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Military Affirmative

Military Affirmative

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Inevitable oil shortages will lead other nations to seek nuclear weapons for

Nader Elhefnawy, writer for the U.S. army war college, 2/23/06, Energy Bulletin, “US: Army War College
on Energy Security”, http://energybulletin.net/node/13481, [Dan Powers]

Nuclear Proliferation

Alternatively, oil shortages, or the prospect of them, may put pressure on states to follow France’s path in the 1970s and invest
heavily in nuclear technology. The problems posed by greater nuclear proliferation (or poorly built and operated reactors) need
little elaboration. Perceiving a heightened threat environment amid more widespread resource conflict and state failure, states may
be more likely to seek out such systems regardless of the inherent dangers. With greater insecurity and the need for alternatives to
fossil fuels feeding each other, the nonproliferation regime will be under greater pressure than it is today.


Military Aff
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