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Knock and Talk Letter

Knock and Talk Letter

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Read a copy of the letter Sterling police give occupants of suspected drug houses.
Read a copy of the letter Sterling police give occupants of suspected drug houses.

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Published by: saukvalleynews on Jul 02, 2012
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_____________ date

Notice of Suspected Illegal Activity on Property
This written “Notice” is to inform you of the suspected illegal activity being reported to Sterling Police by known or anonymous citizens. This suspected activity is unsubstantiated but it is purported to be taking place on your property. Certain types of arrests may result in the filing of forfeiture for your real property now that you have been notified of the suspected illegal activity. Dear ________________________________ In order to protect the health, safety and welfare of the citizens of Sterling, the City of Sterling must address the alleged commission of criminal acts, specifically drug offenses, especially when it substantially annoys and injures the health, comfort, peace and safety of the public. The Sterling Police Department has received one or more unsubstantiated reports of suspected Illegal activity on your property, being _________________________ Sterling, IL. This or these reports have not been substantiated but they do make it appear that your property may be being used to facilitate and shelter illegal activities. This written notice is being given to you after Sterling Officers have met with you and discussed the unsubstantiated reports. You are being given the opportunity to take reasonable, timely and lawful measures to abate the illegal activity if they are indeed occurring. Secondly, any criminal arrests, drug or otherwise, that meet the criteria for facilitation forfeiture of real property may result in the City of Sterling initiating forfeiture proceeding against you. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter, Sincerely, STERLING POLICE DEPARTMENT Ron Potthoff Chief of Police By: ________________________ Officer __________________ Sterling Police Department 212 3rd Ave. Sterling, IL. 61081 815-632-6640

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