com 5preodinq the true re/iqion of 4//oh, wi/oyot e 4/i {osws)
Imam Hussain {asws] arrives in Karbala

Imam Bussain (asws) stoppeu at Ninawa anu uismounteu Bis Boise. A iiuei suuuenly appeaieu fiom the
uiiection of Kufa caiiying aims anu a bow hanging ovei his shouluei. Eveiyone came to a stop anu lookeu
in the uiiection of the iiuei. As he appioacheu them, he gieeteu Buii (as) anu his followeis but uiu not uo
so to Imam Bussain (as) oi Bis companions. Be gave Buii (as) a lettei fiom ubayuullah ibn ziyau (la)
which saiu, "0pon ieceiving my lettei, immeuiately stop the jouiney of Imam Bussain (asws). Foice Bim
to stop in an aiea which is open with no piotective enclosuie oi supply of watei. I have instiucteu my
messengei to iemain with you anu not to leave you until you have implementeu my oiueis. Peace be with
Aftei ieauing the lettei, Buii (as) saiu to Imam Bussain (asws) anu Bis followeis, "This is a lettei fiom
the goveinoi ubayuullah ibn ziyau (la) oiueiing me to stop You in a place which is unpiotecteu. This is
his messengei whom he has oiueieu not to leave my siue until I have caiiieu out his oiueis." Abu Shatha
glanceu at the messengei of ibn ziyau (la) anu askeu, "Aie you Nusaii Bauui fiom the Kinua tiibe." Be
ieplieu, "Yes."
0pon heaiing his ieply, Abu Shatha saiu to him, "Nay youi mothei be uepiiveu of you. What kinu of
message have you biought." The messengei ieplieu, "What is it that I have biought. I have submitteu to
my imam anu have fulfilleu my pleuge of allegiance to him." Ibn Nuhasii ieplieu, "Anu in the piocess of
uoing so, you have uisobeyeu Allah anu have followeu an "imam" which will only leau you towaius
uestiuction. You have embiaceu evil anu hellfiie. Allah, Al Nighty anu uloiious says, "We huve muJe
them lmumx, who lnvlte people to hellflre unJ on the Ðuy of juJgment they wlll not be helpeJ."
(28:41) This is an appiopiiate uesciiption foi youi "imam". "
www.wi/oyotmission.com 5preodinq the true re/iqion of 4//oh, wi/oyot e 4/i {osws)
Buii (as) begin to implement the oiuei anu foiceu the people to stop at a place which was away fiom the
village anu with no watei supply. Imam Bussain (asws)'s companions woulu say, "Allow us to stop heie
(Ninawa) oi at uhauiiiyyah oi Shahfayyah. 0pon heaiing the choices of the companions of Imam Bussain
(asws), Buii ieplieu, "No by Allah, I cannot uo this. This man has been sent as a spy to watch ovei me."
At this point, Zuhaii ibn Qayn saiu to Imam Bussain (asws), "0'Son of RasoolAllah (saw), fighting against
these people now shall be easiei than tiying to fight against the ieinfoicements which will join them. By
my life, a militaiy foice will come which we will be unable to confiont." Imam Bussain (asws) ieplieu, "I
will not be the one to initiate the fighting against them."
Zuhaii saiu to Imam Bussain (asws), "Come with us to that village anu stop theie because it is well
piotecteu anu is neai the bank of the Euphiates. If they tiy to stop us fiom going theie, we can oveitake
them, foi it is fai easiei to fight them than to oveitake those who will soon join them." Imam Bussain
(asws) askeu foi the name of this village anu was tolu that it was calleu 'Aqi (also known as Kaibala). Be
then saiu, "0'Allah I seek iefuge in You fiom 'Aqi" anu then Be pioceeueu to stop theie. This was on
Thuisuay 2
Nuhaiiam 61 AB.

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From 3
Mubarram until 7
Arrival of tbe army of ibn sa'ad {la]

