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From: Healy Marian (EDG) [

uk] Sent: 22 June 2012 14:09 Subject: GMB Councillor's Network Correspondence

Dear Colleague, Please see attached copies of GMB’s Special Political Report that was agreed at Congress 2012. I am sure you will be interested in the content and the fourteen point implementation plan on the back cover. There will be further discussions during 2012 on how GMB will concentrate on the political agenda and build the Party. Any comments would be gratefully received. In addition, there has been much debate about GMB’s Motion 154 to Congress, which has been described as “banning Progress from the Labour Party”. Just to clarify the situation< I have included the actual Motion 154 for your perusal. Regards

Gary Doolan
National Political Liaison Officer
GMB Euston T: 020 7391 6700 | F: 020 781 2670