Introduction to Applied Mathematics

A Research Submitted To: Professor Fabian Gutierrez College of Arts and Sciences AMA University

In Partial Fulfilment of the Course Requirements in ENGL06A - JA (Technical, Scientific and Business English)

Submitted by: Bautista, Andrew Nichol B. Caday, Karl Andrie C. Grancapal, John Mark D.

April 18, 2012

Table of Contents


Title Page Acknowledgments Dedication Abstract Chapter I: Introduction and Its Background Introduction Statement of the Problem Hypotheses Significance of the Research Scope and Delimitation Theoretical Framework Paradigm Definition of terms Chapter II: Discussion of the Problem Introduction to Applied Math Applied Math vs. Pure Math Math Fields Benefits of Math

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Chapter III: Summary, Conclusions and Recommendations Summary Conclusions Recommendations Appendices Appendix A (Bibliography) Curriculum Vitae ix xi v vi vii

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