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By Pauline Wallin, Ph.D. PPA Convention 2012 SEARCH ENGINES All-purpose search engines Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask Results differ across search engines. For most precise results use Advanced search For brainstorming a topic,, Carrot2search, Yebol, Cluuz (clustering search engines) Wikipedia Facts For Features & Special Editions (from US Census bureau) Specialty-topic search engines Science and medicine, Scirus,,, Google Scholar, (PubMed tab) Business, Small Business Administration (, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics ( News,, Press Releases: Business topics: Academic:,, Magazines, Reference,,,

Search filters add to your keywords in the search box: Search within specific domains: site:gov, site:org, site:edu, Search for blogs from edu or govt sites: blogurl:edu, Search for specific filetypes: filetype:ppt, filetype:pdf, filetype:doc, etc.

Wedge words add to your search for more precise results: study research statistics faq comparison chart review tutorial database demographics encyclopedia tips association expert guide

GET CONTENT DELIVERED TO YOU Alerts via email: Google alerts, Yahoo alerts Twilert, Tweetbeep, SocialMention RSS readers: Google Reader, RSS browser extensions, mobile RSS apps LIVE RESEARCH HELP Your public library New York Public Library ( Library of Congress ( COPYRIGHT INFORMATION George Mason University ( Database of International Copyright Law ( U. of Minnesota Fair use analysis ( CITATION GUIDELINES Yale University ( ONLINE BOOKMARKING AND CONTENT-ORGANIZING RESOURCES

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