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Buckling with horseradish, Fish pate, Paella see MISCELLANY Potted salmon Shrimps in soured cream Smoked mackerel pate see STARTERS Tricolor terrine see STARTERS Potted smokies see STARTERS

Stargazy pie
for 8 10 2 sardines, pilchards or small herrings large onion parsley shortcrust pastry: 250 g flour, salt, 200 g suet, 150 ml water Mix flour salt and suet and add enough cold water to make light, elastic dough. Knead smooth. Roll out and cover base of plate. Brush with water. Clean and bone fish but leave heads in place. Fill them with a little salt, chopped onions and parsley. Lay fish on pastry radially with heads on rim. Fill gaps with chopped bacon and three chopped hard-boiled eggs. Cover with pastry lid, pressing down between heads so they gaze between waves of the edge. Brush with beaten egg. Bake 30 mins (45 mins for large fish at Mark 4 (180°C 350°F). (An alternative is to line a dish with bread crumbs and finelychopped onions). 5 5 rashers eggs streaky bacon salt and pepper

Annie’s pie
for 8 1½ kg 1 kg 250 g (2 smoked mackerel haddock/cod spinach salt and pepper eggs) (250g 1 kg creme fraiche cheddar potatoes paprika shrimps)

Lay wilted spinach in bottom of casserole, cover with stripped and roughly cut fish (if using, add sliced hard-boiled egg and shrimps), with a little salt, pepper and paprika. Cover with a mixture of creme fraiche and grated cheese. Top with mashed potato and bake at 190°C till potato begins to brown.

Brill Vallée d’Auge
cook as for turbot (qv)



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for 8 ½ kg 1 kg 500 g potatoes carp bacon onion 2 pot 2 green pepper tomatoes sour cream paprika

Boil potatoes in jackets and slice into greased dish. Cover with fish which has been larded with bacon, and salt. Fry chopped onion, sprinkle with paprika, add water and bring to the boil and then pour over the fish. Cover with sliced green peppers and tomatoes. Sprinkle with sour cream and bake in medium over 30 mins.

for 8 500 g 300 ml cod parsley milk ½ tspn 300 g 100 ml mild curry powder potato double cream

Sprinkle fish with salt, cover with clingfilm and leave in fridge for 24 hours. Wipe and cut into chunks and roll in the curry powder. Fry to golden about 5 to 10 mins, and flake. Make a mash of boiled potatoes and the milk. Put at the bottom of dish and cover with flaked fish, parsley and cream. Chill before serving.

Cod creole
for 8 2½ kg 6 125 g 1 ml 1 tblspn cod steaks large tomatoes butter Tabasco (about 12 drops) arrowroot 3 200 g 3 2 glasses large onions green peppers lemons dry white wine

Put fish in shallow buttered dish, add salt and pepper, cover with chopped tomatoes, green pepper and onion. Dab with butter, add Tabasco and juice from lemons and drizzle over the vegetables. Add wine. Bake in Mark 7 (375°F 190°C) oven for 40 mins. Remove fish etc, add a little arrowroot, reduce sauce and pour over fish.

Fish pie with cheese
for 8 2½ kg 500 g 1l 2 4 5 35 g cod fillet smoked cod chicken or fish stock onion cloves bay leaves flour 1 600 g 3 400 ml 100 g 2 clove tomatoes eggs milk Parmesan garlic butter lemon

Put into stock fish cut into 1" slices, sliced lemon, cloves, crushed garlic, salt and pepper. Simmer 10 mins. Remove fish and reduce juice to ½ pint. Add milk, bay leaves, lemon rind, and paste made of flour. Bring to boil and add knob of butter. Pour sauce over fish. Put on top a layer of tomato slices. Beat eggs with salt and pepper, cheese and milk. Pour over tomatoes. Bake 45 mins in centre of Mark 3 oven (165°C 325°F). [ serve with sautéed potatoes ]

Fish pie with potatoes


for 8 1 kg 400 g 60 g 6 tblspn 200 ml 4 tblspn 4 handfuls floury potatoes tiger prawns butter plain flour cream chives/chervil/parsley spinach cheddar Cook cubed potatoes. Bake fish and prawns covered with milk and a little butter for 15 mins in Mark 5 (190°C 375°F) or simmer on the hob for 8 mins. Flake the fish into large chunks and peel the prawns. Stir flour into melted butter but do not let it brown, gradually add wine, then the cream, then some of the milk in which the fish was cooked. Bubble till is becomes syrupy. Add capers, chopped herbs, salt and pepper, add raw scallops and cod and prawns and wilted spinach. Mix in the lemon’s juice. Cover dish and then cover with mashed potatoes, shower with grated cheese and bake in Mark 7 (220°C 425°F) oven for about 30 mins till top is golden. If it browns too quickly cover with foil. 200 ml 4 tblspn 16 ½ 1 kg 400 ml cod fillet milk salt and pepper white wine capers king scallops lemon

Cod mornay
for 8 1½ kg 150 g 25 g 25 g 300 ml 1 blade ½ fillet cheese (Gouda etc) butter flour milk mace onion 2 pinch 50 g salt cayenne grated parmesan or cheddar nutmeg 2 tblspns crumbs

Cook flour in butter to gold. Add mace, salt, pepper, chopped onion, and slowly add milk. Heat 1 or 2 mins but do not boil, beat in grated cheese and warm on low heat for 5 to 7 mins but do not boil. Add pepper, nutmeg and cayenne. Pour over fish which has been cut into chunks, dust with a mixture of crumbs and parmesan, sprinkle with melted butter and bake in Mark 4 (350°F 180°C) oven for 20 to 25 mins

Cod in parsley sauce
for 8 40 g 2 oz 2 600 ml 8 butter plain flour onions milk cloves 4 150 ml ½l bay leaves single cream stock thyme large pinch nutmeg

Cook flour in butter for 2 mins. Add milk a little at a time to make smooth paste and bring to boil. Add stock, cloves, thyme, onion, bay and nutmeg, and cook 25 mins. Liquidise and add finely-chopped parsley and cream. Coat cod fillets in mixture of flour and salt and fry about 5 mins each side. Put on a plate of sauce. [ serve with mashed potato ]

Poached cod
for 8 450 g 2 2 1 lentils (de Puy) cloves onions large bunch of flat-leaf parsley 30 1 2 chicken stock cube bay leaves salt and pepper mint leaves


4 cloves 1½ kg 12 300 ml

garlic cod anchovy fillets olive oil

2 tblspn 2 2 tblspn

dijon mustard lemons capers

Cover lentils with water, add stock cube, and onions to which the bay leaf has been pinned with cloves and simmer 30 to 40 mins until water has been absorbed and lentils are tender. Add salt (adding it earlier makes lentils tough). Mix crushed garlic, anchovies, capers, mustard and little oil and pulverise (probably in food processor) then with the machine running slowly add the rest of the oil. Just-cover fish with lightly-salted water and juice of the lemons, bring to boil, turn off heat and leave 5 mins. Serve with salsa and salsa.

Cod Portugaise
for 8 2 kg 1 kg 6 cod onions salt red peppers 12 cloves 700 g garlic tomatoes cayenne

Fry cubed fish and remove. Fry finely-sliced onions and chopped garlic. When they start to colour add chopped tomatoes, salt, cayenne and simmer 10 mins. Pour over fish, cover with blanched peppers and bake in Mark 5 (375°F 190°C) oven for 10 mins. Sprinkle with chopped parsley.