The next uay (S
Nuhaiiam), umai ibn sa'au (la) aiiiveu fiom kufa with 4uuu soluieis. This cavaliy of
soluieis hau oiiginally been sent by ubayuullah ibn ziyau (la) to subuue the people of Baylam in Bastaba.
By then, ibn ziyau (la) hau appointeu umai ibn sa'au (la) as goveinoi of Raye (piesent uay Bahiain).
Bowevei with Imam Bussain (asws) heauing towaius Kufa, ibn ziyau (la) changeu ibn sa'au (la)'s
assignment. Bis instiuctions to ibn sa'au (la) weie "uo to Imam Bussain (asws). When you complete this,
you may ietuin back to youi goveinoiate." 0mai ibn sa'au (la) ieplieu, "If you can ielieve me of this
mission, please uo so. Nay Allah have meicy on you." 0bayuullah (la) ieplieu, "Yes, if you leave the
position of goveinoi of Raye." Ibn sa'au (la) iequesteu a uay to think ovei the mattei.
Ibn sa'au (la) askeu the auvice of his closest fiienus. Eveiyone auviseu him to not unueitake this mission.
Bamzah ibn Nughiiah, his nephew, saiu to him, "0ncle, I beg you in the name of Allah to not move against
Imam Bussain (asws) foi it will be a giave sin in the sight of youi Loiu anu violates the bonu of kinship.
By Allah it woulu be bettei to give up all of youi woiluly wealth anu youi goveinoiate than to meet Allah
buiueneu with the iesponsibility of having spilleu the bloou of Imam Bussain (asws)." 0mai ibn sa'au (la)
ieplieu, "Inueeu, I shall take youi auvice, inshaAllah."
Bisham iepoits that he went to see umai ibn sa'au (la) aftei he hau been instiucteu to maich against
Imam Bussain (asws). Ibn sa'au (la) saiu to him, "The goveinoi has oiueieu me to move against Imam
Bussain (asws) anu I iefuseu to uo so." Bisham saiu to him, "Nay Allah guiue you to what is piopei anu
iight. Bo not accept this mission of wai against Imam Bussain (asws)." Then Bisham left him. Someone
came to Bisham anu saiu, "This umai ibn sa'au (la) is inciting people against Imam Bussain (asws)."
Bisham went to umai ibn sa'au (la). When ibn sa'au (la) saw Bisham, he tuineu his face away fiom him.
0pon seeing the gestuie of ibn sa'au (la), Bisham unueistoou he hau ueciueu to maich against Imam
Bussain (asws).
www.wi/oyotmission.com 5preodinq the true re/iqion of 4//oh, wi/oyot e 4/i {osws)
0mai ibn sa'au (la) went to ibn ziyau (la) anu saiu, "Nay Allah make you piospeious. You have entiusteu
me with the goveinoiship of Raye anu the mission against Imam Bussain (asws). People have alieauy
been infoimeu of my appointment If you still consiuei me suitable, then uo this. 0theiwise, uispatch an
aimy fiom the eminent leaueis of Kufa. I am not the best canuiuate to fight on youi behalf." Then he
pioposeu some names.
Ibn ziyau (la) ieplieu, "Bo not tiy to tell me who aie the eminent leaueis of Kufa. I am not seeking youi
auvice on who I shoulu senu. Eithei you set out against Imam Bussain(asws) with youi soliueis oi hanu
ovei youi goveinate." Aftei heaiing these woius fiom ubayuullah ibn ziyau (la), ibn sa'au (la) agieeu to
maich against Imam Bussain (asws) with 4uuu soluieis. They aiiiveu at Ninawa the next uay, S

0mai ibn sa'au (la) instiucteu Aziah ibn Qays to go to Imam Bussain(asws) anu ask Imam Bussain (asws)
why Be has come heie anu what Bis intentions aie. Aziah was one of those who hau sent a wiitten
invitation to Imam Bussain (asws) anu was embaiiasseu to go to him. 0theis hau also wiitten Imam
Bussain (asws) anu now faceu the same situation, so they iefuseu to go meet Imam Bussain (asws).
In the meanwhile, Kathii ibn Abuullah Shaabi saiu, "I will go to Bim. By Allah if you wish, I will kill Bim."
0mai (la) ieplieu, " I uo not want you to kill Bim. uo anu sk Bim why Be came heie." Abu Thumamah
Saiui spotteu Kathii on his way to the camp of Imam Bussain (as). Abu Thumamah saiu to Imam Bussain
(asws), "Nay Allah make you piospeious, 0'Abu Abuullah (asws). The most wickeu peison on eaith who
has spilleu much bloou anu killeu many people is coming towaius You."
Abu Thumamah appioacheu him anu saiu, "Lay uown youi swoiu." The man ieplieu, "By Allah , no. Theie
is no cause foi that. I am only a messengei. If you will heai what I have to say , I shall tell you. If you
iefuse, I shall go back." Abu Thumamah saiu, "I shall holu the hilt of youi swoiu. Then you may convey
youi message." Kathii ieplieu, "No by Allah you will not holu on to it." Abu Thumamah saiu, "In that case
give me the message anu I shall convey it to Imam Bussain (asws) on youi behalf. I will not allow you to
www.wi/oyotmission.com 5preodinq the true re/iqion of 4//oh, wi/oyot e 4/i {osws)
go neai Bim foi you aie a tieacheious man." They exchangeu woius. Then Kathii ietuineu to umai ibn
sa'au (la) anu infoimeu him of what hau tianspiieu.
0mai ibn sa'au (la) calleu Quiiah ibn Qays Banzali anu saiu to him, "Shame on you, Quiiah. uo to Imam
Bussain (asws) anu ask Bim what has biought Bim heie anu what Be wants." Quiiah began to walk
towaius the camp of Imam Bussain (asws). When Imam Bussain (asws) saw him appioaching, Be askeu,
"Boes anyone know him." Babib ibn Nuzahii ieplieu, "Yes. Be is fiom the Banzalah tiibe of Tamim anu
the son of oui sistei. I useu to know him as a man of intelligence anu woulu not have imagineu him being
piesent on the othei siue."
Quiiah enteieu anu gieeteu Imam Bussain (asws). Then he conveyeu umai ibn sa'au (la)'s message to
Imam (asws). Imam Bussain (asws) ieplieu, "The people of youi town wiote to Ne asking Ne to come. If
they now uo not wish foi Ne to be heie, I shall leave them anu go." Quiiah ietuineu to ibn sa'au (la) to
infoim him of what was saiu. Ibn sa'au saiu, "I hope that Allah will exempt me fiom having to ueclaie wai
on Bim."

