What is the meaning of civilization? According to some dictionaries, civilization means cultural, development, ethics, so on and so forth. According to Muhammad Idris Abdul Rauf alMarbawi, in his book, kamus al-Marbawi, the word civilization or in Arabic it is called ‘Tamadun’, is originally from the word ‘madana’ that means good behaviour and attitude and he referred it to urban people. This means that urban living is considered as good and excellent because of its development in various aspects including the good attitude and materialistic.


What is the meaning of Islamic Civilization? Islamic civilization can be defined as a manifestation from an individual or the Islamic society that can be seen in term of its material and that has no instability inside or outside it. Islamic civilization also can be defined as the manifestation of Islamic faith (tawhid) in every aspect of Muslim life.


Explain four characteristics of Islamic civilization? 1. Universal The civilization is not tied to any one race or dependant on any one place. Instead, it belongs to mankind who holds on to the Al-Din. (‘’Din’’ means religion) 2. Open The civilization does not have limitations. However, it is based on the syari’ah (the Islamic law) that is specific and will blossom or develop with time.

3. Eternal The civilization’s continuity is fastened to the progression of time and space. It knows not the boundaries of time. 4. Tolerant The Islamic civilization is tolerant towards other faiths, religions and cultures of the world. It has blossomed under unfamiliar platforms. It also practices freedom of religion, whereby, people from other creed are free to practice and preach their faith within the Islamic civilization. The freedom encourages tolerant and understanding that crosses boundaries.


What are the differences between Islamic Civilization and Western Civilization? Thre are differences between Islamic civilization and other civilization that is based on the islam as a religion, which is moderate and thus its civilization is moderate too. It is considered as a true civilization where its achievement, progress or development is balanced between the development of spiritual, material and physical. In contrast, other civilization is considered as civilized whenever it is achieved (its material and physical) in term of achievement, progression and development only.