Restaurant Interior Design



Layout:1. Lights 2. Tales 3. Chairs 4. Sofas 5. Antiques Total no of covers:-

Job Description Outlet Manager :1. Marketing and guest relation • Activity involved in planning & implementation of festivals / events • To keep abreast market trends and events • To act on guest complaints shares of the restaurant & be the leader among all the competitive outlets • Builds rapport with guest • Actively involved in marketing of the restaurant • To put together marketing plan for outlets with actively schedule and implementation deadlines • Carry out market survey and prepare a comparative analysis of competition. • To maintain Dob and Anniversary for all the guest. Prepare a list on monthly basis & send them greetings & cake. 2. Product • To minimize wastage • To train to maintain quality I food production ( according to standard recipes ) • To co-ordinate with stewarding department to maintain cleanliness of kitchen • Emphasis quality enhancement in terms of product & restaurant • Constantly strive towards innovation in terms of service and product of the restaurant • To standardize all the menu items & formulate recipe cards • Work with engineering for preventive maintenance of equipment 3. Staff Related • To formulate duty roster • Conduct daily Breefings & monthly meeting • Staff grievance to Be addressed through counseling & motivational techniques • Work towards increasing the profitability of the outlet • Actively involved in staff training in terms of operational & job knowledge • Conduct effective appraisals of staff • Build rapport & co-ordinate effectively with other department 4. Financial • To prepare budget in conjunction with f & b Department • Prepare the monthly managers report • Implement effective planning for the operations • Reviews the income & expenditure statement & action accordingly • To ensure that the costs are controlled effectively • To co-ordinate & complete any other job / task assigned Competencies of a outlet manager / in charge

He should know • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • System & procedure Guest feed back analysis Seasonal fluctuations / variations of food habits Seasonal Availability of raw materials Occupancy trends – lean / peak seasons Productivity of individual staff members Performance appraisal system. Performance standards at all level within the department Work loads / work habits Productivity standards Sanction budget Variance from the budget Target market Existing database Market trends Competitor database Product knowledge Budgeting procedure Capital Budget Par stock level Value and vision of the company Value of cost material & equipments Preventive maintenance schedule Complaint handling procedure Breakage analysis Before the closing of the day he should ensure that all soft drinks / groceries etc as requisitioned Ensure that mis-un-place is ready Exp wiped cutlery , Crockery & glassware & folded napkins He takes the cashier report and ensure that cash deposited by cashier is equal to the cash statement for the day in his ID. He should also ensure that the cash float in the station cupboard is equal as approved. After closing all accounts. He should settle all the credit card pending in EDC Machine to get zero balance of amount due. He should give the nck as maid by the captain to the auditor He should seal all cash collected during day and hand it over to the auditor / authorized person with all the credit card settlement copies. At 6.30 takes briefing & the attendance of the staff the breefing includes the grooming of the staff, sale (budget & actual) for the day, month & year, observation of the supervisors & managers. Complaints & compliments. Service / operation style and changes to be introduce if any. Reservation for the day. N/A items for the day and the item which have to be up-sold.

• • • • • • SOP For Captains

He allocates the duties of the staff to various station bar etc. Check the alignment of the covers on the tables. If there are any reservation for session make arrangement for the same Perform all duties as in lunch Ensure that the restaurant is properly set for next session. Ensure that the bar area is clean, linen is stacked. Dirty linen & music are switched off before living for the day.

Report on duty Take the briefing in presence of outlet manager & the the attendance of the staff the breefing includes the grooming of the staff, sale (budget & actual) for the day, month & year, observation of the supervisors & managers. Complaints & compliments. Service / operation style and changes to be introduce if any. Reservation for the day. N/A items for the day and the item which have to be up-sold. • He allocates the duties of the staff to various station bar etc. • Check the alignment of the covers on the tables. • If there are any reservation for session make arrangement for the same • Ensure all guests are seated and acknowledge properly. • To take guest orders & the execution of the same. • To ensure all guest requests are attended to promptly. • He should ensure adherence to service & clearance procedure. • He should oversee he requisition for groceries, liquor & soft drinks. • Keep an eye o any maintenance / HK job to be carried out & ensure their completion. • Relieves the staff for their meal. • Allocate duties of the break shift staff for lunch. • Help the staff during the peak hours of the restaurant • Meet guest take feed back, and handle complaints that the guest may have. • Pick a track of food pick up of the guest order gets delayed. He should know • Guest profile • SOP • Guest recognition • Hygiene standard • Various operating supplies • Par stock level • Requisition procedure • Work habits • Anticipated turn over • Cost of various menu dishes • Contribution margin of various dishes • Guest preference • Proper billing procedure