www.wi/oyotmission.com 5preodinq the true re/iqion of 4//oh, wi/oyot e 4/i {osws)
Letter of umar ibn sa'ad {la] to ibn ziyad {la]
0mai ibn sa'au (la) wiote a lettei to ibn ziyau (la).
"In the name of Allah, Nost uiacious, Nost Neiciful.
When I ieacheu Imam Bussain (asws), I sent my messengei to Bim anu askeu Bim what was Bis puipose
foi coming heie anu what Be wanteu. Be iesponueu "The people of this town wiote to Ne anu askeu Ne
to come to theii aiu. Theiefoie I have come to them. Since they aie uispleaseu with Ny piesence heie anu
theii views uiffei fiom what theii messengeis biought to me, I am piepaieu to ietuin back."
When this lettei was ieau to ibn ziyau (la) he saiu, "Now that we have seizeu Bim in oui giasp, Be seeks a
way out, but now theie is no escape."

Response of ibn ziyad {la] to umar ibn sa'ad {la]'s letter
Ibn ziyau (la) wiote the following the umai ibn sa'au (la):
"In the name of Allah, Nost uiacious, Nost Neiciful.
I have ieceiveu youi lettei anu fully unueistanu its meaning. 0ffei Imam Bussain (as) anu Bis
companions the oppoitunity to pleuge allegiance to yaziu (la) ibn muawiyah (la). If They uo, then we will
ueteimine oui ueciee. Peace."
0pon ieauing the lettei, ibn sa'au saiu, "I hau a feeling that ibn ziyau (la) will not accept a conciliatoiy

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Imam Hussain {asws] and His Followers Denied Water

Anothei lettei came fiom ubayuullah ibn ziyau (la) auuiesseu to umai ibn sa'au (la) "Pievent Imam
Bussain (asws) anu Bis companions fiom ieaching the watei supply. They shoulu not be alloweu to taste
a single uiop of it - as was uone with the iighteous, pious, anu oppiesseu caliph, uthman ibn affan (la)."
As a iesult, umai ibn sa'au (la) stationeu ami ibn hajjaj (la) with Suu hoisemen along the iivei in oiuei to
pievent Imam Bussain (as) anu Bis companions fiom being able to obtain a single uiop of watei. This
was uone S uays befoie the battle against Imam Bussain (asws).

www.wi/oyotmission.com 5preodinq the true re/iqion of 4//oh, wi/oyot e 4/i {osws)
Meeting of ibn sa'ad {la] witb Imam Hussain {asws]

Imam Bussain (asws) sent Ami ibn Qaiazah ibn Ka'b Ansaii to umai ibn sa'au (la) to aiiange a meeting at
night between the two camps. 0mai ibn sa'au (la) came out with about 2u hoisemen anu Imam Bussain
(asws) a similai numbei. When they uiew neai to each othei, Imam Bussain (asws) instiucteu Bis
followeis to withuiaw anu ibn sa'au (la) uiu likewise. They spoke foi most of the night anu then each
ietuineu to Bis own camp along with Bis followeis.
People speculateu gieatly on what hau been uiscusseu between Imam Bussain (asws) anu ibn sa'au (la).
The people saiu Imam Bussain (asws) maue the following pioposal to umai ibn sa'au (la), "Let 0s go to
yaziu (la) ibn muawiyah (la) anu leave the two aimies." 0mai (la) ieplieu, "Then my house will be
uestioyeu." Imam Bussain (asws) ieplieu, "I will iebuilu it foi you." 0mai (la) saiu, "Ny piopeities will be
taken." Imam Bussain (asws) saiu, "I will give you even bettei piopeities in the BIjaz." 0mai (la) iepeateu
this to Bim. Speculation ovei theii conveisation was tantamount, but no one hau any actual knowleuge of
what was saiu between the two.

