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Fire of Transformation Retreat 2012 @ Oneness Institute

Diamond J Ranch, Middletown CA

To close this Immersion we will all travel to Harbins newly purchased 4000 acre ranch outside Middletown, California for a 4 day 3 night retreat. There will be a lot of deep practice time, some personal time, opportunity to get body work, and profound occasion to learn new and very important teachings as part of this Immersion curriculum. There are two houses with a swimming pool and soaking tub, practice space and garden patios in nature. This retreat is compulsory for all immersion participants, and is required that you come on time and stay for the duration. This retreat is all inclusive in your tuition. Dates and Times: Thursday July 5th 5p- Sunday July 8th 1p. We require everyone to come and stay for the entire duration of the retreat as this is important to create and maintain a cohesive energy. Commuter option is not available. The first night there is casual check in and you may arrive anytime between 5-8p to a lot for people who have a full work day. Come with enough time to settle in and enjoy a buffet dinner before evening events which begin at 8p. After lunch on Sunday we will close and leisurely checkout. All persons off the Ranch by 3p. Lodging: Sleeping is dorm style. Twin sized sheets and pillow provided and all beds are memory foam. Please bring any additional blankets. Optional camping if you prefer- there is a lot of flat green grass. Harbin Hot Springs Included in your attendance is a pass to Harbin Hot Springs for Thursday beginning at noon and Sunday ending at 10p. We recommend that you enjoying a soak at Harbin proper Thursday day and or Sunday afternoon. Harbin is 15 minutes from our retreat location. If you want to arrive on Thursday to Harbin for a soak- you must arrange this ahead of time by emailing Cristina so she can leave your pass at the front desk. Please note that Harbin is clothing optional. For further information about what to bring to Harbin Hot Springs, and the general rules (which also apply at Oneness Institute) please visit the Harbin website: Transportation: We would like very much to arrange carpools, save resources and enjoy the gorgeous drive in good company. Lets use the website forum to organize.You will be emailed a map for directions. Contact: It is likely there will be little to no phone reception on location. If you need to get a hold of Cristina or Hareesh from July 4 afternoon on call 707 987 3853 or 707 987 8263 You can also give these numbers to your loved ones for emergencies. There will be no using the phone to call out except for emergencies, so tell your sweetheart you will talk to them Sunday afternoon, when the retreat is over. This is not just a practicality, it is part of the container of the retreat, we ask you to not reach out to communicate with the world during our practice time. Things to be aware of- a Note from Harbin: The Oneness Institute (Diamond J Ranch) is a 15 minute drive from the Harbin Front Gate. if you are approaching Harbin from the Bay Area, it is 7 miles beyond Middletown on Highway 29. You will be checking in for your retreat at the Ranch House at Oneness Institute (not at the Harbin Front

Gate). At the Ranch House you will get a pass for your car, to gain access to Harbin Hot Springs. Please allow time to travel back and forth between the springs and your retreat. Speeding on the road to the Ranch House is dangerous and bad for the road surface. The Oneness Institute is located on 4,000 acres of rural, pastoral land. The usual California wildlife exists in the surrounding pastures and foothills (including the unpopular wild boar, ticks and snakes). We have not developed any trails for your use and ask that you stay on the roads if you decide to go for a walk. Do pay attention. Its unlikely you will cross paths with hazardous critters, but please remain aware of your surroundings. You can help keep your workshop space clean and enjoyable, for your group and the next, by following the simple guidelines posted in each building. Do this and you will experience (at least energetically) the beneficent blessings and deep gratitude of our housekeeping and maintenance staff. Mindfulness: It is required on this retreat that you respectfully clean up after yourself and keep your personal bed and belongings in an orderly fashion. Wash your own dishware. Please do not leave your practice paraphernalia in the main space overnight or belongings out on the lawn or by the pools. Treat this as temple grounds and bring mindfulness to your presence with your material possessions. Treat everyone with respect. Meals: Shri Cuisine (Patrick and Jana) will be preparing all the meals, 2 per day, and there will be tea, cooling drinks and snacks available at all times. Meals will be vegetarian, locally sourced, include some fresh local dairy, with vegan and gluten free options available and clearly marked. Asana & Qi Gong: There will be daily asana and qi gong classes led by Jana and Patrick respectively Body Work: For this retreat we are bringing in master body worker Mark Haviland, who is an amazing healer, rejuvenator, and will be working with our energies as a group. There are a limited number of full massage appointments available. Thursday early, a few during the retreat days, then more sunday after closing. Please email Cristina to reserve a session. Highly recommended! Mark is offering a 20% discount from his usual rates. Rates for FOT persons are $120--90 min $80--60 min shorter time periods also available and trade can be worked out for scholarship students.

