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Necron Pylon Datasheet

Necron Pylon Datasheet

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Published by Joseph Raithby

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Published by: Joseph Raithby on Jun 28, 2012
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Necron Pylon

Points: 510

Necron Pylons, although a rare sight, are a very menacing one if ever spotted. Their key role seems to be that of an anti-air defence of a planet, their powerful gauss annihilators able to destroy even the most heavy armoured aircraft in a single blast of energy. The fluid housing of the pylons are able to move in perfect sync with aircraft in such a precise manner it is theoretically possible that a pylon could hit a speeding bullet with a fair degree of accuracy. Apart from attacking enemy aircraft, once ground forces have landed, the powerful beam weapon of

the pylon is more than capable of destroying a super-heavy vehicle even up to titan class with a disturbing and menacing ease. Apart from the main beam weapon of the pylon it has often been noted that pylons had unleashed a storm of “gauss lightning” upon nearby enemy units in a similar way as the smaller necron monolith does. In addition to all of this it also seems that nearby necron units to pylons are protected by an energy shield of sorts. ARMOUR SIDE 14 WEAPON

UNIT: 1 Pylon TYPE: Super-heavy vehicle, Immobile STRUCTURE POINTS: 2 WEAPONS AND EQUIPMENT: -Hull mounted gauss annihilator -Hull mounted heavy gauss flux arc. -Power Matrix SPECIAL RULES:

BS 5



Gauss Annihilator (Beam) (Blast) Heavy Gauss Flux

120 120

D 9

1 3

Heavy 3 Heavy 1, 7” Blast




Heavy D6 (per enemy unit)

-Teleport: A necron pylon must always arrive by deepstrike, it always arrives on turn one, does not scatter but must be placed at least 12 inches away from enemy units. -Power Matrix: The weapons on a necron pylon cannot be disabled; they may always be fired as long as the pylon is in play. Instead for a any weapon destroyed result allocated to the pylon, both weapons may fire 1 less shot, the blast form of the gauss annihilator instead looses 2” radius. Once per turn the power matrix may be used to fire 1 of the pylons weapons but not both. -Power Field: All friendly necron units within 18 inches of the pylon receive a 5+ invulnerable save. -Necrodermis: A Pylon is crafted from the same metal as necron ships, it follows all the rules for living metal and in addition any destroyer hits against the pylon are treated as strength 10 AP1 instead. -Synchronised Targeting System: All weapons on a pylon are treated as AA-mounted and cover saves gained from moving (such as turboboosters and skimmers moving flat out) are ignored.

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