www.wi/oyotmission.com 5preodinq the true re/iqion of 4//oh, wi/oyot e 4/i {osws)
Second Letter of umar ibn sa'ad {la] to ibn ziyad {la]
0mai ibn sa'au (la) wiote the following to ubayuullah ibn ziyau (la):
"Allah has wipeu out mutual hostilities. Be has uniteu with us anu iefoimeu the affaiis of the community.
Be has agieeu to ietuin to wheie Be came fiom oi we can senu Bim to one of the boiuei aieas wheie Be
will be tieateu like any othei muslim with the same iights anu obligations, oi we senu Bim to yaziu (la) to
offei Bis pleuge of allegiance to him anu iesolve theii uiffeiences. This appioach will be satisfactoiy to
you- it will be foi the betteiment of the community."
When ubayuullah (la) ieau the lettei, he saiu, "This is a lettei fiom someone who is sinceie with the
goveinoi anu is conceineu about the welfaie of his community. Yes I accept his pioposal." Shimi ibn Bhi
}awshan (la) stoou anu saiu, "Will you accept this fiom someone who has halteu neaiby on y oui lanu. By
Allah if you allow Bim to leave without obtaining Bis allegiance, Be will be consiueieu stiong anu
poweiful, anu you will be vieweu as weak. Bo not give up youi position foi it will be a sign of
compiomise. Insteau, let Them submit to youi juugement anu then you can eithei punish Them oi foigive
Them, as you have full uiscietion. By Allah I have been tolu that Imam Bussain (asws) anu umai ibn sa'au
(la) sat between the militaiy camps in uiscussion thioughout the night." Ibn ziyau (la) iesponueu, "Yes
you aie coiiect."

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Second Letter of ibn ziyad {la] to umar ibn sa'ad {la]
Then ubayuullah ibn ziyau (la) wiote the following to umai ibn sa'au (la):
"I uiu not senu you to Imam Bussain (asws) in oiuei to uelay confiontation with Bim, to give Bim ease, to
extenu Bim an offeiing of peace anu life, oi to inteiceue on Bis behalf with me. Take note that if Imam
Bussain (asws) anu Bis Followeis submit to my authoiity anu suiienuei, then senu them to me. Bowevei
if they iefuse, then kill them anu uestioy theii ueau bouies foi this is what They aie ueseiving of
(maazAllah). If Imam Bussain (asws) is killeu, let the hoises tiample back anu foith on Bis chest, foi Be is
a tieacheious iebel (maazAllah) who has uiviueu the community. This will not uo any haim to Bim aftei
ueath, but I have swoin that I woulu uo this shoulu Be be killeu. If you execute oui oiuei then we will
iewaiu you appiopiiately as one who is obeuient. If you iefuse, then give up oui authoiity anu aimy anu
hanu ovei the commanu to shimi ibn uhi jawshan (la). We have given oui authoiity to him. Salam."
0bayuullah ibn ziyau (la) summoneu shimi (la) anu saiu, "uo with this lettei to umai ibn sa'au (la) anu
instiuct him to auvise Imam Bussain (asws) anu Bis followeis to submit to my authoiity. If They uo, then
senu Them to me. If They uo not, then he must wage wai against Them. If umai ibn sa'au (la) uoes this,
listen anu obey him. If he shoulu iefuse to fight, then you aie appointeu as the commanuei of the people.
Seize umai (la), sevei his heau, anu senu it to me heie."
When this oiuei was hanueu to shimi (la), he stoou with Abuullah ibn abi Nuhill (la) who saiu, "Nay
Allah make the goveinoi piospeious. The sons of oui sistei aie in the siue of Imam Bussain (asws). If you
aie in agieement, wiite them a lettei guaianteeing theii secuiity." Ibn ziyau (la) ieplieu in the affiimative
anu instiucteu his secietaiy to wiite such a lettei. It was sent by Abuullah ibn abi muhill (la) with his
mawla Kuzman.

www.wi/oyotmission.com 5preodinq the true re/iqion of 4//oh, wi/oyot e 4/i {osws)
Sbimr {la] arrives witb tbe letter of ubaydullab ibn ziyad {la]
Shimi (la) hanueu ovei the lettei of ubayuullah ibn ziyau (la) to umai ibn sa'au (la). When he ieau the
lettei, he saiu, "Woe unto you. Nay Allah uepiive you of Bis meicy anu make what you have biought
unaccepteu. By Allah I believe you have influenceu ibn ziyau (la) against accepting my pioposal anu as a
iesult have spoileu oui effoits to coiiect this situation. Imam Bussain (asws) will nevei submit." Shimi
(la) askeu, "Tell me what you plan to uo. Will you execute the goveinoi's oiuei anu uo battle with his
enemy. If not, withuiaw anu hanu ovei the commanu of the aimy to me." 0mai (la) ieplieu, "No you will
not benefit by exploiting this situation. I will execute the oiuei anu you will leau the men."
Cuarantee of Security offered to Abbas {asws] and His Brotbers
Shimi (la) appioacheu the camp of Imam Bussain (asws) anu saiu, "Wheie aie the sons of oui sistei.'
Abbas (asws), }afai, Abuullah, anu 0thman came out anu askeu him what he wanteu. Be ieplieu that he
hau come to offei them a guaiantee of safety anu secuiity. The youths ieplieu, "Nay Allah cuise you anu
youi guaiantee. What soit of an uncle aie you who offeis us secuiity while the Son of RasoolAllah (saw)
has no guaiantee of safety."
When Kuzman, mawla of Abuullah ibn abi muhill (la) aiiiveu, he calleu out to them anu saiu, "This is the
lettei guaianteeing youi safety that youi uncle has sent to you." The youths ieplieu, "Convey oui
gieetings to oui uncle anu tell him that we aie in no neeu of youi guaiantee of safety, foi the guaiantee of
Allah is bettei than the guaiantee of a coiiupt anu evil peison."

