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We will develop as an institution excellence in education, with a commitment to and Our for of

research and consultancy

we will nurture and promote human advancement. goal is to make the university a preferred institution careers; we want to develop them as techno-managers global standard.

young women and men who are aspiring for productive

Embedded & Experiential Education to Enhance Employability & Entrepreneurial Efficacy

To promote consultancy, entrepreneurial quality and education, to enhance training, students. research and and To integrate FACULTY


skills of our

industry with academics in order to prepare our students in an immersive way for the world of work; developing effective interfaces with industry and other institutions within and outside the country is the cornerstone of our approach. To these ends, we encourage of students' and nurture development physical, mental, emotional,

secular and spiritual faculties.

\3~ lid t( "GI11ft( Uttishthata

q'( I f"1 EI~ tR(

jagrata prapya varanni bodhata taken from

Katha Upanishad. "Uttishthata! alert! jagrata Stand up! Arise! jagrata! Be ever awake and Uttishthata bodhata (Arise, awake, having

Do not again lapse into slumber! prapya varanni

reached the wise become enlightened). That is the spirit of Skanda Shashthi. That is the call of the Upanishads. birthright, That is your heritage. Courage is your not despair. not fear. Hope is your birthright,

IIWe are integrating industry with academics to prepare our graduates in an immersive way for the world of work"

Resolution is your birthright,

not vacillation or weakness.


The promoters and founders are a group of professionals from Rajasthan who felt that special efforts were needed for promoting education in the rural areas particularly education to the village children. This initiative later got the shape of Gramothan Vidyapeeth, the School established in Nagaur in the year 1992. In Management and Gromothan popularly known as SKITat Jaipur in year 2000. Taking another Marudhar Engineering College at Bikaner was established in 2003 which was the 1st selfamongst rural women. Their maiden venture was a special drive of the villages. These women folk were trained to impart called 'ShikshaKarmi' for educating the daughter-in-Iaws

order to promote technical and professional education in the state, the founder established Swami Keshvananda

Dr. Adarsh Kishore, lAS(Retd.)
Chairperson and Chancellor, VIT University, Jaipur
Chairman, Axis Bank Ltd.

Institute ofTechnology, lead in this direction, financed

engineering college in the Bikaner division. The founders also established two pharmacy colleges by the

name of Swami Keshvananda Institute of Pharmacy at Bikaner in 2005 and atJaipur in 2006 VIT Campus, Jaipur comprising (East), established of Vivekananda Institute of Technology and Vivekananda revolution Institute of Technology management

Former Executive Director, IMF Former Finance Secretary, GOI

in 2008 was an attempt

to usher in technology

by using modern

techniques and harnessing the potential of India. The contributions It is my great pleasure to welcome new talents in the first year of the newly established VIT University, Jaipur. The University is brimming with fresh vigour and energy in preparation for the new batch. I hope every prospective of our growth. student of the university is teeming with high spirits and enthusiasm. We will commence our passionate journey with keen students and learned faculty members whose dedication and hard work will lay the foundations These unique features will distinguish our very new endeavour, the VIT University, Jaipur which we envision as one of the leading universities in the state of Rajasthan in next few years. A healthy mix of both the modern education system and our age old values and ethics will be inculcated at the University. The University has been established keeping in mind the call of the day. The emphasis is on building excellent Techno-Managers with state-of-the-art and a global perspective. A conducive environment knowledge base at the University will help in building and shaping a student's in an exciting after the great Swami Vivekananda.

of the great people who devoted their life for the the Institutes have been named

cause of education and youth have always inspired the promoters and, therefore,

The founders felt that academic autonomy was needed so as to make the students industry oriented and employable, so they decided to start the University. VIT University, Jaipur is therefore experiential education to enhance the employability and entrepreneurial an attempt to provide embedded and efficacy of students. of global standard, who have proved their

At the helm of the affairs, the VIT University, Jaipur has personalities credibility Mitra,

in their respective fields of expertise. Dr. Adarsh Kishore, the Founder Chairperson and Chancellor of VIT President and Vice-Chancellor, VIT University, Jaipur is the former Executive Director,

University, Jaipur by profession is a retired lAS Officer and currently is the Chairman, Axis Bank, India. Dr. Amitava Babi the founder Massachusetts Institute ofTechnology (MIT), USA.

personality holistically, leading them to become not only enlightened job seekers but job creators as well giving back to the society more than what they would have received from it and thus becoming a participant while continuously adventure of nation building. At the University we will seek to accomplish our objective of providing quality education improving the teaching- learning process. I personally believe that the students learn better outside the classrooms with practical experience from life and therefore, we have established extensive laboratories and the pedagogy approaches for creating and fostering well rounded broadly 'educated' young persons. Towards this end, I would say that education is for fostering people, which is the same as building the future and preparing our young generation to face the challenges of life with competence and confidence. This is what makes education a most noble and sacred undertaking. This is my ideal and unflinching conviction. With my best wishes,

Dr. Adarsh Kishore


Mr. K.R. Bagaria, FCA
Vice-Chairman, VIT University, Jaipur

& Managing Trustee

Bagaria Education Trust (Sponsoring

Rome was not built in a day. It wasn't easy for us to maintain thehigh standards of technical education in a campus with twin colleges when Vivekananda Institute of Technology and Vivekananda Institute of Technology (East) were and to launched under the aegis of VIT Campus, Jaipur in the year 2008. It was the sincerity, dedication, commitment consistent hard work which made it an institution explore, innovate and excel in their careers. Our endeavour is to facilitate quality professional education to equip and enrich young men and women to meet global challenges in development, innovation and application of engineering technology in the service of humanity. We also intend to set benchmarks and elevate standards par excellence, in professional studies. VIT University, Jaipur will be gateway to success for years to come, once such exemplary global standards are established. Wishi ng you a great experience at VIT University, Jaipu r. technical education with global standards and here is VIT University, Jaipur for aspiring global techno-managers

of choice in the state. We have kept the promise of providing

K.R. Bagaria



Academic Objectives
• To provide instruction, teaching and training in higher education and make provisions for research, advancement and dissemination of knowledge. • To integrate industry with academics in orderto prepare our graduates in an immersive way forthe world of work. This would include industrial internships, industry experts as visiting faculty, industry focused projects and involvement of industry in designing courses and curriculum. • • To create centres of excellence for research and development To institute degrees, diplomas, certificates other method of evaluation. • To ensure that the standard of the degrees, diplomas, certificates and other academic credentials are at the least on par with those laid down by AICTE/NCTE/ UGCand other relevant standards setting bodies. • To collaborate association educational and others. • To disseminate development knowledge through seminars, conferences, executive education programs, community with any other college or university, organization research institution, industry association, professional specific Our goal is to make VIT University, Jaipur a preferred institution for young women and men who aspire to productive and for sharing knowledge and its application. or any

