Benefitting Minnesotans and their Families

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32,189 young adults gained health care coverage through their parents’ plan 244 individuals with pre-existing conditions now have health care coverage $8,956,885 will be returned to consumers in Minnesota, with an average of $160 per family 57,610 seniors saved an average of $1,384 on prescription drugs in Medicare 1,056,000 received preventative services with no co-pays in their private insurance plan as a result of the ACA 129,126 seniors received preventative services without co-pays in Medicare as a result of the ACA Passed a contraceptive equity law requiring insurers to cover contraception on the same basis that they cover men’s reproductive health services Passed state-level laws to require young adult coverage up to age 26; prohibit rescissions; require coverage of emergency care; and require direct access to obstetrical and gynecological care Issued sub-regulatory guidance to enforce the prohibit lifetime dollar limits and annual dollar limits; require coverage of preventative services without co-pays; require choice of primary care providers; and require choice of pediatricians

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