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Man may be destroyed but not defeated. This is what Ernest Hemingway tried to convey in his magnum opus The Old Man and the Sea where he proised the indefatigable spirit of mankind. With such an indomitable spirit and a missionary zeal, the Assam State AIDS Control Society (ASACS) years bock set out to fulfil its goal and objectives to

Adviser Dr P N Talukdar Editor Bonti Saikia Members Rapb Sarma Rini Math Borah Apurba Bezbaruah Devojit Barman

prevent and control the spread of HIVjAIDS throughout the State. Today, as the Notional AIDS Control Organizatian (NACO) is an its way to wind up its missian under Phase III, we con proudly state that a flurry of activities has been accomplished during the period, but a still more could have been done. In this issue of ASACS News (Vol. III, Issue II), on attempt has been made to present before our readers, the activities undertaken by the various camponents of ASACSunder the guidance of NACOduring the last six months starting from October 2011 to Morch 2012. As we all know that the emphasis for fighting the HIVjAIDS menace has always been given on the preventive aspect rather than on the curotive aspect, awareness is the key word and that is why our approach for generating awareness has always been a mult~dimensianal one. As a port of folk campaign as well as multi·media campaign, ASACS undertook aworeness drives during Raas Mahotsav in the districts of Nalbari and Barpeta in the form of erecting IEC stalls and the distribution of leaflets and handbills to the visitors at the venues and conducting a folk media campaign by various cultural troupes. Same strotegies have been adopted at 1011 Assam Mahotsov at Jorhat and various interilistrict sports tournaments organized in 10 districts of the State. Aport from these, a toto I of 5 nos. of owareness pragrammes hove been undertaken in order to creote awareness amongst the faith-bosed organizotions in Sivosogar, Jorhot, Dibrugarh, Tinsukia, Komrup, Nogaon and Barak Volley districts. A day-long sensitizotion progromme on HIVjAIDS was olso orgonized ot Uttar Komolobari Sotro at Majuli in Jorhot. Vorious awareness drives have been undertaken by the Red Ribbon Clubs (RRC) formed in different colleges of the Stote. Rollies, meetings ond various cultural octivities were the hollmarks of the Notionol Youth Doy and World AIDS Day. Like our previous issues, this issue olso reflects the commendoble works undertoken by the various components under ASACS like trainings, workshops, sensitization meetings, community mobilization and so on and so forth. We take this opportunity to thank all and sundry for their valuable contribution for attempting to fulfil the goal- the goal for 0 HIVjAIDS free world. Bonti Saikia
Joint Director (lEC) ASACS


For submission of news, views & articles etc. Editor, ASACS NEWS Office of the Project Director Assam State AIDS Control Society, Khanapara, Guwahati - 781 022 (Assam) TeleFAX: +91 361 2360524 E-mail: assamsacs@gmail.com I Website: www.assamsacs.org


Nothing succeeds like success and I have no doubt in stating the fact that the flurry of activities that Assam AIDSControl Society (ASACS)has been undertaking since its inception for prevention and control of the AIDSmenace speaks volumes of our deep commitment to fulfil our goal at least partially, if not wholly. National AIDSControl Organization (Phose III) is on the brink of conclusion by this month and what I have observed throughout is that all our officials and workers right from the grassroots to those at the helm of affairs have given their best to ensure that no stone is left unturned for achieving the objectives of the current phase. It gives me immense pleasure to state that every issue of ASACS News has been highlighting the achievements of every component including Information Education Communication (lEO, Torgeted Intervention (TI), Core, Support and Treatment (CSn, Blood Safety (BS) Integroted Counseling and Testing Centre (lCTO and all have done commendable jobs in their respective spheres. The current issue of ASACSNews has also showcased the activities of every division with every possible detail during the last six months starting from October 2011 to Morch 2012. Though much have been done, more needs to be done because it is prevention mantra of HIV jAIDS that needs to be spread. In this context, the lines of Robert Frost ring in my eers- 'The woods ore lovely, dork and deep. But I hove promises to keep. And miles to go before I sleep. And miles to go before I sleep.' Let us all hold our hands and work together for the fu~ilment of our goal i.e. offer our progenies an AIDS free world.

M Hagjer Barman,

lAS Project Director ASACS

VoUlIlssue 2, October 2011·March 2012

The various activities undertaken by Care Support and Treatment division during the last six months are as under: One-day Workshop on CSTfor the Doctors of Privote Hospitals & Private Practitioners A one-day workshop on Care Support and Treatment (CSn for the Doctors of private hospitals and private practitioners was conducted on October 1, 2011 at Hotel Ambarish, Ganeshguri, Guwahati with an aim to familiarize the non-government doctors about the activities carried out by the ASACSand to make them aware about the present HIVIAIDS scenario in the State. Around 30 participants participated in the workshop, The inaugural speech was presented by Dr NN Barman, President, Indian Medicol Association (IMAl Guwahati Branch, Dr HC Barman, Joint Director(CSn, ASACScited the objectives of the workshop. Dr OJ Borah, Regional Coordinator, NACO-NERO Dr N Rahman, SMO, ARTC,GMCH and enlightened the participants on management of HIVI AIDSand ARTand also on adverse effects of irrational treatment an National ART Progromme, Dr S N Goswami, Professor, Department of O&G, GMCH spoke on Universal Work Precaution and PEP. Two-Day Training on CSTfor the Nurses of Govt. Hospitals, Private Hospitals & CCCs Atwo-day training on CSTfar the Nurses of government hospitals, private hospitals and CCCswas held on October 20 and 21,2011 at SIH&FW, Khanapara, Guwahati. Dr H C Barman, Joint Director, CST spoke on basics of HIVIAIDS. Dr Indrani Dey, MO, ARTC,GMCH has presented a topic on ART,Care and Support for PLHA.Dr S N Goswami, Associate Professor, Department of O&G, GMCH spoke on ppm In the post-lunch session, Dr Chimanjita Phukan, Associate Professor, Department of Microbiology, GMCH presented a topic on transmission and progression of disease and opportunistic infection. Monoj Tolukdor, Counselor, ICTC, MMCH presented a topic on ICTCand its functioning and referral system. On the second day of the troining programme, Nizara Dos, Associate Professor, RNC discussed about the care of HIV/AIDS patients in hospitals. Dr Sworup Boruah, Associate Professor, Department of Medicine, GMCH gave a presentation on universal work precaution and PEP.In the post-lunch session of day-2, DrMontu Deka presented a topic on relation of STI/STD with AIDS and its syndromic management. The training concluded with a lecture on counseling and adherence of ARTby Dolly Barman, Counselor, ARTC, GMCH. Around 35 participants participated in the programme.



HIV-TB Collaborative Programme for the Doctors of LACs, ARTCsand CCC5 Training has been orgonized for the Medicol Officers of ARTCs,LACsand CCCs on HIV Collaborative Programme. The modular training was ITB arranged at the training hall of NACO-NEROon December 20 and 21, 2011. A detoiled discussion was held during the module reading in groups followed by some plenary session. Dr Simanta Borah, HIV-TB Coordinator, UNICEFfacilitated the programme. Other Resource Persons in the programme were Dr N Rahman, SMO, ARTC,GMCH, Dr N J Dos, DTC(Kamrup), Guwahati and Dr 0 N Bhattacharjee, Associate Professar, TB and Chest, AMCH.The number of participants was oround 20.