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Umar ibn sa'ad {la] marcbes towards Imam Hussain {asws]
Aftei completing afteinoon piayei, umai ibn sa'au (la) calleu out "0'hoisemen of Allah, climb onto youi
hoises." Be ioue along with them until they appioacheu the camp of Imam Bussain (asws). They saw
Imam Bussain (asws) seateu in fiont of Bis tent. Bis sistei Syeua Zainab (sa) heaiu the sounu of the aimy
appioaching. She went to Bei Biothei saiu "Ny Biothei uo You heai the sounu of the aimy maiching
towaius 0s." Imam Bussain (asws) saiu "I just saw RasoolAllah (saw) anu Be was saying to Ne, "You aie
coming towaius 0s."
Bz Abbas ibn Ali (as) exclaimeu "Ny Biothei, the people aie coming towaius us." Imam Bussain (asws)
stoou up anu saiu, "0'Abbas (asws), I woulu saciifice Nyself foi You. Nount Youi hoise anu go to meet
them. Ask them what the puipose of theii auvance is anu what has changeu that they now aie maiching
towaius 0s." Bz Abbas (as) along with 2u hoisemen, moveu foiwaiu towaius the auvancing aimy.
Among those with Bim weie Zuhayi ibn Qayn anu Babibi ibn Nuzahii.
Bz Abbas (asws) askeu them, "Why have you come to 0s anu what aie youi intentions." They answeieu,
"An oiuei has been issueu by the goveinoi that we shoulu offei You the choice between submission to his
authoiity oi engagement in battle." Bz Abbas (asws) saiu, "Bo not iush into anything befoie I have hau a
chance to notify Abu Abuullah (asws) of youi position." 0pon heaiing the woius of Bz Abbas (asws) the
auvancing gioup stoppeu anu saiu, "uo anu notify Bim. Then come anu tell us what Be says."
Bz Abbas (asws) iusheu back to Imam Bussain (asws) to infoim Bim of what they hau saiu. Babib ibn
Nuzahii saiu to Zuhayi ibn Qayn "Eithei you auuiess the people oi I will. It is youi choice." Zuhayi askeu
Babib to begin the auuiess. Babib tolu them, "By Allah how evil will those people be in the sight of Allah
tomoiiow- those who will be in Bis piesence aftei killing the uianuson of RasoolAllah (saw) anu Bis
Family (asws)."
Aziah ibn Qays ieplieu, "You claim gieat puiity foi youiself." Zuhayi saiu to him, "0'Aziah suiely it is
Allah who has puiifieu anu guiueu Them. Be awaie foi I am a sinceie auvisoi. Aziah, I imploie you in the
www.wi/oyotmission.com 5preodinq the true re/iqion of 4//oh, wi/oyot e 4/i {osws)
name of Allah not to be among those who help the misguiueu ones in slaughteiing these Puie Souls." Be
ieplieu, "Zuhayi, in oui view you weie not fiom among the Shia of this Family. You weie a suppoitei of
the paity of 0thman (la)."
Zuhayi saiu, "Aie you not piesumptuous about my affliations. By Allah I was not among those who evei
wiote to Bim letteis of suppoit oi sent messengeis with piomises of help. It was only by coinciuence that
oui paths ciosseu. When I saw Bim, Be causeu me to iemembei RasoolAllah (saw) anu Bis ielationship
with Bim. I knew well Bis enemies anu youi paity. Then I ieflecteu anu iealizeu that I shoulu help Bim
anu become a membei of Bis paity, lay uown my life to safeguaiu Bis- in oiuei to pieseive the
abanuoneu message of the tiuth of Allah anu RasoolAllah (saw).
When Bz Abbas (asws) biought the ultimatum fiom umai ibn sa'au (la) Imam Bussain (asws) saiu, "uo
to them anu if possible cause them to postpone until tomoiiow moining so that We may spenu the night
in supplication to 0ui Loiu. "
Bz Abbas (asws) conveyeu this message to umai ibn sa'au (la) who askeu shimi (la) "What uo you think
of this pioposal of Imam Bussain (asws)." Shimi (la) ieplieu, "Nake youi own uecision foi you aie the
goveinoi anu the uecision iests with you." 0mai (la) saiu "If only I uiu not have to ueciue." Then he
appioacheu the people anu askeu them foi theii opinion. Ami ibn Bajjaj ibn Salamah (la) iesponueu
"uloiy be to Allah. Even if they weie fiom Baylam anu hau iequesteu a shoit iepiieve, you woulu be uuty-
bounu to giant theii iequest." Qays ibn Ashaath (la) ieplieu, "uiant Theii iequest. By my life it is bettei to
commence fighting in the moining." 0mai (la) saiu, "By Allah if I knew They woulu engage in battle, I
woulu not uelay it til moining."
Imam Ali (asws) ibn Bussain (asws) iepoits that a messengei sent by umai ibn sa'au (la) came to Them.
Be stoou at a place fiom wheie his voice coulu be heaiu anu saiu, "We will give you iepiieve til moining.
Then if You submit we will hanu You ovei to oui goveinoi ubayuullah ibn ziyau (la). If You iefuse, we will
puisue you to the enu."
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Events of tbe Eve of Asbura

