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Texas Timeline 19p c

Texas Timeline 19p c

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Published by: Dana Thompson on Jul 02, 2012
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History of the Battleship Texas

1 May 18, 1912: Launched from Newport News, Va. 1 March 12, 1914: Commissioned 1 1916: Became first U.S. battleship to mount antiaircraft guns and to control gunfire with directors and range-keepers. 1 1919: Became first U.S. battleship to launch an aircraft. 1 1925: Ship converted from coal to oil-fired boilers; tripod masts and single stack added to main deck; bulges added to protect against torpedo attack. 1 1939: Received first commercial radar in U.S. Navy. 1 1940: Designated flagship of U.S. Atlantic Fleet. 1 1941: First Marine Division founded aboard the Texas. 1 1944: Fired on Nazi defenses at Normandy on D-Day; hit twice in duel with German coastal defense artillery near Cherbourg, France. 1 1945: Provided gunfire support for landings on Iwo Jima and Okinawa.

How the ship’s profile changed through the years:


19421945 1 1948: Towed to San Jacinto State Park and decommissioned, becoming the first battleship memorial museum in the U.S. 1 1977: Designated a National Historical Landmark. 1 1983: Placed under the stewardship of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. 1 1988: Moved to dry dock in Galveston for repairs. 1 1990: Returned to berth. 1 2007: Texas voters approved a $25 million bond issue to repair and dry berth the vessel. O cials now believe that sum will be insu cient for the project. 1 2012: The ship is closed to visitors while workers attempt to repair numerous leaks.

Sources: Texas Parks and Wildlife Department; Battleship Texas Foundation; Classic Warships Publishing

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