DoClo~ of lACs, ARICs and CCCSattending the HIV·IB Collaborative Programme at NACO-NEROtroining holl in Guwohoti

Review (Urn Refresher Training for CCCStaff on Care, Support & Treatment for PLHIV A review-cum-refresher training for CCC Stoff on care, support ond treatment for PLHIVwos held on February 1 ond 2, 2012 in the SIH & FW, Khonoparo_ The training wos inaugurated by Dr P N Tolukdar, Add!. Project Director, ASACS. Project coardinators of the 3-CCCs presented their activities and performance before the participants. Dr H C Barman, Joint Director, CST told about the objective of the pragromme and also presented a topic on present scenario and basic information on HIVJAIDS. DrSwarup Baruah, Professor, Department of Medicine, GMCH gave a presentation on universal work precaution and PEP. Dr Manoj Tolukdar, Counselor, ICTC,MMCH presented a topic on Counseling and ~ D~K Choudhury, Suptd. BongDlgDon Civil HOlp11ll1oddresslng the .. ' its importance in CCC, confidentialityj stigma and discrimination. Dolly One Doy FuliStte SenlitizohOn Programme for lac & lAC Plu5 at Bongolgoon CNII Hospitol Barman, Counselor, ART Plus Centre, GMCH spoke on counseling and Upgradalion of LACto LACPlus at Bongaigaon Civil Hospital adherence of ART. The LACot Bongaigon Civil Hospital wos upgraded as LACPlus Centre Dr Simanta Boroh, HIV-TBCoordinator, UNICEF presented the topic of which will be beneficial to the PLHIVfor ARTparticularly at Lower Assam. HIV-TBco-infection. Dr S N Goswami, Professor, Department of O&G, The centre was launched on February 17, 201 2 and a sensitization GMCHgave a presentation on PPTCT. Ranjanjyoti Deka, M&EO, ASACS spoke on the different aspects of monitoring and evaluation. Dr progromme was conducted among the Medical Officers, Counselors, Lab-Technicians and Nurses. Besides the guidelines of LACPlus, some Chimanjito Phukan, Associate Professor, Microbiology Department, other important topics like universal work precaution, sHgma and GMCHhas presented a topic on transmission and progression of disease discrimination etc. were also discussed followed by an effective and lab-diagnasis. Indroni Dey, MO, ARTPlus Centre, GMCH spoke on interaction session. Dr 0 J Borah and Dr H C Barman also attended the ART,care and support for PLHA. progromme. Inauguration of new LACPlus at B P Chaliha Civil Hospital, Inauguration of new Unk-ART-Centre at Dhubri Civil Hospital The LACat Dhubri Civil Hospital was inaugurated by the Project Director, Nagaon The LACPlus at B P Choliha Civil Hospital, Nagoon was inaugurated by ASACSon November 9, 2011 in presence of various dignitaries of the the Dr H C Barman, Joint Director (CSn, ASACSon February 29,2012 district along with Dr P 0 Baruah, PPTCTCoordinator, UNICEFand Dr H C. in presence of various dignitaries of the district along with Dr D J Borah, Barman, Joint Director (CSn, ASACS_ Regional Coordinator (CSn, NACO-NERO.


100 with Or 0 J Boroh R'Ilionol CQOIdinotor, CST,NACO-NERO Or H C Borman, Joint QirectOllCsn, A5ACS a g. 1 ~ \AC PIIII 01 B P Choliho CivilHospital, Nogooo with other ollidok 01rhe d.tnd ofter Ihe rnougurolroo a n


Inauguration of Mobile lac Van at Golaghat
Mobile ICTCvan was inaugurated at Golaghat on National Youth Day on January 12, 2012 with the flagging off of the vehicle by Deputy Commissioner, S G Baruah, ACS in the presence of ADC I/C Health, Haresh Dutta, Jt. Director, Health Services, Dr N Sarma, Superintendent, Golaghat Dist. Hospital, Dr Pulin Phukan, and a host of Doctors, Nurses and other medicol personnel. Ajit Baruah, Chairman, Gologhat Municipal Corporation also attended the programme. On the day of inauguration, a comp was conducted ot Negheriping Tea Estate where 38 patients underwent counseling and testing.

Orientation Training Programme on Adolescent Reproductive Sexual Health
An orientation training programme on adolescent reproductive sexual health was organized by NRHM in coordinotion with ASACSfrom October 20 to October 22, 2011. Altogether 30 nos of ICTC/PPTCT counselors from District Civil Hospitols ond CHCs porticipated in the three-doy training programme.

One Day Full Sife Sensitization Programme at lac Centres
In order to sensitize personnel on HIV/AIDS, who have been working in the Health setup, where there ore Stond Alone(SA) ICTC/ FICTCs, a one day full site sensitization programme was organized by the in·charge of those centres where all health core personnel were involved. Most of the ICTCs and FICTCs hod completed this sensitization programme.

Review Meeting
A two day review meeting of counselors for 3~ quorter was held on December 22 and 23, 2011. The activities of 35 counselors were reviewed on the first doy and the activities 45 counsellors were reviewed on the second doy. Monthly CMIS reports of the 3,d quarter were also discussed in the meeting. The problems reloted to linkage services with RNTCp, STI, HRGs, etc. were analyzed and discussed in the meeting.


Meeting with the Personnel of Boot Clinic Project (River Project)
A meeting was held with the personnel of Boot Clinic on February 2, 2012 for correlating the activities of Boat Clinic in HIV/AIDS prevention. Dr Dipankar Das, CEO, C-NES (Health), Guwahati was also present in the meeting. The meeting was presided over by Dr P N Talukdor, Add!. Project Director, ASACS. In his speech, he exhorted the participants to strengthen the activities of boat clinics in HIV/AIDS prevention services. He also thanked all the members presents in the meeting for their level best co-ordination and support. Ashok Roo, Project Manager, Boat Clinic mentioned that they have 15 nos. of units working in the State. In every clinic there ore 1 Doctor, 1 GNM, 1 ANM, 1 Community Worker ond 1 Labaratory Technician providing services. Regarding the services to pregnant mothers provided through Boat Clinic, ASACS assured to provide kits and other logistics and also training to the personnel like Lob. Technicians and one more stoff (preferably GNM ar Community Worker) as counselor.

