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Dear Future River Hill Parent & Student, Based upon a recommendation from your middle school art teacher, you are considered an applicant with strong potential for success in our comprehensive program. If you have an interest in art and perhaps may want to study an art related field in college, you should seriously consider taking Art I: Foundations of Studio Art your freshman year. = As you register for classes you may be wondering what classes can help set the foundation for my experience while at River Hill? Art I 7%, Ant” Bhool Ar TIL Gar Photo TI AMUIV faa Photo IT scar The Visual Art Program at River Hill is a four-year program, which will allow you the opportunity to: -Build your portfolio and resume for college applica- tions -Hone your creative problem solving skills -Collaborate with peers -Learn a multitude of techniques in a variety of media -Build relationships with peers on all levels -Voice and embrace your personal ideas and concepts -Discuss all types of art -Apply for merit based scholarships -Incorporate reading and writing through criticism, brainstorming, sketchbook idea generation, and art history -Gain college credit through the Studio Art AP Exam