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Brenner. Eliot Hayden. Elizabeth; Akstulewicz, Brenda; Chandrathil. Prema; McIntyre. David Screnci. Diane' Harrinaton. _ftoJy, Couret. -vonne; Janbergs, Holly; Ledford, Joey Sheehan, Neil Hannah, Roger; Burnell, Scott' Uselding Lara; Shannon. Valerie' Dricks Victor; Mitlyno, Viktoria japanese nuke recovery plan Monday, April 18, 2011 8:58:48 AM

We should decline comment on it. It's Japan's plan and it's a Japanese accident. Ifwe ultimately get pushed into a corner and our assessment of the plan for the embassy gets out in the public domain, I have a couple of tap-dancing lines to use. Eliot
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