Prof. (Dr.) Amitava Babi Mitra
Founder President and Vice-Chancellor,
Former Executive Director, Massachusetts Was Senior Vice-President, NIIT, lnc., USA Unit, BITS, Pilani

VIT University, Jaipur
Institute of Technology (MIT), USA

and other academic credentials on the basis of examination

Ex-Chief, Distance Learning Programmes

or any other

in India or overseas to conceptualize,

design and develop

careers; our focus is on making our students employable and industry oriented. Our graduates will face a world that is flat, ever changing, burgeoning exponentially increasing competition. by helping them develop confidence with opportunity yet characterized by

and research programs, training programs and exchange programs for students, faculty members

We want to equip each individual student to tackle this world and its challenges in their own skills and abilities, the kind of confidence that comes through realize their full potential, one that is conducive to their growth and

programs, publications and training programs.

relentlessly pursuing excellence, practicing incessantly and behaving ethically. The key is to create an environment that will help young men and women development; appreciation world. whose competencies are benchmarked we are focused on promoting and nurturing excellence and on creating well-rounded of humanity and a questioning techno-managers

against global manpower needs. Our aim is to endow students with a deep intellect, and to help them become responsible citizens of our global

Our Values
Swami Vivekananda said that "Education is not the amount of information that is put into your brain and runs riot there, undigested, all your life. We must have life-building, man-making, character making assimilation of ideas. If you have assimilated five ideas and made them your life and character, you have more education than any man who has got by-heart a whole library". Swami ji advocated the concept of 'total development' of human beings which includes physical, mental and spiritual. He also advocated incorporation of science and technology in curricula and laid emphasis on technical education that will develop industries. Our core values are inspired by Swami Vivekananda's philosophy, and our institution is founded on his thoughts and ideas. Our goal is to develop the physical, mental, emotional, secular and spiritual faculties of our students with a view to making them techno-managers of global standard and responsible citizens of a global world.

We have many challenges before us as this young institution to improve our students' communication

strives to move rapidly to implement

its vision. We need

skills, sense of responsibility, employability

and logical thinking abilities. We

have to develop their creative acuity so that they can become effective and efficient problem solvers and so that they have the confidence to tackle the unknown. We have taken on the ambitious challenge of creating a new kind of university; we are determined and will succeed through planning, focus, imagination, hard work and perseverance

With my best wishes

Amitava Babi Mitra



Dr. Adarsh Kishore
Chairperson (Chancellor), VIT University, Jaipur Dr Adarsh Kishore (lAS Retd.) joined the Indian Administrative Service in 1969 with the Rajasthan cadre and was the Finance Secretary, Government of India from 2004 to 2006. He holds master's degree in political science and Doctoral in Political economy from the University of Rajasthan, Jaipur. During this period he was responsible for coordinating the preparation of the Union Budget, monitoring the implementation of the Budget announcements and expenditure management. In the Indian Administrative Service, Dr Kishore held several important offices, including Finance Secretary and Secretary (Expenditure) in the Union Finance Ministry and Principal Secretary, Finance, in the Rajasthan Government. He also worked as the Secretary for Ministry of Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises and Secretary, Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation. Dr. Kishore served as Executive Director at the International Monetary Fund for three years, representing Bangladesh, Bhutan, India and Sri Lanka. Dr.Adarsh Kishore has been the Chairman and Director of AXIS Bank Limited since January 2010. Dr.Adarsh Kishore has been Additional Director of Havells India Ltd. since July 28,2010.

Mr. K.R. Bagaria, FCA

& Managing Trustee, Bagaria Education Trust

Mr. K.RBagaria is a Fellow Chartered Accountant and has over 23 years of professional experience. In the year 1999, looking at the dearth for engineering professionals in the country, he decided to establish Institutes for preparing technomanagers and therefore made efforts to bring together like-minded people so as to establish a society at Jaipur. He is the Founder Director of Swami Keshvanand Institute of Technology, Management & Gramothan, Jaipur popularly known as SKIT,established in the year 2000. In the year 2003, he was instrumental in promoting another Society and established Marudhar Engineering College, the 1st self- financed engineering college in the Bikaner region of Rajasthan. In the same campus he started Swami Keshvanand Institute of Pharmacy, Bikaner in 2005. In the year 2008 he established two Engineering colleges, namelyVivekananda Institute of Technology and Vivekananda Institute ofTechnology (East) atJaipur. The Bagaria Education Trust, under the leadership of Mr. K.R Bagaria, has now established VIT University, Jaipur from the academic session 2012-13.

Prof. (Dr.) Amitava 'Babi' Mitra
President and Vice-Chancellor, VIT University, Jaipur Prof. (Dr.) Amitava 'Babi' Mitra is a proven institution builder and international leader in delivering technology enabled educational solutions in demanding environments in the US and India. He has successfully led 40-600 people entrepreneurial ventures atthe Massachusetts Institute ofTechnology (MIT), Cambridge, MA, USA, BITS, Pilani in India and at NIIT, Inc., in over twenty-five years in higher education, corporate e-Iearning, and distance education. Dr.Mitra was the Learning Technologies Consultant, Consulting Services for Education, Inc. ( to which he was the Director, Academic Computing and Technology Services at Babson College, USA. At MIT he was Associate Director, Office of Educational Innovation & Technology and Executive Director, Academic Media Production Services. He was Senior Vice President and Head ofthe $24M revenue Knowledge Solutions Business at NIIT, Inc., and Chief, Distance Learning Programs at the BITS, Pilani, India. Dr.Mitra participated in the formulation of India's National Policy on Education and is a co-author of the book, "Challenge & Response: Towards a New Educational Policy". His strategic leadership experience includes: NERCOMP Board; founder-member, Sakai Project Board; foundermember, Council of Governors, Pan Himalayan Grassroots Development Foundation, Kumaon, India; and, Co-Chairperson, Advisory Board, Royal Roads University, Victoria, Canada. He has presented extensively at EDUCAUSEand NERCOMP. Dr.Mitra was a National Science Talent Scholar, Government of India. He earned his PhD from BITS, Pilani and was simultaneously a Visiting Engineer at the Chemical Engineering Dept at MIT. Babi's interests include the intersects across people and technology, growing up with his children, and playing squash.