• •

• • • • • • •

Inventory procedure Software Meal plans Grooming standards Evacuation procedure First aid techniques Sprite / wine knowledge

Be aware about emergency & safety procedures • Fire Fighting :- equipment in the department & their usage fire exit route • Fire related precaution & direction • Fire fighting team members and communication procedures • Hotel fire fighting policies & its implication. • Should be aware of the basic rules & regulations to be followed while traveling in the hotel elevators. • Should have basic knowledge of first aid procedure. • Availability of medicines in the hotel. • Doctor available & on call with phone numbers. • All important telephone numbers pertaining emergency. Abide by company policies and procedure • • • • Hrd manual on standard rules & hotel polices Have an aptitude for guest recognition Telephone etiquette Be aware of facilities in the hotel.

Fitness center • Timing • Facility Available :• Instructor name • Open for residence / non residence Business Center • Timing • Facility Available :Rooms • Type of rooms with tariff • No of rooms • Location of room o floor • In room facilities • Mini bar • Room service

• • •

Laundry Bell desk House keeping facilities

Reservation procedure ( F&B) • Pick up the phone within 3 rings • Greet the guest as per the time of the day • Note down all details pertaining to booking on the reservation diary neatly. • Name / Company time of arrival No of pax contact no any specific request if any. • Repeat the information. • Thank the guest & keep the phone down gently. • After receiving the booking he / she block the table & write their table no on the register. • He/she place the reserved card on the & inform the station steward of the booking. • Incase of any specific request like cake etc he / she informs manager. Upkeep restaurant menu • • • Daily cleaning of menus. Daily inventory of menus. Incase of shortage etc to put more menus o circulation.

SOP For Stewards • • • Stewards report for the shift 10 min before reporting time Goes through communicator & information board. Report to opening supervisor & checks his opening duties 1. Opening Duties • Sets up self for service gear. • Clean all S.S. taps with wet cloth. • Clean all salvers and put salver cloth on non chambros salvers. • Attends to water boiler. • Fill up chilly sets & vinegar sets. • Clean all work area • Clean linen trolley from inside • Fill up Pickle & vinegar onion sets. 2. bar tending • open bar locks • check the temperature of all chillers & check if adequate stock of soft drink & mineral water chilled for the service. 3.Bar gadgets :• bottle opener, wine opener,Can opener, fruit knife, stapler, cello tape etc . 4.Garnisher

Lemon wedge, lemon slice, pineapple slice, cherry etc

Pre Mixture • Fresh lime juice • Canned juices • Aerated water • Syrups (all) • Clean the entire counter & Chiller. • Make a requisition • N / A are put on notice board. • Arrange all cupboard in the bar. • Check Printer & system • Availability of all glasses is checked. • Fast moving sprits are taken out • Ensure that all drinks are in a state of ready to use. • Check all chairs for dirty upholstery, check all chairs for any nails or chipping etc. • Check all light & computer fixture o station are working.(set all tables and does the following tasks. check linen on tables, balance cover, ensure all crockery & cutlery & central appointments are clean & polished, check glassware in shining & free from dust, co-ordinate with the stewards to replace sauce set on the Station.) • Stacking Side Station :- (to clean all drawers and cupboards of the side station, check cutlery is well stocked and polished, following to be available as per stock – 1. cruet set, 2. tooth pick holder, 3. ash tray, 4. straw holder, 5. sugar sets, 6. water jugs, 7. ice bucket, 8. wine chiller, 9. KOT book, 10. waiters cloth • After allocated duty is accomplished supervisor to check the station. • Staff briefing is conducted and imported information shared. • Steward takes down notes on information given during the meeting and also clarify doubts. • Any problem being faced in operations to be discussed in the briefing

Restaurant operation
All the stewards perform the following 3 types of job functions during restaurant operations :- 1. Station Steward 2. Station busser 1. Station Steward • To stand on the station in posture 1. Escort the guest – take him to the table-facilitate guest in sitting by pulling out the chairremove extra covers from the tables-open napkin for the guest- serve water after checking preference for normal or mineral water.