1st Botch of lac Team Training
The 151 botch of ICTCteam training was organized by the ICTCDivision of ASACS at Assam Administrative Stoff College From February 27 to 29, 2012. A total no of 32 participants from 13 ICTCs and FICTCs participated in the 3-day training programme. Out of them, there were 6 participated in the 3-day training programme. Out of them, there were 6 Medical Officers, 13 Laboratory Technicians, 10 Counselors and 3 Stoff Nurses. The Resource Persons of the training programme include, Arpano Barman, RPO, BSD, NACO-NERO, Arpana Hazarika, PHNI, SIHFW, K. Dharoni Devi, PHNI, SIHFW, Dr PD Boruoh, PPTCT-Coordinator, ASACS, Rashmi Rekha Bhuyan, AD ICTC, ASACS, Md. Giyasuddin Ahmed, LT, Bhoruka PWT The training programme comprised several sessions along with pre-training evaluation, post-training evaluation and a series of activities. In the pre training session, on overage of 68 per cent marks was achieved by the participants. Most of them were having knowledge about HIV/ AIDS and functioning of ICTCin a team approach. In the post test questionnaire, almost all the participants were able to secure 100 per cent marks. The sessions were held doily from 9.30 am to 5 pm. The training was totally a participatory one and the participants took active part in the activities and shared their valuable feedback at the end of 3,d day training session.

Orientation of Flac Nurses/Lob Tech of Garamur SDCH
A two-day orientation training of FICTC Nurses/Lob Technicians of Goramur SDCH, Majuli in Jorhat district was completed successfully from February 8 to 10 , 2012.


m.:::" ":.




workshop was organized by ASACS with the help of Counseling Component, NACOfrom November 15 to 18 where 20 states participated in the workshop. During the first three days, participants from 18 numbers of various SR/SSR of GFATM R-7, hod participated in the workshop. Resource Persons for this training were outsourced from TISS, Mumbai and Programme Officer & Technicol Officer, Counselling, NACO. The Resource Persons of the training include: Melito Vaz, Programme Officer, (Counseling) NACO, Sony Thomas, Faculty, TISS, Mumbai, Dharmishta Nanavati, Faculty SNDT University, Mumbai, Kavita Bhatia Nair, Faculty, TISS, Mumbai, Dinu Mathew, Visiting Faculty, SWNN University, Kerala, Vaibhavi Bhalekar of a Mumbai based NGO, Timmaraju, Assitt. Director (ICTc), Karnataka SACS. The sessions of the training were mostly participatory. All participants provided support for easy demonstration and smooth conduct of the sessions. The module itself comprised some important topics related to counselling which was not covered in earlier modules. Therefore, all participants initiated their individual opinions which mode the training an interesting one. The venue of the programme was Don Bosco Institute, Khorghuli, Guwahati. All participants enjoyed their stay in the institute because of the scenic beauty of the location. The participants also visited some historical places of Guwahoti.

A national


Along with the rest of the country, World AIDS Day was observed on December 1, 2011 throughout the State with a flurry of activities ranging from rallies, public meetings, and awareness meetings to various publicity events through different media channels. All activities were conducted in a befitting manner in all the districts of the State apart from the State-level programmes under the aegis of Assam Stote AIDS Control Society. As a part of the State-level function, a rally was taken out from the Latasil Playground. About 700 nos. of participants belonging to different voluntary orgonizations, Notional Service Scheme, Red Ribbon Clubs, nursing students of various nursing institutions took part in the rally. The rally was flagged off by Pulin Das, a veteran sportsperson of the State. The State-level public meeting held at the auditorium hall of the Pragjyoti ITA Centre, Machkhowa, Guwahati saw a gathering of more than 700 people. Hon'ble Chief Minister of Assam Tarun Gogoi participated in the meeting as the Chief Guest. In his speech, the Hon'ble Chief Minister of Assam said that the discriminotion agoinst HIV/AIDS affected people should be removed. "AIDS is not a scourge to society. It is not contagious and the persons affected by the disease should not be alienated from the society. These people need our empathy, care and treatment with a humane touch," Gogoi said. In the meeting, he also announced the second line treatment that would be provided to the HIV positive people of Assam free of cost. It may be mentioned here that a centre for second-line of treatment of HIV was opened at the Gouhati Medical College and Hospital on December 1, 2011.


Minister Tarun Gogoi addressing the gothering at Progjyofi ITA(entre, Machkhowa, Guwahofi. Alsa seen on the dais (From R) Dr Mofilal Nuniso, Director of Health and Family Welfare, Borman, lAS, Project Director, ASACS, Proteek Hojelo, lAS, Commissioner & Secretory, Deportment of Health and fomi~ We~are, PP Varma, lAS, Additional Chief Secretory, Govt. of Assom

The function was also ottended by Irrigation Minister Dr Ardhendu Dey, Additional Chief Secretary PP Varma,IAS, Commissioner and Secretary, Deportment of Health and Family Welfare Prateek Hajela, lAS, Director of Health Services Dr Dhruba Hojai, Director of Health and Family Welfare Dr Motilal Nuniso, Project Director, Assam State AIDS Control Society M Hagjer Barman, lAS and President, Indian Network of Positive People Johnobi Goswami. In the meeting, a total of nine persons/institutions were awarded with cosh awards and citations for their outstanding works towards the HIV/AIDS infected people. AWARD WINNERS 1. Dr Bipul Ch. Roy Prodhani, M&HO, Bongaigaon Civil Hospital 2. Dr Mukul Ch. Gogoi, In{harge, Blood Bonk, Golaghat Civil Hospital 3. Dr Mosidullslom Afsar, In{harge, STI Clinic Nogaon BP Civil Hospital 4. Sahidullslam, Counselor·ICTC, Bongaigaon Civil Hospital 5. Mayuri Borkataki, Counselor·PPTCT, Nagaon Civil Hospital 6. GUIDE,TI·Project (FSW), Tlnsukia 7. Nabanita Saikia, PLHA,Golaghat District Network of Positive People 8. Usha Rani Dey, PLHA,Community Care Centre Bhoruka Public Welfare Trust, Guwahati 9. Siva Sundari Nari Siksharam (NGO), Cachar Allthe nine recipients received an amount of ~ 5,000 each.

IEC materials

like leaflets, handbills were distributed

among the

participants in the meeting. Newspaper advertisements were released with the messages of the hon'ble Chief Minister and hen'ble Health Minister. SMS blasting on HIV/AIDS messages through Reliance, Airtel mobile services were also one of awareness drives on the day. Two FM stations - Big FM and Gup Chup took the HIV/AIDS as the theme of the day and broadcast spots on the occasion.

Chief Min~ter Torun Gogoi presennng oward t1l MOl1Jri Borkotoki, Counselor·mCT, Nogoon Civil Hospitnl

Public meetings, awareness meetings, advocacy meetings and rallies were also the port of various activities conducted in all districts of the State. All media channels (both print and electronic) gave wide coverage to all the events conducted on the occasion of World AIDS Day.


VoUlIlssue 2, October 2011·March 2012

Multi Media Campai'dn
As a part of the multi-media campaign, ASACS conducted various progrcrnrnes. These are as follows:

Awareness Activities During Raas Mahotsav
Raas Mohatsav is 0 huge crowd mobilizing festival of the State, especially in Lower Assam_ The event showcases the various stages of the life of Lord Shri Krishna, especiolly the Raas Lee/as of Lord Shri Krishna and His Beloved Radha, in the form of deities. Grabbing this opportunity, ASACS tied up with the organizing committes of Nalbari and Howly Raas Mohatsav and during the Mohatsav, IECstalls were set up in both the places and IEC materials were distributed amongst the masses. Affiliated cultural troupes of folk media campoign of Barpeta and Nalbari districts performed during the festival.

