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Meditation Anti Anxiety

This is a great Meditation to practice when you are feeling at the end of your rope and overwhelmed by anxiety. In a soft monotone, chant out loud each of the sounds starting at the 3rd Chakra and working your way up to the crown chakra. Chant Har and concentrate mentally at the belly button. Chant Haray and concentrate mentally at your heart center (sternum). Chant Haree and mentally concentrate at your throat center (throat). Chant Wahay and mentally concentrate at your brow point ( inch up from the eyebrows in the center of the forehead). Chant Guru and mentally concentrate at the top center of the head. (Continue for 3 11 min) About the Mantra: This is shakti mantra plus a bhakti mantra. It expresses the three qualities of the word Har, the creative Infinity; seed, flow & completion, unto the Infinite. This mantra can bring you through any block in life. The "R" in the first three sounds ( Har, Haray, Haree) almost sounds like a "D". You flick your tongue up to the roof of the mouth. This is also true of the sound "R" in Guru. Yogi Bhajan has given this meditation as an antidote for anxiety.