Frederick the Great of Prussia

Frederick the Great was a important ruler of Prussia and reigned from 1740 til his death on

He was born around January 24, 1712 and christened as Frederick by his grandfather King Frederick I who considered it to be a lucky name.

Family Tree
Frederick-Wilhelm I Princess Sophia-Dorothea

Queen Louisa Ulrika of Sweden

Frederick II

Princess Wilhelmine of Prussia

Prince Augustus William of Prussia

Princess Anna Amalia of Prussia

Prince Henry of Prussia

Prince Augustus Ferdinand of Prussia

Frederick and his father were almost complete opposites of each other and they also had a bad relationship with each other

His mother brought him up with French standards, while his father tries to bring him up with German standards

Frederick preferred French culture…

He led a very hard life and was abused physically and mentally by his father and was forced to watch his best friend get executed…

Despite this, he put his troubled life behind and focused on modernizing and reforming Prussia, which was a small and weak kingdom at the start of his reign , helping start The Enlightenment, encouraging freedom of any kind including religion, and tried to keep everyone equal.

For being royal, he lived humbly, wore simple clothing, and called himself “The first servant of the state”. He was also given the name “Old Fritz” by his people

He also loved learning and music. Because of this he is also known as “a philosopher king”.

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