Bring Transportation In Once Again – Deport Asylum Seekers

Posted on July 2, 2012 by Tony Dean Rant On UK!
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Transportation Of Prisoners Iraq says it won’t allow Europe to deport tens of thousands of failed asylum seekers, and threatened to fine airlines that take part in deportation programmes. For the past year, the United Kingdom has been unable to remove Iraqis, even after they have lost the right to remain in Britain, owing to legal disputes over their reception at Baghdad airport and the state of security within Iraq. This is why we need to bring in ‘Transportation’ once again in the UK which we instituted in 1788 and sent ‘undesirables’ from our British prisons to Australia for the ‘Term of His Natural Life’ and never be allowed into the UK again. I doubt whether the Aussie’s would want any more, but if we arrange with a couple of African countries to take them for a few million pounds a year, then we could get rid of Abu Qatadi too!

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