They are a fun and talented band presenting great music and entertainment for all.

They play melodic originals on their selftitled debut CD. The Band plays clubs and events all over the greater San Francisco Bay Area. Jokers & Thieves also plays the new popular radio songs that fans recognize and enjoy. A Simply Rockin’! Northern California’s top Country Rock band, The Bell Brothers, deliver a contagious and high energy performance with their strong vocal harmonies and their rock solid musicianship. Since forming in 2005, The Bell Brothers have climbed to the top of California’s Country Music Scene, building a solid reputation as one of the area’s most in-demand live acts.

July 22 • Rock and Soul Presented by Jokers & Thieves

Volume 42 Number 7

Redwood Shores Community Association

RSCA Calendar 2012

July 2012

• Sunday – July 22nd – Marlin Park 5-7pm Jokers and Thieves (Rock/Soul) • Saturday – Aug. 25th – Levee Cleanup Mariner’s Park – 8:30am-12 noon, BBQ • Sunday – Aug. 12th – Marlin Park 5-7pm Bell Brothers (Country)

August 12 • Country Rock Presented by Bell Brothers

• Tuesday – Oct. 9th – RWS Library 6:30pm Community Meeting with RWC Police Chief

• Saturday – Sept. 8th – E-Recycling 10am - 2pm Redwood Shores Library

Stealing 3rd – Craig Nieves and Greg Muldoon

formed the band in 2007, and just by chance, are both RWS residents. Nieves is the lead singer and Master of ceremonies. They brought a crowd on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. The band is known for engaging audiences. Excellent musicianship combined with fun and funky rock style made Stealing 3rd a great way for Sounds of the Shores to start the summer series, brought to you by RSCA and

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270 Redwood Shores Parkway, PMB #205 Redwood Shores, CA 94065 - 1173

2012 Board PRESIDENT Harris VICE PRESIDENT Sue SECRETARY Lynn TREASURER Stephen PAST PRESIDENT Doug Lynn Adams Mayling Bellingham Stephen Bellinghan Nina Boire Doug Crisman Jim Cvengros BOARD MEMBERS Carol Ford Celli Frost Mike Mancusi Carol Mertens Sue Nix Jerry Patrick Harris Rogers Robert Schmidt Clemencia Rodriquez Michael Whatmore Andrew Young

A full service law firm of highly ethical and experienced attorneys dedicated to providing individualized attention and the highest quality of legal services. Terry Anderlini is past president of the State Bar of California. Merrill Emerick is past president of the San Mateo County Trial Lawyers Association. They have been serving satisfied clients for over 30 years. Contact Terry or Merrill for a free confidential consultation.



Design & Review Board Inquiries: Jim Cvengros Carol Ford Sue Nix

THE PILOT 531 Shoal Circle, Redwood City, CA 94065 Editor, Carol Mertens............................................595-1595 Advertising, Carol Mertens ..................................595-1595 Circulation, Carol Mertens....................................595-1595 Shores Press ..........................................................593-2802

DEADLINES DEADLINES The deadline for the August Pilot is the week of July 16th to the 21st

The Board of Directors meets promptly at 7pm, the third Thursday of each month at The Redwood Shores Library

San Mateo, California 94402 (650) 212-0001 411 Borel Avenue, Suite 501

President’s Memo, Hair Trends

Table of Contents

Benefits Of Swans

Art On The Square, San Mateo County Hikes Redwood City’s Budget Live Music in RWC But I Love Sweets New Ralston VP, RWS Resident Wins Award New Supes Named in B/R School District Teaching Your Dog Not To Jump Students, Exerience Why Does Good Posture Matter Pet Proofing, Tech Trek Publicity Thanks From Sandpiper

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The opinions published in the Pilot are those of the authors and not the expressions of RSCA unless so officially designated.

THE PILOT is a monthly publication of the Redwood Shores Community Association (RSCA). Circulation: 6,000 Redwood Shores Households & Businesses

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Lynn’s Kitchen, Wine Appreciation Library Schedule, Kid’s In Action Museum Pass Program

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Casually Chic, The Therapist’s Corner

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We Live in Good Fortune

I have recently had the opportunity to sit in on meetings in other San Mateo County communities, and it makes me realize just how blessed we are to live (or work) in the Shores. We should constantly give thanks for our good fortune. There are several things that make the Shores a unique community and contribute to our extraordinary good fortune. We enjoy the benefits of:

President’s Memo for July 2012

Farmers Market in the Shores… YIPEE!

* a protected “island”, with limited access and distinct boundaries defining “our community”, bounded by water on three sides and Hwy.101 on the fourth. * a diverse population, with our immigrant population generally coming from “high-trust” societies where there is general respect for the law and the norms of social life. * the ability to communicate with almost all members of our community. The PILOT goes to every residence and most businesses, and you pass our roadway signboards to get to every home in the Shores. This ability to communicate is a HUGE benefit to the Shores community. * a population that is almost universally English-speaking, even if as a second language, which also makes communication within the community much easier. * good infrastructure, an exceptional branch library, and two great elementary schools with extraordinary principals and teachers. * an extremely “high interest” population that pays close attention to community issues large and small. We DO NOT have:

Let Our Wildlife Be Wild

After months of sometimes tedious work on the details, we finally have a Farmers Market in the Shores. In case you’ve missed it, the market is located in the parking lot of the RWS Library at the corner of Marine & Bridge Parkways and is open from 11am to 6pm each Friday. Getting this market has taken a lot of coordination and cooperation from the City, the Library, the nearby HOAs and businesses that might have been impacted, and many, many others who worked hard to make sure that this market will be a success in the Shores. We are fortunate to live near wetlands and open green areas and are consequently surrounded by all forms of wildlife. But we need to remember that this is not a petting zoo. As beautiful as some our birds might be, or as “domesticated” as some of our squirrels, waterfowl, and other small wildlife might appear, you need to respect their space and enjoy them from a distance. Trying to touch or feed them, especially involving young children, may lead to bites or aggressive responses. It is also important to remind residents and our guests that feeding, harming, or removing any of our wildlife is prohibited by law. Please respect all our wildlife…let them be wild and enjoy them from a distance.

by Harris Rogers

Page 3

In response to your many comments and suggestions, we made some big changes in our summer Sounds of the Shores Concerts in Marlin Park this year. All our 2012 concerts are on SUNDAY afternoons! Second, we’ve moved the time up an hour to 5-7pm to (hopefully) keep us in the warmer part of the afternoon before the sun starts to go down and the evening starts to cool off. We expected these changes to allow more people to attend and in a more enjoyable (i.e., “warmer”) time of the day. If you missed the first, there are still two more concerts on July 22 and August 12. Check the web for more details. If you are on our email list we’ll let you know what’s happening about a week before each concert. If you want to be on our list, go to our web site at and under the “Feedback” tab, just click on the yellow “Join our email list” button.

Still Two More Summer Concerts! WOW!

* problems with gangs or violence in the community. * problems with drugs and dealers on our streets or in our neighborhoods. * problems with run-down & “distressed” properties that can be attractors for crime and other problems. (All properties in the Shores are covered by CC&Rs which serve to keep both business and residential properties in good repair.)

our elementary and middle school children, we are part of the Belmont-Redwood Shores School District (BRSSD). For our high school students we are part of the Sequoia Union High School District. Both of these are “Basic Aid” school districts. We keep hearing this term about funding for our schools, but what exactly is “basic” about a “Basic Aid” district? It means that these districts are limited to the income from property & parcel taxes without regard to the number of students in the district. Good schools are a blessing to any community, and they are an “attractor” to families with children. Families are highly motivated to move to districts with good schools. So the number of students the district serves can increase dramatically with no increase in the funds available for our schools. And that means fewer dollars per student.

School Funding & “Basic Aid” ? The Shores is located in two separate school districts. For

Meet RWC Police Chief October 9th

A REMINDER: RWC’s new Chief of Police, J.R. Gamez, will be joining us on Tuesday, October 9th for a conversation with the Shores community about our law enforcement concerns. Tuesday, October 9th, 6:30pm at the RWS Library. Chief Gamez is an avid listener, and this will be a great opportunity to exchange information and have a exchange of ideas about issues that may seem unique to the Shores. GET THIS DATE ON YOUR CALENDARS NOW!

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For more information go to or email Art on the Square at

* Fri 7/13, 5 - 8:30 pm with Music on the Square featuring Fleetwood Mac & Stevie Nicks tribute band, Bella Donna * Sat 7/28, 11 am - 8 pm with the PAL Blues Festival featuring eight great blues bands * Fri 8/24, 5 - 8:30 pm with Music on the Square featuring Pop/Soul band, Pride & Joy

Art on the Square features the best in fine arts and crafts each month between June and August at Courthouse Square in downtown Redwood City.  Complementing Music on the Square and the PAL Blues Festival, Art on the Square showcases original painting, photography, jewelry, glass, ceramics, and more at prices for every budget.  And at each show you can enter to win a $25 gift certificate good to use in any artist’s booth. Art on the Square 2012 dates & times:


Recently, there has been a lot of chatter about the swan that lives in the Shores lagoon. As is so often the case, once a story goes viral, there is no stopping it no matter how distorted. My goal is to deflate the rumor balloon and replace it with facts about all swans and our swan in particular. Swans are the largest member of the duck family (Anatidae). While herbivores, if convenient, they will eat small fish and animals including goslings. Their preferred diet consists of aquatic plants that live on the bottom of ponds.

The Benefits of Swans

• July 21 – Crystal Springs Trail, Sawyer Camp Segment, San Mateo • August 18 – Pillar Point Bluff, Moss Beach • September 15 – San Bruno Mountain, Brisbane • October 20 – Huddart Park, Woodside • November 23 – Pick a Park & Take A Hike (Enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday exploring a park on your own)

Take A Hike offers a fun way to discover San Mateo County Parks as great places to exercise and learn about plant and animal life unique to our area. Enjoy the sunshine and camaraderie of family and friends while increasing your activity level. Learn about the history of our local parks as staff and volunteers guide you along picturesque trails. For driving directions and additional park information, visit For more information, find us on Facebook, visit, or call (650) 599-1009.  Take A Hike 2012 Schedule:

San Mateo County Take a Hike Continues

Despite the romance about swans mating for life, some do and others “divorce”. But it is true that they prefer to live with a –   mate or in groups.

Swans are at the top of the “duck pecking order”. Thus, when Canada geese try to invade a swan’s “pond” – lots of luck. Ducks hang around swans to eat the vegetation the swans release from the pond’s bottom. Their large feet churn the bottoms of lagoons helping to aerate the water.

There seems to be a belief by some that swans are “dangerous”. Any encounter with wildlife has inherent risks but according to Fish and Game swans are not dangerous any more than any other duck is dangerous. Like any animal, if teased or frightened, swans will defend, including chasing their adversary. They will hiss and nip but can’t bite because they don’t have teeth.

Now, about our swan. I understand from some of the longtime residents that when the lagoon was extended three swans were introduced to chase the Canada geese out. Apparently, the geese were so prevalent. there was goose poop in some swimming pools. The most recent pair is the offspring of the original pair. As for why we only have one swan now, his mate was viciously killed a few years ago by kids who lived in the Davit dock neighborhood.

No one owns our swan. He is not a pet. He is a wild animal who remains in our waterways because his wings were clipped at birth. Personally, I think he does a great job for us. One almost never sees the Canada geese in the waterways, at least not if our swan is on patrol. He also provides a touch of serene elegance to our lagoon adding in his own quiet way to our quality of life and property values. Should anyone decide to “remove” our swan, this is poaching and is a punishable offense. The City will be posting “Don’t Feed the Wildlife” signs soon. This may have the side benefit of discouraging close encounters with all our wildlife, the swan included. References:, British Trust for Ornithology, Wikipedia, local authorities. Submitted by Ramona Ambrosic

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Munyon Dermatology, in the Redwood Shores Marketplace, is expanding to offer you more cosmetic and medical services! Dr. Thomas Munyon, Board Certified Dermatologist, will now be on site Monday-Friday and is proudly accepting all PPO insurances. Next to Starbucks and Nob Hill Market

Bring in this ad by August 15, for a Free Skin Cancer Screening!

262 Redwood Shores Pkwy Redwood Shores (650) 654-6020

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Buying or selling your home? Call Mary today!

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Cell (650) 454-0112 Direct 650 645-1745 Lovely top floor end unit in Pelican Cove Tastefully upgraded kitchen, 18’ ceilings, two outdoor decks, fireplace in living room, 2 bedrooms, spacious bath, loft or 3rd bedroom/family room, expanded storage RWS Resident Since 1982 area.1,228 sq. ft., Walking distance to Redwood Shores Library. Offered at $469,000

Sunny and Bright!

REALTOR, CRS/CDPE 650-454-0112

Mary Ficklin

It’s July, summer is in full swing, and so are some new hairstyles! This season’s hair trends are all about embracing natural looks and revisiting some classic ones.  This season we are saying goodbye to the drastic Ombré look, the flat-ironed and pin-straight hair, the Rihanna a-line bob, and the uniformed ribbon curls (think country-star Taylor Swift). Instead, this season is all about natural hair textures and vibrant color! Red is in and it’s here to stay! A few seasons ago we saw celebrities opting out of their bombshell blonde looks and stepping out as fiery redheads (Scarlett Johansson, Drew Barrymore and Blake Lively to name a few), and although I thought the trend would be short lived it has continued to catch fire outside of Hollywood as more and more people are choosing to go red. Last season Ombré hair color seemed to be all that anyone could talk about. Although it is a fleeting trend, and has the potential to be a sloppy and hideous mishap if done incorrectly, the Ombré has opened doors to one of my absolute favorite color trends! This trend is what I call the face-framing-peek-a-boo-highlight that starts a few inches from your roots and down. In simpler terms it’s just a few pieces of hair around your face that is colored to 1 shade lighter than your natural color. This allows for a sun-kissed, multidimensional, money-saving (as it only requires a small amount of color and/or foils) coloring technique that brightens your hair. This look is exemplified in beauties such as Jessica Biel and Mila Kunis. Now, turning our attention to men and hair color, I don’t think I have to say this but frosted tips circa 1999 are definitely out. As more men are embracing color, the new trend is to have gray hair blended as oppose to completely covered (think Ben Stiller and George Clooney). For men’s hairstyles, the faux-hawk is dead and gone, the messy, spiky, just-rolled-out-of-bed-hair is also out, and so is the iconic Justin Bieber cut (or lack of cut). Instead classic and conservative styles are making a comeback. This has been partly influenced by shows such as Mad Men and Boardwalk Empire. This neat and tidy trend, that’s tight on the sides and longer on the top, doesn’t necessarily have to mean short. For men that want to keep their hair longer it’s all about keeping it neat by slicking it back and maintaining the natural wave or curl the Continued on page 11

Page 10

Hair Trends

By Celine Roces

Page 11

We have been able to do this with the support of our labor groups that are contributing more to their healthcare and retirement programs. In addition, our City Manager and his department heads are working towards creating a more efficient and productive workforce through realignments of departments, sharing services and the use of technology. In addition, Redwood City is providing services (e.g., human resource, information technology, fleet services, and fire safety). Finally,

Living in the moment and planning for the future is a great process for working towards financial sustainability. Our General Fund budget for 2103-14 will be $82 million. As a Council and given the dynamics of revenue, for example estimating sales tax proceeds over the next year, our definition of a balanced budget is to be within 1% of our budget. I am pleased to share with you that we have approved a balanced budget without cutting services or reducing staffing further, and without touching our reserves.

The City Council just approved our budgets for FY 12-13/1314. Our City has been approving two-year budgets for several years. This is great as it requires us to look “down the road” rather than just trying to live in the moment. In reviewing and approving the 12-13/13-14 budget, we are also looking at projections that take us out to 2015-2016. There is no question that the decisions we make today can have an impact several years later.

Redwood City’s 2012-2013 Budget By RWC Vice Mayor Jeff Gee

with the support of our community, modest revenue increases through an increase in the hotel tax and bringing our business license tax up to date have all contributed to this success.

However, our work is not done (if it ever is!). We made the hard decisions early to achieve these budget results. Unfortunately, we must constantly be on the lookout for changes that will affect our budget, and the services we provide our community. We must be prepared, and nimble. For example, California’s take-away of local redevelopment agencies had a direct financial impact on our City. If we still had our redevelopment agency, we would not be only looking at a balanced budget, but we would also have a small surplus.

I can assure that all of us on the Council are looking down the road and planning for the future. Again, thank you to our labor groups, our staff, and most importantly, to all of you!

hair has. Actors Bradley Cooper and Patrick Dempsey have this look down! This season’s trends are some of my all time favorites since the styles look great on everyone! So, at your next salon visit remember to ask for a more natural, simple and classic look!

Hair Trends Continued from page 10

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HHHH HSushi HSashimi HTeriyaki HRamen



“LATE NIGHT!” - Fri. – Sat. - 9:00pm – 11:00pm - 20 to 25% OFF THE ENTIRE MENU! –INCL. SAKE & BEER! (dine-in only) 1070 HOLLY STREET, SAN CARLOS, CA 94070


Mon. – Sat. - 2:00pm – 5:30pm

Fresh Fish Friendly Service Sparkling Ambience

LOCATION HOURS: • MON. – SAT. - 11:00am – 10:00pm •SUNDAYS - 5:00pm – 10:00pm 39 EL CAMINO REAL SAN CARLOS, CA 94070 RESERVATIONS? CALL:

Come check out KAYA BBQ & TOFU!


INQUIRIES? CALL PETER (650) 759-2628 or (650) 654-1212

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Looking For The Perfect Cleaners
We will:
• Keep your whites, white! and luxurious • Keep your sweaters & suits soft

Redwood Shores Cleaners

Alterations, Pickup & Delivery available

370 Bridge Parkway
Coupon Coupon

Call Steve 592-5616

• Properly press & hand finish all items

Celebrating Our 25th Year

$5 off with $25 dry cleaning! Must present coupon with incoming order. Expires on July 31st, 2012


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Redwood City, CA – The lineup is set, the weather is getting beautiful, and the community is ready for another incredible season of FREE Friday night music in Courthouse Square with Redwood City’s Music on the Square! It all starts June 1st, and continues every Friday evening from 6-8 pm. Here’s the 2012 lineup through July:

RWC’s Music On The Square Brings Live Bands Friday Nights July Through September!

Tyler’s Carlmont Nursery SINCE 1962

Garden Design and Consultation Services Available

Puzzled about your Garden?

• Specializing in Japanese Maples with over 1100 trees and 100 different varieties to choose from. • A full service Nursery featuring Bamboo, Citrus, Azaleas, Rhododenrons and Camellias. 2029 Ralston Ave. Belmont 650.591.6845 Open 7 days a week 8:30am-5:30pm

* July 13 Bella Donna – Fleetwood Mac & Stevie Nicks Tribute * July 20 Super Diamond – Neil Diamond Tribute * July 27 Frank Bey – Blues

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Type 2 diabetes, or adult onset diabetes, has become a serious and even deadly epidemic in our country. The disease can lead to blindness, heart disease/heart attack, stroke, kidney failure and limb amputations. For this reason, it’s important to identify patients at risk for Type 2 diabetes with the goal of preventing the disease. Our bodies create insulin to help ingest sugar, or glucose, into cells to use for energy. Prediabetes, a condition that increases a person’s risk of developing Type 2 diabetes, is characterized by an impaired tolerance for glucose. Untreated, this condition can lead to Type 2 diabetes, a disease in which the cells don’t respond to insulin, the body doesn’t make enough insulin, or both. In addition to prediabetes, conditions that increase the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes are obesity; having a close relative with Type 2 diabetes; being in certain ethnic groups such as Asian, Latino, and African American; and smoking tobacco. In some cases prediabetes and diabetes don’t cause any symptoms, while in other cases symptoms may include blurry vision, excessive thirst and frequent urination. Because prediabetes generally doesn’t cause symptoms, patients can go years without knowing their risk unless they’re tested. There are two ways to screen for prediabetes. One uses a fasting blood sugar, or a blood test done while fasting for 10 to 12 hours. The other uses a two-hour glucose-tolerance test during which the fasting blood sugar is checked in the morning and then checked again two hours after drinking a liquid with a measured amount of sugar. Sometimes doctors will also add a test to determine average blood sugars over the previous three months. If you have prediabetes, you may be able to prevent the development of Type 2 diabetes and its complications by doing

But I Love My Sweets

By Sung Knueppel, M.D. * Lose a modest amount of weight; about 5% to 10% of your current body weight. * Do a moderate amount of exercise; at least 30 minutes five days a week or more. * Stop smoking. * Make healthy food choices. When possible, replace refined carbohydrates such as white rice, white bread and white pasta with whole grains, wheat, and brown rice and pasta. * Avoid excessive desserts and other sugary foods and beverages. * Increase your fiber intake to 30 grams per day. * Try to maintain a healthy weight for your height. This is called body mass index (BMI). * If you have a normal fasting blood sugar, stay active and eat healthy. * If choosing the right foods is difficult, ask your doctor to refer you to a nutrition specialist. * If you haven’t had your fasting blood sugar checked in the past year, go see your doctor and ask to be tested. the following:

Prediabetes can be a precursor to Type 2 diabetes and serious health consequences. But it doesn’t have to be. A few key lifestyle changes may be all you need to prevent this disease. Photo Caption: Dr. Sung Knueppel is a family practitioner at the Redwood Shores Health Center of the Palo Alto Medical Foundation.

The leading treatments for gum disease are scaling and root planning (deep cleaning of the gums) and surgical gum treatment in more advanced cases. Antibiotics are sometimes used in conjunction with these other therapies, often with the goal of killing bacteria that is causing the gum disease. Recently, there is a new drug, which instead focuses on controlling our body’s reaction to these bacteria. The new drug is called Periostat. To understand how Periostat works, we need to have some understanding of how bacteria in the mouth cause the loss of gum tissue and bone around the teeth. Oral bacteria cause a chronic infection in the mouth of people with gum disease. This infection causes the body to release chemical substances called cytokines, which in turn cause a cascade of reactions within the gum and surrounding tissue. One of the substances released is a family of enzymes known as matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs). One of the MMPs is collagenase, an enzyme that breaks down the gum and bone. Periostat is a new application of a not so new drug, doxycycline. Doxycycline is a derivative of tetracycline. Periostat is a 20 mg capsule of doxycycline that should be taken twice a day over several months. Periostat helps to inhibit the body’s production of the destructive collagenase. Unlike higher doses of doxycycline or tetracycline that can be used to prevent the multiplication of some bacteria associated with gum disease. Periostat protects our body’s “over reaction” to bacteria, and its lower dose has far fewer side effects. Periostat is not intended to replace the need for excellent oral hygiene or other traditional gum treatment. It is a drug that clinical research has shown that will modestly improve gum disease when taken in conjunction with professional deep cleaning of the gums and a thorough oral hygiene regimen.

Periostat: a new drug for the war against gum disease

Tel (650) 654-6545 Fax (650) 654-6564

ROCKY DHALIWAL, D.M.D. Family, Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry 278 Redwood Shores Parkway (Next to the Nob Hill Market) Redwood Shores

Page 17

Redwood Shores Certified Farmers Market
Starts June 29, 2012

Every Friday - Year Round – 11:00 a.m.– 6:00 p.m. Redwood Shores Public Library 399 Marine Parkway, Redwood City, CA 94065


Farm-fresh, locally-grown fruits and vegetables; baked goods; apiary items; kettle corn; arts & crafts; and much, much more! •Free Raffle for Weekly Market Basket • Free Parking


For more information, call Jerry at 650/290-3549

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Okay, so now how do you stop the jumping? First everyone in the family and your guests have to be told how to respond to his presence in the same manner. When you enter the house, don’t make eye contact with the dog, ignore him until he calms down by himself. Don’t repeatedly tell him to sit. When the dog jumps on you, plant your feet in a shoulder wide stance and wobble your legs back and forth. Dogs won’t stand on an unstable surface, so he will back away and perhaps try one or two more times. Then you will notice him “air jumping” rather than touching you. Once he does this, the old behavior is beginning to be replaced with the new behavior. He has to learn that whenever he jumps on someone there is no balance point. Keep doing this greeting consistently for a week and you will be surprised at the resolution of the problem. If he jumps on you while you are sitting, wobble your legs back and forth. Once the dog has all four feet on the ground, praise him immediately. If he jumps again, wobble again. If your

One of the most obnoxious behaviors a dog can exhibit is jumping up on its’ owners or on visitors. The dog is trying to elicit attention and is showing dominance. When he was a puppy this was considered “cute”. He was rewarded with people bending over to pet and fuss over him. Now that the dog weighs 20 or more pounds the jumping can quickly escalate from annoying to dangerous. His rough greetings may knock packages out of your arms, soil your clothes, terrify children and injure frail visitors. When you yell at the dog he is still getting attention, so you are continuing to reinforce the bad behavior. The first rule of dog training is don’t let your puppy get away with behaviors you don’t want displayed when he is a grown dog.

Teaching Your Dog Not To Jump Up

Want a well-mannered dog that doesn’t pull on the leash, comes when he is called and doesn’t jump on you? Invest in the convenience of private Dog Training in your home.

See improvement the first session. You can have the best dog on the block.

Jean Cary, Dog Trainer Call her at:

(650)-593-9622 or (650)-208-4978
dog is a larger breed and jumps up putting his feet on your chest, pivot around with your back to the dog until he is calm and sitting. The key is to ignore the dog and not give him attention. The next step is to teach the dog to go sit and stay in his spot with a treat until the guests have entered and are ready to greet him.

Enjoy a well-mannered dog that is an asset to your family. Invest in training to transform your dog into the best friend you have always wanted. Call Jean Cary for an evaluation and a customized training program for your dog. (650) 593-9622.

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Serving our Clients Since 1998
Pets are very curious creatures. That is all well and good, but we want to insure our homes are pet-proofed so that our fur kids do not get into trouble or danger. Have you taken a good walk in your backyard lately and inspected the fencing and gates? Many a dog has managed to dig out under a fence. Is your gate, built securely? I once had a dog who chewed her way through a very well-built wooden gate. Had I not seen it myself, I would not have believed it. If you have a pool in your backyard, does your dog know how to get out should it accidentally fall in? If not, take the time to teach your dog where the pool steps are so they can get out. Some pools have no steps. If your dog fell in he would not be able to get out unless you are there to rescue him. If your pool does not have steps, the perimeter should be well secured by fencing to keep your dog out. Power strips and cords: I have seen cats chew through a phone cord. I have seen dogs also chew through speaker wires. If your 4-legged friend is prone to such frivolities, you can purchase “tubes” to contain those loose cords and wires. Keep the lid to the toilet seat down! Especially if you use that “blue stuff”. Kittens and puppies can also fall in. More than one dog and cat thinks the “throne” is their personal drinking bowl. Don’t encourage this. Do you have children? No doubt, they have plenty of toys. Make sure those toys – especially the ones with small parts – are kept out of your dog’s reach. Ask any vet the things they find that dogs have ingested and it will boggle your mind. Keep all cleaning products, insecticides, and fertilizer in a secure cupboard. One of the most common poisoning occurrences is due to snail bait poison. The manufactures make snail bait so it entices the snails; well it also smells good to your dog! If you keep everything secured and out of reach, chances are you will never be faced with a life or death emergency due to poisoning. By taking these simple steps, you will prevent carless accidents from happening. Jan Brown is the Owner of Jan’s Pet Sitting and is a Pet Tech® Pet First Aid Instructor. She can be reached at

650-341-6255 Bonded and Insured

Pet-Proofing Your Home

Over the past 40 years, I’ve helped hundreds of businesses and practices do exactly that. • Conducted public collection seminars in 200 cities in all 50 states • A member of the Institute of Management Consultants. • Spoken at the Commonwealth Club and many other venues. • References are available at Call (650)654-9038 for a FREE phone consultation Leonard Sklar, Principal Author, “The Check Is NOT In The Mail” Redwood Shores Resident

GET PAID IN FULL AND ON TIME while you GROW your business or practice.


The San Carlos/Redwood City Branch of the American Association of University Women (AAUW) announces the winners of Tech Trek camperships for 2012. These young women are Kaitlin Oliveri-Tierra Linda, San Carlos; Jasmine Flores-Garfield, Redwood City; NIkita Ogireddy-Central, San Carlos; Elizabeth Vega-McKinley, Redwood City; Katherine Green-Ralston, Belmont; and Kathy Vo-Hoover, Redwood City. They, with approximately 80 other campers from the Bay Area, will spend from July 17-23 on Stanford University campus.



