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University Admission System

University Admission System


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Published by: Imran Bhat on Jun 29, 2012
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Title of the Project: University Admission System Abstract: University wants to computerize its admission process for higher

education courses. Basic objectives are to extend their reach to geographically scattered students, reducing time in activities, centralized data handling and paperless admission with reduced manpower. Cost cutting, operational efficiency, consist view of data and integration with other institutions are other factors. Main challenges are effectively sync internal and external operations in such a manner that job can be finished within time limit and integration with different agencies on an agreed upon common data format.

Number of Modules : Admin users - Has full access to all the modules of this system. Responsible for the accounts of all students, colleges and remittances. Prepares and submits also Daily Reports, student reports, colleges reports, etc,. Students – Has restricted access. i.e., students have access to some of the modules only i.e. user can see the college list and seats list of all products and can take hall ticket through online. User Interface: Soothing Graphical User Interface with Context Sensitive Help Totally Menu Driven, with Keyboard Shortcuts for frequently used forms All reports for specified period selected using calendar

Problem Definition: Today all the work at the time of admission of the students is done manually by ink and paper, which is very slow and consuming much efforts and time. It is required to Design of a Computerized Automated Student Admission System, to speed up and make it easy to use system. Purpose: 1). University Admission System Supports the student admission and registration process, the maintenance of student personal, academic and fee related data. 2). Database maintained by this system usually contains the student’s personal, academic and its fee related information. It focuses on storing and processing (insertion, updation) by using web pages 3). Generates student information in formatted html tables, generates the fees invoice. 4). Generate Student’s Academic Detail Report. 5). Generate Student’s Personal Detail Report. 6). Generate Student’s Fee Deposition Status Report. 7). Generate Student’s all student’s currently deposited their fees. 8). It Stores Merit list provided by University.

Scope: An application Software it will work for an institute conducting a professional course like MCA/MBA under a governing university. SAS Manages student (personal, academic, fees) Details. Students are admitted according by university according to their merit in examination and their choice of college.

4 Activities like Updation, Creations done in the system by the System Operator will be maintained in the form of tables for auditing and maintaining the integrity of the system. Project Requirements: ¬ Automate manual paper work done at the time of student’s admission (fees deposition) in the institute. ¬ Eliminate paper work. ¬ Efficiently manage the student (academic, personal, fee) details.

Software Required: Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP Front End tools: Core java, Eclipse Back End tools: MS Access, SQL Server

Hardware Required: CPU: Pentium VI processor RAM: 512 MB HDD: 40 GB Keyboard, Monitor, Mouse, Printer

Working of the Present System:In present, all work is done manually by hand in bulk of files which is hard to operate and hard to maintain the reports of the student presently, took admission in institute.

1. When the student comes in university. 2. First of all, he/she takes admission form from reception. 3. Fills it and submits it into office. 4. Filled form is first checked with documents like merit list and details send by the university and verified by an official person, if there is any mistake then it is corrected. 5. At the time of submission of it the fees is deposited by the candidate. 6. At the time of submission of admission form enrollment no. is assigned to the candidate by the institute. 7. Candidate gets the receipt of fees deposition. Disadvantages of Present System:1. Require much man power i.e. much efforts, much cost and hard to operate and maintain. 2. Since, all the work is done in papers so it is very hard to locate a particular student record when it is required. Proposed System:1. It is automated computerized web based software system. 2. It uses latest technologies like core Java and Access. 3. It is easy to operate.

4. Attractive User Interface University Admission System University wants to computerize its admission process for higher education courses.University Admissions is one application within Student Information Systems (SIS), the environment which allows separate divisions to share data and resources common among students.

Admission, Academics and Examination Admission, Academics and Examination (AAE) module covers student's entire academic cycle beginning from registration and admission, taking them through regular attendance, exams and results and ending with issuance of the degree/certificate. Besides managing course programmes and modules as well as the administration of students from point of admission to conferral, it also helps the university in optimum utilization of its resources like academicians and other support staff.

Major Objectives: • Provides students with user-friendly, customizable, selfserve access to real-time data. • Builds a foundation for student systems that can be easily expanded to include the eventual implementation of Admissions, Academics and Examination. • Provides workflow to improve and streamline business process flows with consistency and efficiency. • Creates a single source for an integrated university-wide data repository through the centralized database for reporting and data analysis capabilities thus promoting information sharing across the university. • Maintains a robust, reliable infrastructure for sustaining all university services and supporting growth for new services. • Accurate conversion of data to ensure the integrity and maintain the confidence in administrative applications.

Feature List Admission
• • • • • •

Curriculum Student Data Enrollment Course Assignment Generation of Roll Numbers Batch Assignment Registration by Student • Approval of Registration Advisory • Allocation Student • Semester Update • Drop Semester • Drop Programme • MIS Reports

Academics • Evaluation Rules • Relative Grading Scheme • Attendance Entry • Marks Entry • Date Sheet Generation • Repeat Exam • Repeat Course • Revaluation of Marks • Rechecking of Marks • Student Semester Update • Internships Details • Convocation Transcripts and Marksheet Generation • Degree Certificate Generation • Tabulation Chart Generation • Search on Various Parameters MIS Reports • MIS reports

Examination • Courses for Which Exams are to be Conducted • Availability of Classrooms • Number of Students appearing for the exam • Exam schedule • Seating arrangement • Exam information (Invigilator's/ Backups/Standby) • Exam query • Search on Various Parameters • MIS reports Benefits • Positions information model that meets needs of university management, college management, faculty, staff and students. • Improved management of student achievement by university and colleges, providing them with timely and accurate access to student performance data that enables evidencebased planning • Anytime, anywhere access to information enables faculty, staff and student to get information from a single location. • Provides enhanced reporting and data analysis capabilities for faculty and staff. • Reduced costs of system customization, operation, and maintenance

Management  Student tacking.  Students attendance status.  Students performance in each exams  Exam notifications.  fee payment details  Interacting section for parents.

Student Tracking: Here we can check the summary about the student in the college. Students attendence status: Which helps to check whether the student is present on that day and the overall attendence status. Students performance in exams: This facility provides the performance of the student in each exam which is conducted by university or college. Exam Notification: This inform you about the current or forthcoming exams. Online Fee payment: Parents can pay the fee of their children by online, which ensures secure transmission. Interactive section for parents: Here parents can interact with the concerned staff about the student.

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