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General Mobility Program Referendum Conceptual Path to Referendum (with Suggested Dates)

Time Frame
June 28
th th

Path Forward Presented

Conceptual Path Forward on steps to deciding ballot proposition presented with suggested dates Public meetings held to discuss the GMP issue Board members make their proposals for a ballot proposition and request staff analysis of each Among the possible items to be considered in presenting propositions that continue the GMP: o o o o o o Percentage or amount Term (fixed or unrestricted) Allocation to constituent governments Effect of decline in METRO sales tax Rules for use of GMP METRO role in monitoring GMP use

Regular Board meeting Three locations distributed through the community

Lead Participants
Chairman Board Members Staff Community

June 28 -July 21

Community Meetings

July 26


Proposal Options Presented

Regular Board meeting

Board Members

Among the possible items to be considered in presenting propositions that end the GMP: o o o o When the GMP would end Whether the GMP would be phased out If METRO would continue mobility projects Criteria if METRO continued mobility projects

August 3rd

Proposal Option Selected Ballot Proposition Approved and Election Called Election

Board receives report of staff on analysis of options, votes on preferred option and instructs attorneys to draft corresponding ballot language Official ballot proposition language reviewed and approved Board officially call the November 6 election

Special Board meeting

Board Members Staff Board Members Staff Attorneys -----

August 17th

Special Board Meeting


November 6



As of June 26, 2012