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Hegemony - Scholars

Hegemony - Scholars

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Empirically proven – environmental leadership boosts hegemony.

Levi 8 (Michael, CFR Energy and Environment sr. fellow, p. 93, June, http://www.cfr.org/publication/16362/)
The report provides important insights and recommendations at a critical time both for U.S. political
leadership and in the global treaty negotiations. I particularly endorse the Task Force’s recognition that

climate change cooperation strengthens our international relationships: collaboration on clean energy
and climate change with the LatinAmerican governments in the 1990s built trust through shared
mutual challenges and opportunities, benefited their development objectives, and opened up new
markets for U.S. firms. It also diversified U.S. foreign policy relationships beyond long-standing
difficult issues
like the illegal drug trade and immigration.

Gonzaga Debate Institute 2008


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