Imam Ali (asws) ibn Bussain (asws) naiiates that Imam Bussain (asws) gatheieu Bis followeis aftei
umai ibn sa'au (la) ietuineu to his camp.
Imam Bussain (asws) saiu the following:
"All proises onJ qlory be to Allob tbe Host Eiqb. l believe tomorrow will be 0ur lost Joy in tbis worlJ. l
obsolve you of ony obliqotion to He. You ore free to leove. 0se tbis cover of niqbt to escope. Tbese people
pursue only He onJ once tbey copture He, tbey will not pursue onyone else."
Response of tbe Hasbimites
Bz Abbas (asws) was the fiist to iesponu. "Bow is it possible that we shoulu iemain alive aftei You. Nay
Allah nevei allow this to happen." Then his biotheis, sons, sons of Imam Basan (asws), anu sons of
Abuullah ibn }afai (Aun anu Nuhammau ) all spoke similai woius.
Imam Bussain (asws) then saiu, "0'sons of Aqeel (as), youi family has saciificeu much with the
maityiuom of Bz Nuslim (as). I giant you peimission to go." They ieplieu, "What woulu the people say
about us if we weie to uo such thing. They woulu say that we hau abanuoneu oui Imam, oui Nastei, oui
Cousin, anu the best of 0ncles; that we shot no aiiows, thiust no speais, lifteu no swoius in Bis uefense.
No by Allah we will nevei leave You. We will give oui lives, wealth, anu family to ensuie Youi safety. We
will fight alongsiue You until we attain oui goal. Life woulu be so uistasteful aftei You."

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Response of tbe Companions
Nuslim ibn Awsajah stoou anu saiu, "Bow is it possible we shall leave You anu then befoie Allah say that
we have fulfilleu Youi iights. By Allah not until I have thiust my speai into theii heaits anu wielueu my
swoiu until only its hilt shall iemain in my hanu, I will not leave You. If I have no weapon with which to
fight, I shall thiow stones at them to secuie Youi safety until my ueath."
Saeeu ibn Abuullah Banafi saiu, "By Allah we will nevei leave You until Allah knows that we piotecteu the
Bonoi of RasoolAllah (saw). By Allah if I knew that I will be killeu anu biought back to life then buint
alive anu my ashes scatteieu, I woulu not abanuon You even if this piocess weie iepeateu 7u times. Bow
then coulu I not saciifice myself foi Youi safety when I know that theie is only one ueath with honoi
which can nevei be thiown asiue."
Zuhaii ibn Qayn saiu, "By Allah I woulu love that I be killeu, then ieviveu, then killeu a 1uuu times in this
mannei if it keeps Youi with the young ones fiom Youi Family."
The othei companions of Imam Bussain (asws) all spoke in similai fashion saying "By Allah we will not
leave You. It is bettei oui life anu all of oui being will be offeieu foi Youi piotection. If we aie killeu, we
will have faithfully caiiieu out oui oaths."