2. Ask guest for drink order or would they like to have a look at beverage menu. 3. In case of beverage order / to note down order on KOT one copy goes to cashier and second to busser to get drinks from the bar. Drinks should arrive in 5 min only exception being complicated drink order or any drink that has to picked up from other restaurant. 4. Drinks are served by busser as per the cover number. 5. Food menu is given to the guest before the drinks arrive. 6. Complimentary snack to be placed on the table. 7. After the guest has gone through menu waiter/ captain assist him for placing food order. 8. Food order is taken on KOT – order passed on to the cashier for feeding in the Module. 9. Captain to inform the guest regarding any dish that takes extra time. 10. He also offers suggestions during order taking. Texture and harmony of food in mind. 11. Steward to co-ordinate with busser preparing to mis-un-place required to start service of appetizer or soups. ( sauces, starter plate, under liner, soup spoon) 12. When food is brought in by the busser the following sequence to follow - I case of starter - starter plate to place a few min before the food arrives with sauces, busser brings the starter with service gears and place on the table after being accompanied with the station steward. 13. Station steward to check with guest if they would like service or would they like to help themselves. 14. Station steward to serve starter keeping the service sequence in mind. 15. After service the platter with rest food left on the table. 16. Keep an eye on the table and assist in service if required again and replenish sauces. Incase of soup 1. Busser serves the soup to the guest as per the cover numbers. 2. Station steward to assist I the service if more than 3 covers are on the station. 3. Station steward to check with the guest if they need something with the soup. 4. Station steward to check with the guest if they are finding food to their exceptions. 5. After the guest finishes eating the plates are cleared & tables crumbled in case of any spilling or droppings. Service of the main course 1. Table is prepared for service of main course. 2. Cutlery is replaced on the table. 3. main course service the sequence as discussed After Clearance of main course 1. Crumbing to be done. 2. All sauces and accompaniments cleared. 3. Dessert men u is given and dessert order is taken. 4. Tea/coffee is served as per guest preference. Station steward to keep the bill ready on the station after adding all drinks and food dishes. Billing - guest asks for the check, check presented in a folder Bill handed over to the cashier with the mode of payment credit card / cash / room sign

Receipt of the Bill handed over to the guest Station steward thank to the guest. After guest leaves the table is set for next guest. Busser 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. stacks the station in the beginning of the meal period by fulfilling the following functions ice bucket is filled with ice Accompaniments to put on side station. water jugs are filled In coordination with the side station steward organizes the drink for the table & served on table as per the cover no. 6. After checking on appetizer order gets side plate & sauces in the restaurant & puts on side station. 7. Brings the appetizer & hands over to station steward. 8. kitchen co ordination 9. Pick up the duplicate KOT at from the printer collect mis un place as per the order. 10. Write time on the KOT at kitchen counter & co ordinate with counter chef. 11. Collect food as per the order & takes inside the restaurant. 12. Cutlery, water jugs & drinks are replenished from time to time. Bartender 1. Receive all the orders & dispense drinks accordingly. 2. Serve all the drinks as per slandered recipe & temperature. 3. Keep area clean & tidy at all given time. 4. tally BOT 5. To maintain all bar inventories of all items. Closing Duties Station Steward 1. relay entire station 2. Clean & restock side station. 3. Empty out chilly vinegar & chilly sauce. 4. Set all tables for next day. Busser 1. Assist station steward in staking the station & relaying the tables. 2. clear all used crockery, cutlery, linen send it for wash up at dish wash laundry Bartender 1. All spirits & other bar items are physically measured / counting and closing inventory is done. 2. Register & all books are completely filled up. 3. Soft drinks, beer are stacked for next day. 4. All counter & garnish tray cleaned & wiped dry. 5. All chillers and cupboards locked.

6. All glasses cleaned & wiped dry. 7. Clean & dry all SS tabs. 8. All blenders & peg measure are washed and cleaned. Competence of a steward He should know To have complete knowledge of equipments installed to aid efficient service. Software Complete knowledge of the following in the software 1. Punch orders. 2. Raised & settle guest checks. 3. To take out sales report. 4. to read and collect data from menu item sales report 5. To settle guest checks. 6. To split, settle & allocate covers. 7. To change paper in kot, check printer. EDC 1. To operate EDC machine & process guest credit card. 2. to add tips in EDC machine 3. to have knowledge of void settlements or make changes in EDC Music system 1. Operate the music system, amplifier & channel music. 2. Change CD’s in the system. 3. To change from music system to channel music. 4. To rectify small faults. Restaurant Lights 1. Knowledge of putting lights section wise on / off and dim them as per the meal period. 2. Knowledge on emergency lights ups lights. 3. Information on types of electricity supplies in the restaurant. Ice machine / chillers / hot plate / blenders 1. comprehensive knowledge on putting the washing on / off 2. Knowledge on cleaning of machine without damaging. 3. Basic trouble shooting tips. To have comprehensive knowledge of food menu Knowledge of following on all dishes of the menu. • Ingredients • Method of cooking ‘ • Color