Three Targetted Intervention Projects, which are working in Nalbari district (Bornibari Yuvak Sangha, Pancharatna Gromgy Bikash Kendra, and Swasswata) extended their helping hands to the ASACS in this endeavour.

At Barpeta
The 84th Howly Raas Festival was held at Howly, Barpeta from November 10 to 24, 2011. Uke the Raas festival of Nalbari, this Raas Festival also drew lakhs of crowd as in previous years. In the some manner, ASACS also took this opportunity to reach out to the people to create awareness on HIVjAIDS and accordingly an IEC stoll was set up and decorated with posters, leaflets, etc. IEC materials were distributed amongst the visitors. A puppetry troupe, Deepjyoti Silpi Sangha, which is a folk troupe affiliated to the Assam State AIDS Control Society, was also engaged to stage their Natika shows at the Raas Festival venue. A total of 7 nos. of performances were staged by the folk troupe on different vetted scripts on HIVjAIDS which drew the ottention of the visitors. Guwahati Youth Society and Ata Bhowkomari Society Development Association, both Targeted Intervention Projects, which ore working in Barpeta district, extended their helping hands to the ASACS in this endeavour.

1Qlh Asom Mahatsav
The 10th Asom Mahotsav was organized at Jorhat district from December 2 to December 12, 2011. An IECstoll was installed during the festival in association with the INTENDAM,a TI NGO. Approved cultural troupes of folk media campaign of Jorhat performed during the festival.

Inter District Sports Tournaments At Nolbari
The 78th Raas Festival was held at Nalbari from November 10 to 2, 2011. In order to create awareness drive amongst the masses, an IEC stoll replete with banners, posters, leaflets, handbills etc. was set up at the venue. A large number of visitors thronged the stoll everyday and IEC materials were distributed among the people. A puppetry troupe, Assam Puppet Theatre, which is a folk troupe affiliated to the Assam State AIDS Control Society was also engaged to stage puppetry shows at the Raas Festival venue. A total of 16 nos of performances were staged by the puppet troupe on different vetted scripts on HIVjAIDS which got tremendous appreciation from thousands of people. Panchayat Yuba Kriya and Khel Abhiyan (PYKKA) (rural athletic sports) was organized by the Deportment of Sports and Youth Welfore, Govt of Assam in 10 districts (both at Block and District-level) in Dhubri, Goalpara, Bongaigaon, Barpeta, Nalbari. Udalguri, Nagaon, Korbi Anglong, Golagahat and Cachar districts. The tournaments were conducted in the month of September and October, 2011. An IEC stoll was set up at each venue in the district-level events. Approved cultural troupes of folk campaign of those districts performed during the sports event.

A total of 5 nos. of district-level faith based organizations conventions were organized in different district involving various faith leaders.


Awareness Programme on HIV / AIDS organized by NGO SHAPE A day·long inter district level workshop cum awareness programme on HIV/AIDS was organized by the leading NGO SHAPE, a TI project, in Sivasagor on January 29, 2012 for creating aworeness among faith based organizations of Sivasagar, Jorhat, Dibrugorh and Tinisukia districts. The programme was inaugurated by spiritual leader Dhormeswor Mahanta and was chaired by hon'ble chairman of Sivasagor Municipal Boord, Rana Khan. Deputy Cammissianer af Sivasagor, Jatindra Lahkor, ACS, who was present as guest of hanour welcomed the religious leaders who have come from various districts and said that in context of the wider pandemic, each and every person of the society induding faith based organizotions have more crucial tasks ahead to reduce the menace in our society. lokkor also recognized the efforts of the voluntary organizations for bringing all faith based organizations under one umbrella to discuss the burning issues of our society. In his speech as a resource person, Dr Akhil Hazorika expressed his deep thoughts on religion, faith and social responsibility of faith based organizations and said that the spreading of dreaded virus like HIVjAIDS has created havoc in our society due to degradation of moral values in

our society. He further said that all have to recognize the fact that the values of our religions compel us to respond to all kinds of human suffering. Expressing her feelings and shoring her views on role of social and religiOUSorganizations for prevention of HIV JAIDS and other social evils in our society, Monika Saikia, a resource person of the event said that the religiOUS leaders can and must play a constructive role in preventing HIV jAIDS. Saikia further opined that it is imperative to educate and mobilize all religious people in order to understand the cause and consequences of the dreaded disease and the spiritual leaders can lead by example in their respective faith communities. Reverend Sorat Shorma, a Pastor of Christian Baptist Church, Jorhat shored his views and opined that the spirituality and faith ore important in the health and well being of people in our society as well as the people living with HIV and the faith becomes meaningful action if we ore truly able to come alongside people living with HIV and their loved ones without judgment, to listen and accompany them in equality and friendship. Shorma also suggested that systematic study and practice of religious faith for gaining spirituality should be started at an initial stage of the children at domestic level so that all children can understand the religious faith and develop moral values to protect themselves from all social menace.


VoUlIlssue 2, October 2011·March 2012

A special interactive session was held among all spiritual leaders to develop on effective intervention plan for prevention of HIV I AIDS and to eradicate the threats among the communities as well as in the society as a whole. Out(ome: All religious leaders present in the event resolved the following important and meaningful action plan to address it in their respective religious organizations. • Islamic Religious leaders of Sivasagar distrct resolved that they will organize a special session on HIVIAIDS in every mosque at least once in a month in association with TI NGO and more specifically the focus will be on young generations who will be inducted in this special session. • The chairman of Sivasagar Municial Board Rona Khan has fixed the dote on February 9 , 2012 and invited all Islamic religious leaders to

participate in the special event to discuss all issues including HIVIAIDS at Satation Chariali Masjid, Sivosogar. • The Pastor from Jorhat district Sarat Sharma assured that their organization will tirelessly work for spreading of awareness on HIVIAIDS and would remove all forms of stigma, discrimination and isolation in the society on every third Sunday of each month at their Church. However, he ensured that he would provide every possible support towards PLHIV with the help of their organization 'Immanual Prayer and Spiritual Counselling Centre' for extending any help for this noble couse. • Md. Rahim Uddin Ahmed and Md. Harun Rashid, religious leaders expressed their commitment to introduce some meaningful sessions at their Mosque to mobilize all community people to compliment the efforts of religious leaders and ensure that people from all communities can access services on HIV prevention care and treatment at all levels.

