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“There are parts of Brooklyn where if you stop walking for a second, someone is going to chain their bike to you.”
DOT commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan, on requests for more stations in the city’s new bike-share program. (Wall Street Journal)

The month’s funniest and most insightful comments from real estate pros

“Like reality television, construction projects often entail nail-biting suspense and gruesome hissy fits.”
Simon Doonan, author and creative ambassador for Barneys New York, on renovating his Shelter Island home. (Architectural Digest)

“I understand that buying or selling a home is an emotional thing. When you add that emotion to the kind of money we’re dealing with, you get a perfect storm of crazy.”
Brian Lewis, an executive vice president at Halstead Property, on stressful real estate transactions. (New York Times)

“ ‘East Williamsburg’ isn’t a thing. Neither is ‘MiMa.’ And if a realtor says ‘Park Slope South’ to you, punch them and run.”
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“A, they’re not authentic, B, they don’t give much light, and C, they waste energy. They just look silly.”
John Casson, a member of Park Slope Civic Council’s Landmarks Committee, on antique gas lamps in the neighborhood that were installed in the 1960s. (DNAinfo)

“I would always see highend female brokers coming to my showings with a very expensive purse dangling off their wrist. I call it their ‘b---h bag.’ ”
Citi Habitats vice president Jason Saft. (Daily News)

“She also told us to marry orphans. Or at least marry people from out of town.”
Samantha Kleier Forbes, recalling mom Michele Kleier’s attempts to maximize time with her children. (New York Family)

“I always wear my yellow socks. I’ve become famous for my yellow socks, so I can’t not wear my yellow socks. Sometimes on the weekend, though, I go crazy and wear blue ones.”
Architect Robert A.M. Stern. (New York Times)
26 July 2012

“I said, ‘Can’t you figure out a way not to raise the taxes on these people or tell them it was a mistake or send them a letter or something?’ ”
Governor Andrew Cuomo, on asking Mayor Michael Bloomberg to renew a property tax abatement for condo and co-op owners in New York City. (New York Times) August 2006 00

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