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Imam Hussain {asws] on tbe eve of Asbura
Imam Ali (asws) ibn Bussain (asws) ibn Ali (asws) naiiates:
I was sitting with Ny Aunt Syeua Zainab (sa) on the eve befoie Ny Fathei was to be maityieu. Ny Fathei
ietuineu to Bis tent along with Buwayy, the mawla of Abu Zaii uhifaii (ia) who was piepaiing Ny
Fathei's swoiu. Ny Fathei was ieciting:
"Time you ore o sbomeful portner for o frienJ witb tbe possoqe of Jown onJ sunset. Eow mony componions
onJ supporters will be o corpse but time will not be content witb ony substitute. Tbe finol offoir rest witb tbe
Hojestic 0ne for every livinq beinq returns bock to Eim."
Be iepeateu this 2 oi S times. 0pon heaiing the woius of Imam Bussain (asws), Syeua Zainab (sa) went to
Bim anu saiu, "l om on orpbon. Hy Hotber bos left tbis worlJ onJ so bos Hy Iotber onJ Hy Brotber onJ now
l om qoinq to be JepriveJ of You Hy Brotber." Then Syeua (sa) saiu, "0´Abu AbJullob {os), You ore
preporinq for Jeotb. Your life will be brutolly token from You." 0pon heaiing the woius of Syeua (sa) Imam
Bussain (asws) went out to Bis companions anu instiucteu them to biing theii tents close togethei. This
way the enemy coulu only attack them fiom one uiiection.
Imam Bussain (asws) biought cane anu fiiewoou to the uitch which the companions hau uug uuiing the
night. Imam Bussain (asws) saiu, "Wben tbey morcb oqoinst 0s, set tbe wooJ on fire, so tbot tbey will not be
oble to ottock 0s from tbe reor."

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Imam Hussain {asws] and His Companions on tbe Eve of Asbura
Imam Bussain (asws) anu Bis companions spent the entiie night in piayeis anu supplicating to Allah.
Bahhak ibn Abuullah naiiates:
Some fiom the enemy camp passeu by to keep an eye on 0s. Imam Bussain (asws) saiu, "AnJ let not
thoxe who Jlxbelleve thlnk thut Our gruntlng them rexplte lx better for thelr xoulx, We grunt them
rexplte only thut they muy uJJ to thelr xlnx, unJ they xhull huve u Jlxgruceful chuxtlxement. On no
uccount wlll Alluh leuve the belleverx ln the conJltlon whlch you ure ln untll He xepurutex the evll
from the gooJ (S:178-179)".
0ne of those passing by heaiu the woius of Imam Bussain (asws) anu saiu, "By the Loiu of the Kaabah we
aie the iighteous ones." I iealizeu who he was anu askeu Buiaii ibn Buuaii whethei he also iecognizeu
that man. Be ieplieu "No." I tolu him "Be is Abu Baib Sabee. Be is known as a biutal fightei who was
impiisoneu at the time of Saeeu ibn Qays foi ciiminal activities." Buiaii exclaimeu, "0'giave sinnei!
Woulu Allah make you one of the iighteous." Be ieplieu, "Who aie you." Buiaii saiu, "I am Buiaii ibn
Buuaii." Abu Baib saiu, "We aie fiom Allah. Although it pains me to see you killeu, but killeu you will be."
Buiaii ieplieu, "Abu Baib, will you not iepent to Allah foi youi giave sins. By Allah we aie the iighteous
ones anu you aie the wickeu. I am witness to this." I (Bahhak) saiu, "Woe unto you. Bave you no
knowleuge." Abu Baib ieplieu saicastically, "Nay I saciifice my life foi the one who use to be a uiinking
companion of yaziu ibn uuhiah (la)." Buiaii saiu "Nay Allah be uispleaseu with you always. You aie tiuly
ignoiant." Then Abu Baib left.

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Morning of Asbura
0mai ibn sa'au (la) offeieu moining piayeis on Ashuia anu came out with his followeis. Ami ibn Bajjaj
(la) was given commanu ovei the iight wing anu shimi (la) ovei the left. Aziah ibn qays (la) was given
commanu of the hoisemen shabath ibn iibee (la) was given commanu of the foot soluieis. The stanuaiu
was given to Bhuwayu (la).
When the yaziui aimy (la) began auvancing towaius Imam Bussain (asws) Be iaiseu Bis hanus anu
supplicateu to Allah;
"0 Allob l put Hy trust in You on oll occosions. You ore Hy bope in every Jifficulty. You ore Hy trust onJ
proviJer in oll offoirs. "
They came neai 0ui tents anu saw We hau lit fiiewoou in a uitch to pievent the enemy fiom attacking
fiom the ieai.
Suuuenly a man, iiuing a hoise anu well-equippeu with ammunition, auvanceu towaius us anu without
utteiing a woiu inspecteu the tents. Then he ietieateu back anu calleu out, "0 Imam Bussain (asws)! You
have hasteneu towaius the hellfiie in this woilu befoie the uay of Qiyamah (Allah's iefuge)." Imam
(asws) saiu, "Is he Shimi bin Ziljawshan (la)". The companions ieplieu in the affiimative. Imam Bussain
(asws) saiu, "0 son of o qoot-berJess womon! You ore more wortby of it." Nuslim bin Awsaja attempteu to
shoot an aiiow at him but Imam Bussain (asws) stoppeu him fiom uoing so. Nuslim saiu, "Please let me
shoot at him, foi this wietcheu man is one of the gieat oppiessois anu Allah has maue it possible foi me
to kill him." Imam Bussain (asws) ieplieu, "Bo not sboot your orrow, l Jo not Jesire tbot tbe bottle moy
beqin from my siJe."