One Day Sensitization Programme on HIV/AIDS at Maiuli



C Borman, JI. Director (CSn, ASACSaddre;sing the One Day Sensilizofion Programme on HIV/ AIDS of UHor Kamalooori Sotra in Maiuli, Jorhat

A one-day

sensitization programme on HIV/AIDS was held on December 30,2011 at the Auditorium Hall of Uttar Kamalabari Satra, Majuli of Jorhat district. It may be mentioned here that Majuli is famous for its Vaishnavite art and culture. The programme was organized by Satradhikar, Uttar Kamalabari Satra in collaboration with IMPACT-NENGO and the programme was sponsored by ASACS. The programme started at 11 am with a Borgeet and the programme was inaugurated by Krishna Barua, ACS, SDO(Civil), Majuli. Janardan Goswami, Satradhikor, Uttar Kamalabri Satra conducted the whole programme as moderator. A total of 174 persons including 7 Satradhikars from different Satras and 39 Bhakata (from Satras namely, Uttar Kamalabri, Dakshin Paat, Aunniaanti etc), Principal and Professors of College, NGO Members and Doctors, Nurses and other stoff members of Health Deptt. of Majuli participated in the workshop. Dr H C Barman, Joint Director (CSn, ASACS, gave a power point presentation on the topic followed by interactions with the porficbonts, Two Satradhikars also spoke on the importance of awareness programme on HIVIAIDS.


A view of the l' semfRnol motch at Bako

Assam State AIDS Control Society (ASACS) intiated district level and zonal level soccer matches in 26 districts of the State. The tournament was organized amongst the students and non-student youths of rural areas of the State below 25 years of age. The champion of each district participated in the zonal level tournament. The entire State was divided into 6 zones - Silchor, Diphu, Goalpara, Kamrup, Lakhimpur, Tinsukia. In the tournaments played under Cachar zone, the Cachar team qualified for the finals, in Diphu zone it was Karbi Anglong team, in Kamrup zone it was Karmrup team, in Goalpara it was Goalpara team, in Lokhimpur it was Sonitpur team and in Tinsukia it was Tinsukio team who qualified for the final final round of torunament. The winning team and the runners-up team were awarded certificates, medal and prize money. In the 1 st semi final match played between Sonitpur and Kamrup, it was the Kamrup district that stole the show and in the 2ndsemi final match that was played between Tinsukia and Karbi Anglong, the latter stood as the winner. In the exciting final match played between Kamrup and Korbi Anglong at Boko, it was Chaygaon Sports Association Team of Kamrup District who won the match by 4-3 goals in the tie-baker. The winning team and the runners-up have been awarded ~20,000 and ~l 0,000 respectively. Medals and certificates were also awarded to both the teems, MATCH 1 sr Semi Final 2nd Semi Final Finol TEAMS Sonitpur vs Kamrup Karbi Anglong vs Tinsukio Kamrup vs Karbi Anglong DATE 151h March, 201 2 151h March, 201 2 161h March, 2012 VENUE Boko Sonopur Boko WINNER Komrup Karbi Anglong Komrup

As a part of the multi-media campaign,

N Ahmed, OistTictSporn Officer, LnkhimrwT addressing the playe~ after the qualifying 10nal match

Dr P N Tolukder Addl. Project Director fermer intemaNona football ployer(() give away prize to 0 ployer otter the final match ot Boko, Komrup


VoUlIlssue 2, October 2011·March 2012

Pursuing the goal of the National AIDSControl Programme (Phase III) to holt and reverse the HIV epidemic in India, the National AIDS Control Organization has been adopting some definite communication strategies. As folk media has a track record of being as on effective means of communication tool for spreading difficultsocial messages, the NACOhas selected folk media as a major tool for generating aworeness and mobilize action for prevention of HIV,treatment, care and support for the infected and the affected. Keeping in mind this widespread effectiveness of folk media, the NACO has launched a folk campaign all over the country. Likewise, ASACSalso launched the folk campaign in the State. Atotal of 42 nos. of folk troupes have been selected who have already been affiliated to the Song and Drama Division, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, and also Department of Cultural Affairs, Govt. of Assam. The folk art forms like Ojapali, Puppetry and Natika hove been taken as the art forms for the folk campaign. The folk campaign was conducted in two phases in the State. The first phase was done from June 10,2011 and the 2nd phase was done from October 19, 2011. During the Durga Puja festival, a total of 40 nos. of programmes were conducted in vorious puja mandaps. The folk performances were a major success in the State as it attracted a lot of people across the State. Around 21 lakh people have been covered under the campaign. Before starting of the Phase I, the ASACS organized a four-day workshop-cum-planning meeting to train up the folk troupes with the

Before starting of the Phase I, the ASACS organized a four-day workshop-cum-planning meeting to train up the folk troupes with the NACO-vettedscripts at the auditorium of the Sorusajai Sports Complex, Guwahati. The first day's planning meeting was attended by different stakeholders like officials from NACO-NorthEastern Regional Office, TCIF, TRG-NACO,epresentative from Assam Network of Positive People, NGOs r doing Targeted Intervention projects, Master Trainers and Resource Persons who were selected to train up the folk troupes. Renowned artistes Chetana Dos, lakhi Borthakur, Munna Ahmed, Gunakor Dev Goswami, Bhabakanta Borman, Drona Bhuyan, Paresh Ch. Roy attended the programme as the Master Trainers and the Resource Persons. The workshop was attended by Dr Sanjib Kumor Chakraboaty, Consultant (lEO, NACO.Project Director of ASACS,M Hagjer Borman, Additional Project Director of ASACSDr PNTalukdor, other senior officials of ASACSlike Dr HC Borman, Dr PD Boruah, Dhriti Bania, Deepsikha Talukdor Haloi and others also attended the programme.

Trainings under Tribal Action Plan

Rohillo Brohmo, A(S, Oilectol of We~OIe of Ploin Tlibes ond BockwOId (Iolses oddJessing at One Dey TlOining cum WOIkshop of IlOP officio~ 01 Guwohoti

01 H ( BOImon, JI. Oilectol ((STI ASA(S spooking 01 the Awomess PlOglomme on HIV/AIOS fOI Tribal (ommunity leode~ 01 Meiull, JOIhol

One Day Training (Um Workshop for ITOP Offi(ials A one day training cum workshop for the officials of the Integrated Tribal Development Projects and also the Sub-divisional Welfare Officers (Tribal Welfare) was held at the conference hall of the Office of the Director of Welfare of Plain Tribes and Backward Classes, in Guwahati on December 20,2011. The meeting was organized as a part ofthe Tribal Action Plan. A total of 42 nos. of officials under different ITDP areas attended the programme. Bonti Saikia, Joint Director (lEO, ASACS and Apurba Bezbaruah, Consultant (Youth Affairs), ASACS participoted in the programme as Resource Persons. Rohillo Brahma, ACS, Director of Welfare of Ploin Tribes and Backward Classes inaugurated the programme. Additional Project Director of ASACS, Dr PN Talukdar explained the objectives of the meeting. One Day Sensitization Programme on HIV/AIDS for Tribal Community Leaders A One Day Sensitization Programme on HIVjAIDS under TAPwas held in Kamalabari, Majuli on December 31, 2011 in the lecture Hall of IMPACT-NE,an NGO working on n project at Majuli. The programme was organized by Assam State AIDS Control Society in association with IMPACT-NE,Majuli. The programme started at lOam which was inaugurated by Chenehi Gogoi, President of a women organization. A total no of 74 persons including members of SHGs, PRls and Mahila Samiti of Mising community, a tribal community of greater Majuli attended the programme. Dr H C Barman, Joint Ditector (CSn, ASACS, Dr Bardoloi, SDM&HO, Uttor Kamalabari PHC, Pradip Hazarika, BPM (NRHM) and MiIi, president of the NGO participated in the progromme as resource persons. An effective interactive session was held after the discussions on the topics. IEC materials and booklets were distributed to all the participants to enrich their knowledge on HIVjAIDS.


