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monitor brand advertising effectiveness

monitor brand advertising effectiveness

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Published by: irenek on Jan 10, 2008
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Monitoring Brand Health & Advertising Effectiveness

Great brands deserve great managers...
Brands are generally the most valuable asset an organisation owns; it is critical to ensure that they remain healthy. In particular, marketplace perceptions of a brand, purchase intention, trial and loyalty can all deteriorate in the face of consumer trends, competitive pressure, strategy changes, retailer policy or simply budget cutbacks.
A continuous brand health monitor is: • an early warning system • • a measure of the outcome of marketplace activity and change a long term history

Advertising is typically the largest discretionary support that a brand receives and it is often the most significant influence on brand perceptions (imagery) and personality. A continuous brand health monitor can also: • measure creative strengths and weaknesses • • establish whether advertising messages are well branded and on-strategy provide guidelines for media selection and planning

Features of Colmar Brunton’s Monitoring
Holistic design A Colmar Brunton Monitor will measure all the key components of brand health, advertising performance, promotional support (where relevant e.g. sampling, consumer promotions) in a single vehicle, along with the necessary diagnostic and segment information (e.g. demographics, purchase frequency, main channel/store etc) The right measures A Colmar Brunton Monitor is customised to the parameters of the client’s business and marketplace, as well as the objectives – measures, target respondent and data collection methodology. It is not a black box process, nor is it inflexible. Nonetheless, we know the best way to measure and analyse topics which can be contentious (such as advertising awareness). The right analysis and interpretation Effective research needs to provide answers, not data; this particularly applies to a brand monitor. Colmar Brunton’s tracking practitioners have many years experience in this specialized discipline. This is evident in: • our choice of techniques for analysing data • • the Australian experience we bring to interpreting the findings – both over time and across categories and market sectors our ability to provide strategic insights, rather than descriptive reporting or blind reliance on norms (often out of date, inappropriate or averages of averages)


Colmar Brunton Monitors will give you the confidence that you have a constant finger on the pulse of your brand and that you have sensitive and actionable guidelines for advertising development budgeting and scheduling.
For further information please contact Colmar Brunton: Sydney P O Box 1384 MacQuarie Centre Post Shop 80 Waterloo Road North Ryde NSW 2113 02 8873 0888 02 8873 0999 sydney@cbr.com.au Melbourne P O Box 316 Chadstone Centre VIC 3148 Chadstone Shopping Centre Level 3, Suite 50 Chadstone Place 1341 Dandeong Road Chadstone VIC 3148 03 9569 0333 03 9569 1037 melbourne@cbr.com.au Brisbane GPO Box 1266 Brisbane 4001 95 Edward Street Brisbane Queensland 4000 07 3026 3000 07 3026 3030 brisbane@cbr.com.au Canberra P O Box 2212 Canberra ACT 2601 39 Torrens Street Braddon Canberra ACT 2601 02 6249 8566 02 9249 8588 canberra@cbr.com.au Adelaide P O Box 1202 Unley SA 5061 Level 1, 25 Unley Road Parkside SA 5063 08 8373 3822 08 8373 4533 adelaide@cbr.com.au Perth PO Box 6512 East Perth B.C. WA 6892 Suite 2 Ground Floor 197 Adelaide Tce East Perth 08 6267 0400 08 6267 0417 perth@cbr.com.au

Isn’t it just “ad tracking”? A well designed monitor will cover all the components of “ad tracking” and be an effective measure of brand health. And because it is all in a single vehicle, it is possible to analyse whether advertising is contributing to brand health. Isn’t it just historical? Effective planning needs a sound understanding of past and present trends. Monitoring results for the current year should be a key input into the next year’s marketing plans. How do I get the most of a Colmar Brunton Monitor? • determine objectives for metrics that can be measured by a monitor (e.g. brand awareness) and the decision criteria • • reporting should focus on progress aga1nst objectives and current key issues have pre-set meeting agendas; ensure that all necessary advice, schedules, briefing documents etc are provided to us regularly and in time to incorporate them in our analysis assist us to provide strategic insights by allowing us to get to know your business regular presentations and reports are important, but ad hoc analysis or discussion of new advertising, marketplace issues, key short term trends and so on, can be extremely valuable

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What methodology is best – telephone, face to face, self completion, Internet etc? There’s no methodology that is always best – we will use the technique that best suits your needs and objectives.


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