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Imam Hussain {asws]'s Last Sermon on Asbura

Imam Busain (asws) possesseu a hoise nameu Lahiq, which he hau given to his son Bz Ali Akbai (as) to
iiue. When the infantiy auvanceu closei, Imam Bussain (asws) calleu foi his hoise anu mounteu it while
calling out in a louu voice:

"0 people! Listen to what I say anu uo not make haste, so that I may fulfill the iesponsibility which iests
upon Ne anu that I may submit Ny plea iegaiuing Ny aiiival towaius you. Then if you accept Ny plea anu
believe Ny woius while giving Ne justice, then you shall be foitunate anu theie will be no excuse foi you
to fight with Ne. Anu if you uo not accept my woiu anu ueal unjustly with me, then 'Nustei theiefoie
youi uesigns anu gathei youi accomplises, then let not youi uesigns be uubious, then execute on me anu
give no iespite (to me)'. Anu 'veiily my Piotectoi is Allah Who sent uown the Book (Qui'an) anu Be
guaius the viituous ones'. When his sisteis heaiu his woius, they staiteu weeping anu wailing, along with
his uaughteis. Imam Bussain (asws) sent his biothei Abbas bin Ali (asws) along with his son Bz Ali Akbai
(asws) to console them.
Then he saiu, "By my life! They still have a lot moie to weep."
Then Imam Bussain (asws) saiu,
"Am I not the Son of the Baughtei of Youi Piophet. The Son of the Tiustee of the Piophet anu Bis cousin
- the fiist one to believe in Allah anu embiace what RasoolAllah (saw) biought fiom Bis Loiu. Is Bamzah
(as), loiu of the maityis, not Ny uncle. Is }a'fai (as), who flies with wings in heavens, not my uncle. Bo
you not iecall the statement of RasoolAllah (saw) iegaiuing Ne anu Ny Biothei; "Tbese Two ore tbe lorJs
of tbe Youtbs of PoroJise". Then if you agiee to what I say, anu veiily what I have saiu is nothing but the
tiuth, then it is bettei, foi by Allah, I have nevei evei spoken a lie. If you uo not believe Ne, then ask
www.wi/oyotmission.com 5preodinq the true re/iqion of 4//oh, wi/oyot e 4/i {osws)
those who aie amongst you. They will tell you about Ne. Ask jabii ibn Abuullah ansaii, abu saeeu khuuii,
sahl ibn saau saeeui, zaiu ibn aiqam, anu anas ibn malik. They will confiim that they heaiu this statement
fiom RasoolAllah (saw). Is this not sufficient to stop you fiom sheuuing Ny bloou."
Shimi (la) inteiiupteu Imam Bussain (as) anu saiu, "I woiship Allah only by my tongue anu uo not
unueistanu what You aie saying." Babib ibn Nuzahii saiu, "By Allah I see you woishipping on seventy
uiffeient kinus of uoubt. You cannot compiehenu what Imam Bussain (asws) is saying because Allah has
sealeu youi heait."
Then Imam Bussain (asws) continueu, "If you uoubt these woius of RasoolAllah (saw), uo you also uoubt
that I am the Son of the Baughtei of RasollAllah (saw). By Allah theie is no such peison as Ne. Tell Ne uo
you seek ievenge foi someone amongst You that I have killeu, foi piopeity that I usuipeu, oi foi an injuiy
that I hau inflicteu upon you."
No one ieplieu to Imam Bussain (asws). Then Be saiu, "Shabath ibn Ribee, Bajjai ibn Abjai, Qays ibn
Ashaat, Yaziu ibn Baiith, uiu you all not wiite to Ne saying, "The fiuit has iipeneu; the uates have giown
gieen; come to an aimy that is ieauy." They ieplieu anu saiu they hau not wiitten any such lettei. Imam
Bussain (asws) ieplieu," uloiy be to Allah. By Allah you most ceitainly have. 0 people since you aie
uispleaseu with Ny piesence heie, allow Ne to leave foi any othei place of secuiity."
Qays ibn Ashaath askeu "Will You not suiienuei to the authoiity of youi kinsfolk, foi they will tieat You
as You piefei anu no mistieatment will come to You fiom them."
Imam Bussain (asws) saiu, "You aie the biothei of Nuhammau ibn Ashaath. Bo you want Banu Bashim to
seek ietiibution fiom you foi moie than the bloou of Bz Nuslim ibn Aqeel (as). By Allah! I shall not give
my hanus in youis like a base man, noi shall I flee away like a slave." Then he calleu upon his Loiu: These
aie a guilty people. Suiely I take iefuge with my Loiu anu-- youi Loiu fiom eveiy piouu one who uoes
not believe in the uay of ieckoning"

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