Cod Rye
bread flour garlic Fry bread on one side. Roll fish in flour and fry. Add sliced mushrooms and crushed garlic and cook for 5 mins. Remove cod and put on uncooked side of the bread and cook 5 mins more. cod mushrooms

Sweet and sour cod
for 8 8 30 ml 60 ml 20 ml 30 ml 20 ml 250 g cod fillets (150 g each) soya sauce lemon juice white wine vinegar clear honey tomato ketchup green beans 2 cloves 1 tspn 2 250 g 250 g 30 ml garlic paprika red peppers spring onions button mushrooms oil

Cut fillets down the middle and roll up skinned side out. Cover with soya sauce, lemon juice, vinegar, honey, ketchup, crushed garlic and paprika, and simmer 10 to 12 mins, till tender. Stir fry chopped vegetables in oil 3 to 4 mins to just-tender. Add ample pepper. Serve alongside the fish.

Cook as for haddock

Crab and courgette risotto
for 8 2 tblsn butter 4 onions


4 cloves 450 g 2 3l

garlic risotto rice lemons chicken, vegetable or crab-shell stock

4 2 tspn 2 4

chillis tomato puree crabs courgettes

Gently fry finely-chopped onions, chopped garlic and finely-chopped and deseeded chillis, short of their going brown. Add rice, tomato puree, the juice of the lemons and all the meat from the crabs, brown and white meat. Just-cover with stock. Simmer until the liquid has been absorbed and then add just enough more to cover the rice again. When that too has been absorbed the rice should be cooked. If so add finely-diced courgettes, butter and allow it to rest five mins before serving.

Cook as for haddock

Baked gurnard
for 8 16 1 tblspn 1 tblspn 1 glass 8 fillets plum tomatoes oregano marjoram Manzanilla gurnard (c300g) 10 cloves 1 tblspn 8 strands 32 16 tblspn garlic thyme saffron charlotte potatoes crumbs

Gently cook in oil peeled, deseeded and chopped tomatoes, two of the crushed cloves of garlic, thyme and saffron, for a few minutes. Add salt and pepper and the sherry. Distribute in large ramekins diced fish and diced boiled potatoes and pour on the tomato sauce. Mix breadcrumbs with eight crushed cloves of garlic and a little oil and cover each dish with a good layer. Bake in Mark 8 (230°C 450°F) for 15 mins until surface is brown and juices under bubbling. {can be done with haddock}

see also Soups: Cullen skink

Haddock Barrie
for 8 8 600 g 2 50 g 125 g haddock fillets (of 150 g each) prawns onion flour butter 150 g 175 ml 1 tspn 600 ml cheddar double cream cayenne milk

Cook flour in butter about 5 mins. Add milk, then grated cheese and finely-chopped onion. Add chopped prawns, salt, cayenne and cream. Pour sauce over fish which have been coated in flour and arranged in buttered pan. Bake 30 mins in Mark 6 (200°C 400°F) oven. If that is not enough to brown it, finish off under grill. [ serve with spinach, and boiled potatoes or rice ]

for 8 400 g 400 g 600 ml 4 cloves baking potatoes smoked haddock milk garlic 120 ml 4 tblspn 1 50 g double cream olive oil lemon parmesan


2 leaves


400 g


Boil and mash potatoes, and add salt. Cover fish with milk, add bay and chopped garlic, and poach covered for 4 mins, until it is just firm. Skin, flake and remove bones. Blend fish with mash, mix in the cream, oil and 150 ml of the poaching milk. Add juice of lemon and grated cheese. Dress the spinach with vinaigrette, put on a dollop of the fish mixture, and top with poached egg. [serve sprinkled with a little cayenne]

Haddock coconut curry
for 8 2 kg 800 ml 6 tblspns 2 tspn 2 tspn haddock coconut milk concentrated butter cider vinegar rice flour ground coriander fennel/dill/coriander leaves Lightly cook fish in butter to firm and remove. Stew onions lightly to yellow. Add finely-chopped garlic. Whisk to frothy a mixture of vinegar coconut milk, rice flour, spices, cayenne and salt, and add to the onions. Simmer 10 to 15 mins. Pour half the sauce over the fish and mix the rest with the yoghurt, warm and pour over. Sprinkle with chopped herbs. 2 2 cloves 300 ml 2 tspns turmeric cayenne salt medium onions garlic yoghurt

for 8 800 g 400 g 4 650 g salmon/smoked haddock rice (or tapioca) eggs puff or brioche pastry 8 500 g 3 500 ml pancakes mushrooms onion white wine

Roll pastry into two sheets about ¼ inch thick and brush with beaten egg. Cover one with pancakes, then with cooked rice (or tapioca), fried chopped onion, sliced boiled egg, lightly fried mushrooms, and fish in alternating layers, starting and ending with rice. Cover with pancakes, then with pastry. Seal, brush with egg and bake 40 mins in 215°C (425°F) Mark 7 oven. [ serve with soured cream ]

for 8 500 g 1 250 g 1 tblspn smoked haddock onion basmati rice curry paste 3 3 tblspn eggs parsley butter

Soak fish in boiling water 3 mins. Fry chopped onion to brown, add rice and curry paste and 750 ml of the water off the fish. Simmer covered 10 mins. Add flaked haddock. Simmer till rice cooked and liquid is absorbed. Add coarsely-chopped hard-boiled eggs, parsley, pepper and a knob of butter. (You can also add a few raisins and flaked almonds) (Instead of curry paste you can use a mixture of spices: 1 cardamom, ½ turmeric, 1 cumin, parsley, 1 coriander, 1 fenugreek, little cayenne.)

Haddock Scotch eggs
Boil eggs about 7 mins. Mix a sole fillet in a blender with softened butter, a little cream and some softened butter. Pour hot milk onto smoked haddock. When cool flake haddock and mix in with sole. Between two layers of clingfilm flatten spoonfuls of the mixture to about 1cm thickness and form round egg with help from one of the layers of film. Roll in flour, egg, crumbs, egg, crumbs and cool in fridge. Deep fry 5 mins.


[ serve with curry mayonnaise ]

Haddock tasty
for 2 ½ lb ½ lb 2 rice smoked haddock hardboiled eggs salt, pepper Cook rice, flake fish, toss rice in butter. Add fish, chopped egg whites and a bit of diced ham and a little tomato ketchup, watercress, salt, pepper. Crumble yolks on top. [ serve with mango chutney ] ¼ lb butter diced ham tomato ketchup

Haddock Monte Carlo
for 8 1½ kg 8 2 pinch smoked haddock eggs cayenne 500 ml 2 180 g double cream bay leaves cheddar

Just-cover smoked haddock with double cream, add bay leaves and cayenne, and put in hot oven, Mark 6 (200°C 400°F), till warmed through and cream begins to thicken, about 12 mins. Add grated cheese and bay leaves. Place a poached egg on top.