• • • • • • •

Flexibility in change of cooking etc Consistency Standard plate selling Portion size Accompaniments Garnish Cuisine back ground

Cuisine knowledge 1. Basic cooking method available in kitchen. 2. basic ingredient available in kitchen 3. Suppliers & origin of raw material. 4. Availability of proprietary & marron sauces. 5. Cooking time of each dish. 6. Knowledge & initiative of menu making for the guest as per the basic rules of guest likes & dislikes based on guest profile. 7. Color combination. 8. Spice levels. 9. Suggestive selling. While up selling the guest steward should keep his profile & spending power in mind. Knowledge of standard description of all dishes on menu should be there Knowledge of background of the menu. To have comprehensive knowledge of beverage menu. Steward should know remember the choices available under the various heads in the bar. Soft Drink Liquor Spirits Wine etc To have knowledge of wine on following areas. 1. nature of wine / color / dryness / body / bouquets 2. area / region 3. correct glass to use 4. serving temperature & style 5. storage of wine 6. harmony with food & suggest accordingly. 7. price. Cocktail / Mocktail 1. standard recipe 2. standard glass / garnish 3. Standard ingredients & replacement in case of non availability.

Spirits 1. 2. 3. 4. Available status under each category. Basic details about all brands such as country , region. character Other specific mixture etc. • • • • all stewards to know all the drinks availability. To collect mis en place & ensure proper circulation to aid efficient service. To assist restaurant manager & restaurant captain in setting up stock of various items as required in the restaurant for operations. To collect the issue of the following items in co ordination with the supervisor & restaurant manager.

Stewarding Stores Main Store- groceries Linen store • • • • • • • • • • • • • Evaluate the par stock as per frequency of business & change it. Regular inventories taken to ensure adequate support & identity need for issue of fresh stock and identity brakeage / pilferage compound. To ensure proper upkeep of equipments To ensure proper stacking in the station before start of operations. During operations station steward co-ordinates with busser to replenish the mis un place. Steward responsible for individual areas such as stewarding, linen etc, to daily inspect the mis en place and do the needful. All stewards to be aware of the complaint redressal system & follow it stepwise. To be alert at all given time & identify guest dissatisfaction. Extremely caution & positive attitude require to handle complaints skill fully. Strictly follow the laid down rules of communication & inform superiors of the complaint if any. Mark at the reservation dissatisfaction by the guest. Share the events pertaining to specific guest where any negative feedback is received with the staff during the briefing. Attached the complaint redressal format.

To retain guest preference and develop guest recognition. • To work in tendem with guest profile and preference as maintain by superiors or guest himself. • To work towards personalized service keeping individual needs in mind. • To remember guest preferences and share with colleagues and superiors also assist restaurant manager in lodging the details and work towards developing guest history. • To remember regular guest n develop recognition and greet them by name on subsequent visit. • Set up the menus for guest keeping their taste and preference in mind.

• Convey to restaurant manager incase of any special occasion on the table and make special gesture for the guest like presenting cake etc. • Convey all small details of guest order to the kitchen and follow colleagues. • Maintain efficient feedback and communication channel. • To remember all information shared pertaining to house guest in the briefings. • To work towards customer delight and dazzle the guest with the standard service. To work towards maintaining hygiene and safe environment • Keep station clean and freeform food particles. • All cutleries, crockery etc to be handles with waiters cloth and not touched by hands directly. • All back areas to be cleaned thoroughly and all counters and tops to be clean regularly. • All service equipment should be cleaned and handled as per standards. • Regular crumbing of the table to be carried out. • No sub standard equipment which is not clean or hygienic to be used in front or back house. • All food items to be handle hygienically. • Bar juices, garnishes etc to be stored in refrigerators or ice. • Stewards should walk in or out of the restaurant carefully to prevent any accident with staff or guest. • Back areas to be maintained with co ordination with kitchen stewarding. • All electrical gadget to be handled with care and as per operating manuals. • Glasses or crockery to be checked for chipping. • Linen to be clean and free from foreign particulars. • Spillage on carpet or floor to be prevented. • Personal hygiene to be followed. • Pest control to be done in co ordination with house keeping at regular intervals. • All sauces to be change on regular basis. • Any food that look stale or bellow hygiene level should not be served and kitchen chef informed the same immediately. • Co ordinate with housekeeping to maintain hygiene quality of the restaurant by regular cleaning. Maintain high level of hygiene Steward should always follow the following • Keeps short hair with locks not exceeding two inches. • Bathe daily and keep free of body order. • Should shave daily and keep small moustaches. • Nails should be clean and trimmed. • Hands should be always clean. • Uniform to be clean and well maintained. • Shoes to be well polished and maintain. • No foul smell from mouth.

