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May 19, 2012 To: Damansara Jaya SS22A Residents, Dear Neighbors, RE: MBPJ Getting Feedback on One-way

Traffic SS22A/1 from traffic to No: 3 SS22A/1 MBPJ has sent letters to every household in SS22A on the above matter. In view of this, the Security Committee wishes to provide some background information so that you can respond appropriately to their request. MBPJs proposal to introduce a one-way traffic flow at a small section of SS22A/1(refer to map provided by MBPJ) is to resolve the chaotic traffic flow / traffic jam in front of the Damansara Jaya Secondary School (SMDJ) during school peak hours. Why MBPJ Propose the One-Way Traffic Flow System The chaotic traffic congestion in front of the school is caused primary by: 1. 2. 3. Enrolment of the SMDJ has increased over the years. As a result more cars/vans are coming in to 22A. Inconsiderate drivers park their vehicle wherever convenient to themselves without considering other road users, Transporters stop anywhere; sometimes at junction of Road 1 and 2, or even in the middle of the road to drop/pick up school children. The school children run the risk of being knocked down by other vehicle.

Security Screening of Incoming Cars 1) Due to the chaotic traffic situation, guards cannot screen incoming traffic properly, and sometime have be act as traffic warden to clear the traffic. 2) With the implementing of 1 way at beginning of Road 1, guards from Guardhouse A can be repositioned to a) Between the school and house No: 3 SS22A/1 b) Junction of Road 1 and Looking at the overall situation of the 1 way 1) 2) 3) Inconvenience to residents is only for a short period of time of the school days, but clearing of traffic would be much faster. Argument, temper and cursing will be less. Risk of accident (especially students and pedestrian) will be reduced.

Now you have a clearer idea of the proposal of 1-way traffic by MBPJ, you are able to respond appropriately. According to the letter from MBPJ, you should respond within 14 from the date of the letter. Yours sincerely, Mrs. Lee Chairperson, SS22A Security Committee 1