Name: Marital Status: Date of Birth: Occupation Caste Height: Weight: Place of birth: Place of Residence: Education: Eye Colour: CONTACT INFORMATION Person to Contact: Father: Mother Native place & mosal Address: Telephone/Mobile No: E- Mail address: Nationality:

Patel Dhiren Jayeshbhai Never Married 23rd June 1988 service (Hospitality industry) (Hotel industry) Hindu, leuva patidar 5’6” 60kgs savli(Vadodara) Vadodara BSC hotel mgt, currently doing MBA (2 year) Brown

Jayeshbhai k Patel (9909798823)(business men) Pannaben j Patel (8469867205) (home maker ) Dharmapuri, Dabhoi, Vadodara. 17-pramukh park soc, b/h Mahesh complex, Waghodia road, Vadodara. 09998769749 Indian

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