• Use light perfumes and deodorant. • No fancy jewelry to be worn. • Should not keep anything except service gear in pocket. • Should not be suffering from any contagious disease. • Should get oneself regular medically checked and inculcated as per food handlers rules of the state. • In addition to the above he should always follow the hotels manual on hygiene and grooming. The shift has the following closing duties divided among the stewards. • Linen counting and leaving at laundry. • Collecting all mis en place and locking in respective outlet. • Empty all sauces from the table. • back area cleaning • Locking of doors. • Tip counting. • Miscellaneous follow regular cleaning schedule. Sequence of service • • • • • • • • • • • • The guest approaches entrance The captain sees the no of persons and keep the menu ready. Captain greets the guests according to the time of the day. Reconfirm the no of persons. Ask preference for the table and smoking /non smoking zone. Escorts the guest to the table Seats the guest seats ladies first and provide baby chair for child if any. Present food/beverage menu If guest gives instant order take the order and Reconfirm it. Inform station steward. Station steward approaches the table. Greet the guest according to time of the day.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Ask water preference mineral / regular and pours water. The steward dispatched the busser to collect the complimentary. The complimentary placed on table. The guest is asked for their choice of beverage. The captain / steward takes the beverage order and hand over kot to cashier and he feeds the order in system. The busser is dispatched with the beverage order to the bar. The drinks are prepared in the bar by the dedicated barman and brought inside the restaurant these are then served to the guest. The captain/steward takes starter or the main course order. The food order kot handover to cashier he fed it in system. The order reaches the kitchen in the form of a kot this is processed by counter chef and on completion the dishes are placed on the pick up counter. The guests are served paped The food is placed in the counter and picked up by the food pick up boy. The food is placed at side station The food is served by station steward. The steward inquires the guest whether they find the food satisfactory. This is also asked by captain and restaurant manager weather they find food satisfactory. The station steward / captain asks the guest whether they would like to order their main course incase they are having starter/soup. The order is taken and handover to cashier he feeds in the system. This is also communicated to station steward. The order reaches the kitchen in form of kot. The food is processed in the kitchen and placed on the counter.

• • • • • • • •

The food is picked up by station busser. The food is taken to the side station and served to the guest. The station steward /captain/manager asks whether food is satisfactory. The steward keeps an eye on table and order or special request. After the meal the table is cleared, crumbed and present dessert menu. The kitchen processes the order and this is picked up by station busser. This is placed on the guest table. The guest is asked whether they would like tea/coffee. Station steward places the moutfreshner on the table after clearing the table. The captain/station steward presents the check.

Settle the bill • • • • Give the guest copy to the guest. Help the guest from his seat. Thank the guest. Bill is settle according to the procedure discussed letter.


Billing procedure
The entire billing system is computerized. Whenever the steward/ captain takes the order on manual kot and the kot handovers to cashier he feeds in system. After pressing the key save order is placed automatically in the bar or the kitchen. The BOT gets print in bar and kot in the kitchen. The check is kept open in the computer so that in case guest order desserts or anything else can be added. After everything is served checks printout is taken out by the pressing key print bill. Pos system has many facilities in it like split bill / void bill and all types of settlements. Only managers / assist managers have the authority to void or reprint the check in that case void kot or BOT are also attached with bill.

In case of cash settlement
if guest has given cash for settling his bill, the amount is deposited in the cash box. And the excess is given back to the guest in the folder.

If the guest leaves some cash on the table, it is treated as gravity and it is put in the gratuity box it is entered in the gratuity copy with amount of money.

In case of credit card settlement
If guest gives the credit card for settlement, it is swiped in the EDC machine and then the total bill amount is feeded in the machine. After the approval copy is printed it is given to the guest for signature. After the guest signs the copy, the guest credit card imprint taken on the bill and one copy attached with bill. Then the bill is settled in the system by cashier. Finally the guest bill copy of the credit card approval is given to the guest. The other copy is kept in the cash draw. Which is letter send to auditor at the end of the shift. In case the guest point gratuity in the credit card copy. It is adjusted in the EDC machine and in system.

Incase of settlement in city ledger/account
in case the guest wants to settle the amount in the bill to his account, the supervisor has to ensure that the guest is on credit limit of the hotel. In case of frequent guests the name of the guest is written on the bill with prior approval from superiors.

Incase of settlement to the room
the check is presented to the guest and if guest signs it and write the room no the check is settle in the guest folio. First copy is given to the reception and second to the cashier.