VoUlIlssue 2, October 2011·March 2012

National Voluntarv Blood Donation Dav
Winners of Best Voluntary Blood Donor Organizations
1" Prize GTFS Multi Services Ltd., Guwahafi 200 Prize : Indian Insfitute of Technalogy,(IID
3,d Prize


Guwahafi : Barak Valley Voluntary Blood Donors' Forum, Silchar Office of the Deputy Commissioner Udalguri Marwari Yuva Manch, Iirsuklo Central Reserve Police Force Norengi Assam Engineering (allege



5Th Prize 6Th Prize 7Th Prize

Guwahofi 8" Prize NIT,Silchar 9" Prize Sont Nironkari Mission, Jorhar 1O~ Prize : Gromin Vikosh Parish ad, Nagoon

Winners of Inter College Quiz competition on Voluntary Blood Donation
1st Prize

Notional Voluntary Blood Donation Day was observed by the Assam State AIDS Control Society at Rabindra Bhaban on October 1, 2011. The main function was inaugurated by Dr Himanta Biswa Sarma, Hon'ble Minister of Health & Family Welfare, Govt. of Assam. In his inauguration speech, the Minister emphasized on the importance of Voluntary Blood Donation in the State and appealed to all to come forward to donate blood voluntarily at the Govt. Blood Bonks. He also announced the revision of prize money for voluntary blood donor organizers which will be effective from the year 2012-13. The 1st. 2nd and 3rd prizes will be ~ llakh ~ 60,000 and ~ 40,000 respectively and there will be seven consolation prizes of ~ 10000 each from the next financial year of 2012-2013. The Honb'le Minister for Health & Family Welfare, Govt. of Assam also inaugurated a Voluntary Blood Donation Camp at Rabindra Bhaban Campus on the same day, where a number of donors donated their blood voluntarily. The State of the Art Model Blood Bonk, Gauhati Medical College Hospital provided the technical support in the blood donation camp. In the State level programme, a huge number of officers from different Govt. departments, NRHM, NACO-NERO,different NGOs, students from different colleges, media persons, members of different women forums, blood donor forums participated on that day. The National Voluntary Blood Donation Day was also observed at the district level with a gamut of activities like rallies, drawing competitions, quiz completions, organization of VBD camps etc. as a month long activity and the donor organizations in districts were felicitated. On this occasion, Honourable Minister of Health & Family Welfare, Govt. of Assam distributed the prize money and mementos to the highest donor organizations for their contribution towards Voluntary Blood Donation during the year 2010-2011. 14

• Priyoshree Pol • Ritu Sharma From Army Institute of Nursing, Bosistho, Guwohoti
2nd Prize

• Bhimi Sinha • Dimosa Kr. Brohmo From Darwin School of Business, Guwohoti
3rd Prize

• Eshon Baruoh • Bijeet Kr. Gogoi From Hindustan College, Guwohati

Following are the activities undertaken by Blood Safety Division Workshop on Voluntary Blood Donation for RRC Member Colleges A one day workshop was organized by the Blood Safety Division with the help of Youth Affair division on September 7, 2011 at Shilpgram, Guwahati on Voluntary Blood Donation. The training programme was inaugurated by the Additional Project Director, ASACS and a total 14 2 nos. of lecturers and students participated from different colleges of Assom. Dr NS TIshyo DD, (Blood Safety) ASACS, Dr UC Dutto, HoD, Department of Pathology ond Medical Director of Stote of the ort Model Blood Bank, Gauhati Medical College Hospital, Apurba Bazbaruah and Rini Noth Borah from the ASACS were olso present on the workshop. Review Meeting and Workshop for In-Charge of NACO Supported Blood Banks A day review meeting was organized by ASACS on September 1, 2011 at Auditorium, SIHFW, Khanapara, Guwahati. Various issues regarding Blood Collection, VBD awareness activity and National Voluntary Blood Donation were discussed and reviewed in the meeting. Totol 26 nos. of in-charges of NACO supported Blood Banks participated in the review meeting. Workshop for In-Charge of FRUs/BSCs A one day workshop for in-charge of FRUs /BSCs was organized by the ASACS at Auditorium, SIHFW, Khanapara, Guwahati on September 15, 2011 and 0 total 26nos FRUs /BSCs in-charge participated in this workshop. The workshop emphasized mainly on how to conduct the Voluntary Blood Donation Camps with NACO supported Blood Banks. Donor Motivators' Training Korbi Anglong & Gologhot Districts A two day donor motivators' training was organized jointly by the K K Civil Hospital, Golaghat and Diphu Civil Hospital at Jirsong Asong, Diphu on Novemebr 11 and 12, 2011 and a total 65 nos. participants attended the training programme_ The training programme was inaugurated by Dr Bivuti Sanglari, Joint Director of Health Services, Karbi Anglong. Dr Mokul Gogoi, Dr Ranjit Dos, Dr Kabang Terangpi and Dr P N Talukdar, Additional Project Director, ASACS Mintu Rongpy, Consultant, VBD, Assam SACS were the resource persons in the training programme. Jitul Phukan shared his experience on blood donation and blood do notion camps.

(achor, Hoilokondi & Korimgonj Districts A two day donor motivators' training was jointly organized by ASACS with Barok Valley Voluntary Blood Donor Forum at Ghandhi Bhawan, Silchar on December 27 to 28, 2011 and a total 128 nos. of participants attended the training from Cachar, Hailakandi & Karimganj districts. The troining programme was inaugurate by Deepok Choudhary, Superintendent of Police, Cachar and in his wellcome speech, he quoted that blood donation is a moral duty of every citizen and he appealed to all citizens to donate blood voluntarily. Dr NS Tishya, Deputy Director (Blood Safety), ASACS, Dr Paritush Chakravarty, Dr Manoj Kumar Paul of Silchar Medical College & Ashu Paul, Barak Volley Voluntary Blood Donor Forum were the resource persons in this training programme. Moreover, two thelassamic patients' family also porticipated in the training programme and shared their experience in the training programme regarding blood donation.

ki ormy pe~onnel donaHng blood during 0 VBn camp at Boramo, Baksa


VoUlIlssue 2, October 2011·March 2012

Dr Debcsh~h M~hro, Medicol Officer, (eriUol Hospttol, Bhubaneswor oddressing Ihe porlidponll runng the hoining of loborolory Technicians 01 GuwahoH