Fish pie
for 8 2 kg 2 kg 10 2 400 g 400 g potatoes (eg King Edwards) smoked haddock peppercorns bay leaves button mushrooms prawns 570 ml 570 ml 6 sprigs 150 g 2 tblspn double cream milk parsley butter lemon juice

Cover fish with cream, milk and peppercorns and bring to simmer. Remove fish after about 5 mins and simmer the mixture till reduced to the consistency of double cream. Lightly fry halved mushrooms in a third of the butter for about a minute and add lemon juice, flaked fish off the skin, prawns and about half the poaching liquid. Cover with the potatoes which have been mashed with the rest of the poaching cream and the rest of the butter. Bake in Mark 5 (190°C 375°F) oven for 30 mins. Garnish with parsley

Haddock pie
for 8 1¼ kg 700 g 1 kg 500 ml 3 8 750 g 350 ml 4 drops potatoes (King Edward, marris piper) haddock (can use cod) smoked haddock milk bay leaves peppercorns leeks dry white wine tabasco 2 tblspn lemon juice salt 4 150 g 60 g 300 g 2 5 sprigs eggs butter flour prawns onions parsley


Fry sliced onions to soft. Cook fish in milk in Mark 5 (190°C 375°F) oven for 15 mins with bay and a spoonful of butter, and flake. Gently cook flour in a little butter and slowly add milk and wine. Simmer 3 to 4 mins, stirring frequently. Boil eggs for 4 mins, chop and add, then flaked fish and prawns. Boil the potatoes and mash with a splash of milk and a little butter. Gently fry chopped leeks till soft and add. Add tabasco and lemon juice. Use the mash to cover the dish and brush with beaten egg. Bake in Mark 5 (190°C 375°F) oven for 40 mins.

Thai fish cakes
for 8 1 kg 2 tblspn 2 tblspn haddock coriander leaves Thai fish sauce 4 tblspn 2 12 green Thai curry paste eggs lime leaves

Mix all ingredients plus a little salt (only a brief whizz in food processor to maintain texture), shape into cakes, dust lightly with flour and fry to golden. [ a dipping sauce would consists of 200 ml rice vinegar, 180 g sugar boiled together to syrupy, then add two tablespoons of dark soya sauce, a chopped carrot, two chillis and a tablespoon of ground coriander seeds ]

Quick haddock
Poach smoked haddock in milk for about 8 mins. Remove fish. Add creme fraiche and reduce. Add a little butter. Return fish, add chopped chives. [serve on a bed of spinach]

White’s haddock
for 8 8 tspn 2 tspn 450 g 1.6 kg 8 white wine vinegar shallots butter salt and pepper smoked haddock eggs 4 tspn 2 tspn 2 tblspn 40 550 ml white wine double cream mustard new potatoes milk chervil

Boil the wine, chopped shallots and half the vinegar till reduced to half. Add cream and bubble till it thickens. Turn heat down and whisk butter in slowly (it takes about 5 mins), and then add mustard. Slice cooked potatoes. Cover fish with warmed milk and simmer covered for 5 mins until skin comes away easily. Remove skin and bones. Poach eggs. On each plate a bed of the potatoes has fish on top and egg on top of that. Garnish with chervil and the creamy sauce (beurre blanc),

Spanish hake
for 8 8 4 16 fillets (125 g each) red peppers olives prawns green pepper 4 tblsn 2 cloves plain flour garlic potatoes tomatoes onion

Skin fish, roll in flour and fry for 8 mins. Add sliced peppers, crushed garlic, pitted olives, boiled quartered potatoes, half a chopped green pepper and chopped onion, and heat. Separately quickly fry prawns and add to the hake.


Halibut casserole
for 8 1½ kg 75 g 500 g 500 ml halibut butter onion double cream 2 tblspn 175 g 150 g 1 paprika button mushrooms shrimps lemon

Cook skinned fish in buttered casserole in Mark 3 (325°F) oven for 15 mins. Cover with chopped onions, pour on cream with lemon juice and dust with paprika. Cover and bake another 20 mins, basting twice. Sprinkle with chopped mushrooms and bake another 15 mins, basting twice more. [ serve with new potatoes ]

Baked herring
for 8 8 herrings stuffing 175 g 15 cm 3 tblspn 2 tspn OR 175 g 250 g 2 cloves 3 tblspn OR 175 g 3 tbslspn 1 tspn 1 plus sauce 300 ml 3 inches 2 tblspn yoghurt cucumber lime juice 4 tblspn 3 tblspn double cream parsley salt, pepper crumbs parsley sage lime 1 1 tblspn 2 2 cucumber thyme onions eggs crumbs mushrooms garlic salt, pepper Parmesan 1 large 3 tblspn 2 pinches onion parsley oregano/marjoram lemon juice crumbs cucumber parsley thyme 1 tspn 5 2 sage shallots eggs salt and pepper

Clean off scales under tap with a little help with the back of a knife. Cut off head, fins and tail, slit open and clean cavity. Spread out, back upwards and press firmly along the backbone until it crunches. Turn over and remove backbone. Spread with stuffing and roll it up from the tail with skin side out. Put in Mark 6 to 7 over (200 to 220°C, 400 to 425°F) for 15 to 30 mins depending on the size of the fish. stuffing Gently fry chopped shallots and add diced cucumber, crumbs, chopped parsley, thyme, sage, lime juice and peel, eggs, salt and pepper. OR Lightly fry chopped onions and add finely-chopped mushrooms. Add crumbs, oregano or marjoram, lemon juice. [ serve with new potatoes] OR Gently fry chopped onions till soft. Add the other ingredients. For a sauce to go with the dish chop cucumber and mix with the other sauce ingredients.

Scottish herring


for 8 8 4 fish eggs oatmeal flour

Slit open belly of fish to eviscerate and cut off head. Place on board skin side up and bang fist down along the ridge of the spine to flatten. Turn over and pull out backbone with attached ribs. Roll in salted flour, then in egg and then the flesh side in coarse oatmeal. Put fish oatmeal side down in very hot lard or tasteless oil and fry to crisp. Turn over a fry briefly.

St Pierre en papillotte Arnaudy
for 8 1½ kg 500 g 1l fish fillets button mushrooms fish stock 250 ml dry sherry tarragon herring roes

Cover buttered aluminium foil with thick-sliced mushrooms and cover with fish, with a little roe. Brush with fish glaze and butter, salt and pepper, and sprinkle with tarragon. Seal foil and place in Mark 4 (180°C 350°F) oven for 15 to 18 mins.

St Pierre à l’orange
for 8 8 100 g 2 3 fillets of 175 g each butter onions yolks 3 1 175 ml 175 ml oranges (Seville if possible) lemon (not needed if Seville oranges used) double cream madeira or sherry

Blanch citrus peel 2 mins in boiling water (or remove the outer peel only - that does not need blanching). Fry chopped onions gently till soft. Add fish, the juice squeezed from the citrus and wine almost to cover. Simmer till fish almost cooked but still a bit pinkish. Remove fish and put in a very low oven. Boil cooking juices to reduce by a third. Remove from heat a mixture of cream and yoghurt. Heat gently but not to boiling. Add butter, Pour over fish and scatter with peel.

for 8 4 2 600 ml 2 sprigs 2 150 g 75 g 600 ml lobsters (500 to 700 g each) bay leaves fish stock thyme yolks Parmesan crumbs milk 200 ml 175 g 2 75 g 6 2 tspn 200 ml 2 tblspn dry white wine butter onions flour peppercorns Dijon mustard single cream lemon juice