In case of inclusive meal
After the guest competes the meal, the guest is asked the room no if the guest is on meal plan the room no is checked in the inclusive meal list and ticked in the list. Therefore at the end of the shift it could given to the cashier / manager for making nck for all inclusive meals.

Procedure for inventory of stock
Daily inventory the inventory of the liquor in the cupboards is taken everyday by the shift barman, where he takes the physical inventory of all the liquor and marks in the format. The closing stock of the previous day is taken as an opening stock of the day, any issue are added in the same, consumption of the liquor is subtracted and the final figure is the closing stock for the day. Weekly inventory The inventory of liquor is taken weekly by the food and beverage controls staff and reconciled with the consumption shown by the computer as a sale. If it does not matches with the same, it is notified to the manager and appropriate action is taken.

Monthly inventory Once in a month the stewarding staff with the help of restaurant staff takes the inventory of the crockery, cutlery and glassware. The stewarding department also takes the inventory of the breakage of the outlet in the month. This helps then to find out the breakage cost of machan in addition the linen inventory is taken every month by the hk and restaurant staff and if necessary more linen is requisitioned in the next month. Quarter yearly inventory Inventory of the linen once in three months by the linen department to find out the actual inventory in the restaurant. An internal auditor also takes an inventory of the stock in a outlet once in a three month.

Yearly inventory The inventory of the assets is taken once in a year by the accounts personal which includes the furniture, equipment, machines etc. Procedure for requisition of groceries / soft drink • The requisition of groceries, soft drink etc could be given every day other then Sundays it includes very simply procedure as following. • The supervisor takes the approximate count of all the groceries soft drink and makes manual requisitioned the requirement of the items for next two days. • The supervisor sends a triplicate note for the requisition to the store before 12noon with approval of authorized person. • All the requisitioned items are given an identity code all the grocery items are requisitioned under food requisition and soft drink mineral water under beverage requisition. • So as required the items are punched in the computer against cost center and the requisition no is noted down. • Before closing of the lunch shift one steward is send to the stores to collect all the groceries soft drink and mineral water. • Procedure for procurement of cigarettes. • The captain during each shift takes the inventory • Everyday the manager checks the inventory of the cigarette cupboard and gives the requisition to room service/ bar. • On everyday the cigarettes are procured from the room service/ bar and inter department voucher is hand over. • Procedure for liquor and beer requisition • Liquor requisition is done as and when required the supervisor writes the requisition liquor or beer in the requisition book with signature of authorized person and collect from liquor store.

Duty roster

A duty roster covering one month is prepared by outlet manager. The roster covers all department staff specifying their weekly offs. other holiday if any and their shift timing on each day in the period covered by the roster. The duty roaster is prominently displayed at least 24 hrs prior to its commencement in the outlet. Shift duty roster A shift duty roster is also prepared by the manager on the shift which helps to allocate the duty to the various places Duties are allocated for station holding station busser, managing bar, buffet replenishment, main entrance, groceries pick up, mis en place etc.

Leave planner All staffs are entitled to and are expected to avail their privilege leave entitled every year. To ensure that each member of the department is given leave appropriately the procedure for planning privilege leave is designed. A leave planner is made by manager which facilitates him to every distribute privilege leaves of the staff all around the year. Most of the leaves are given during the off seasons of the year so that at no point of time there is improper staffing. Manager’s monthly report The manager prepares a monthly report which is nothing but an overview of the outlet performance during the last month. It details the following • Actual revenue for the month. • Budgeted revenue for the month • Variance in the revenue • Total no of covers. • Average check • Breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner breakup. Project analysis The manager does project analysis, which gives more accurate expected revenue for the next month. It details the following. • Food sale day wise for each meal period • Average food check for each meal period • Total cover each day for each meal period. • Beverage revenue day wise for each meal period. • Average beverage check for each meal period. • Total covers each day for each meal period • Total food and beverage sale for next month.