Prof. (Dr.) M. Raisinghani
Director (Academics), VIT Campus, Jaipur Prof. (Dr.) M. Raisinghani, Director Academics, VIT Campus, Jaipur & Principal VIT (East) has over 44 years of experience of teaching, guiding academic research, consultancy and administration. Besides holding the coveted post of Director MNIT Jaipur. He has been founder Principal of Government Engineering College, Ajmer and Government Engineering College, Bikaner. He obtained his doctorate in Structural Engineering from liT Kanpur in the year 1976. He has guided 5 PhD scholars and has published more than 70 research and review papers in national and international journals/seminars/symposia. He has been Dean, Faculty of Engineering and Technology, University of Rajasthan, Member of Board of Governance of liT Kanpur and of several Govt. Engineering Colleges in Rajasthan, member/expert on several committees of AICTE such as National Board of Technical Education, National Board of Vocational Education, Accreditation Committees (Member/Chairman). etc

Mr. Anil Bafna, FCA
Chairman, VIT Campus, Jaipur Mr. Anil Bafna is the Chairman of IndiaNivesh Limited, a practicing Chartered Accountant, educationalist and philanthropist. He possesses around 28 years of experience in the areas of Management Consultancy, Project formulation, restructuring, financial re-engineering, joint venture and foreign collaboration and Corporate Law matters. He specializes in reengineering of distressed industrial undertakings. He has also been appointed as a National Expert on Marble & Granite by United Nation Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), Vienna, Austria. Mr. Bafna is associated with several institutions in the field of education. He is the chairman of VIT Campus, Jaipur. He is also the Vice-Chairman of Swami Keshvanand Institute of Technology at Jaipur. He is also on Board of various educational institutions and private universities. He is founder trustee of RCA Foundation, a registered public charitable trust which is running a complete education centre with hostel facilities at Jaipur for economically challenged students pursuing chartered accountancy course. He is the founder trustee and secretary of Arsh Vidya Tirtha, a registered public charitable trust which is running a home for tribal and down trodden children atJaipur.

Er. Gaurav Bagaria
Director, VIT Campus, Jaipur Er. Gaurav Bagaria did his B.Tech Information Technology from Punjab Engineering College, Chandigarh. He is an educationist and is associated with various renowned institutional groups like Gramothan Vidyapeeth, Nagaur, Marudhar Engineering College, Bikaner, etc. He is a determined and passionate personality having a deep sense of corporate social responsibility. He is associated with various NGOs like "JKSMS", "GOONJ", etc. He is a great supporter of social causes and organizes various programmes for down trodden people. The success of Entrepreneurship Cell, Robotics Club, Dramatics Club and Toastmasters Club at the VIT Campus, Jaipur has been due to his determined and positive approach.

Mr. Praveen Choudhry
Registrar, VIT University, Jaipur

Dr. V. K. Dube
Advisor, VIT University, Jaipur He joined CEERI,Pilani in 1984 and retired from there as the Chief Scientist and Deputy Director (HR). He was associated with BITS,Pilani for several years prior to joining CEERI.He has guided various Ph.D's and projects. Dr.Dube earned his Ph.D. in International Finance from BITS,Pilani.

Mr. Praveen Choudhry completed his Masters in Business Economics from the University of Delhi and MBA from University of Rajasthan. He has more than sixteen years experience of working in industry association and autonomous statutory / regulatory organization. He travelled to several countries of Europe and Asia. This included an educational tour of industrialists to five European countries to study the latesttechnologies so as to bring about improvement in Indian Liquor industry. He is also a trained trainer in soft skills. He has also successfully completed a research project for a leading Indian Multinational Companyinthe IT sector.



Duringthe academic session 2012-2013, VIT University, Jaipur will offer the following programmes: • B.Tech • M.Tech (3-year programmeforworking • Ph.D professionals)

B. Tech: The merit list for admission in the university will be prepared based on the AIEEE rank and the 10th and 12th percentage marks/grades, where the minimum aggregate percentage/grade equivalent is 60% and through VIT University Student Adm ission Test (VSAT)for students who have not appea red in the AI EEEexam. M. Tech (3-year programme for working professionals): The minimum eligibility criterion for admission to M.Tech program is BTech./ B.E./ AMIE in CS / IT / ECE/ EE with may be relaxed for candidates with minimum two the B.Tech/ BEdegree.

Courses Offered B. Tech Electronics and Communication Engineering Electrical Engineering Civil Engineering Mechanical Engineering Computer Science and Engineering Total intake in B.Tech M. Tech Computer Science and Engineering Mobile Computing Power System Engineering Digital Communication Total intake in M.Tech Ph.D Computer Science and Engineering Civil Engineering


minimum 55% and a valid GATEscore card. GATEscore requirement

years experience. MCA/ M.Sc. (CS/ IT/ ECE)degree is considered equivalentto
60 60 60 60 60

Selection will be based on the basis of entrance test followed by an interview. Ph.D First class (60% or more) teaching/industrial in B.Tech and M.Tech. or B.Tech. and M.Tech. plus a minimum of three years


300 Academic
Fees Application Fee

18 18 18 18 72

Fee Structure




Fee Structure for Overseas Students except Nepal & Bhutan
Fees Admission Fee Registration Fee Tuition Fee per Semester Medical Fee US$ 50 US$ 400 US$ 3000 US$ 50

Registration Fee Fee per Semester (Tution fee & development Caution money (refundable) Exam fee per Semester Summer term fee per subject (if applicable)
*Fee is adjustable against other fees after admission



B.Tech Options 1. Twin Degree: We have reached an understanding with other universities in USA, Canada and Australia. 2. Integrated B. Tech + M. Tech (5 years) • Electronics and Communication • Electrical Engineering • Computer Science and Engineering • Mechanical Engineering • Civil Engineering Engineering with Swansea Metropolitan University and Edinburgh Napier Application Procedure:

University, UK for offering twin degree to students of VIT University, Jaipur. Efforts are on to start such programs

Admissions are open at VIT University, Jaipur. Candidates who are eligible to apply as per the criteria listed must fill a form or download it from the university website Demand DraftofRs 1000/- drawn in favourof"VIT send it along with University, Jaipur" payable atJaipur atthe following address.

