,What's blue with white spots and a red tip? A bug who's proud to be an American.

(We found this one while photographing the 2005 Orlando Home of the Year.) The insect resembles a species of the mud dauber wasp family. Its metallic blue-colored body and long blue wings are similar to the blue mud daubers, which are metallic blue or black and thread-waisted. Blue mud daubers receive their name from the mud homes they create. These nests usually can be found on decks, sheds, porches, ceilings, walls and under roof overhangs around structures and homes. What's rare about this bug is its white spots and red tip. There is no mention of these physical characteristics in a blue mud dauber wasp. Could this be a one-of-a-kind bug or a product of mix breeding among insects? Either way, this brightly-colored bug is appealing to the eye.


august 2005 orlado klwm

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