Special event analysis The analysis of the special events and festivals are done after their completion . In this report the profit and loss statement is attached with the comparison of the sales for the same time period prior to the festivals. General responsibility Personal cleanliness hygiene and grooming Since the staff comes directly in contact with hotel guests, it is important that all persons take utmost care about their personal cleanliness hygiene and grooming. All staff must ensure that they bath regularly and properly in conventional styles. Excessively long or short hair is not permissible. Mustaches must be trimmed neatly. Beards are not allowed except Sikh personal. Female staff must not wear excessive make up, perfumes or other cosmetics. Hair should be worn in conventional, neat and simple styles All staff must project through their appearance and behaviors an air or dignified efficiency and service at all times. All supervisory staffs are responsible for ensuring that their subordinates are properly turned out at all times and are authorized to ask any subordinates to take necessary action to improve his or her appearance. Maintain and upkeep To ensure that guest is given excellent service in keeping with the standard expected from the hotel, equipment in the charge of restaurant must be kept in an efficient and effective state of operation at all times. Although the engineering and maintenance department may repair equipment, it is responsibility of the user to ensure that it is properly used. Carved for and kept in a proper state of repair. Hence restaurant is responsible and accountable for the equipment in the charge. Quality controls Staff is expected to ensure that the quality standards as set by the hotel are met at all time. The following steps are taken by the staff for the same. Guest is received at the entrance by the captain or restaurant staff. Proper portions are maintained by using different serving bowls. Water is served on table within 2 minutes, after arrival of the guest. All food picked up on time so that service is prompt and quick. Crockery and cutlery is properly wiped and checked before the beginning of each shift. Training of restaurant staff is given on communication skills, food knowledge etc. Cost controls Cost control is a not sole responsibility of the food and beverage controls department, but also of the people working in the operations. Because the cost can be brought down only if the people in the operations take utmost care the following steps are taken for cost control. Food cost can be brought down if minimum food is wasted hence for the same chef ensures that the food is prepared according to the proper recipes and portion control is adhered to.

The restaurant manager gives proper information to the kitchen staff about the forecasted covers so that the mis en place is done in right quantities. Beverage control is the duty of every staff. The bartender ensures that Mocktail and cocktails are prepared in the right quantity. Which could be optimally used. No restaurant linen is used for wiping of crockery or cutlery. Linen controls The purpose of linen control is Maintain an adequate par stock in the restaurant. Enable that calculation of cost of linen used in the various restaurant and room service. A par stock should be established for each restaurant in relation to the maximum number of daily covers served. To established the par stock the number of pieces of linen used must be calculated taking in to consideration a maximum turnover as follows Lunch: twice Dinner: twice The restaurant is responsible for counting all soiled linen at closing and completing a requisition for the replacement of clean linen. A check on the par stock should be maid by the restaurant manager every month and see if it is adequate. In case of a difference between the established par stock and inventory. An additional requisition should be made to bring the stock up to par and reasons for the discrepancy examined.

Log book A log book is kept in restaurant as hand over procedure. Any information relating to service or other aspects of the operation are recorded in this book guest comments relating to the operation, quality of food and service are also recorded with any other unusual incidents. It should be completed by each shift in charge. Reservation register The captain during each session uses this register in this the captain/manager should write the following details In case of any reservation, the hostess takes the following details from the guest. • • • • • • • • The name of guest Number of guest expected Time of arrival. Telephone number of the guest. Any specific requirement Write the table no allotted Also as and when the tables are occupied. He writes the table number occupied tables and no of covers on the table. After each meal period a total has to be done of the number of covers entertained.

• • •

All the messages are also written in the same register. The rooms count for the day and the house count is also entered in the register. The sale for the day and covers done are also written in this.

Cigarettes closing book • This format is used by captain the captain is supposed to fill in the following details. • The sale of smokes during the meal period. • The closing balance for the shift op balance for the shift + issue - consumption • The kot's or inter kitchen transfer are attached along. Sales book • The sales book is completed every day at the end of the day the following details are fed into it. • The sale for the day. • The daily budget. • Variance of the day. • Lunch and dinner sale break up. • Covers statement for each meal period. Budgeted covers, lunch, actual covers, dinner actual covers. • Resident and non resident covers break up. • The sales book is shown to the operation manager everyday and signed by him. Attendance register • The attendance register is filled up by the restaurant captain daily to mark the attendance of all the staff. • This register also details the information about all staff members including their telephone number, address, ticket and their weekly offs.

Task break downs.
Escorting the guest to the table. When leading guests. The manager/ captain should walk at the same place as the guests and remain within two or three steps from them. When arriving at the table he should assist the guest with their chairs. Request to change table should handle graciously and accommodated whenever possible. Steward standing nearby should also assist with the seating if it is the large party. After the guests have made themselves comfortable. Any excess place setting should be removed and at the same time the table appointments should be arranged to allow the guests more room. The beverages list to be offered to the host at this time. The captain should describe any daily special and exchange a few words with the part. Calling the host by the name before leaving table. The table number and the number of guests entered in cover register.