VIT University, Jaipur, Admissions Cell, VIT Campus, Sector 36, NRI Road, Sisyawas, Jagatpura, Jaipur, Rajasthan 303012 Examination & Evaluation System: Continuous Internal Evaluation, Letter grades, Grade Point Average (GPA)



Dr. Ravindra P.Singh Prof. L.K. Maheshwari
(Chairman - Research Board & Professor Emeritus- VIT University, Jaipur) He is the Professor Emeritus, Advisor to the Chancellor, BITS, Pilani. He is the Former Vice- Chancellor of BITS, Pilani. Professor Maheshwari of over forty years in teaching, Instrumentation BITS, Pilani. Centre; Dean, Research has professional experience administration Deputy as Chief, Director research and educational (Member-Research Board & Visiting Professor - VIT University, Jaipur) Application include Centre, Allahabad University. He biochemistry, biosensors, nano He is the Scientist at Nanotechnology His work and research interests

has worked with Pusan National University and Sogang University in South Korea. biotechnology, Allahabad University. electrochemistry, material sciences and applications of biosensors from Lucknow

& Consultancy;

in biomedical, environmental, University


and forensics. Dr. Singh did his B. Sc. from

(Academic); Director, Pro-Vice Chancellor-cum-Director

and Vice Chancellor, all at

and his M.Sc and Ph.D in Biochemistry

Dr. Suman Kapur
(Co-Chairperson, She is the Dean, Research & Consultancy Research Board - VIT University, Jaipur) at the Hyderabad Campus of BITS and Biological Welfare (Member-Research He is the Postdoctoral associated completed

Dr. Shashwat Sharad
Board & Visiting Professor - VIT University, Jaipur) Fellow from the Centre for Prostate Disease Research, USA. his Master of Microbiology degree and of Technology

joined BITS, Pilani in 2004 as Professor in the Centre for Biotechnology, Sciences Group. She has worked in the capacity of Unit Chief, Community and International dozen research scholars has been instrumental Genomics Laboratory at BITS, Pilani.

Relations since 1st January, 2007. Dr. Kapur and her team of a in building a state of the art Human

His research focuses on the regulation, expression and functions of prostate cancer genes. Dr. Sharad obtained his Ph.D. in neurobiochemistry from the Birla Institute

and Science in Pilani, India in 2007.

Dr. Rauf Ali
(Member-Research He is the Managing and researchers. Environment Consultant, University, authored Board - VIT University, Jaipur) Trustee, Foundation for Ecological Research, Advocacy and for the St. Andrews Coconut Oil". Teaching Prize for the Harvard

Learning(FERAL) in Pondicherry, Tamil Nadu. He is one of India's leading ecologists Last year he was a runner-up titled, Fund "Virgin Wildlife for the project World Dr. Ali has been a Assistant, USA. He has

Dr. V.K. Chaubey
(Member-Research Board, VIT University, Jaipur) He is the Head, Dept. of Electrical & Electronics Engineering and Dept. of Electronics


USA, and Research Assistant, several scholarly publications.



Dr. Ali earned a B.Sc.(Hons.) from BITS,

Pilani and his Doctor of Philosophy degree from the University of Bristol, UK.

& Instrumentation

at BITS, Pilani. He earned an M. Sc (Physics) and Ph.D from Dr. Chaubey is a paper setter in various Public Service

Banaras Hindu University. Commission Examinations.

Dr. Sudhir Sachdeva
(Member-Research Board & Visiting Professor - VIT University, Jaipur) at Farmingdale State College, European and Asian at He is an Assistant Professor of Business Management twenty five years experience of working

New York, USA. He is also the Principal at Oyster Bridge Group. Dr. Sachdev has over in several international businesses. He has also been an instructor and moderator

II What the

nation wants is pluck and scientific


We want great spirit, tremendous

energy and boundless enthusiasm.11

American College and at the University of Phoenix, USA.

Swami Vivekananda


esearch Advisory Board

Research Advisory Board


Mr. Amitabh Kumar
He is the Head, Technology at ZEE Television and is responsible operations of the company. With over thirty for broadcasting in Media and London. Mr. from the All years of experience Telecom Organization, data interchange

Padmashri Dr. K N. Shankara
(Professor Emeritus-VIT University, Jaipur) He was the Director of ISRO Space Applications He was awarded Padmashri by the Government Satellite moon. Technology. He conceptualized Centre (SAC), Ahmedabad and ISRO in

Telecom industry, he has also worked with VSNL for almost 10 years and has also been a council member of the Commonwealth Kumar holds a professional India Management certificate Association in electronic

and Deakin University, Australia from BITS, Pilani.

and a BE(Hons.)

Satellite Centre (lSAC), Bangalore and is presently working as a Senior Scientist in ISAC. of India in 2004 for his contributions India's first venture Chandrayaan, to the

degree in Electronics and Telecommunication

Prof. Arya Kumar
He is the Chief of Entrepreneurship Pilani. He has worked Investment with Development & IPR Unit and Professor at BITS, such as the Industrial He is a Theoretical Physicist, Materials Standards and Technology, of Research at (Professor Reliability many reputed organizations

Prof. (Dr.) V.K. Tewary
Emeritus-VIT University, Jaipur) Division, National Institute of

Bank of India, Indian Bank, and Canara Bank. He earned a Ph.D in Network, Bangalore since its inception.

Boulder, Colorado, and a Physicist

USA. Prior to that he was Adjunct at the Atomic Energy Research

Economics from BITS, Pilani. Dr. Arya Kumar is also associated with the National Entrepreneurship

Professor at the Ohio State University, Columbus, USA, Professor of Physics and Dean BITS, Pilani Establishment, Harwell, UK. He is the recipient of the Pride of India Award 1992 for Fellow at Wolfson College, Oxford

Excellence in Sciences. He was the Harwell-Wolfson

University, UK, and was elected Fellow of the Institute of Physics, UK, 1974. Professor Tewary earned his Ph.D. in Solid State Physics from the University of Delhi.

Mr. Pradeep Maheshwari
He is the Managing went Director in IFF Overseas Pvt. Ltd. He set up the first himself, manufacturing international facility under IFF Pvt. Ltd. in 1984 in Indore. A globe trotter on to establish market.

Mr. Maheshwari

IFF Overseas in 1994 to cater to the

Dr. S. N. Joshi
He is the Advisor, CSIR Network Programme on High Power Microwave Tubes. He has been the National Coordinator Design and Development completed fifteen of Space, Atomic of the 42 GHz, 200 KW R&D Projects as Project Energy, Defence, and Gyrotron. Dr. Joshi has successfully Government

Ms. Malathi Srinivasan
Ms. Malathi Srinivasan is Country Manager, Academic Initiatives with IBM based in Bangalore. She has done her Master's from Mudra Management Institute Degree in Business Administration Ahmedabad Advertising (MBA) has of Communication, (MICA). Ms. Malathi

Leader/Coordinator Telecommunication,

for the Departments

of India and has also worked at MIT(USA), Bharat

Electronics and CSIR,New Delhi.

more than 12 years of experience in the field of Marketing, including 8 years with IBM.

& General

Dr. Vijay Devabhaktun
He is Associate Professor, EECSDepartment at the University ofToledo, Toledo, Ohio, books. He is also the Associate Editor of ComputerJournal of RF and Microwave

Mr. Somesh Gupta
He is the Center Head of Jaipur Center, Infosys Limited. He did his B. Tech in Electrical Engineering from liT (BHU) Varanasi and PGDM in Finance from 11MCalcutta. He completed his schooling from Birla Public School, Pilani with an excellent academic in Infosys, and has filed for 2 record. He set up an incubation forum for intrapreneurs patent applications.

