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Islam Rashidul


Topic : DHL vs FedEx

Submitted To Khan Tahsina Nimmi


Background of DHL
Type Industry Founded on Headquarters Key People of Organization Division Express Logistics 1969 Bonn, Germany Frank Appel (CEO, Chairman) Adrian Dalsey (co -founder) Larry Hillbolm (co -founder) Robert Lynn (co -founder) DHL Express worldwide, Express Deutsche Post DHL 500,000 (in 2009) www.dhl.com.my

Products Owner Employees Official Website


Background Of FedEx
     

Founder - Frederick W. Smith Founded – 1973 Industry – Express Logistics Headquarters - Memphis, Tennessee, U.S. Employees 290,000 (May, 2011) Website - www.FedEx.com


Revenue Of DHL in 2011
Revenue: €51 billion, +2.1% year-on-year;
   

Mail: €3853 million, +0.7%; Express: €3122 million, +7.5%; Global freight forwarding: €3936 million, +1.0%; Supply chain: €3548 million, +1.3%;

Net profit: €1.75 billion

Revenue Of FedEx in 2011
Revenue : $ 39.3 billion
   

Operating income : $ 2.37 billion Net income : $ 1.42 billion Total assets : $ 27.3 billion Total equity : $ 15.2 billion


Operating units Of DHL

DHL boat Sprinter DHL

DHL semitrailer truck



Operating units Of FedEx

FedEx Express Airbus A310-200 delivery truck

FedEx Ground


Competitors of DHL & FedEx


Strategies Of DHL
country-level managers would need to make hardline decisions about:

“who” should be the right customers in DHL’s market “what” product bundles would be contracted or promised to customers via the service concept “how” the service components would be executed throughout the service delivery system


Strategies Of FedEx
FedEx operating strategy works seamlessly - and simultaneously - on three levels :

Compete collectively by standing as one brand worldwide and speaking with one voice Operate independently by focusing on our independent networks to meet distinct customer needs collaboratively by working together to

 Manage 6/28/12

Demographics - DHL
Divided into three regions:
1. 2. 3.

Europe, Middle East and Africa Americas Asia Pacific is the world's largest and most experienced international air express network that services over 200 countries spread all around the world and provides it customers with exceptional service

. DHL

. is


Demographics FedEx

operate and provide services all over the world

offers specialized transportation and information solutions

generate 90% of the world's gross domestic product 24-48 hours with door-to-door, customs-cleared service and a money-back guarantee

air route authorities and infrastructure make it the world's largest express transportation company, providing fast, reliable and time-definite transportation of more than 3.3 million items to 210 countries each working day


Technological Environment - DHL

Technological innovation is driving changes in postal markets and operations. Things like the Internet have presented other ways for people to pay bills and send mail other than through the Postal Service Technological innovations help the Postal Service's organization and can decrease the time it takes for delivery


Technological Environment - FedEx

has made enormous strides m technology and is setting the industry standard for efficiency and customer service was the first to integrate wireless technology more than two decades ago, and continues to develop and lead the industry m developing innovative wireless solutions

became the first successfully seized at these hub centers before reaching their intended terrorist or narcotic cells 6/28/12

Economic Environment - DHL

The industry in 2000 was transporting I 1% of the value of the United States Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and it is projected that in 2005 the GDP will increase to 15% has increased its research and development departments, their technologies have improved greatly, enabling them to stay ahead of their competition and play a major role in this industry

demand for companies like DHL to deliver products that 6/28/12 can be ordered online are always high and

Economic Environment - FedEx

has grown from a package mover to the leading transportation provider in the world was the first to establish critical factors to transform a conventional business into an ebusiness developed a global network which offers services beyond transportation, including full service management tools and support employed 166,000 full-time and part-time workers in the United States in 2000, with a payroll and benefits of $7.2 billion


Cost and power deduction - DHL
has successfully achieved its goal of global service desk coherence, thus attaining a significant reduction in costs and standardization across their service desk platform


Cost and power deduction - FedEx

products are cross branded and interconnected for delivering single-point easy access shipping for customers Users of one product can cross-over to another product line and use the same account information from point of creation to final delivery

FedEx policy is to acquire businesses and develop product lines that can increase the company's revenues and keeping FedEx fleet full and moving at all 6/28/12 time

Key Success Factors DHL

Marketing is a key success factor because customers trust their carriers with their products spends a lot of money on research and development m order to be competitive and offer more to their customers has been very successful for its international deliveries due to the fact that they have so many locations and hubs around the world


Key Success Factors FedEx

attract customers by having at racking system and is available online for customers To help build the brand name, FedEx offers an on time guarantee quality of service became synonymous with the quality of the information provided to its workforce

FedEx's software which allows it and it's customers to track shipments, has leveraged the strengths of 6/28/12

Recommendations for DHL

Should incorporate a comprehensive strategic management process in their whole corporation DHL solution should translate their business strategy into an operating plan in order to implement the selected strategies and align measures to strategies Should make use of the performance measure record sheet for all their instituted measures in order to keep track of the entity of measures


Recommendations for FedEx

should Increase the mix of part time to full time examiners to meet daily demand peaks Expand customer reach through self service channels, meeting customer requirements while reducing station traffic

Educate the public about available services, requirements, and delivery options Improve examiner efficiency by adding needed equipment (printers, copiers, cash registers, etc.) and reconfiguring/improving service areas where 6/28/12



 

www.fedex.com http://www.dhl.com.hk/news/19990429 100377.html http ://users.snip.net/-qbooker/ISYS205/readings/3-Building e-Business at FedEx.doc

http://www.franklincovey.com/about/investor/stories/fed cs.htm http://www.dhl.de/en.html

 


http:// www.dhl.com/en/logistics/customs_security_and_insura

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