Presenting menu The manager, captain or sr steward normally presents the menu to the guests. The captain or sr steward should present the menu first to the host and then to the guests. Menu for beverages should be presented first and the meal menus should be offered later accordingly The captain should inform the guest for the items not in the Meal period. Knowledge of menu. Is vital to all service staff it is very frustrating for guest to ask question. Only to be told I will find out this applies particularly to items such as the soup or dish of the day for example which all service staff should be aware of following the pre service briefing. All service staff should be familiar withered the following • Pronunciation of all items. • How to describe all dishes. • What food and juices are in the season? • Preparation time for all items. • Standard abbreviation for order taking. • Daily special. Presenting the bill • The presentation of the check is an important part of the service experience. If a guest has to wait for the bill unnecessarily he may remember this and not the meal. • The bill is prepared by the station holder, who should ensure that all the items served to the guests have been added in the bill. • It should then be placed in the bill folder and presented to the host. Guest may pay by various settlements modes as discussed. • The processing of the bill is the responsibility of station holder. After the settlement is done the station holder should give the guest copy to the guest with the necessary documents such as cardholders copy in case settlement by credit or debit card credit card / debit card cash balance. • He should thank the guest while giving the folder back and collect it only when the guest has left the coffee shop. Clearance of the table The tables should be cleared as and when the guest closed the cover. As it is a fast running restaurant. The steward should ensure that the tables are cleared as soon as possible and resend again. After the guest finishes the main course, the crockery and cutlery should be cleared with the quarter plates. And main course accompaniments. After the guest finishes his meal the table should be cleared completely, the table cloth should be removed and new table cloth should be laid with all the central appointments. Handling complaint

At no time is a steward to dispute a guests judgment about the test or the wholesomeness of an item and is case of any complaints he / she should immediately apologize to the guest complaints should be handled in the following manner. Food complaints the waiter should offer to replace item with another of the same or and alternate dish. The waiter should exchange the item in question for the different item. If the guest does not select an alternate item the waiter should still return it to the kitchen. The manager should approve the deduction from the check and apologies. The manager should take whatever steps necessary to recover the patron’s goodwill if the complaint was justified. Service or other complaints Non managerial staff should not attempt to handle non food related complaints. These should be referred directly to the manager. If staff anticipates complaints they should alert the manager to the situation so that corrective action can be taken. Assigning station The tables assigned to each steward are collectively referred to as a station. Before service commonsense, a duty roster is prepared by the restaurant manager/ captain indicating the stations which different steward have to attend. Station should be roated to enable all staff an opportunity to work in each section of the restaurant. It is inevitable that certain stations will be more desirable to the guests then others, although guests cannot be forced to sit in less popular parts of the restaurant, all employees should work all the station to ensure a more equitable balancing of the work load. When a low volume of business is forecasted and the restaurant is not staffed to capacity, the station assignments can be enlarged, do that the entire room is assigned, or sections of the room can be closed off. Mis en placed duties should also rotate according to the staff. This reduces the monotony of certain task, and improve cross training. Pre service briefing A briefing held just before the restaurant opens before each meal period through the evening briefing can be cancelled depending on factors like work load expected during dinner session etc. These are team building and motivational sessions and provide for information to be passed to the staff that is necessary for efficient service. The place and time of the briefing should be fixed. And changes on a daily weekly basis can cause a lot of confusion. The areas that can be discussed during pre service briefing. • Changes to the menu. • Special function planned. • The no of reservation. • Out of stock items. • Featured specials or promotions. • Guest / group in hotel. • Work assignments. • New service of procedures. • Safety regulations.

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Hygiene and sanitation. Sale analysis. Guest comment. Comment from the kitchen. Important happenings in the rest of the hotel. The list is not intended to be exhaustive and only those items which warrant a discussion should be addressed in the briefing.

Pre service briefing is also a time for manager to inspect the staff and ensure that they meet the minimum standard. Uniforms should be clean pressed and in good condition. Name badges should be proper. Jewelry should be limited to a watch, wedding ring etc. Shoes should be in good condition and well polished. Items should not produce from pockets. Hair should be trimmed and neatly combed. No offensive body order should be present. Breath should be fresh. All service gears should be available exp. Lighter, bottle opener, handkerchief, pen and note pad etc. Pre service inspection The restaurant manager should allow enough time for a full inspection of the restaurant prior to the service and check for any damaged items ex-upholstery furniture carpet etc. • • • • • • • • Side work and mis un place The side work job includes Filling cruet set, and sauces. Care of linen. Continents and containers. Dusting. Care of flowers and plants. Polishing table and care of decorative items in the restaurant.

These functions are distributed amongst the stewards, florist and public area house keeping boys The house keeping boys dust and polish the decorative items. Upholstery and furniture in the restaurant. The stewards take care of other mis en place.

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