USA. He has published various international Microwave Magazine and International

Aided Engineering. He has also been associated with Concordia University, Montreal, Canada and with the School of Engineering, Pennsylvania. State University, Erie, PA, USA.


ndustrial an

urriculum Advisory Board

Visiting Professors


A team led by the Vice-Chancellor been formed themselves communicate confident implement membership

recently met with industry leaders both in IT and in areas such as manufacturing. and expand on it, or summarise cogently --- whether

This Board has or sitting

in response to what they heard. Graduates from even the best of universities

are often not able to express

clearly, or take a thought

that be using PowerPoint

across the table or in a group situation. and employable;

It's no longer an issue of 'being able to speak English well'; the focus has to be on how to skills are at the core of what makes a student nature of Skills Advisory Board will help design and itself, and thus and the current they have become critical given the global-cum-Iocal within the B.Tech. degree programme

well using English as one of the many channels. Communication they have always been important, communication

today's world and the speed with which things are changing. The Communication a hand-on, practice-oriented is as follows: skills programme help our graduates exponentially improve their employability.

The Board is in the process of being constituted,

Dr. Sunil Goyal
Chief Electrical Engineer, Western Railway, Mumbai

Prof. M. B. Goswami
Dr. Goswami is a Scientist, Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) and has also been the former Head, Recruitment and Assessment Board, CSIR.

Mr. Ravi Visvanathan
Chairperson, Communication Skills Advisory Board writer, and is practiced at captivating from BITS Pilani, with an MA in and occasional start-up Ravi Visvanathan is a great story teller, an imaginative an audience with empathy industry, companies. with Sun and humour.

He graduated

Economics, and has worked in Sales and Marketing ever since, mostly in the high technology Microsystems, took USA, HCL Technologies his MBA from Mr. Visvanathan Case Western Reserve University, Sales

Cleveland, USA where he specialized in Marketing, stint at Sun Microsystems

and then moved to California for a long where he oversaw a skills to his young and precision in

in Customer Service, Corporate Strategy, and International to India in 2003 with HCL Technologies, facing positions, requiring

& Marketing.
colleagues; fresh out of college, they

He returned

Strategic Business Unit ofThe company. It was here that he saw and felt the dire need to impart communication were thrust into customer thought

Dr. P.V.L.Reddy
Scientist 'F' and Head, Knowledge Centre at CEERI, Pilani.

Dr. Om Vir Chaudhry
Assistant Professor, Economics and Finance Group, BITS, Pilani

communication, communication energy company.


any preparation

for doing so. He instituted currently

training programs, and himself taught speaking, writing and a renewable

skills. Mr. Visvanathan

works as the Country Head for Satcon Technology Corporation,

Ms. Padmini Sharathkumar
Member, Communication Skills Advisory Board She is currently the Partner & Chief of Staff, Office of the Chairman & CEOat Polaris Financial Technology Ltd., in Chennai. Ms. Sharathkumar and how it can be improved Marketing has an abiding passion for communication She has over twenty years of in students and professionals. Polaris Software at American

experience in Fortune 500 companies. She has been Senior Vice President & Head - Global

& Communication,

Lab; Senior Vice President - Office of the Express Bank. Ms. Sharathkumar did her

Chairman & CEO, Polaris Software Lab and Head, Technology Support at American Express Technologies, and also worked

Ms. Smita Dube
She is currently working as Head, Operations, American Express. She has over fifteen years of experience in various companies such as Ericcson, Birla Horizon and Standard Chartered Bank and has travelled extensively abroad.

Prof. Umesh Dhyani
He is the Head, Department field of education of Humanistic Studies at BITS, Pilani and has over twenty five years of experience in the and social responsibility.

Masters in Management

Studies from BITS, Pilani.


isiting Professors

Communication Skills Advisory Board


Computer Science and Engineering
The Department academics computing qualified of Computer supported faculty Science and Engineering aims to maintain excellence in and with as well as research. The department equipment and experienced prepares has state of the art infrastructure to solve real world problems development, structural to traditional transportation and environmental engineering, engineering.

Civil Engineering
The B.Tech Programme in Civil Engineering covers a plethora of science related to infrastructure The course covers concrete and in addition engineering, geotechnical highway and survey engineering

by high speed Ethernet and wireless networks. graduates

Our highly

engineering graphics and workshop courses. in construction and highway industry during the practical training. like- STADD Pro, Pro-E, Auto CAD, MATLAB, of the students.

excellent professional skills leading to superior careeropportunities. The course structure with current technologies The department foundation requirements. acts as the cultivation is designed with a perfect blend of emerging technologies in the industrial environment. and prevailing

Students are also trained

Students will also learn about different


needs of industry. One semester internship

program facilitates our students to work on live projects

PRIMAVIRA that will enhance the employability

ground for young professionals who can create a talent pool for various industries. Their

in computer

science will be such that they would be preferred by the industries and service sector to meet the global

Electrical Engineering
Department of Electrical Engineering graduates, consummate offers programmes knowledge for undergraduate (B.Tech) and post graduate (M.Tech) in Power Systems Engineering. engineering The curriculum is gingerly designed to provide and enables

and skills required for a successful career in teams. power to computer architecture, aided

Electronics & Communication
The undergraduate of Electronics developments programme and Communication Engineering and keep them

of the basics with latest

the field of Electrical Engineering. The course is at par with changing technology the students to easily manage multifarious environmental

is intended to give the students an understanding abreast

The course for the undergraduate and microprocessors, systems, control courses, Management The postgraduate programming

program range from electrical design methodologies

in the field. Emphasis is laid on practicals to help them understand the subject of subject & also good engineering activities practical are inter

power system analysis and design, analog electronics to computer systems to neural networks

digital systems to real time

better. We feel that students with good basic understanding field of Electronics & Communication disciplinary, professional development Engineering. Most of

and data structures

hand become high quality engineers, ready to take up the challenges in this highly developing as such the students are also given choices for taking up a number of concurrent to excel in their

and fuzzy logic systems etc. Along with technical students.

