triple welcoming
dissolving the Vortex
by Hale Dwoskin Right here, right now, there is already happiness, peace and joy—not as some future attainment, experience or event, but right here, right now. What you are is this perfect presence that is already seeing through those eyes, hearing through those ears, feeling through that body, all being translated and interpreted through the inner sounds you hear—called thoughts—that appear in “your” head. All of this is happening here and now…without “your” help. In fact, all attempts to help or hinder this natural and effortless happening are merely more sounds about sounds signifying nothing. Our attempts to modify or change what is appear to prevent us from experiencing this presence of happiness that we are.

The 5th Way
The 5th Way of releasing is really not a way at all. It is an open, spontaneous inquiry into what is naturally present here and now. It is also a seeing through what appears to be here, for must of us, yet is merely an interpretation, label or story based on what was. This includes the assumption that there is actually a “me” and a “you” that are somehow independent and separate from each other. If you have explored this at all, based on attending one of our Seven- or Nine-Day Retreats or through The Inner Circle audio recordings, you are probably starting to discover this for yourself.

The Vortex
Even after we have clearly seen through the illusion of a separate, independent entity or self-center called “me,” and are feeling the relief that comes from being what we are, there may still be a momentum behind the old habit patterns. These habit patterns manifest as apparently conflicting sounds, sensations and pictures in awareness, based on what was—and which appear to be fighting with each other over the presence of awareness, without which they could not be. This looks a little like the old cartoons where the dog and the cat are having a wild fight, but all you can see is fur, smoke and paws whirling around each other. This whirl of energy appears to influence behavior, appears to make decisions, appears to influence how “we” experience the livingness that is now. It also give the illusion of some remaining self-center. This, of course, can simply be seen through, and often is seen through now, now, and now.


Triple Welcoming Dissolves the Vortex
We created a process that addresses these spins inside of us that you can do any time you would like to go from being lost in a story or complete belief in an old identity to resting as the presence, love and joy that you are. What also can be “done”—or may simply happen spontaneously—is that these habit patterns from the past can be welcomed fully as one vortex of energy spinning in or on the presence of awareness that you are. This naturally causes them to dissolve. Triple Welcoming is a three-step process that may happen spontaneously or with our apparent help. You can “use” the following process for any issue, problem, belief or feeling that you would like to release: Step One Allow yourself to welcome the pictures, sensations and sounds that arise in or as this pattern. Welcome as well the labels, stories, judgments, and conclusions—concepts that arise with or as this spin of energy. Step Two Allow yourself to welcome any desire to do anything with this spin or issue, including wanting get rid of it or change it or wanting to hold onto it or make it real, as well as any attachment or aversion to the issue. You may even recognize that wanting to do something is simply part and parcel of more of the same spin. Step Three Allow yourself to welcome any sense that this whole spin or issue is personal – is about you or who you are – any sense of me or mine, them or theirs. When we welcome all three aspects of the spin, it feels as though it breaks free inside and often we actually experience a spinning sensation as it naturally and effortlessly spins itself out of existence. We are simply noticing the spin that was always there. It is as if we suddenly felt the spin of the earth. The earth spins at over 1,000 miles an hour at the equator and is spinning around the sun at 60,000 miles an hour, yet we do not feel this because we feel attached to the earth as we have felt attached to or part of these internal spins. Simply allow the whole spin to have its own momentum. As this happens, the spin stops being fed by “you,” and it dissolves on its own accord. At any moment, you may notice that this whole spin has no center or is about no one. I highly encourage you to explore this for yourself without expectation of any result as best you can. Everyone who has explored this application of The 5th Way has been amazed by its power. SEDONA TRAINING ASSOCIATES
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