Reduce wine and stock to half. Separately bring milk to boil containing quartered onions, peppercorns, bay, thyme, and salt. Remove from heat and allow to stand 30 mins. Remove claws, split body lengthwise and throw away grey sack in head and black intestinal tube. Remove meat from shell and claws and cube. Gently fry for 3 to 4 mins. Cook flour in butter gently for 2 mins. Gradually add strained milk and stock. Simmer for 3 mins. Allow to cool slightly and add mustard, yolks, cream, salt, pepper, and lemon juice. Coat inside shell with a smidgen of the sauce, and stir half of the rest into the


lobster and spoon into the shells, and cover with the rest of the sauce, and a mixture of the grated cheese and crumbs. Grill till the cheese bubbles and turns brown. [ serve with French bread and green salad ]

Mackerel in wine
for 8 8 125 g 1 2 small mackerel flour butter lemon yolks 200 ml 200 ml 200 ml fish stock dry white wine double cream salt, pepper

You can make stock by boiling the fish trimmings. Simmer stock with wine for 15 mins to reduce by half. Stir in cream, heat and add salt and pepper. Stir warm sauce a little at a time into yolks. Heat 1 min but do not boil. Fry floured fillets in butter or low heat for 5 to 6 mins each side. Remove fish and add juice of lemon, stir and pour over fish. Serve sauce separately. [ serve with spinach and sauté potatoes ]

Devilled mackerel
for 8 8 4 tspn 8 tspn mackerel cayenne coriander 6 tspn 1 tspn English mustard powder paprika

Score the skin, combine the ingredients and rub on the skin. Grill 5 to 6 mins each side. [ serve with boiled rice into which a few coriander leaves have been stirred ]

Herbed mackerel
for 8 8 90 ml 8 8 cloves tomatoes white wine vinegar mackerel garlic rosemary sage 200 g 8 40 10 sprigs onions capers rosemary parsley basil crumbs

Gently fry diced onions to translucent, add vinegar, cook 3 mins, add capers and stir in diced tomatoes. Sprinkle a little salt inside the fish and insert a sprig of rosemary and a crushed clove of garlic. Whizz up chopped parsley, rest of rosemary, basil, crumbs, and sage with a little olive oil to an oily paste. Brush fish with oil and roll them in the herb mixture and fry about 4 mins, turn and fry the other side. Serve on top of hot onion/tomato mixture. [ serve with salad ]

Ported mackerel
for 8 8 1 225 ml 400 ml mackerel lemon port soured cream 8 3 tblspn 4 knobs pears sugar preserved ginger


Dissolve sugar in the port over low heat with 3 tspn lemon juice, some strips of lemon rind with and simmer 5 mins. Add peeled, cored and quartered pears, with the chopped ginger and enough water to cover and simmer till they are tender. Remove pears and ginger, and reduce the liquid to thick syrup. Grill mackerel and cover with the pears and sauce. [ serve with salad ]

Coda di rospo in salsa
for 8 120 ml 200 ml 500 g 200 g 150 ml olive oil white wine vinegar capers walnuts olive oil 200 g 150 g 2 cloves 2 kg salt and pepper sugar fish stock garlic tails or 1.6 kg steaks

Gently bring white wine vinegar and sugar to boil and simmer 10 mins to reduce by half. Add 400 g finely-chopped capers and cook on low heat for 30 mins until all liquid has gone. Mix finely-chopped walnuts and garlic with about 120 ml olive oil (perhaps in a processor), add salt and pepper and the caper mixture. Just before serving add hot fish stock. Lightly fry fish for about 4 mins to golden all over then put in Mark 9 (240°C 475°F) oven for 5 mins. Serve fish with a little sauce, juices from the oven dish, decorated with rocket tossed in vinaigrette and caper berries.

Lotte à la Bordelaise
for 8 1 kg 200 ml 1 clove 100 g 500 g 1 tblspn fillet fish stock garlic carrot tomatoes cayenne tarragon 70 g 100 g 300 ml 100 ml 1 celery onion dry white wine brandy bay leaf lemon juice

Lightly colour portioned fish in oil/butter and remove. Add flour, diced vegetables and finely-chopped garlic to golden. Put fish on top. Add brandy, salt and pepper and simmer covered 12 to 15 mins. Remove fish and reduce sauce by a quarter. Add butter and a few drops of lemon juice and a touch of cayenne. Ladle over fish and sprinkle with tarragon.

Lotte en gigot
for 8 2 kg 3 cloves 700 g monkfish garlic mushrooms lemon juice Bake fish covered with 100 ml oil in Mark 7 (220°C 425°F) oven for 15 mins. Add 150 ml warm water and cook in Mark 4 (180°C 350°F) oven for 30 mins. Cook chopped tomatoes in 80 ml oil until reduced to a puree. Add chopped garlic and parsley. Cook quartered mushrooms in a little oil. Mix tomatoes and mushrooms, add cream and pour over the fish. Add a little lemon juice and return to Mark 7 (220°C 425°F) oven for 5 mins. 1½ kg 2 tblspn 200 ml tomatoes parsley double cream

Italian monkfish
for 8 1 tspn 400 g saffron couscous 50 ml 4 lemon juice fennel


180 ml 8 50 ml

salsa verde monkfish fillets (c150 g each) olive oil

40 2l

green olives chicken stock

In about half the hot stock let saffron, oil, lemon juice and couscous steep 10 mins. Simmer finely-sliced fennel, rest of the stock and about a third of the salsa verde for about 10 mins until fennel softened and much of the liquid has evaporated. Lay thin slice, on the slant, of the fish on top and cover to steam a few minutes. Turn the slices and and turn off heat. Serve the fish and fennel on top of the couscous with a dollop of salsa verde on top.

Individual portions of fish, garlic, vermouth, and creme fraiche into foil parcels and bake in Mark 5 to 6 oven for 20 mins.

Monkfish Romanesca
for 8 rosemary lemon 1½ kg 250 g fish Parma ham 6 16 bay leaves cherry tomatoes salt and pepper

Briefly fry chopped rosemary. Remove from heat and a squeeze of lemon juice. Brush mixture over fish and wrap them in ham. Put bay leaves and oiled tomatoes on top and bake in Mark 7 (425°F 220°C) oven 15 to 20 mins. [ serve with pommes Anna ]

Lotte à la Provençale
for 8 1 kg 200 ml 1 sprig 100 ml 100 g 100 g fish parsley dry white wine thyme stock celery tomato puree 2 cloves 500 g 100 g 1 tblspn 3 rashers 1 garlic tomatoes carrots flour streaky bacon bay leaf

Fry chopped bacon 5 mins. Fry fish on high heat to golden and remove. Cook flour 2 mins, add chopped tomatoes, carrots and celery, and cook to lightly coloured. Add tomato puree and stock. Pour over fish, warm and sprinkle with parsley.

Spanish monkfish
for 8 800 g 4 4 cloves 2 tspn 1 4 16 rashers 1 tblspn canellini beans onions garlic paprika lemon monkfish tails bacon balsamic vinegar 1 head 800 g 8 tblspn 6 8` bay leaves small chorizos oregano plum tomatoes (in cans) crumbs salt and pepper spring greens

Soak beans overnight in cold water, then cover with fresh water, add one whole onion and bay leaves and simmer 45 mins, add chorizos and simmer another 30 mins. Add salt. Drain, throw onion away, remove sausages and keep a half the water. Lightly fry the other three chopped onions and the


crushed garlic, add oregano and cook on low heat about a minute then take off heat and add the paprika. Add chopped tomatoes a little olive oil, beans and simmer 20 mins. Add cooking water and lemon juice. Sprinkle with breadcrumbs and bake in Mark 6 over for 20 mins. Cut monkfish into eight portions, wrap each in two rashers and fry till bacon is crisp.