Principles and Economics and Social behaviour are alsotaughtto is being offered with area of specialization applications

program in electrical engineering

Power Systems. The thesis works at the

courses in various related areas, such as computers

spans over the last 2 semesters for an extensive study in the chosen area of research work leading to a thesis to be submitted end of the M.Tech. program. The thesis topics which have industrial Advanced Power System Analysis, Extra High Voltage AC/DC Transmission, Control of Electrical Machines, Power Electronics Applications, Control, etc.

branch of specialization. The latest developments in the fields of signal processing and communication DSP,telecommunication are included in courses related to the subjects. The Some of the important Multiple compulsory courses include and

are given preferences. The course ranges from Motor Drives, Digital Signal Processing and

Fast Transients in Power Systems, Power Electronics

scientific activities are on the surge in the field of VLSI, DSP,Communication. analog and digital electronics, suit student's manufacturing

Devices & Circuits, Electrical

networks and VLSI design. Students are also exposed to workshops

Discrete Time Control System, Dynamic Systems and Control, Advanced Design, Advanced Design Techniques in

seminars to enhance their skills and keeping them abreast with latest developments. interest in area of specialization and management. Students strong emphasis on final year project with hands-on experience internship for one semester. make student

elective courses are available to

and broaden his knowledge to meet ever increasing demands of the industry. A confident in research design, development, through the mandatory industrial are also exposed to work culture of industry

Mechanical Engineering
The B.Tech Programme engineering. in Mechanical Engineering is designed to create the future techno managers who have the knowledge according to current need and scenario. of the basics in production design and maintenance of design and adaptation

The entire course lays stress on quality development

II Take the

whole responsibility

on your shoulder of your own destiny.

This engineering


also enhances entrepreneurship and provide employment

skill and a mechanical engineer and thermal science &

and know that you are the creator


can always be an entrepreneur

to others. In this field, student will learn

about TQM, quality assurance, computer

aided design and manufacturing

Swami Vivekananda

engineering along with basic concept offluid mechanics and strength of materials.


Undergraduate Scheme and Courses (B.Tech.)
Semester I
Course Code Course/Activity Name Lecture hours MATH 101 SKIL 101 PHYS 101 CHEM 101 COMP 101 TA 101 TA 102 ACTV 101 LIB 101 Engineering Mathematics Communication Skills - I -I Teaching Scheme Tutorial hours 1 1 1 1 2 2 3 3 3 1 2 2 17 17 Practical hours Credit Units 5

M.Tech. Programme for Professionals from Industry and Academic Institute (3 Years)

Objective: Our M. Tech. degree program of three year duration an array of technologies, professionals supplemented is designed for working professionals and people from academia who are

3 3 3 3

unable to do a regular M.Tech owing to job and time constraints. The scheme is designed with the objective to expose students to with specialized research in the area of their choice. Our program is aimed to prepare by holding intensive and sponsoring candidates for seminars and conferences to present papers, and presentation skills. It would be mandatory for of repute. for teaching and research both in industry and academia. We plan to meet this objective

5 5

Engineering Physics - I Engineering Chemistry Fundamentals of Computers


so as to make a student research oriented and also develop his communication

research scholar to publish his research work findings in conferences and seminars/journals

1 2 1

Branch Specific Workshop Computer Aided Graphics - I Activity* Library + Batch Counseling Total

M. Tech. (ECE)with Specialization in Digital Communication
Semester I
S.No. Course Code OCM 101 OCM 102 OCM 103 Course Name Wireless Communication VHOL Research Lab Total Teaching Scheme L P Credit 5



Semester II
Course Code Course/Activity Name Lecture Hours MATH 201 SKIL 201 PHYS 201 EESC201 PROG 201 EEE201 TA202 ACTV 201 Engineering Mathematics Communication Skills - II -II Teaching Scheme Tutorial hours 1 1 1 2 2 Practical hours Credit Units 5

1 2 3

4 4



1 10

2 3



5 3

Engineering Physics - II Energy and Environment Computer Programming Science Using C

3 3 3 1 2 3 2 1 19

Semester II
S.No. 1 2 3 Course Code OCM 201 OCM 202 OCM 203 Course Name Wireless Communication VHOL Research Lab Total Teaching Scheme L P Credit

4 6
1 1

Basic Electrical and Electronic Engineering Computer Aided Graphics - II Activity* Library + Batch Counseling Total


4 4

2 2

5 1 10






*Soft Skills, Entrepreneurship

Cell, Toast Masters International

Chapter, Robotics, Dramatics,

Foreign Language Certification.



Semester III
S.No. 1 Course Code DCM 301 Course Name Advance Digital Signal Processing (Using MATLAB) 2 3 DCM 302 DCM 303 Elective-I Research Lab Total Elective-I: Teaching Name L 4 P 2 Credit 5

Scheme for M. Tech. in Power Systems (PS)
Semester I
S.No. Course Code Course Name Teaching Name Lecture Hours 4 4


2 4

4 1 10

1 2 3

PSM 101 PSM 102 PSM 103

Computer Aided Analysis of Power System Advanced Mathematics Technical Communication-I Total

Practical Hours 2

Credit Units 5 4 1 10

2 4

1. Microcontroller

& Embedded System


2. High Speed Switching Networks 3. Digital Image Processing

Semester II Semester IV
S.No. 1 2 3 Course Code DCM 401 DCM 402 DCM 403 Course Name V LSI Technology Elective-II Minor Project Total Elective-I: Teaching Scheme L 4 4


Course Code

Course Name Power System Dynamics & Stability Hvac And Hvdc Transmission Systems Technical Communication-ii Total

Teaching Name Lecture Hours 4 4 Practical Hours 2 Credit Units 5 4 1

P 2

Credit 4 5 1 10

1 2 3

PSM 201 PSM 202 PSM 203

2 4

2 4




& Network Security 2. Neural Network & Fuzzy Logic
3. Advance Optical Communication S.No. Course Code Application

1. Cryptography

Semester III
Course Name Teaching Name Lecture Hours 4 4 Practical Hours 2


PSM 301 PSM 302 PSM 303

of AI In Power System

Credit Units 5 4 1 10

Semester V
S.No. 1 2 Course Code DCM 501 DCM 501 Total Course Name Satellite Communication Dissertation Phase-I Teaching Name L P Credit 4 4

2 3

Optimal Power System Operation Seminar Total


2 4


8 8


S.No. Course Code

Semester IV
Course Name Power Quality & Facts Devices Load And Energy Management Minor Project-I Total Teaching Name Lecture Hours 4 4 Practical Hours 2 Credit Units 5 4 1 10

Semester VI
1 S.No. 1 Course Code DCM 601 Total Course Name Dissertation Phase-II Teaching Scheme L P 12 12 Credit 6 6 2 3 PSM 401 PSM 402 PSM 403

2 4





Semester V
S.No. Course Code Course Name Teaching Name Lecture Hours 4 Practical Hours Credit Units 4 4 S.No. Course Code

Semester IV
Course Name Teaching Name Lecture Hours 4 4 Practical Hours 2 2 4 Credit Units 5 5 10

1 2

PSM 501 PSM 502

Modern Protection Dissertation Total



1 2

CSM 401 CSM 402

Program Specialization-2 Program Specialization-3 Total



8 8



Semester VI
S.No. Course Code Course Name Teaching Name Lecture Hours Practical Hours 12 12 Credit Units 6 6 Course Code

Semester V
S.No. Course Name Teaching Name Lecture Hours 3 0 3 Practical Hours 2 Credit Units 4 4


PSM 601

Dissertation Total



1 2

CSM 501 CSM 502

Program Specialization-4 Dissertation Total (Phase I)



Scheme for M. Tech (eSE) with specialization in Information Security
Semester I
S.No. Course Code Course Name Teaching Name Lecture Hours 4 4 Practical Hours 2 2 4 Credit Units 5 5 10 Program Electives - 1 Program Electives - 2 CSM 302.1 Distributed Systems Security S.No. Course Code

Semester VI
Course Name Teaching Name Lecture Hours 0 0 Practical Hours 12 12 Credit Units 6 6

1 2

CSM 101 CSM 102

Data Structure and Algorithms Applied Cryptography Total


CSM 601


(Phase II)



Semester II
S.No. Course Code Course Name Teaching Name Lecture Hours 4 4 Practical Hours 2 2 4 Credit Units 5 5 10

CSM 202.1 Randomized Algorithms CSM 202.2 Logic for Computer Science CSM 202.3 Advanced Operating System CSM 202.4 Computer Architecture CSM 202.5 Information Retrieval

CSM 302.2 Object Oriented Software Engineering CSM 302.3 Knowledge Based Systems CSM 302.4 Parallel Programming

1 2

CSM 201 CSM 202

Data System Implementation Elective-1 Total


Courses for Specialization

in Information


Semester III
S.No. Course Code Course Name Teaching Name Lecture Hours 4 4 Practical Hours 2 2 4 Credit Units 5 5 10

CSISM01 Network Security CSISM02 Distributed System Security

CSISM03 Digital and Cyber Forensics CSISM04 Mobile and Cellular Network Security CSISM05 Secure Coding CSISM06 Database Security and Privacy

1 2

CSM 301 CSM 302

Program Specialization-1 Elective-2 Total




Scheme for M. Tech (CSE)with specialization in Mobile Computing
Semester I
S.No. S.No. Course Code Course Name Teaching Name Lecture Hours 4 4 Practical Hours 2 2 4 Credit Units 5 5 10 Program Electives - 1 Algorithms Science System Architecture 1 MCM 601 Course Code

Semester VI
Course Name Teaching Name Lecture Hours 0 0 Practical Hours 12 12 Credit Units 6 6



1 2

MCM 101 MCM 102

Advanced Algorithms Wireless Communication Total and Computing




Electives - 2 Systems Security Software Engineering

MCM 202.1 Randomized

MCM 302.1 Distributed

Semester II
S.No. Course Code Course Name Teaching Name Lecture Hours 4 4 Practical Hours 2 2 4 Credit Units 5 5 10

MCM 202.2 Logic for Computer MCM 202.3 Advanced MCM 202.4 Advanced MCM 202.5 Information Operating Computer

MCM 302.2 Object Oriented MCM 302.3 Knowledge

Based Systems

MCM 302.4 Parallel Programming MCM 302.5 Embedded System

1 2

MCM 201 MCM 202

Mobile Ad Hoc Networks Elective-1 Total



Semester III
S.No. Course Code Course Name Teaching Name Lecture Hours 4 4 Practical Hours 2 2 4 Credit Units 5 5 10

1 2

MCM 301 MCM 302


Mobile Devices

Elective-2 Total


Semester IV
S.No. Course Code Course Name Teaching Name Lecture Hours 4 4 Practical Hours 2 2 4 Credit Units 5 5 10

1 2

MCM 401 MCM 402


and Mobile Architecture

Wireless and Mobile Protocols Total


Semester V
S.No. Course Code Course Name Teaching Name Lecture Hours 3 0 3 Practical Hours 2 Credit Units 4 4

1 2

MCM501 MCM502

Security in Wireless and Mobile Systems Dissertation Total (Phase-I)





The VIT Campus, Jaipur comprising Vivekananda Institute of Technology and Vivekananda Institute of Technology (East) is committed form of summer to ensure industry interface, hands on and practical industrial exposure to the students in the internships. Some of our students have done their project work from leading public sector of students. We are associated with various recruitment

organizations viz. ONGC, NTPC, ISRO, Hindustan Zinc, BHEL and many more. Our Campus is associated with various campus connect companies to ensure the placement with global industry requirements. The year 2011 has witnessed the impact of melt down era but we at VIT Campus, Jaipur have successfully managed to brace the impact of recession. The placement scenario at VIT Campus, Jaipur has been more than satisfactory despite the challenges. The first batch of B.Tech. students at VIT Campus, Jaipur is passing out this year. In order to enhance placements, various training programmes ranging from CRTs,personality development, line aptitude tests to psychometric analysis from leading training institutions Sofarthirtytwo soft skills enhancement, on and in house faculty have been initiated. programme trainers for Campus Recruitment Training of students to groom them and make them more compatible

leading corporate have offered placement to our students atVITCampus,Jaipur.

S.No. Name of the Company L & TLtd. 2 Company Logo
ft'iJARSEN 8: TOUBRO ....._..,._....

Total Students Selected

S.No. 16

Name of the Company Ramky Infrastructure Ltd.

Company Logo

Total Students Selected 17

When thinking about careers and their future lives, students today must be aware of employment, opportunities and work with many other countries.

business and trade

~ ...;!~iI"

available across the globe. With the expansion of the VIT Campus into University it is possible to study An increasing number of students from India and beyond are choosing to come

Wipro Ltd.




Daffodil Software Ltd.



and study in order to get educated at global level. Some are happy to find jobs here at the end oftheir stay. For many of our students it will also be possible to study and work in another country. VIT University, Jaipur is keen to give all its students the opportunity and incorporates many educational an international institutions to benefit from these international possibilities links with




Unit Marketing Solutions Pvt. Ltd.



Syntel Ltd.

.." .1

r •



KECInternational Ltd.




Dileo Ltd.

"-':::.1111 P.HI..:. ...



India Army


dimension into all its courses. The University has created international


all over India and beyond and currently welcomes in excess of many international activities comprise various forms of cooperation including student exchanges, study

Nissan Renault Ltd.

. ...,.=........-

7 Short listed



students as well. International international

Ranosys Technologies, Singapore




Netcellence Techologies


periods abroad, student work placements, teaching staff exchanges, support staff exchanges, work placements, conferences and collaborative projects. and ideas from across the world. Our students come and social life. Our international knowledge and of


Drishti Soft Solution Pvt. Ltd.

The University provides an interface for culture, communities activities are underpinned learning to communities collaborations by a commitment wherever


Secure Meter Ltd.

from other countries and add vitality and diversity to the University's intellectual


Phoenix Maritime Services Pvt. Ltd.

*-" "'"










Indian Air Force

.. ..::.-i"-.lVI.E-:*


to research-led education, valuing knowledge and learning for their own


sake as well as for the cultural, social and economic benefits they offer. We aim to communicate and partnerships with the leading institutions, researchers and facilities.


