Common sense disclaimer: It should be plainly obvious what is right and what is wrong.

If you're not sure, ask an admin. Use common sense, and if an admin steps in and says something you've done is wrong, that is their call. The written rul es below this are a guideline. Administrators reserve the right to make personal judgement on any subject/compl aint based on personal preference, Ideology, beliefs and the admin guidelines. M oving on to play the game is an acknowledgement that you have read, understood, and agree to these rules. If you have any questions please feel free to ask via adminhelp. Thank you and enjoy the game The rules that all admins adhere to can be found in the forums. GENERAL RULES: -No grief. Grief is defined as anything that is intentionally done to ruin anoth er player's experience. Granted, some jobs were created to be mischievious, like the clown. Mischief is allowed, so long as it does not become grief. Multikeying is strictly forbidden. You start the round with a certain key; no ot her keys are allowed to join the round that are linked to your machine and/or ne twork. If you and a friend are playing on the same network, the ONLY workaround is to ask an admin to observe both characters and confirm that it is indeed two seperate players. Do not use the help channel to start casual conversation or mute avoid. You may use the channel if you need it, but not to harrass admins. If you are not respon ded to immediately, it's likely that admins are busy responding to other players , and will get to you ASAP. Abuse of bugs or glitches for personal advantage is not acceptable and will be p unished at the admin's discretion. Admins have the final say. OOC Rules: -Do not spam. -Do not flame other players/admins. -Do not share IC information in the OOC channel. -Do not post any adult/explicit content or links. Remember, children play this g ame. METAGAMING -You cannot use any OOC (Out-Of-Character) information. -Your character has to have good reason to harm someone, if you are caught doing anything for OOC reasons, it will be considered grief, and appropriate actions will be taken by the admins. Finally, if you feel you have not been treated fairly, and something is amiss, y ou are free to make a thread in the forums. The forums are very active and are t he best way to accomplish something of that nature.

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