Now you are going to see

What the Israelis don’t want the whole world to see

The First Massacre in the st 21 Century

The Dirtiest Bloodshed in the history of Mankind

The Massacres of Nablus and Jenin in Palestine

Cities that were turned into empty “ghost houses” by the Israeli armies within 10 days only

Claiming to fight terrorism

But they were unable to “perform the “complete crime

The following pictures are harsh and inhumane. If you want to stop this slideshow, press Alt + F4 now, but you will never be able to know the truth about what happened. If you want to continue, press Space Bar

Jenin refugee camp destroyed by the Israeli bulldozers, a destruction that even earthquakes can never make

Just imagine if this were your house …

Even bedrooms are no more safe to sleep in …

A “city of ghosts” can be the only way to describe this disaster

In Jenin, a new holocaust was committed, but what is different about it is that people were not taken into arresting camps, but they were burnt in their houses by burning missiles …

Burning bodies was not enough, demolishing houses was necessary to prevent the escape of people from their houses …

Was this body burnt dead or alive before burying it under the rubble ?

Dozens of corpses collected in a small room, aid workers unable to work due to lack of equipment and due to fear of spread of epidemics

In Nablus, the massacre was just indescribable…

Just tell me … what body piece is this ?

Does this old man deserve such a death ?

Cotton placed in cavities … what kind of weapon was used against this man ?

No Comment

Head broken into pieces …

The old woman’s body shredded into pieces … where’s the world community ?

May God bless our Martyrs, may they rest in peace up in the heavens


During the last Israeli incursions in Jenin and Nablus, more than 500 Palestinians were reported killed …

… Ambulances and red cross workers were prevented from saving injured people by the Israeli Forces

More than 8,000 Palestinians were arrested for nothing

What is your role now ? Just watch? Cry?

I don’t think so …

You have now seen the unrevealed, but others have not

Be responsible, take this matter seriously

Let the people know the truth, forward this Slideshow to family and friends …

Whether you are a Muslim, Christian, or other, as long as you are a human being …

… Keep this in your mind

And remember, don’t be fooled with what you’re fed by the media

Always look for the truth …

This is a wrong statement

This is the right statement

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