Monkfish Thornbury Castle
for 8 2 kg 50 g 100 g 60 ml fish carrots leeks green ginger wine dill/parsley Cut skinned and boned fish into bite-sized chunks and fry in very hot butter. Add half the thinly-sliced ginger, the vegetables cut into strips, salt, pepper, vermouth and ginger wine. Cook on high heat 5 mins, turning contents. Add cream and simmer 5 mins. Add rest of the ginger. If the sauce is runny remove fish and boil down to syrupy consistency. 80 g 50 g 300 ml 500 ml preserved ginger celery dry vermouth double cream

Lotte Veronique
Cook as for Sole Veronique.

Pangek ikan
for 8 1 kg 10 4 cloves 5g 2 stalks fish macadamia nuts (or Brazils) garlic ginger root lemon grass 4 tblspn 3 2 tblspn 1 tspn ½ lemon juice onions ground chilli turmeric lemon

Chop nuts, onion and garlic to smooth paste and put in large pan (big enough to take the fish in a single layer) with 125 ml water and the bruised lemon grass. Bring to simmering and add the lemon cut into thin slices. Simmer 5 mins. Add fish and stir to ensure it is coated and cook gently for 10 mins. Allow to cool and reheat.

Mullet with rosemary
for 8 8 6 cloves 2 tblspn medium red mullet garlic rosemary 200 ml 4 olive oil lemons salt and pepper

Make two diagonal slashes on each side of the fish, fill stomach cavity with a quarter clove of garlic and a little chopped rosemary. Dust with garlic and rosemary and grill 4" from heat and turn once squeezing on a little lemon as they cook.

Quenelles de brochet
for 8 350 g 350 g pike flesh suet 120 g nutmeg flour


4 1 litre

eggs salt, pepper fish stock

2 dl

milk butter

Mince fish finely, add egg whites, salt, pepper and a couple of pinches of nutmeg, and beat till stiff. Chill. Mix yolks with flour, salt, pepper to smooth paste. Melt 70 g butter in 1½ dl of milk and whisk to paste. Cook stirring for 5 to 8 mins, allow to cool and add to fish. Mould the mixture into egg shapes (with two tablespoons?). Pour hot fish stock round quenelles, cover with buttered paper and poach in Mark 4 (350°F 180°C) oven for 10 mins. Drain and serve. [ Serve with sauce bercy or cardinal ]

Baked plaice
for 8 4 cloves 2 glasses 1 kg garlic white wine tinned plum tomatoes anchovy Puree olives, basil and anchovy with a little oil to a paste. Spread on the inside of skinned fish and add pepper. Roll from tail end and pin. On a tray slowly fry sliced garlic. Add wine, then tomatoes and simmer for 10 mins. Put fish on top and bake in Mark 6 (200°C 400°F) oven for 15 mins. Remove fish, add spinach and briefly boil up sauce. 200 g/head plaice 6 handfuls spinach basil

16 40 g fillets butter white wine parsley Sprionkle fish with salt and lemon juice, roll and secure with a cocktail stick. Warm grated cheese, but and cream and pour over fish. Bake 30 to 35 mins at 200 to 220°C. 1 125 g 90 ml lemon cheese cream

Pollock and spuds
for 8 500 g 120 g 2 bunch 1l 2 pollock fillet butter spring onions chicken stock tomatoes 60 ml 2 tspn coriander 2 kg salt and pepper maris piper potatoes milk soya sauce

Put fish skin side down, sprinkle with salt and leave 30 mins. Brush with melted butter and put in oven dish and grill for 8 mins on one side. Sprinkle with salt and pepper. Boil potatoes and mash. Lightly fry chopped onions in a little butter and beat them into the potatoes with a little butter, salt and pepper. Boil stock with soya to reduce by half, whisk in 100 g butter, remove from heat and add diced tomatoes and chopped coriander. Plate mash, put fish on top and spoon sauce around.


Salmon en croute 1.
for 8 2 kg 125 g 125 g 700 g 350 g salmon (or sea trout) spring onions prawns puff pastry frozen spinach 125 g 1 125 g soft cheese flour scallops egg dill

Fillet fish. Roll pastry into 15x8" and bake at Mark 6 (400°F 200°C) for 15 mins. After cool put on one fillet upside down. Sauté chopped onions briefly to soft, add prawns, scallops, grated orange rind. Mix spinach with cheese. Add both mixtures, dill, salt and pepper to fish. Put on other fillet, skin-side out. Roll out other half of pastry and cover. If you like decoration, make a lattice of pastry over the top. Brush with beaten egg and make two holes for the steam. Bake at Mark 6 for 40 to 45 mins.

Salmon en croute 2.
for 8 1½ kg 1 kg 60ml 1 tblspn salmon asparagus double cream dill 500 g 2 2 tblspns puff pastry eggs milk salt, pepper

Spread pureed, cooked asparagus tips mixed with dill, pepper and cream over one skinned salmon fillet, and put the other on top. Place on top of rolledout puff pastry, cover and seal with the rest of the pastry. Brush with egg yolk beaten with milk. Seal edge with egg. Make small holes for steam to escape. Cook 20 mins in Mk 7 (425°F 230°C) oven then 25 mins at Mark 5 (375°F 190°C). [ serve with new potatoes, cucumber salad ]

Salmon and prawn en croûte
for 8 2 kg 175 g 110 g 1 500 g salmon mushrooms long grain rice lemon puff pastry 1 1 225 g 3 tblspn onion prawns dill salt and pepper egg

Roll out base pastry (about two thirds of the total) cover baking sheet, prick all over and chill for 30 mins. Bake 15 mins Mark 7 (180°C 220°F). Cover with salmon fillet, add lightly fried chopped mushrooms and onions and put another salmon fillet on top. Cover with the rest of the pastry cut into lattice, tucking it under the cooked pastry, and brush with the beaten egg. Bake for 45 mins at Mark 6 (200°C 400°F). [ serve with Hollandaise sauce ]

Escalope de saumon a l'oselle
for 8 1½ kg salmon steaks oil fish stock 3 1 shallots lemon 2 glasses 1 glass 200 ml double cream sorrel white wine vermouth

Lightly and quickly cook in oil ½" steaks of salmon, then cover with a sauce composed of fish stock, chopped shallots, vermouth, white wine, cream, sorrel, salt and pepper.


