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Prepositions that take the Accusative case durch through gegen against um around / at fr for ohne without bis

until Preps. that take the Dative case aus out (of), from (country, town or place) mit with, by means of (transportation) von from (person, open space, or direction), by seit since, for bei near, at, at home of or place of business nach after, to (cities and countries) to (mostly people and specifically zu named buildings) gegenber across from auer except for, besides Preps. that take the Genitive case whrend during trotz in spite of (an)statt instead of wegen because of auerhalb outside of innerhalb inside of Preps. that may take Acc. or Dat. (two-way) at, to, on (vertical surfaces, denotes border or an limiting area) onto, on (horizontal surfaces), to (some auf public buildings) hinter behind in, into, to (building, enclosed space, in feminine or plural countries) neben beside, next to ber over, above, across, about unter under, below, among, beneath vor in front of, before zwischen between