cannot be raised, it is A

\TIR- -qfhrq

(rw:r&J - 3lWfu q)f aft)

1. ~~-~'(fl1~N~QlRUf~%Rl·~m~

:crt. amm 3lTllif t 3l1CIiR -q 'I'1l'ff ~, ~ ~ 'i3TfQ:-1ff 'CflR '<liT 2. ~ ~ 1-JTlT ~-'fl<€r WATTi -%mil m G<Il ~~
~ 3 '<liT ~ "ll'IiR 1-ffl \JIRT .• 1$ ~ ~

~~~~ ~.I

~ it ~ ~

believed that 0 picture, on ida I or any symbol of Lord kept here is extremely beneficial. painting or a picture of the full moon is also believed to be very effective in mitigating any ill effects caused by the lower placement olthis sector,

~ ,m tm lWIT ~

Gfuur-'fl~~-~~~%I ~ \3ffi"-~ 1-JTlT cnttCr ~

<PTm, ~

"tit afR ~ -&rr ., \3'Glm W ~ 1$ ~ 11lTCIR 3mm ~ ~ lj"()ff
3M.~"iIR"!ir <II ftr.;r .~ ~

mm~ I 1{"f ~


11l-W)l'lIT1l q;)-~~1i··awm~


ffir t -;fun



m <fi


If cmole open space away from the main construction



in this sector, hedges or bushes of one's liking

may be planted here. This will olso help mointain privacy. Trees with dense, shimmering leaves that donee in the wind are 0150 Ideal here.


A bouquet of fresh flowers may be ploced in this direction,
as air blOWing in f(Om here will lill up the entire house wilh their frog ro nee.


A small fountain or on cquorium
the swill movement

may be placed here, as

01 woler

and fishes matches the nature

~f.rvr<rr~~l'f~l1<fG~tl 5. ~~l'f'tl"l$wc:fl Cfi1 ~~ mnaT 'ffiffifIt. ~~'it vcrrf'tn~~ ~~~q;f~~'it~<Ilf~ I 6. "lltf'lf'l5 uTa 1JCZTRT lIT ~'1fI 't{IfJ;;n 'fl'!Ilffi t ~ GT-?r 3lR~~~~~3lh':~<fft~~~~tl lltl" ~ 3lfi::Iw~ <m ~ ~"<Ii'ffiff t I 7. w M;rirPrr=lYtMT~<fI~<);~ ~ ~tl

4. ~~ml'f~·f.AIvT'it~~wrr~~m tIT ~ 3llA't ~ <); ~

"'* ~ ~

<.=I"1RT ~I

of the moon ond the air. This will make YOIJ lee I more active. 7. This sector is idecl for guests, ond for the douqhters of the house

1. ~"\'JTR

The North (UNar - The Mound of Wealth)
1. II the north is smaller orea wise, a lorge-sized mirror should be placed on the northern wall. This symbolically expands northern sector. 2. Allernatively, a picture, on idol or ony symbol of Goddess lakshmi or the moon maya Iso be placed here, If this orec is relahvely smaller 3. Within 0 house, the north is full of soffllic ond rojos gUIlOS, and ISIdeal for the study room, livlOg room and lor storrng penshobles goods. A window should be located in the north 01 any room, 10 ollow entry 01 the cool rays of the moon. 4. Ashoko Irees in 0 gorden, or white Kumud (water-lily) in a pond mode by excovutinq earth in the northern sector are very good. A well maintained 10 ble 5.

<fI ~'it 3RJ1WIT l'tu'rcrt, <m GIfur wwrr ~ I 'lTj; ~ e\:i <ffi ffmm: tnr t I
~ 3lTlIm" 'Wl ~ ~

m~ ~
Vitf" ~ ~

2. ~ ~


3. "tR <); ~. 'lft ~WTIlIT
"i3'ffi" ~


\iff ~

'!fit "lIT 3RJ ~ ~ t. ~ ~ m 3RJ 'lwft ~~

lFI' ~"T"'i
<!iT <I'fIm ~

mm t, i'Im

31Ui1A"-qifl, ~.c~

mnt ~



near the study

Ihis oreo is olso believed to gIVes good resu Its. blocking light from the north


<); ~ ~ t I "" <fi"I'R <); "i3'ffi" -if ~ <fI ~ f.mvr't"ij,~:srm~~~~~1 ~ -if 3l'fit<f;" <);"¥f lIT ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ -q)m-if ~W (~M) mrt'r 1WT-q ~Wli;Rf~Il"f e\:i l'f 31'Ul1R" <fir 1liit <); -qm 3fiU'I ~ 'it W\ifT '1"flIl ~-~ ~ $a' ~ t:lmmlfRl"ijffifft I "\"3""ffi" ~ 3l'R ~ 3IA" <rf"(i\I'"Sr"<Ii"m <fiT mfmf ~ ~ I:flfI ~ lFI'
~ 1t<'1 ~~,


tMT ~


'l&l' ~ ~ ~ ~.



All trees ond obstructions

should be removed. and toll trees should be ovoided here

Smeller trees, preferably wilh white blooms arc good here.
Medicinel and frogront shrubs like holy basil. coriander, marigold etc may be planted here.

~dtt~-~. afrrruhr ~ ~

~ mm"i'f'TTQ";;n:!r ~I

~~~~~~; ~~ ~

~'~'ltH'1 ~ t-.1f.:tm,

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