CONTACT: Rev. Sandra Butler-Truesdale, 202-246-6300 Ron Hillyer, 301-486-1788

The Howards Theatre’s Restoration Community Committee will salute home town guitar legend Charles “Skip” Pitts, with a tribute benefit concert. Native Washingtonian Charles “Skip” Pitts, one of the great wah-wah pedal players in history R&B, Blues & Jazz died on May 1st 2012. Skip learned to play guitar at age eleven, while receiving guidance and tips from his neighbors Bo Diddley and Greg Gaskins. “He was known for having his own unique style, a one of a kind”, recalled producer and musician Scott Bomar.

He played with such artist as Albert King, Wilson Pickett, The Isley Brothers and Gene Chandler. He was a long time session musician at Stax Records. In 1971 Skip became a collaborator with Isaac Hayes that spanned 37 years. That same year Skip performed the popular wah-wah riffs on the theme music from “Shaft”. His credits also include an Oscar winning film “Hustle and Flow”, and two Grammy nominated albums. He concluded his accomplishments as an actor in three films. On Tuesday July 17, 2012 a benefit concert will be held at the Howard Theatre featuring.         Bobby Parker’s Blues Band Al Johnson backed by the Mousey Thompson Band Tanya Blount Robert “Mousey” Thompson & The James Brown Experience Jimi Smooth and the Hit Time Band Denyse Pearson The Greg Gaskins Experience Gene Chandler will make a cameo appearance

The event will begin at 7:00 P.M., tickets are $25.00, 50% of proceeds will go towards retiring the debt incurred by the hospitalization of Charles “Skip” Pitts. FOR TICKETS info: