Rites of Installation and/or Renewal for Altar Servers (After the Homily) Coordinator: In virtue of my position as Coordinator of the

Altar Servers of Saint Vincent Parish, I present to you the aspiring altar servers who have undergone necessary training to answer God’s call to serve at His Holy Altar. Installation (All sacristans to be installed will stand, candles will be lighted.) Priest: Let them stand and be examined who are to enter the Society of Altar Servers of St. Vincent Church, who will serve at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, assist at Benediction of the Most Blessed Sacrament, and take an active part in other Church functions.” (Altar servers raise their right hand) Priest: “Do you promise to be present on time for each and every assignment you will have as an Altar server, and to be neat and clean as this privilege demands?” Servers: “We do so promise.” Priest: “Do you promise to serve so devoutly as to be a help to the devotion and prayer of all who watch you represent them at the altar?” Servers: “We do so promise.” Priest: “Do you promise to conduct yourselves outside the church in a way that will make all proud to have you as their representative in assisting the priest at God’s Altar?” Servers: “With God’s help and the example and prayers of our fellow members, we do so promise.” Priest: “May Almighty God be witness to your intentions.” Coordinator: Let those who have been approved to enter the society of Saint Vincent Altar come forward (Altar servers to be installed form a single line and come forward with their parents) Priest: Wear this cassock, in which you are vested, with the greatest respect, for it is part of the armor you shall wear as an Altar Server in the service of your Lord and Master Jesus Christ. (The priest advances to the Communion rail, distributes the cassock and assists in clothing the newly installed altar servers. Altar server goes back to his/her respective seat.) Induction of Officers Coordinator: At this point of time, may I call on our elected Altar Servers who will serve as officers for their induction. (Officers come forward facing the Altar and raise their right hand) Priest : Do you have a sufficient knowledge of the duties and responsibilities of your respective office and of all the rules and regulations of the SVP Altar Servers so as to be able to carry them out faithfully? Officers: We do.

Priest: Do you promise not to allow anything except serious illness or grave reason to keep you from attending the regular meetings of the Organization and from attending to your duties in general? Officers: We promise. Priest: Will you work earnestly and zealously to further your own spiritual good and that of your fellow Knights, as well as to do everything possible to see that Christ, your Eucharistic King, is served with exactness and honor? Officers: We will Priest : I now hold you responsible for your brothers and sisters in the Society of Altar Servers. I pray that our Divine Eucharistic King may guide you always and that under the protection of our Blessed Mother Mary you may draw always closer to Christ and lead every Altar Server closer to His Sacred Heart in the faithful performance of your sacred trust. I will always cooperate with you to the best of my ability. (Officers go back to their respective seats) Renewal of Vows Priest: Let those who are to renew their Pledge of Service as Members in the Society Saint Vincent Parish Altar Servers stand (all old Altar Servers stand) Oldest Altar Server: Please raise your right hand and repeat after me I, __(state your name)___, hereby renew my pledge of service/ to Almighty God and his holy Church/ by observing faithfully the rules and obligations/ of the Society of Altar Servers/ and I promise/ to be a loyal member at all times./ I promise to serve Christ my King,/ Lord of Lords/ with fidelity and honor./ Mary, His Immaculate Mother,/ shall be my Queen and my Lady,/ and I shall be her devoted champion./ I further promise to treat others/ with respect and justice,/ to live an upright personal life/, and to profess and defend/ the rights of God and His Holy Church./ Coordinator: May I request all the Altar Servers to kneel and recite the Altar Servers’ Prayer. I offer myself to God Almighty, to Blessed Mary ever Virgin, and to our Holy Patron St. Vincent and I promise to do my best to serve reverently, intelligently, and regularly, having the glory of God and my own eternal salvation as my object. O Lord Jesus Christ, if I am weak in my faith, strengthen me. Help me to devote myself to Your Holy Gifts. Guide me in the path that leads to Your Kingdom. Teach me to become a better Christian so that I may wear the altar server's robe worthily and in humility. My prayer is to serve You in all my thoughts, words and deeds and to become a better Christian so that in all I do I may testify to Your glory. For blessed glorified is your Holy name of the Father Son and Holy Spirit. Amen! Priest: By the power vested in me by the church, I accept your pledge and exhort you to persevere in your good intentions. In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

Blessings Prayers of the Faithful Priest: God provides the church with suitable ministers to assist in divine worship. Let us pray for these new liturgical ministers, that God may bless them as they undertake their new roles of service tho this parish. For every petition, we answer: LORD, GRACIOUSLY HEAR US Altar Server 1: For the church of Christ and for this parish of Saint Vincent Ferrer, that all Christians may offer themselves as living sacrifices, we pray to the Lord: LORD, GRACIOUSLY HEAR US Altar Server 2: For all liturgical ministers of our parish, that they may deepen their commitment to serve God and their neighbor, we pray to the Lord: LORD, GRACIOUSLY HEAR US Altar Server 3: For all Altar Servers, that the light of Christ may shine in their hearts, we pray to the Lord: LORD, GRACIOUSLY HEAR US Altar Server 4: For all Sacristans, that the preparations they make for the celebration of the liturgy may remind us to prepare our hearts for worship, we pray to the Lord: LORD, GRACIOUSLY HEAR US Altar Server 5: That the Holy Spirit may always stand beside us and help us fulfill our duties and responsibilities as servers of the altar, the people and of God, we pray to the Lord: LORD, GRACIOUSLY HEAR US Priest: (prayer of Blessing with hands extended over the new ministers) God of glory, your beloved Sons has shown us that true worship comes from humble and contrite hearts. Bless our brothers and sisters, who have responded to the needs of our parish and wish to commit themselves to your service as altar servers. Grant that their ministry may be fruitful and our worship pleasing in your sight. We ask this through Christ our Lord. All: AMEN

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