An alternative (haute cuisine) version: stew sliced shallots for 5 mins, and fish stock and wine, and reduce. Add cream and simmer 10 mins. Quickly fry sorrel and when it wilts add vermouth and reduce. Add lemon’s juice. Add cream sauce, salt and pepper and, whisk in a little butter. Quickly brown salmon lightly for 1 min and serve with sauce on top. [ serve with boiled potatoes ]

Swedish salmon
for 8 1½ kg 25 g 150 g 12 sauce chives cucumber sour cream Mix flaked poached salmon, chopped gherkin, dill, cream cheese, crumbled blue cheese (eg dolcelatte), gelatine melted in warm water, chopped spring onion and chopped celery. Chill. Salt sliced cucumber and leave to stand an hour. Squeeze out and chop find. Mix with other sauce ingredients and pour round fish on plate. wine vinegar dill salmon dill blue cheese spring onion 3 sticks 3 100 g gherkin cream cheese gelatin celery

Grilled sardines
for 8 32 24 large sardines basil leaves 2 tblspn olive oil lemon olive oil

Remove the scales with the back of a knife, slit the fish along the belly, scrape out the innards, and rinse. Sprinkle with a little salt and leave for an hour. Brush with olive oil and lightly grill on both sides - the skin blackens in patches. Put on plate and spoon on while still hot the lemon oil in which the tornup basil leaves have been steeped. [ serve with crusty white bread ]

Grilled sea bass
Flour skin side of fish and put skin-side down into a hot pan with a little olive oil and push it down a bit to ensure it all touches the pan. Turn when golden and fry other aide. [ serve with mash with crab ]

Sea trout en croûte see Salmon en croûte 1.

Chowders see SOUPS


Coquilles en brochette
for 8 32 500 ml 2 1 kg 500 g scallops dry white wine egg green streaky bacon mushrooms 4 tblspn 4 50 ml 4 shallots parsley, salt, pepper crumbs green peppers oil

Poach in white wine the scallops (from which gills and black threads have been removed), plus halved shallots, salt, pepper and parsley for about 7 mins. Remove scallops, cut off the orange bit, wrap rasher round white bit and impale on skewer, alternating with squares of green pepper, mushroom and the orange roe (which has been covered in lightly-beaten egg and breadcrumbs). Brush with oil and grill evenly 8 to 10 mins. [ serve with saffron rice garnished with bay leaves plus remoulade or tartare sauce ]

Moules marinières
for 8 3 cloves 2 kg 2 2 tblspn garlic mussels bay leaves flat-leaf parsley plain flour 25 g 2 500 ml onions white wine salt, pepper butter

Lightly frun finely chopped onion and garlic for 5 mins. Wash mussels in cold water and scrub shells thoroughly, rinsing several times to remove grit. Scrape away beards. Chuck out cracked and open mussels. Add them to the onions with bay leaves, salt, pepper, and wine, and simmer covered for 5 to 10 mins or until all the mussels have opened. Add chopped parsley and shake the pan vigorously. Remove mussels. Cream butter with flour and add to the liquid. Stir over low heat till thickened. Add parsley and pour over mussels in plates. [ serve with crusty french bread ]

Prawn fu yung
2 2 oz spring onions butter 6 oz 4 prawns eggs

Sauté chopped spring onions in oil. Add butter and when melted add prawns and beaten eggs. Scramble briefly. Allow to set.

Prawn biryani
for 8 1 kg 2 tblspn 2 tblspn 8 pods 16 3 4 tblspn tiger prawns coriander fennel seed cardamom peppercorns onions coriander stock Fry prawn shells a few minutes until dry. Add 2oz butter, spices, 1 sliced onion, ginger, garlic, cinnamon, 4 pints water. Boil an hour. Soften chopped onion gently, add well-washed rice and 1½ times its volume of stock and some salt. Put in medium oven 12 mins. Cut prawns lengthways, cover with 2 2 75 g 5 cloves 2 stick 750 g root ginger garlic cinnemanon basmati rice salt chilli lime


chopped chilli, lime zest and juice, and coriander, and add rice. Add knob of butter and the spices and allow to stand covered for 7 mins so the heat of the ice cooks the prawns.

Isso ambul thiyal
for 8 8 nugget 1 tblspn 1 tspn 1 kg green chillis ginger pepper salt raw prawns 6 cloves 1 tspn 2 tspn 2 tblspn garlic ground cinnamon chilli powder tamarind paste/lime juice

Grind chillis, garlic and ginger and mix with other seasoning, and add to 200ml water. Simmer prawns uncovered until they are done and almost all the liquid has evaporated. [ serve with steamed rice ]

Creole gumbo
for 8 1 2 3 225 g 3 cloves onion green pepper leek ham shallot garlic 2 kg 400 g 3 small tin parsley paprika shrimps tomatoes okra bouquet garni

Fry chopped onion, pepper, leek and celery in butter with ham. Add shrimps and fry quickly. Add chopped shallots, garlic, parsley, tomatoes, paprika, okra, bouquet garni, pepper and salt. Cook 20 mins.

Crevettes la Rochelle
for 8 1½ kg 2 3 tblspn prawns puff pastry egg Worcester sauce 150 ml 3 tblspn double cream tomato ketchup HP sauce brandy

Enclose prawns in pastry, brush with beaten eggs, and put in 400°F oven for 10 to 13 mins. Mix sauce ingredients, heat and pour over pastry just before serving.

General Grudger
for 8 60 g 2 kg 250 g 250 g 1½ kg sultanas potatoes butter cheddar prawns 400 g milk mango chutney curry powder parsley breadcrumbs

Grease pie dish and cover bottom with a third of the mashed potatoes. Cover with chutney, half the cheese grated, and half the remaining mash. Fry bread crumbs, add curry powder, sultanas and parsley. Make a well in the centre of the dish and pout it in. Bake at Mark 5 (375°F) for 20 mins.


Mango prawns
for 8 1½ kg 3 cloves 2 2 tblspn prawns garlic mango cardamom oil pepper, salt coriander chillis

Fry chopped onion, garlic, cardamom and a little coriander. Add rice, chopped tomatoes, chilli, cover with stock and cook 10 mins. Add lightly-fried prawns and caramelised mango.

Quick prawns
north Atlantic prawns dolly noodles chilli Heat cardamom seeds in a little oil with a little chilli and a dash of soya sauce. Soften noodles in boiling water then toss them with the prawns in the frying pan with the oil. cardamom seeds soya sauce

Scampi in wine sauce
for 8 1 kg 500 g 2 tubs prawns mushrooms sour cream lemon juice 1 glass 3 3 tspn white wine yolks flour shallots

Lightly fry mushrooms. Fry scampi, add shallots and mushrooms and cook gently for 5 mins. Mix yolks with flour and sour cream, lemon juice, salt and pepper.

Sweet and sour prawn
for 8 1 kg 1 glass 40 g 4 2 prawns sherry cornflour onions green pepper 75 ml 2 small tin 250 ml 125 g soya sauce pineapple chunks vinegar sugar

Lightly fry sliced onion in butter and add pineapple. Blend cornflour, soya, sugar and vinegar, and add. Stir until it thickens. Add prawns and sherry. Heat 2 mins. [ serve with boiled rice or soft noodles ]

Shrimp Newburg
for 8 100 ml 1 kg 2 tspn 2 tspn butter raw shrimps lemon juice flour 250 g 4 2 tblspn 2 tblspn cream yolks dry sherry brandy


Cook shelled shrimps in butter over low heat for 3 mins. Add lemon juice. Cook flour in butter for a minute and slowly add cream. Cook till thickened. Beat a little of the roux into the yolks and return to the rest. Add sherry and brandy. Over low heat add shrimps and heat through.

