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‘Cambridge University Press (978-0-521-54709-3 - Messages Student's Book 2 Diana Goodey and Noel Goodey Frontmatter Messages Student's Book 2 & CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY PRESS he, '# Interests and '* Read about a British teenager —_# Write the results of an opinion fos York Ask for and ive pewsonal Information Module 1 My life Unie 2 + Presene simple: + Exressons of + Read about teenagers inthe © Write about fe n your AAslice of life affirmative negative, "frequency usa county ‘questions + Everyiay routines Read about everyday routines Tlk about your utes Frequency aves + Link words *Uisten 9 a sang = Do a questonnaie «toy: Wis Fowers2 "ite about your average dy ‘Ielieland ia! Life and eutre: Making muse Study sls: Using your book How's ie gong? Progress check Cousework Life in Britain Past simple of be + Numbers and dates Ustenand tnd the he piture » tavent and talk abou ‘a word Past simple of regular = Holidays | Read a text and gues the recor” and regular vers: missing words “= Write about a holiday Sfimative negate & Pronunciation: 1 Read a poor Discuss and wate a shor stow © Sto Wie Fowors 3 © tite and culture: The garden chat pee 15,30, 3085, Unit 4 Pas simple: obs "= Uston and answer pesonal ——_» We and abk questions for Entertainment — questions and stot + Past ime ‘questions aque answers expressions 1 Read and oe a story ‘Talk about an amzing weehend (ustions with wha, © Uston ta sone © Wie and act an inteniow with Which Howse. "6 er fland ll 6 Sto Wid Plwes & asa tite ana cuter: Making 1 Wit about a visit the Study skli: Punctuation How's it gong Proatss check | Coursework: Blogtaphies Present continuous: « Intown © Readamotice and a newspaper» Ask orand give directions affimative negatve, —» Dyetions arte Talk abou what you're dong ‘questions « Aistn to drectons and folow atthe moment Present continuous» Stess in words ona map “We and acta telephone and present simple «Read an stent 390 conversation © listen eo short conversations at» Wie about an imaginary sation person © Sta Wis Flowers "fe and cata The Eo Challenge Race eee Tere was/ ewes» Paces Read a sho histor ext “Talk abou ie nthe pst Pas continous steno andidentty sounds» Talk and wate abou your affimodve. negative, © Htenation a ‘Sto! Wild Flowers town nthe past westons (weston Lie and cate: The ise, | Descibe what was happening soul cou ‘americans at parttime Wie a ghost ton. “Talk abou things someone ld and could’ do. Sty Sis: Remembering vocabulay Hows Ie gningtProates check Coursework A meekend In Manchester e@ Map of the book Lstening and aii ead) Communicative tasks Compaativs: ——» Adjecthes * Uiston to a tlephone “te an aver and compare Semore. than Computes conversation things aaa Modern inventions © Read a newspaper ance “Talk about ifeences and Possessive Stone Swintt similares pronouns Rhythm dil: /al 6 Life and euture: Poem Mum, __* Talk about people's possessions Whose . 2 ad and me tetors Supetatives Hows adjctve «Listen to and complete a «Tak about famous paces © The uu wlth ‘conversation and things going to Rada school stay 1 Ask quostions about yout aiemate, a Stag? Smimt2 county of tom regate, questions fle and culture: The longest road» Talk about your plans The comparative in the wots « Descibe plans fora tp ae ier * Share yout opinions errr Stuy sls: Recognising sentence pattems How's fe going? Progress check Coursework: Supetative places! Te fru with Immporant evens Road a magazine ance “Wie predictions abou a ené val: aftrmatve, > Future time Usten toa song | Ask and answer questions negate. questions” expressions Store Swit 3 about evens Inthe ute Present continuous Life and cultures basketball star * Tacabout future arangements Used forthe future» I + Practise telephone convetsation| Unit 10 Countable and « usten for food vocabulary “Ask or and offer food and dink Some ‘countable nouns | Read aboutan average person In ¢ Waite and acta conversation ketchup, Polite requests and the usa Ina canoen please! offers: tke. 1 Story: Sia “Make questions fora ‘quatiy outa nave. Ute and culture: Would you the iz Would you tke? some wales? "Wate about your teste How muct/many? alot of/ much/ many 2 FS > Fy PS x a ‘Stuy sis: Guessng what words mean How's going Progress check Coursework On hai © can/cantfor + Verbs of ction «Talia vite abou les at bossy Usten to radio pogtamme you shoot = Muse/mustn’tfor © Sand fast Road a book review «Wate a eter asking for advice cbilgaton Stone Swims * Give advice + Should/shouldn’t Tite and cuture:Ateter ram + Share you opilons about what foradvice anata peopl should and stout do + Revision: ‘+ fveryday materials Readabout the environment Talkaboutasuney ewressing «ste tan argument between + Talk and wit about recycling opinions, must, fey and ie a teenager and her parents and he envrenment should «Rad abet the tiger 1 Make a poster + Fist conditional ster wa song = Sean: Swint6 © te and etre The Worl Wide ‘Study sls Studying at home How's igang? Progies check Cousework: Aust to my courtly = Grammarlndex * Communicate functions Index + Worllst « iegulr vets « Spelng nots + Phonetic symbols © Songs Map of the book we