Tech Trek is a science and math summer camp designed to develop interest, excitement, and self-confidence in young women who will enter 8th grade in the fall. The week-long program includes workshops, hands-on-experiences, and interactions with professional women in the fields of biotechnology, marine biology, forensics, astronomy and more. Students are selected by their science teachers to apply for scholarships. Local AAUW branches screen the applications and conduct in-person interviews. Scholarships are funded by individual chapter members, chapters, and friends. It costs approximately $950 to provide each all-inclusive scholarship. Tech Trek is a project of AAUW-California. Sandra Cooperman 650-369-2004

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Not many people realize that a big reason for their back, neck, or even foot pain could be from poor posture. An incorrect sitting posture at work or school (crossing your legs, computer monitor set too high or too low), unhealthy standing habits (carrying your head forward, heavy purse or backpack), or even a poor lying position (unsupportive mattress, sleeping on your stomach) can greatly contribute to body aches and pains.

Posture is the position in which people hold their bodies while standing, sitting, or lying down. Good posture is the correct alignment of body parts supported by the correct amount of muscle tension against gravity. Good posture is important because it reduces stress on joints and ligaments, which will minimize abnormal wearing down of joints that could lead to degenerative arthritis; good posture will also allow the body to be more efficient and use less energy, which will prevent muscle fatigue and overuse disorders.

Imagine a home built with a poor foundation and weak structures. Predictably it may not take too much time for the home to start wearing down and crumbling to the ground. In just the same manner, a human body that does not have strong structural muscles and a proper alignment of the spine is prone to more injuries, strains and sprains, and pain. Strong structural musclessuch as large back muscles and abdominals- as well as a properly aligned spine are what help people obtain good posture.

Why Does Good Posture Really Matter Anyway?

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Doctors of Chiropractic are primary care physicians that are trained to assist patients with proper posture at the skeletal and muscular level. Chiropractors can determine areas in a person’s spine that is aggravated due to poor posture and treat those areas of misalignment through chiropractic adjustments.

Sometimes a pre-existing spinal misalignment can also make it uncomfortable for people to stand or sit with good posture even if they tried. This is why it is important to get a postural and spinal screening to balance out the body from the inside out. Doctors of chiropractic can also recommend exercises to help strengthen core postural muscles, and also work with patients to choose proper postures during daily life activities or physical activities to help reduce the risk of injury.

Dr. Jenny Kim, D.C. practices at Premier Chiropractic Clinic in Redwood Shores. This reprint is part of a bimonthly Health Newsletter program. If you would like to be included in future Health Newsletters, log onto and sign up with your email address to receive our monthly newsletters by email.

Information provided courtesy of American Chiropractic Association (ACA)

(Or how a former Connecticut Yankee embraced California Cuisine) – Lynn Kathleen Adams Don’t you just love summertime with all of the wonderfully fresh heirloom tomatoes in your garden or from the Farmer’s Market? I marvel at the many varieties and how different they taste. Rumor has it that tomatoes were first cultivated in Peru and transported to Mexico where the Aztecs prepared them with peppers and corn. And I’m certain that you know they are actually a fruit and not a vegetable!


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Tomatoes, Tomatoes and more Tomatoes

This tart is easy to make, and delicious. The fontina cheese, tomatoes and herbs blend nicely together for a very satisfying taste. You can serve the tart as an appetizer, or even for a light luncheon accompanied by a chilled butter lettuce salad. Tomato Tart 1 sheet frozen puff pastry 4 tomatoes, sliced and dried between paper towels 1½ cups of shredded Fontina cheese 1 to 2 teaspoons fresh thyme leaves (you can also use fresh basil) Kosher salt and freshly ground pepper 1 egg 1 tablespoon water Preheat oven to 400°F

Dad always grew the most wonderful delicious and juicy tomatoes in his garden in Connecticut. My brother and sisters would go to the nursery in the spring with him to select a variety of small plants, which we would carefully transplant in a special section of his garden. We were tasked with “guarding” them as they grew larger from those nasty fat green cutworms – he’d give us each a nickel or dime for each bug we plucked off the growing plants. (Of course, we had to save the bugs in a container to show him before collecting our loot.) On a hot steamy July day, my Mom and I would take a salt shaker and sit right down in the middle of the garden, eating tomatoes warmed by the sun and right off the vine, sprinkled with a little salt – summer heaven!