Prawn jambalaya
for 8 16 2 4 cloves 2 2 500 g 4 jumbo prawns onion garlic green pepper bay leaf basmati rice spring onions 250 g 2 4 sticks 6 2 tspn chorizo green chilli celery tomatoes Tabasco salt, pepper parsley

Cook shelled prawns for three minutes. Cook the shells in a pint or so of water for 10 minutes. Lightly fry chorizo and sliced onion. Add finely-chopped chilli and crushed garlic, Add strip of green pepper and finely-chopped celery. And stir fry for 4 minutes. Add chopped tomatoes, bay leaf, salt and pepper. Then add rice, and briefly fry. Pour on the water from bo8iling shells and simmer 20 minutes. Add prawns and cook about 5 minutes while they reheat. Garnish with finely-chopped spring onion and parsley.

Moroccan skate
for 8 For the potatoes 1.5 kg new potatoes 2 2 leaves 4 tspn 2l 2 pinch ½ tspn 2 2 cloves 2 tblspn 4 tspn onion bay salt water saffron crushed coriander seeds red pepper garlic lemon juice shredded coriander 4 tspn 4 tblspn 4 sticks 6 tblspn 12 1 kg 4 2 pinch 2 300 ml olive oil sticks white wine vinegar peppercorns skate wings plum tomatoes ground cumin chilli olive oil salt and pepper mint

85ml/3fl oz extra virgin olive oil, plus extra to serve 50g/2oz watercress sprigs, very roughly chopped. balsamic vinegar sea-salt flakes coarsely crushed black pepper Simmer the sliced onions and celery with the bay, vinegar, salt, peppercorns and water for 20 minutes. Add halved skate wings and simmer another 10 mins. Just before skate is ready steep the saffron in a couple of teaspoons of warm water for 5 mins then warm gently with its water, diced tomatoes, coriander, cumin, roasted and skinned red pepper in stripe, finely-chopped chilli and garlic, oil, lemon juice, one teaspoon of salt and ground pepper. Stir the coriander and mint into the sauce. Cook the potatoes, drain them and return them to the pan with the olive oil. Gently crush each potato against the side of the pan with the back of a fork until it just bursts open. Add salt and pepper and add any juice from the fish. Add the watercress and turn over gently until the watercress is well mixed in. Spoon the crushed potatoes onto the four warmed plates and put the skate on top, sprinkle with sauce (an drizzle with oil and balsamic vinegar).

Sole Bercy


for 8 1½ kg 50 g 600 ml 2 yolks Lightly fry chopped shallots and use them to cover the bottom of a dish, plus a little parsley, and cover with skinned fish. Add stock, wine, and juice of lemon. Cover with buttered paper and bake in Mark 4 (350°F 180°C) for 5 or 10 mins. Remove fish and butter and whipped cream. Pour over fish and grill quickly. (To transform it into Sole Marguery cover the cooked fish with 150 g of cooked prawns and 12 cooked mussels before pouring the sauce back on.) sole shallot fish stock parsley ½ 125 ml 100 g 4 tblspn lemon dry white wine butter cream

Sole bonne-femme
for 8 1 kg 250g 5 tblspn 75g sole fillets button mushrooms parsley cream butter 50g 1 glass 8 glasses 2 1 pinch shallot dry white wine fish stock yolks cayenne

Cover buttered baking tray with finely-chopped shallots, with fish on top, topped with sliced mushrooms. Add wine and stock, cover with buttered paper and poach in Mark 5 (375°F 190°C) oven about 15 mins. Remove fish. Whisk yolks and a little water in a double-boiler until cooked and mix with sauce (perfectionists even strain it), add butter and cayenne, pour over fish and briefly flash it under the grill. (To transform into Sole Breval add chopped tomatoes and mushrooms.)

Sole Breval
see Sole bonne-femme

Sole Cubat
for 8 8 225 g 75 g 450 ml fillets of sole button mushrooms butter milk salt and pepper Poach fish in stock and wine in a Mark 4 (350°F) oven for 10 mins. Cook chopped mushrooms in butter for 3 mins, sprinkle on the flour and blend. Gradually add milk and simmer for 5 mins then add half the grated cheese. Put fish in dish, cover with sauce and sprinkle rest of grated cheese on top. Replace in oven or under a grill until the top browns. 150 ml 150 ml 3 tblspn 175 g fish stock white wine flour Parmesan

Sole Dugléré
for 8 4 25 g 400 g 100 g soles shallots tomato parsley butter 500 ml 125 ml ½ salt, pepper fish stock dry white wine lemon flour

Lightly fry chopped shallots and add filleted soles, chopped tomatoes, chopped parsley, salt and pepper. Add wine a juice of lemon and half the stock. Cover with greaseproof paper and put in Mark 4 oven (180°C 350°F) for 5 to 10 mins. Lightly fry a tablespoon flour and add rest of fish stock and tablespoon of butter. Mix with fish liquor. Pour over fish.


Sole Florentine
for 8 8 75 g ½ fillets flour onion milk nutmeg bay leaves Bechamel 50 g 2 tblspn butter flour bay or nutmeg ½ 200 ml milk salt, pepper onion 1 pinch 250 g 300 ml 1 creamed spinach lemon nutmeg cloves sugar stock

Brown flour in butter, add half the chopped onion, stock, sugar, salt and pepper. Add grated nutmeg and grated lemon rind. Cook for 3 mins. Pour over fish. Cover with bechamel (cook flour in hot butter to creamy mass, slowly stir in heated milk. Cook 15 to 20 mins, add salt, pepper, bay/nutmeg). Put in middle of Mark 6 (400°F 200°C) oven for 20 mins. Sole Marguery see Sole Bercy

Simple sole
Sprinkle fillets with cayenne and mace, almost cover in double cream and place in Mark 5 oven for 25 mins. Mix lemon juice and parsley into the sauce.

Sole Veronique
for 8 12 4 6 2 sprigs 75 g 500 ml fillets shallots button mushrooms parsley flour double creams 2 25 ml 500 ml 250 mg 500 ml bay leaves lemon juice dry white wine muscat grapes milk

Put fillets in buttered oven dish and cover with finely-chopped shallots and sliced mushrooms. Add parsley, bay, salt, pepper, half the lemon, and wine. Bake covered in the centre of a Mark 4 (350°F 180°C) oven for 15 to 20 mins. Remove fish and reduce sauce by half. Cook flour in butter 2 mins and add sauce and milk. Simmer till the consistency is like thick cream. Add cream and rest of lemon and bring to the boil. Take off heat and add two-thirds of the grapes. Pour sauce over fish and brown under the grill. Arrange rest of grapes round the dish. [ serve with french beans mimosa, and buttered potatoes ]

Sole Walewska
for 8 4 2 12 2 8 120 g 225 g large Dover sole filets bay leaf peppercorns lemon cooked crawfish tails plain flour Cheddar or Gruyere 300 ml 220 g 300 ml 100 ml 2 sprig 2 parsley onion salt, pepper dry white wine butter milk double cream

If you have bought whole fish, boil bones and skin with parsley and bay for half an hour to make court bouillon. Rub fish onion to bleach them then put on buttered oven dish, almost covered with the wine and bouillon. Cover dish with greaseproof paper and bake in centre of 190°C (375°F) Mark 5 oven


for 20 to 25 minutes. Remove fish and boil liquid for 5 minutes to reduce it. Make roux with half the butter, gradually stir in milk and bring to simmering. Add fish juice and cook 5 minutes. Stir in grated cheese till it melts and slowly the cream. Add salt and pepper. Remove flesh from crawfish tails in one piece, cut them in half lengthways and sauté over high heat for about 3 minutes to give them a bit of colour. Cover the fish on serving dish with sauce which should just coat a wooden spoon. Arrange crawfish tails around and put under hot grill for 1 minute. [ decorate with a lightly-sautéed mushroom, twist of lemon and a little parsley; serve with duchesse potatoes and mangetout peas ]

