NEP Phase 2 Co-Design Workshop 1 for Stockwell (North) & Oval (West) 31.5.


General discussion (both working groups)       Bins overflowing, not being used / collected properly Speeding traffic 20mph areas better delineation Parking not a particular problem in the area though would be if metered parking for non-residents were lost on e.g. Hartington Road Cycling issues - local problems – certain junctions difficult for cyclists etc. / one way for traffic two-way for cyclists? Good communities in the area – lot of potential for e.g. greening projects/ edible bus stop type project / potential in some unused housing open spaces / within remit of project? Café zone/quarter in ‘Little Portugal’ area Stockwell area doesn’t really have a centre / create market square near tube station Crime and feeling unsafe in some areas /lighting /some improvements e.g. Wandsworth Road where lighting, visibility etc improved and reduced crime Potholes on some roads Local parks important to the area e.g. Larkhall Park & Kennington Park – though outside this workshop area

    

Review of group discussions        Agree whole area should be 20mph Agreed speed humps don’t always work and desire to explore more creative solutions Agreed there is a problem with bins and rubbish generally – need to tidy up / regulate including recycling Desire for general greening projects especially food growing Agreed site visits a good idea One action as part of process – need to make clear people know where to report any issues Sharing information outside group: o Information posted on South Lambeth Library noticeboard, summary of process and maps. o Need to include young people / teenagers, would need to go out to them as they’re unlikely to come to meetings

Sioned Williams 30/06/2012

o Group members can share summary outcomes with friends and neighbours Sharing information within group: o Everyone encouraged to leave contact details and would be emailed to confirm next workshop o Summaries of workshop would be recorded on maps and distributed to group o Group members to let us know if they needed paper copies of maps etc. posted – otherwise would be emailed Could have the first edible bin store!

Sioned Williams 30/06/2012

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