SCREAM 4: Olivia Morris Side By thorney33

OLIVIA MORRIS SIDE EXT. _________’S HOUSE Robbie adjusts his camera and lets out a cry of excitement as he spots the attractive OLIVIA MORRIS, 17, brown hair bouncing up and down around her beautiful face and perky figure, walking towards the front door. Her dress is very revealing and her breasts are barely covered. ROBBIE Oh, and here she is...the insatiable Olivia ’I’ve got a mind’ Morris...with her two best friends, of course. Olivia rolls her eyes as she walks to within earshot. ROBBIE (CONT’D) A question from your fans, Olivia...what’s your favorite scary movie? OLIVIA Very funny, geek. Out of my way...I’ve got a party to wow. Robbie looks into the darkness behind her, slightly nervous. ROBBIE Kirby with you? OLIVIA Huh? Don’t you know anything about parties? ROBBIE What do you mean? OLIVIA Well, you have you stupid little rules for horror movies...I have mine for dominating the social scene in Woodsboro. ROBBIE Let me guess...the length of skirt to visibility of tit ratio must be half the differential of the number of guys at the event compared to the number of females?




OLIVIA (brushing hand through hair) Rule number girls arrive separately. That way, you get one hundred percent of the attention when you walk in. ROBBIE I promise that I’d give you both my full attention. OLIVIA You wish! Rule number two...don’t bring or buy drinks. If you know how to work what God gave you, you can drink what guys give you. ROBBIE (under his breath) You’d better hope Ghostface isn’t into date-rape, too. OLIVIA What was that? ROBBIE (changing subject) Uh...and rule number three? Olivia opens the door, and glares at Robbie as she walks in. OLIVIA Don’t be caught alive speaking to the freaks. She slams the door and walks inside to the party, leaving Robbie outside by himself. He turns his camera around onto himself and sighs. ROBBIE And that, dear viewers, is why it’s so darn hard to get laid in this town. END SIDE.

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