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Project: SK Palarong Bayan : Salapans Recreation Project for the Feast of St. John the Baptist

This is a project of the SK Council of Salapan, a recreation project for the youth in time for the Feast of St. John the Baptist on June 24. It is a project aimed at incorporating elements of fun and competition and turning the youths attention away from negative influences such as vices, drugs, etc and into more useful avenues such as the above-mentioned small businesses. It is also done to encourage both competitiveness and cooperation in the communitys youth, characteristics that would prove useful even in their future endeavors in their future dealings.


1. To encourage youth participation in community activities.

2. To discover the different potentials of the communitys youth.

3. To encourage both competitiveness and cooperation in the communitys youth. 4. To turn the youth away from negative influences, vices and drugs and instead

turn them to more useful avenues.



Youth residents of Barangay Salapan. 2 sets for the 2 sets of games: Children 8-12 y/o and Teens 13-19 y/o Date & Venue: Event: June 24, 2009 (Thursday) Start Time: 2:00 PM Venue: Barangay Salapan Basketball Court (in case of rains , otherwise on the street outside) IV. Source of Funds

SK Budget 2010 Part 1 General Development Program Anti-Drug Abuse Campaign

a) Other Supplies Expense b) Representation Expense

Php 14,935.03 Php 3,000.00

Total Source of Funds

Php 17,935.03

1. 2. 3. 4.

Budgetary Requirements Prizes (Cash).Php 10,950.00 Materials for the games...Php 1,645.00 T-Shirts.....Php 2,554.00 Miscellaneous expense/food/transportation...Php 2,786.03 TOTAL: Php 17, 935.03

Prepared By:

Rose Andrea V. Milaor SK- Chairperson Certified as to Availabiliy of Funds:

Emerito De Ocampo Brgy. Treasurer

Approved by:

Patrocinio D.S. Dela Cruz Brgy. Captain