1eC1ICL.,...,,_o LtcI.



Convergys India


they may be in the world. Our academic staff has an extensive network


Genpact Ltd.




Meta Cube

protlrammedforexcelience ~!~'_'·~·I'

4 Short-Listed


Genus Power Infrastructure Ltd.


Steria India Ltd.


SHARPEdge Learning Pvt. Ltd.



6 Short listed


Innova Soft Technology Robert Bosch Engineering & business Solutions ltd .

4 Short-Listed




2 Short-Listed



* Result Awaited:

HCLTechnologies Ltd. & Monnet Ispat



Collaboration with Swansea Metropolitan University, UK for Twinning Programme
The Memorandum of Understanding has been signed between VIT University, Jaipur and Swansea Metropolitan University, UK in March,20l2 for offering twin degree programme.


MoU with CEERI,Pilani for Centre of Excellence in Electronics
of Understanding with Central Electronics Engineering Research and The MoU was signed by

The cooperation between the two universities will be in the following areas• • • • • Summer/ winter internship programme Teaching Knowledge Exchange IELTSpreparation atthe Institute. Researchers and Staff Development Student progressions

VIT University, Jaipur has signed the Memorandum Institution(CEERI), cooperation Jaipur. between the two institutions

Pilani for Centre of Excellence in Electronics to promote academic and research interaction for mutual benefit and larger social development.

Dr. Chandra Shekhar Director, CEERI,Pilani and Dr. Amitava Babi Mitra, President & Vice- Chancellor ofVIT University,

CEERI,Pilani and VIT University, Jaipur have agreed on the following terms for academic collaboration institutions. • Exchange/Deputation of staff/faculty

between two

• Joint Conference/Workshop/Courses

Edinburgh NaPie~

• Sharing of Facilities • Students Levellnteractions/Training • Creation of CEERI-VITUniversity, Jaipur CENTREOF EXCELLENCE

Collaboration opportunities with Edinburgh Napier University, Edinburgh, Scotland for industrial internship
VIT University, Jaipur is exploring the collaborations with Edinburgh Napier University, Edinburgh, Scotland to promote the ground breaking research, to enhance academic and cultural exchange programs and other cooperative activities and assistance in area of mutual interest and benefit. The collaborations will be in the following area• • • • • • Faculty and researchers exchange programme Students -exchange programme Collaborative research Exchange of Curriculum Development, organization and hosting of joint academic and cultural summits, conferences, workshops and meetings. Training exchange programme for enhancing the credits / grading system.


S'O'F" """ "

MoU with Science Olympiad Foundation

Prof. (Dr.) Amitava Babi Mitra, President and Vice-Chancellor, VIT University, Jaipur and Mr. Mahabir Singh, Executive Director, Science Olympiad This / and Foundation collaboration will provide training. (SOF) recently signed a Memorandum the students with additional of Understanding. for learning

will be of benefit to prospective students and their parents, as it opportunities

Having panoramas in mind, VIT University, Jaipur looks forward to collaborate with other Universities of USA, Canada and Australia for collaborative excellence in the areas of research, internships and academic exchange program.

Mr. Mahabir Singh
Executive Director, SOF



III have this business idea, it is unique,

VIT Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship entrepreneurial


is an initiative of VIT University Jaipur and VIT and manufacturing Development in line with the social

has the potential to scale up, but I need some funds to take it forward II

Campus, Jaipur to provide services to the alumni and current students to start their own ventures, to nurture skills, to create self- employment, product development objectives of the Government forthe fulfilment of India. We launched Entrepreneurship Cell in October, 2010 by the

name of 'Decoller'which is French word meaning "to reach heights", so as to collaborate with various organisations of its objectives. students of VIT University, Jaipur and VIT Campus, professionals, mentors and

VIT CIED comprises faculty, alumni,

service providers from the industry who span a variety offunctional is a member of National Entrepreneurship

areas, sectorial domains and geographies and are succeed commercially. The Cell

passionately committed to helping disruptive innovations and aspiring entrepreneurs

Network and supported by AICTE and Government of India.

Our Vision : To catalyse and develop the inherent quest for innovation and entrepreneurship. Our Mission: VIT CIED aims to encourage students with an entrepreneurial bent of mind to come up with innovative

ideas and channelize their efforts to give births to new sustainable business ventures. Objectives: • Creating and organizing Entrepreneurship Awareness Camps and Entrepreneurship Development Programs, both

within and outside the campus forthe benefit of our students. • • • Creating an environment for innovation. of R&D output. schemes of various

Procuring support for commercialization Motivating agencies.

students to make their own career path and create awareness of self-financed







leading to self-employment,conduct

research work and survey for identifying entrepreneurial


for our students.


National Entrepreneurship Network, Bengaluru



AICTE, Government of India


Jan Kala Sahitya Manch Sanstha, Jaipur





We realise that joining the university is an exciting time and finding the right placeto live is also very important. There are separate hostel facility for boys and girls. Since these hostels act as the second home of the students for four years, full care has been taken to make the accommodation inmates an environment for development. peaceful, secure and comfortable which provides the Rooms in the boy's hostel have attached balconies.


280 rooms in Girls hostels 495 rooms in Boys Hostel

• • • • • • • •

Water purifying system (RO) installed for drinking water 24 hrs internet facility wi-fi Gymnasium, TV room and indoor games facility Geysersforhotwaterduringwinters Resident warden and residential faculty SBIATM Medical facility Hygienic, nutritious and homely vegetarian meals and snacks

~ 65000/- per annum
(payable in three Installments)


Educational Outreach ofVIT University, Jaipur evolves as a natural outgrowth vision calls forthe University to fully engage with the city,learningfrom with our home city.

of the research, teaching and service of to it as a successful partner


~ 5000/(refundable security deposit)

our experienced faculty, who understands the benefits of sharing and testing the latest knowledge in their fields. Our it and contributing

VIT University, Jaipur is cognisant of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)ideals that are embedded in the core of all its endeavors. CSRactivities by the University through the VSSAClub, encourages the students to imbibe the qualities of enlightened leadership and thereby instills in them a level of trust and confidence about themselves and the Boys' Hostel Girls' Hostel community. The values that students imbibe include: • Genuine respect for others and their point of views • Theabilityto be sensitive when contributingtowardssocial investments.

• Having strong personal integrity and reaching out to those whose lives they can touch and make a difference. • Ability to handle challenging situations.


Location Map


• •

Balaji Tower Akshaya Patra




+-Way to SKIT


Way to Airport

Distance of VIT University, Jaipur

• 6 km from Airport
• 24 km from Railway Station

• 25 km from Bus Stand

---+ Bus Stand Railway Station

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