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British Board of Film Classification

British Board of Film Classification

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Published by: Jazz Hanspal on Jun 29, 2012
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British Board of Film Classification

The ‘12A’ category is only made for cinema films. It indicates that no one younger than 12 can view a 12A film unless an adult accompanies the child. The adult can take the child using his on judgement to dictate whether the films suitable for the child. However films classed as 12A is not recommended for a child below 12. Discrimination: There will be no discriminatory language or behaviour nor is there any aggressive discrimination as its unlikely to be acceptable in a 12A film. Drugs: There is no misuse of drugs in our short film however for a 12A we can have the misuse of drugs to a minimal without it being glamorized. Horror: As our film is a romantic comedy there is no psychological threat or disturbing scenes. Imitable Behaviour: There is no dangerous behaviour in our film such as hanging, suicide and self harming. However it can be used but shouldn’t be dwelled on.

Language: There is no use of strong language in our film. Nudity: Nudity is allowed, but in a sexual context must be brief and discreet. Our film has brief amount of nudity as we see Bob naked in the bathroom. Sex: There is no sexual activity involved in our short film. Theme: Mature themes are acceptable, but the treatment must is suitable for young teenagers. As its more funny than serious Violence: There is no violence or any sexual violence used in our short film.

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