An ordinary day in Z-land

A zombie skirmish game for 1 to x players

"An ordinary day in Z-land" is a skirmish miniature game set in a world taken over by zombies. The players take control of a group of humans fighting for the survival of mankind. Unlike undead in many similar games zombies in Z-Land aren't controlled by an antagonist player but by activation rules and dice rolls. Therefor "An ordinary day in Z-land"can be played as a solo game. But it's more fun with a group of players. As many of my friends weren't into wargaming I desingned "An ordinary day in Z-land" to be an easy to learn skirmish game for people new to tabletop gaming or people who want to play a fast paced game with as few confusing rules as possible.

The Rules
Characteristics of the Undead Regular Zombie M C W 4 2 1 M C W Zombie Dog 6 3 1

Activation and Zombie movement Zombies have lost allmost all of their higher brain functions and are driven by instinct and hunger. If there is nothing to eat nearby they will only stagger around in random directions. But if they smell the scent of fresh meat, hear a noise or see a potential victim they will start their hunt for food. Activation

A zombies gets activated if there is a survivor in his activation zone (Smell Zone). The activation zone is devided into three sections that will be relevant further down. Smell Zone: 36" radius around the zombie Sound Zone: 24" radius around the zombie Visual Zone: 12" radius around the zombie with line of sight to the survivor model Movement If the zombie is activated he will start to hunt down the survivor that activated him. If there is more than one survivor in the activation zone of the zombie treat the survivor closest to the zombie as the activating survivor. Place a token depicting the activating survivor on the zombie model. An activated zombie must move his full movement distance towards the survivor moving around obstacles in the shortest way possible. If the survivor is in his Visual Zone at the start of his move the movement distance of the zombie is multiplied by 1.5 (e.g. 6" for a regular zombie). Stagger A zombie that isn't activated staggers around in a random direction. Roll a scatter dice and move the zombie 3" in the direction shown on the scatter dice stopping on any obstacles the model encounters. Distraction Any survivor may try to distract all activated zombies if he is in their Sound Zone. If he is closer to the zombie than the survivor that the zombie is chasing the distraction automatically works. If the distracting survivor is further away than the followed survivor roll a D6. On a roll of 4+ the distraction is a success. If the distraction worked exchange the token depiction the activating survivor for a token of the distracting survivor. From now on treat the new survivor as the activating survivor.

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