Dimo Hoso District A two day donor motivators' training was organized by ASACS in associotion with the Blood Bank Haflong Covil Hospital, Doma Hasoo district from the January 9 to 10, 2012 at Cultural Hall, Haflong. Total 55 nos. of participants attended from different NGOs, RRC member colleges, women forum, students union and local media person in this training progromme. The training programme was inaugurated by Dr Upen Pegu, Joint Director of Heolth Services of Dimo Hasao District. 80ngoigoon District A two day donor motivators' training was organized by ASACS in association with Blood Bank, Bongaigaon Civil Hospital at Circuit House from March 6 to 7, 2012. Total 70 nos. of participants attended the troining programme from the different educational institutions, NGOs, womens clubs and locol media. The training programme was inugrated by the Dr Khakan Kumar, Superintendent, Bongaigaon Civil Hospital, Bongaigaon. Review Meeting of Medical Officers of NACOSupported Blood Bonks of Assam. A one day review meeting was organized by the ASACSat Auditorium, SIHFW, Khanapara, Guwahati on September 1, 2011. Total 26 nos. Medical Officers of NACOsupported Blood Banks participoted in this review meeting. Dr P NTalukdar, Add!. Project Director, Assam SACSformally inauguroted the review meeting. DrN S Tishyo, Deputy Director (Blood Safety), Assam SACSreviewed the status of Voluntary Blood Collection in the Blood Bonks and VBDcomps organized. 16

Induction Training Programme for MOs of North-easl stetes Asix day induction training was organized by ASACSfor Medical Officers of different states of NE Region at State of the Art Model Blood Bank, Gauhati Medical College Hospital, Guwahati from November 14 to 19, 2011. Total 16 nos. of Blood Bank Medical Officers from the states of Assam, Tripura, Manipur and Arunachal Prodesh participated in the training programme. Dr P N Talukdar, Add!. Project Director, ASACS formally inaugurated the training programme. H Rosenara, Team leader and Arpana Barman, Regional Programme Officer, NACO-NEROalso attended the inaugural session. Dr N S Tishya, Deputy Director (Blood Safety), ASACS, Dr U C Dutta, Medical Director, State of the Art Model Blood Bonk, GMCH, Guwahati, Dr N K Hazarika, Prof. & HoD, Department of Microbiology, GMCH, Dr Anupam Sharma, I/C, Blood Bank, Dr B Barooah Cancer Institute, Guwahati, Dr leena Talukdar, Dr Ajanta Bhattacharya, GMCHwere the resource persons. Refresher Training Programme for LTsof North-easl states A three day refresher training wos organized by ASACSfor Blood Bank loborotory Technicions of different states of NEregion at Stote of the Art Model Blood Bonk, Gauhati Medical College Hospital, Guwahati in two botches from November 21 to 23, 2011 and from November 24 to 26, 2011. Total 72 nos. of Blood Bank laboratory Technicians from Assam, Meghalaya, Tripura, Manipur, Nagaland and Arunachal Pradesh participated in the training programme. Training of Counselors and Stoff Nurses of Blood Bonks Aone day review meeting /training of all counselors and staff nurses of NACOsupported Blood Banks was organized by ASACSon February 2, 2012 at auditorium hall, Assam State AIDSControl Society, Guwahati. In this troining programme, different aspects of counseling & motivating a blood donor and donor organization for voluntory blood donation conducting a voluntary blood donation camp were discussed.


DO~OI5 r,\a~IV~lS ' 6j.: S.W."'I ':"~~~:.J ~''''''r :'





\leO. ~


Dr Mukul Gogoi In-Chorge , Blood Bonk of KKCivil Hospttal, Gologhal specking during Donor Molivolo~' Training 01 Diphu

As a part of National AIDS Control Organization's vision to empower the core people for socia-economic development of the targeted project beneficiaries, various social protection schemes/innovations at project-level have been initiated by various targeted intervention projects warking in various districts of the State. For right-based skill development of High Risk Group (HRG) and linkage with welfare schemes, social entitlements etc., under various Government departments have been facilitated by ASACS-funded TI NGOs. Some of the best practices initiated by the TI NGOs are as follows: The Busy Bees .•. IMPACT NE, a targeted intervention project working in Majuli, a river island in Jarhat district far Female Sex Workers (FSWs), has boosted the local talents and skills of the Mising weavers and set up a united group of community members - namely Rengum Committee - for self-employment. Already a professional and leadership development workshop was conducted from November 1 5 to 19, 2011. Process for setting up of a yarn bank is already underway and linkages have been established with North Eastern Handicraft and Handloom Development Corporation. Yarn have been provided by them to Impact NE which in turn has been provided to the members of Rengam with an agreement of sharing of profits generated at the ratio of 75: 25 i.e. 75 per cent of profit generated will be retained by the weavers and 25 per cent will be given to the NGO. Marketing avenues/linkages presently being explared with govt. departments and NGOs such as Aagor-the ANT,The Earth, NEHHDC, TRIFED, etc. At present, the members are producing at their own houses, but the NGO will soon set up a professional production centre in the near future. It is worth mentioning that already an exposure visit was conducted to Aagor-the ANT, Bongaigaon for the members af Rengum. The enterprise has prevded an avenue for exercising their innate talents to productive ends and generating cohesiveness among the members and thus paving the way for a strong support group dealing with their own issues related to health, family, etc. Impact NE was assisted in this worthy enterprise by Gili Navon, an intern from Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel.

Going the Extra Mile ... Another such noteworthy initiative was initiated by GUIDE, a TI NGO implementing FSW TI in Tinsukio district. The NGO has started initiative for access to a gamut of social protection schemes/welfare schemes, social entitlements, etc. Medidaim Insurance Mediclaim Insurance (GIC) under United Insurance India limited yearly premium @ ~365/- against the sub insured ~30,000/- in a year. The insurance scheme started from March 2011. Eighty HRGs were already linked with the scheme (Till dote), One HRG already benefited (claim reimbursed) from the scheme (for treatment of her accidental son). Personal Accidental Death Insurance Personal Accidental Death Insurance (GIC) under United Insurance India limited at yearly premium @ ~60 /- against the sub insured ~1 lekh in a year. The insurance scheme started from March/20 11. Under the Suraksha TI Project on HIV/AIDS, FSW - GUIDE has taken initiatives for insurance service to all HRGs apart from TI's regular services, and during the year it covered 85 nos insurance at the end of February 2012. The insurance schemes cover accidental benefit to insured person along with his family. During the year, four nos of insured HRGs have been benefited from the insurance company.


