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Rotary optical Encoder

Provides digital output as a result of linear or angular displacement Incremental encoder detect changes in rotation from datum position Absolute encoder Actual angular position Incremental encoder simplicity , accuracy reliability
A glass disk etched with pattern light source projected and Photoelectric sensor detects unique position for absolute or

Incremental Encoder
Concentric Tracks
Outer Track Middle Track Inner Track

Inner track to locate the home position of disc Clockwise direction pulses in outer track leads inner and in anticlockwise it is vise versa Resolution number of slots
E.g. 60 slots 1 revolution then

1 revolution 360 rotation Resolution =360/60 = 6

Purpose to validate recent result suggesting stress shielding and implant micro motion are main contribution for orthopedic hip implant failures. Rotary optical encoder measuring microrotations

Incremental rotary encoder

An incremental rotary encoder quadrature encoder or a relative rotary encoder, has two outputs called quadrature outputs. The fact that incremental encoders use only two sensors does not compromise their accuracy. There can be an optional third output: reference, which happens once every turn.

Encoder output Wave form

Conditional value
Channel A B 1 0 0 2 1 0 3 1 1 4 0 1

Parts list
1024 Line Hewlett Packard incremental rotary optical encoder Hewlett Packard Photoelectric detector Miscellaneous wiring and mounting Advantech 711 GPIO card and screw terminal

Disk radius 11 mm Two digital output (Channel A & Channel B) Direction calculation difference between consecutive condition values If value is -3 then direction is 1 or clockwise If value is 3 then direction is -1or anticlockwise

Absolute Encoder