The One Minute Manager

By: Kenneth Blanchard, Ph.D & Spencer Johnson, M.D.
Presented by: Suzanne Davidson

“People Who Feel Good About Themselves – Produce Good Results”

Three Secrets
• One Minute Goal Setting • One Minute Praising • One Minute Reprimand

One Minute Goal Setting:
Make clear what our responsibilities are and what we are being held accountable for

Agree on the goals

Describe what good behavior looks like

Write goals in 250 words or less

Look at performance, see how it matches the goals and give feedback

“Everyone Is A Potential Winner, Some People are Disguised as Losers, Don’t Let Their Appearances Fool You”

One Minute Praising:
Catch them doing right and praise them

Be Immediate, Don’t save it till later

Describe what they did right

Share your feelings about what they did right and how it helps the organization and the other people who work there

Encourage them to do more of the same

“Help People Reach Their Full Potential – Catch Them Doing Something Right”

One Minute Reprimand:
Tough on performance not tough on the person

“Goals Begin Behaviors – Consequences Maintain Behavior”

Be immediate, specific, and describe the poor performance

Tell them how you feel about what they did wrong

Encourage them and remind them how much you still value them as a person

Let them know it is over

“We Are Not Just Our Behavior – We Are The Person Managing Our Behavior”

Closing comment “The Best Minute I Spend Is The One I Invest In People”

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