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Becketsbestrecipes Veal

Becketsbestrecipes Veal

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Published by: becketsbest on Jun 28, 2012
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Veal Veal with almonds
6 oz 6 oz ½ lb 2 oz veal escalopes mushrooms butter flaked almonds oil Sauté mushrooms in a little butter. Add salt, pepper and Madeira. Cut tongue to thin strips and put in middle of beaten escalope, with mushrooms on top and fold. Dust with flour, dip in beaten eggs and coat in breadcrumbs and almonds. Fry lightly for about 10 mins. [ serve with hollandaise sauce ] 6 oz 2 tblspn 3 oz cooked tongue Madeira breadcrumbs plain flour

Escalopes cauchoises
6 1 1 glass escalopes onion calvados oil/butter Fry escalopes 8 to 10 mins each side to golden and remove. Fry sliced onion. Sauté mushrooms lightly in butter in separate pan. Add cider to onion pan and reduce to half. Add calvados and simmer a little. Add mushrooms and escalopes. [ serve with mangetout ] 500 g 1 glass 150 ml mushrooms cider double cream

Escalope cordon bleu, alias Delice de Vosges, alias Escalope Bocconcini
for 8 1½ kg veal ham flour 3 cheese (eg gruyere) egg crumbs

Lay slices of ham and cheese on beaten escalopes, fold in half, roll in flour, beaten up egg, and breadcrumbs. Fry to golden. [ serve with noodles and green salad ]

Veal don Quixote
veal 1 4 carrot spring onions cheese 2 ½ cup tinned tomatoes petit pois ham salt and pepper

Lightly brown thinly-sliced meat. Separately brown vegetables. Put ham and slice of cheese on veal and then vegetables on top. Medium oven for 30 mins.

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Veal escalopes Madeira 2 oz 4 butter escalopes flour 4 tblspn Madeira lemon juice salt, pepper

Roll escalopes in flour and pour on Madeira. Bubble gently until wine becomes syrupy. Add lemon, salt, pepper.

Veal Marengo
for 8 1½ kg 2 550 g 2 clove veal large onion tomatoes garlic 200 g mushrooms parsley, bouquet garni stock white wine

Fry chopped onion, add garlic, stock and wine and meat. Take off boil and add rest. If the juice seems excessive boil to reduce or thicken with a tablespoon of flour. Simmer 15 to 30 mins [ serve surrounded with croutes and dusted with parsley ]

Piccate al Marsala
1 lb 1 glass veal marsala stock 3tblspn lemon juice flour salt, pepper

Dust meat with flour, fry quickly in oil both sides. Add wine, lemon juice, salt and pepper and bubble gently for about 10 mins. Add a little stock and simmer gently, stirring every minute or two until juice turns syrupy which could take about five minutes.

Scaloppa Milanese
Flatten scallops, coat in beaten egg with salt and pepper, then in breadcrumbs, and fry in plentiful oil to golden.

Veal Orloff 3 lb 2 oz 1 glass ¼ pint Soubise 2 3 oz 1 tblspn Mornay ½ oz ½ oz ½ pint 1½ oz 1 blade butter flour milk grated cheese (Gruyere or Parmesan) mace cayenne bayleaf salt pepper little onion nutmeg large onions thick-grain rice cream ¼ pint 1 stock egg yolk veal butter white wine stock 2 ¼ lb mushrooms mornay sauce large onions root vegetables

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Braise meat in wine, stock and root vegetables 1 to 1½ hours. Soubise Fry chopped onions, add rice, stock and vegetables from meat. Cook in oven till very soft. Puree (liquidise). Add yolk and cream. Slice meat and spread with puree and cooked mushrooms, Mornay sauce, onion and brown in hot oven for 12 to 15 mins. Mornay Make bechamel sauce. Add mace, salt, pepper, chopped onion, and milk and warm on low heat for 5 to 7 mins but do not boil. Add to white roux and mix. Stir continually to boiling then boil 1 to 2 mins. Beat in cheese. Add pepper, nutmeg and cayenne. [ serve gravy separately, and new or sautéed potatoes ]

see PORK

Veal olives a la Rossini
veal anchovies capers 1 flour butter/olive oil egg

Roll thinly-sliced veal round chopped anchovies and capers, dip in batter of egg and flour, and fry.

Veal St Simon
4 4 tblspn 5 escalopes Madeira tomatoes paprika Beat escalopes thin and cook in hot fat for about 4 mins. Remove. Cook tomatoes to pulp. Add finely-sliced mushrooms and cook about 5 mins. Add cream, salt, pepper, paprika, and reduce for 3 mins stirring. Return escalopes and heat through. 4 oz 4 oz ½ pint mushrooms butter double cream

veal escalopes ham salt 1 glass Marsala/white wine sage pepper

Flatten veal thin and cover with ham and a little sage. Roll up and fix with toothpick. Brown gently in oil and add wine. Bubble a minute, cover and simmer till meat is tender, say 10 to 15 minutes. [ serve with croutons ]

Veau Sylvie
5lb ¼ pint ¼ pint 2 tblspn 6 slices boneless veal brandy Madeira streaky bacon oil ham 3 oz 3 oz 12 slices carrots onions Swiss cheese parsley bay thyme

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Make long parallel cuts into the meat and fill with a slice of ham between two slices of cheese. Tie up. Cook vegetables slowly in broth and a little oil for 5 mins. Add meat and put in top of Mark 8 (450°F) oven for 15 mins. Pour on the brandy, Madeira and oil, add herbs, cover meat with bacon and put covered dish in lower part of oven to cook on Mark 3 or 4 for 2½ hours.

Vitello tomato
for 8 1 kg 2 kg 2 3 tuna veal onion carrots bay leaves capers Soften chopped onion, carrots and celery lightly in oil. Add bay, thyme, mashed anchovy, stock, lemon juice and meat. Simmer 1 hour. Remove meat, reduce juice by boiling another 15 mins, then liquidise. Slice meat and pour on sauce. 3 tblspn 800 ml 4 tblspn 400 g anchovy fillets stock lemon juice mayonnaise thyme

Turkmenian pilaf
see under LAMB and cook the same way.

Stuffed paupiettes of veal
for 6 6 1 1 stick 1 tspn ¼ lb 1 3 oz 2 1 oz escalopes of 6 oz each onion celery tomato puree mushrooms chicken stock cube salt, pepper dried apricots eggs almonds parsley rum Simmer apricots in cider till almost dry. Beat eggs, add crumbs, chopped apricots, slivered almonds, salt, pepper, Aromat, parsley, celery and rum. Beat escalopes, put on a bit of stuffing, make into parcels and tie. Quickly fry escalopes to brown and remove. Add diced onion, carrot and celery and fry on high heat. Add tomato puree and flour and cook 1 to 2 mins. Add mushrooms, wine, stock, garlic and thyme or rosemary. Cook a few minutes, replace veal and put in Mark 4 (350°F 180°C) oven 30 mins. [ serve with gratin dauphinois, green salad and full-bodied red wine ] ¼ pint 5 oz cider crumbs Aromat celery 1 tblspn 1 bottle 1 clove 1 thyme OR rosemary carrot oil flour full-bodied wine garlic

Wiener schnitzel
see PORK

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