Bring: Your yoga study materials and gear, Asana included (journal, pen, mat*, Immersion manual, asana clothes) Swimwear: suit(optional), sunblock (Pool & Hot soaking tub on the grounds) Bathing towel & toiletries (biodegradable soap/shampoos ie Dr Bonners) lotion/body oil (its quite a dry climate!) Comfortable clothes for sunny hot weather, cooler evenings Water bottle and your fav tea mug Blankets (sheets and pillow provided) Flashlight Any medications or supplements you require Course Materials: Emergency Contact Information Sheet

Liability Waiver signed Your Final Reflection YOUR CHECKLIST * there will be no mats provided Optional: slippers/cozy socks for indoor wearing slip on shoes hiking shoes Ear Plugs, eye masks for light sleepers hoops, frisbees, fun outdoor play gear your musical instrument if you play Hot springs regalia sunhat camping gear- sleeping outside is an option! DONT BRING: expectations computers work leave cell phone in your car alarm clock Weather: The weather in July in this area is often quite hot and dry, sunny. We are expecting it to be in the 90s during the day and 50s at night. Sunrise at 5:50a. Sunset 840p with a waning full moon (Tuesday Jul 3). Bring your fave Bay Area hoodie for morning and after sundown. INTEGRATION: Times of intense practice require integration periods to follow. The following are well tested recommendations to absorb and retain the most benefit from this time of deep practice. For 4-7 days (M-Th minimum) It would be wise not to schedule a full week of obligations for yourself immediately following this retreat, work and or social. Do not make any new important decisions or overwork for 4 days or so (ie quit your job, end relationships, start relationships) Avoid Conflict (resume conscious engagement if necessary Friday) Be gentle with your diet coming off a 100% diet of the healing food of Shri, ie indulge in toxins sparingly (see dina carya for defining toxins) Pay attention to your dreams It is important to minimize spending time with people who are not in the Kula or on a similar wavelength for at least 2 days after the retreat. It is also necessary to integrate the entire immersion in a good way. You will feel the difference once the chords are cut and your lifestyle and practice will naturally shift without intentional connection to the Kula and facilitators. There will be an opportunity to recommit to this process in your own way at the closing, but even so we encourage you to explore your new freedom gently. GENTLY. Take a moment right now to reflect on your ideal integration and occasions in the past though

which you have learned this lesson about gentleness. Draw on your own wisdom to create a new lifestyle for integration in a good way. Take action now to set up your schedule. In regards to any possible romantic interests that may have arisen in the Kula (if any), you are not to engage for a minimum of 4 weeks. Just go easy on yourself and dont jump into super California overachiever mode Sunday afternoon, ie dont book your flight for 6p Sunday, run off to a party, work 60 hours, call any exs, or give notice on your apartment. Be kind to yourself and energy smart. We suggest taking the afternoon enjoying body work and Harbin Hot Springs, and scheduling a light week, both with work and socializing. These recommendations stand for any period of deep practice or ceremony. Via Email, Let Cristina Know: if you have special dietary needs and or allergies want to book body work have special needs regarding sleeping arrangements if you would prefer to camp if you have an ongoing medical condition which would be prudent to communicate the details of for emergency care you plan on early arrival to Harbin Hot Springs Thursday Looking forward to deepening our practice together on this Retreat. Namaste.

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