VoUlIlssue 2, October 2011·March 2012

Micro-Credit loan The TI has tied up with Union Bonk of Indio (Tinsukio Branch) for zero down payment loons to our 10 nos BPl HRG every year in terms of machinery equipment up to fl 5000/- maximum @ 4 per cent interest per annum. Six HRGs benefited from this scheme in the first yeor i.e, on Sepember 2011. All these six HRGs received one sewing machine and the loon is repayable in 60 monthly (within 5 veers) installments of f200j- plus interest accrued commencing from September 11 , 2011 . Community Mobilization The TI has also started the process oHarming spot level SHGs. Already the TI has formed 3 nos SHGs in three different spots and one has got a revolving fund of f15000/- from DRDA. Initiative was undertaken in ensuring quality STI treatment follow up and leveraging all available service sources far ensuring prevention to core and support continuum. Quarterly Stoke Holders' Meetings • Quarterly stakeholders' meetings are organized ta create enabling enviranment with all relevant stakeholders (All private STI practitioners (except PPP Doctors) and leading blood testing laborotory of Tinsukia). • The main purpose of the stakeholders' meeting ore • To ascertain the actual size estimation of STI patient in a month treated by private STI practitioner in different areas of Tinsukia District. • Proper follow-up as well as proper link-up with government STI Clinic for free RPR test at Civil Hospitals.

For development of employability skills of the registered HRGs of the TI Project LIFELINE, the TI NGO, Bhagyolakshmi Anchalik Sishu Kalyon Kendra launched a free computer education caurse in the TI project affice with five nas af computers especially designed far HRGs of faur manths duration. The programme was farmolly inaugurated on February 15, 2012 by the District Sacial Welfare Officer, Dipali Swargiyari Boruah, Sivasagar, wha graced the accasian as the Chief Guest. A community member of the TI praject LIFELINE,Md. Rimpu Ahmed was engaged as the instructor of the computer course who encouraged participatian of community members and community led response. The programme sow remarkable response by the community members mobilizing se~ development, confidence and lotent talents. The initiotive is 0 step in the right direction in terms of community led skill development as well as positive support of stakeholders.

Right Thinking leuds to Right living
The NGO - SHAPE organized a six day long Part-l Course among the People Uving with HIV/AIDS (PlHA) and Female Sex Workers (FSWs) in association with Art of Uving Foundotion, Bongolore for providing care and support, a sense of physical and mental well being with the help of spiritual teaching to emphasize compassion, healing and support at TI Project Office at Sivasagor. Recognizing the dignity, sacredness, rights and responsibilities of individuals and communities, the programme was enthusiastically occepted by the community and proved effective in mobilizing community led response to overcome HIV/AIDS in on inclusive right based manner. The programme proved to be motivational in building care and trust thot would lead the way in supporting infected and affected persons and reduce stigma and discrimination in the society.

Stepping Stones to Success. ..
NGO TI Bhagyolakshmi Anchalik Sishu Kalyan Kendra has implemented MSM TI in Sibsogor district far skill development and promation of livelihood options far beneficiaries.


Expanding Horizons... The NGO SHAPE implementing TI project on HIV/AIDS in Sivosogar undertook an initiative for ushering in positive change in the lives of the community by addressing core issues touching their lives. One such issue is the education of their children. For providing impetus to education of their children of the project beneficiories, coaching classes were provided kindling interest in learning not only the three Rs of academic curriculum but also extracurricular activities bringing in positive transformation in their young lives. Various capacity building programmes were conducted by ASACS TI division in collaboration with Emmanual Hospital Association which is the State Training Resource Center (STRC) for capacity building of staff engaged under the ASACS TI programme. The training programmes conducted under STRC were primarily for the grassroot level outreach staff i.e the peer educators. Details of trainings completed are as follows:
No of Date/Durafion Training October12· 16,2011 October19· 23,2011 November10 • 14,2011 November10 . 14,2011 November23· 27,2011 November24 . 28,2011 No of Portidponl5 Nameof Venue/Site Training Expectro Achieved TOTon PE Guwohofi module 36 70 41 60 38 39 284 31 69 39 57 38 30 264 No of TIs No of Bolch

These capacity building initiatives were residential and have leveraged local resources in terms of human resources and infrastructure for ensuring skill development in all core activity areas under TI programme viz evidence based programme planning, implementation, monitoring, reporting, etc. across all categories of staff. As per participants' feedback, residential trainings are helpful as trainings could be conducted as per schedule and offers an environment for learning and sharing from one another's experience. Such training also helps in making new friends, bUilding new relationships, apart from developing leadership skills and helping in assessing the qualities of the participants. These trainings provide a conducive platform for experience sharing, self learning, cross learning, dissemination of good practices, exposing talents and capabilities and promoting facilitation skills through group works, group games, culturol shows. Fresh Initiatives Under the Injeding Drug User Intervention Programme The opiod substitution therapy programme was initiated in the State of Assam under ASACS which is being operationalized in government health set-up in collaboration with ASACS funded NGOs who are implementing injecting drug users targeted intervention programme. Initially, the programme is being launched in three districts namely Kamrup Metro, Karbi Anglong and Dibrugarh. The health facilities identified for setting up of OST centers are Guwahati Medical College Hospital, Diphu Civil Hospital and Dibrugorh Medical College Hospital which will work in tondem with the three IDU NGO Tl's GOLD, JIROI and C·Steeward respectively. The OST programme will be implemented within the national framework outlined by NACO and this programme addresses the reduction of harm related to injecting of drugs which comprises a package of dispensing legally prescribed oral drugs replacing injecting behaviour, and psychlTSocial support for motivating clients to become socially and economically productive individuals. In order to launch the programme in the State, a State-level stakeholders' meeting was conducted on September 21, 2011. The programme was facilitated by resource persons from Amritsar Medical College Hospital Dr Garg, HoD, Deportment of Psychiatry and from National AIDS Control Organization, Dr Alok Programme Officer (Osn. The meeting was ottended by officials from GMC&H, Diphu Civil Hospital, Karbi Anglong and AMC&H, Dibrugarh and chief functionaries and Programme Managers from IDU NGO TI's officials from NACO NERO and other related stakeholders.

51 (MSM-S, 3 IOU-9& fSW·37) 6 (MSM1& fSW·S) 8 (fSW) 5 (fSW) 5 (fSW) 11 2

PETroining Sivosogor PETraining Bon90in90on PETraining (ocMr

10 11

PETroining Sonitpur


VoUlIlssue 2, October 2011·March 2012




National Youth Day was observed by the Assam State AIDSControl Society on January 12, 2012 with a month long programme. The main function was observed in association with the Red Ribbon Club of SB Deorah College, Guwahati at the college premises with a day-long programme. The programme saw the presence of various Red Ribbon Clubs of greater Guwahati. Apart from that, students of various colleges, universities, NSS members and other voluntary organizations attended the programme. Earlier on the day, a rally was taken out through the main thoroughfares of the city where hundreds of students participated. The rally was flagged off by Dr NS Tissya, Deputy Director (Blood Safety), ASACS. Dr PN Talukdar, Additional Project Director, ASACS,Dr NS Tissya, Deputy Director (Blood Safety), ASACS, P VaTU, Regional Communication Officer, NACO-NERO, Apurba Bezbaruah, Consultant (Youth Affairs), ASACS,Henry David Teron, National Youth Awardee, Dr Sewali Bhuyan, Principal of Deorah College and college teachers of various colleges attended the programme. Avoluntary blood donation camp was also organized on the occasion where students of different colleges donated their blood.


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