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Kmt Us-china Aff

Kmt Us-china Aff


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No risk of China relations – new presidents never rock the boat towards China

Lieberthal, Michigan University Professor, January 2007
[Kenneth, “China’s March on the 21st

Century,” http://www.aspeninstitute.org/atf/cf/%7BDEB6F227-659B-4EC8-8F84-


First, every President since Richard Nixon has run for office at least in part on the argument that his predecessor had been
too soft on China. Upon taking office, each has tried either initially to downgrade the attention given to U.S.-China
relations or to toughen America’s stance. After a peri- od of time, each has concluded that it does not serve America’s
vital national interests to worsen ties with Beijing. The substance of those ties has evolved greatly over this period, but this
fundamental Presidential pattern has held true across both political parties and even in the presidencies ofthe most
conservative Republicans. This sug- gests that those most responsible for understanding the full array of American national
interests consistently conclude that those interests are well served by seeking to engage China where possible. This bodes well
for the future U.S.-China relationship.

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