Chinese baked trout
for 8 8 8 2 tspn trout spring onions root ginger sugar 4 tblspn 6 tblspn 4 tblspn sherry soya sauce oyster sauce

Whisk together all the ingredients and pour over gutted, scaled and de-finned fish. Cover with foil and bake at Mark 5 (190°C 370°F) for 25 mins. [ serve with Thai rice, or stir-ffried mangetout ]

Confit with avocado and sauce for 8 800 g handful 500 ml 250 ml 4 potatoes (eg Charlotte) parsley oil cream avocadoes 500 ml 8 fillets 250 ml 6 tblspn vinaigrette trout mayonnaise lemon juice rocket

Put on vina8igrette and parsley on boiled potatoes and put in fridge for 12 hours. Cover trouth with salt for 30 mins, rinse and put in cold water for 10mins. Cook trout in oil at 50°C (just hot enough to be tolerable for a finger) for 10 mins and cool. On the plates put fish on top of the potatoes, covered with finely-sliced avocadoes and cover all that with a mixture of mayonnaise, whipped cream, lemon juice with a bit of salt and pepper and garnish rocket. Spare sauce at the side. {works also with salmon}

Truites Jurassienne
for 8 8 100 g 500 ml trout butter rose wine croutons Lay fish on buttered dish, sprinkle with finely-chopped onion and pour on wine. Cover the dish with foil and cook in the centre of Mark 2 (300°F) over for 25 mins. Remove skins, reduce cooking liquids and stir into hollandaise. Stir in cream. Pour sauce over fish and garnish with croutons. [ serve with boiled potatoes, and mushrooms lightly tossed in hot butter.] 2 tblspn 2 500 ml double cream small onion Hollandaise

Stuffed trout
trout spring onions mushrooms orange juice

Trout with mushrooms
for 8


8 200 g 500 g

trout butter mushrooms flour

2 clove 2 glass 250 ml

garlic Pernod/Pastis double cream salt and pepper

Split fish and eviscerate, coat with flour mixed with salt and pepper. Fry in butter (or oil) for 5 mins each side to brown and crisp. Fry thinly sliced mushrooms and crushed garlic in the trout juices for 3 or 4 mins. Add cream, stirring continuously, salt and pepper, and reduce to thick. Pour sauce over trout. [ serve with boiled potatoes, salad ]

Tuna bake
for 8 800 g 100 ml 2 4 tblspn penne or rigatoni pesto lemon parmesan 400 ml 800 g 2 tblspn 450 g creme fraiche tuna capers cherry tomatoes

Mix creme fraiche, pesto, tuna, juice of the lemons (plus, if you like a bit of grated rind), capers, salt and pepper and stir into hot cooked pasta. Sprinkle with grated cheese and a little olive oil. Bake at Mark 5 (190°C 375°F) about 20 mins until top is golden and at the same time and for the same time, roast tomatoes which have been brushed with oil. Put tomatoes in the middle of the dish on the plate and sprinkle with any pan juices. [ serve with green salad ]

Moorish tuna
for 8 2 tspn 1 tspn 8 pieces 2 cloves 750 g smoked paprika cinnamon tuna steaks (about 1¼ kg) garlic tomatoes (cherry?) 1 tspn 2 tspn 3 200 g 35 g ginger ground coriander onions mixed olives capers

Coat tuna steaks with a mixture of the spices and chill for 30 mins. Lightly fry chopped onions for 30 mins to soft and sticky. Add chopped garlic, chopped tomatoes, capers and olives, and fry on high heat for about 1 min. Fry tuna 1 to 2 min on highish temperature and serve on top of the onion mixture.

Sicilian fish cakes
for 8 850 g 2 tspn 100 g 6 tblspn 2 tblspn 4 2 120 ml 4 tblspn tuna ground cumin pine nuts dill flat-leaf parsley salt and papper onions red pappers tomato puree sugar 4 cloves 500 g 4 tblspn 4 tblspn 220 g 100 g 2 75 ml 4 crumbs pecorino/parmesan lemons lemon juice eggs flour garlic tomatoes balsamic vinegar capers


Fry sliced onion and crushed garlic for 10 mins to soft. Add chopped red peppers and tomatoes, plus tomoato puree, sugar, vinegar and capers. Simmer covered for 20 mins till thick. Add salt and pepper. Quickly sear cubed tuna and cumin on high heat in a little oil and add lightly-toasted pine nuts. Add chopped dill and parlsye, crumbs, grated cheese, zest of lemons plus their juice and the beaten egg. Shape into patties and fry for 1 min or so each side. [ serve with rice or pasta ]

Turbot dugléré
for 8 8 turbot steaks (or halibut, dover sole fillets folded over) butter salt and pepper sauce 6 4 tblspn 150 ml tomatoes parsley double cream bay leaf onion shallots thyme white wine Boil fish trimmings with other bouillon ingredients briefly. Add more lemon juice, salt and paper and pour over fish not quite to cover. Cover with foil and cook in Mark 5 (375°F) oven 25 mins or until a white curd appears on the fish. Cook enough flour to absorb 50 g butter. Add tomato pulp and about 600 ml of the fish liquid. Simmer 3 to 5 mins. Add strips of tomato and parsley, then stir in cream, but do not allow to boil. Add salt and pepper and a bit more lemon juice and pour over the fish. [ serve with duchesse potatoes or timbales of rice ] carrots celery parsley lemon juice 50 g 5 tblspn butter plain flour 2 200 ml lemons dry white wine

court bouillon

Turbot Vallée d’Auge
for 8 2 3 kg 350 ml 6 tblspn leeks turbot double cream (or creme fraiche) butter 4 600 ml 600 ml apples (Charles Ross, Newton Wonder, or Cox) dry cider or white wine fish stock

Scatter the bottom of the cooking dish with sliced leek and apples. Score the fish down the dark side in lateral lines through the bone and lay on top, dark side down. Add enough cider and stock just to cover. Cover with buttered paper. Bring to simmer and then put in Mark 7 (425°F 220°C) oven for about 25 mins. Pour off cooking juices, add any cider etc which had not been used and reduce by half. Whisk in cream and boil again. Add butter, salt and pepper. [ serve with lightly-fried mushrooms ]

for 8 3½ kg whitebait oil Do not wash or over-handle fish as they bruise easily. Put flour and a little salt in a plastic bag and toss fish gently in that till fully coated. Deep fry for 2 mins. 250 g flour


Devilled Whitebait
for 8 1½ kg 4 tblspn 1 tspn 1 tspn whitebait white flour curry powder ground ginger 1 tspn 50 g cayenne parsley salt

Put flour, curry powder, ginger, cayenne and salt into a plastic bag. Put in whitebait (easier if it a bit at a time) and shake about to coat. Fry in 190°C oil in a basket for 2 or 3 mins when they should rustle when shaken. Deep fry parsley a few seconds and sprinkle over fish. [ serve with lemon wedges, and brown bread ]


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