CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENTAir Compressors & Pneumatic Tools: Air Compressor: An air compressor is a machine for compressing air from initial

intake pressure to ahigher exhaust pressure through reduction in volume. It provides air energy to drivepneumatic tools and other pneumatic equipment to perform specific jobs. It consists of adriving power unit, a compressor and an air reservoirs and acces sories. The driving powerunit is generally a diesel engine but sometimes gasolin e engine or electrical motors arealso used to drive the compressor. The air comp ressor may be reciprocating, rotary orscrew type. Major point of consideration t o select an air compressor is the volume of airproduction per minute at a specif ic pressure. Commonly, Air compressors available forthe road maintenance and con struction purposes are ranging from 125 cfm to 6oo cfm at80 to 125 psi. The numb er of pneumatic tools to be used gives the proper size of the aircompressor. The requirement of air for the most common pneumatic tools is given asbelow. Pneumatic Tools: Advantages of pneumatic toolsa. They are easier to maintainb. Ease of operationc. Durabilityd. Working ability in various climatic conditionse. Safer in usef. Not damaged if they are overloaded Selection of Pneumatic ToolsPneumatic Tools AirQuantity incfmPressurein psiFunct ions Paving Breaker 60-80 80-90 Demolish concrete, brick, asphalt,macadam, ice, colum n, piers, andfoundations etc.Nail Driver 30-40 90 Drive nails riveting, drive sp ikes andcutting off the head of rivets.Circular saw 70-80 80-100 Cut wood, brick , stone, concrete, tile,asbestos cement sheets, steel, cast iron,etcChain Saw 90 80-100 Cut hard wood logs, tree branchesSump Pump 100 80-90 De-wateringBackfill Tamper 24-27 80-90 Compact earth in confined areas that arenot accessible to ot her types of compactorsConcrete vibrator 20-50 85-90 Compact concrete while cast ingPortable Grinder 45 90 Grind metal, brushing materials etc.Steel Drill 27 90100 Drill holesRock drill (Jack Hammer) 15-2580-100 Drill holes into rocks for b lasting, rock bolting or other purposes

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