Bake the tart dough for about 15 minutes or until the crust has puffed and is lightly golden. Don’t get it too dark, as you will continue to bake after adding the tomatoes – the idea is to brown the bottom of the tart. Remove the partially baked tart dough from the oven, and top with the shredded cheese, tomatoes (arrange them in a nice pattern), salt and pepper, and fresh thyme. Place the tart back into the oven for about 15 - 20 minutes or until golden brown and crisp on the bottom. Slice and serve while still warm. Lynn has been a member of RSCA since 1994. This article first appeared in The PILOT in 2010.

Follow directions on package of frozen puff pastry, but do not defrost or let sit at room temperature too long. Roll the puff pastry out to about 9X13 inch rectangle. Slice about 1 inch of dough from each side. Place the large section of dough on parchment paper on a baking sheet, and put the small strips of dough on the edges of the large section of dough to make an edge / crust. Prepare the base of the tart by pricking the dough with a fork being careful not to prick the edge / crust. Prepare the egg wash by beating the egg and water, and brush the egg mixture on the edges of the tart with a pastry brush.

Prepare your ripe tomatoes by slicing into ¼ inch slices. You want nice large round slices, so may wish to save the ends for your salad or snack on them while preparing this recipe! Place sliced tomatoes on double layer of paper towels, and cover with another layer of paper towels, and pat to absorb the excess liquid.

The red grapes used in the production of Rosé vary with what’s available at the producer’s estate or allowed in the appellation, but the ones I find particularly interesting are from the French varietals like Grenache, Syrah, Cinsault, and Mourvedre. However, I have never turned my nose or taste buds away from Rosés made from Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, or any other varietal, and neither should you. Lastly, as food partners, which is any wine’s reason for existing, Rosés unrivaled versatility make them great matches—in addition to grilling—for alfresco lunches, picnics, simple dinner fare, late morning brunches, or even just sipping and noshing. Summer is upon us, so put away your fancy stemware, pull out the tumblers and pour yourself an easy drinking, thirst slaking, palate cleansing Rosé.

It is worth noting that Rosés are not made by merely blending a bland white wine with a mediocre red one. Nope. Rosés are made from quality red grapes much as red wines are, except that after the crush the skins do not remain as long in the juice. This commingling of skins and grape juice, known as maceration, is what gives each Rosé its unique qualities of tint, taste, fragrance and heft. After the maceration, the juice is “bled” off, and the fermentation is completed, sans skins, in temperature-controlled, stainless steel tanks. This process, which the French call saignée, is the technique winemakers utilize to produce a “serious” Rosé, and since each red grape has unique skin pigments, acidity and tannin levels, then it’s clear that there’s a wide variety of styles to be enjoyed. And don’t assume that the palest color will be the lightest bodied and/or be lacking in aromatic or flavor intensity. Tain’t so.

I bring this up, because the sun is showing its face here and there, and my primal urges to cook over flames is underway. That is, I’m starting to grill my favorite warm weather food—burgers, baby back ribs, chicken teriyaki, flank steaks, lamb chops, and Mediterranean-styled grilled vegetables. At the Barras household, Rosés get first right of refusal with that cuisine, for they offer the cool and crisp, fruity freshness of whites with an injection, figuratively speaking, of some red wine virtues: color, flavor, aromatics and a tad more body.

Until the Wine Spectator published a front page article on them several years ago, Rosés were the Rodney Dangerfield of wines—utterly no respect. Eschewed by White Zinfandel drinkers because they were too dry (not sweet enough), they were simultaneously shunned by other wine enthusiasts because they were thought to be like White Zinfandel—too sweet. However, other publications and wine critics continued to point out the worthiness of those value-priced pinks of summer. From then on, Rosé sales in America, particularly dry French versions, have increased substantially. In its July 31, 2011 issue, the Spectator published a lengthy review of Rosés from around the world, providing them another upward notch of respectability, and in its second annual vote of confidence, the San Francisco Chronicle recently gave many foreign and domestic Rosés positive reviews.

By Tom Barras

The Therapist’s Corner

Now that we’re truly into the summer months and casual-wear is called for, it is important to remember that casual does not mean “sloppy”. Here are some great tips for looking casually chic at your summer BBQ or while running errands, etc…. MAXI-DRESSES AND LONG SKIRTS are easy-to-wear summer style. Try topping them with a little cardi or jean jacket if the weather turns breezy or cool. They work equally well with sandals or wedges, depending on their length. A long skirt can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. If you’re shorter in stature, opt for the lengthening column of the maxi-dress instead of the long skirt, which tends to break the flow of the eye from top to bottom. JEANS work great year-round of course, but how about a colored version for summer? Try rolling up the hems just above the ankles for a different look with sandals. CITY SHORTS (i.e. shorts in a length just above the knee) are a great way to upgrade a casual look, especially if you combine them with a jacket in a light-weight fabric, such as linen. Pop on some wedges and you’ve got a chic casual-Friday look for the office. BRIGHTLY COLORED TOPS AND TEES are fresh and uplifting for the season. You can find some inexpensive, but stylish, versions that will look great with jeans, shorts, or skirts. Combine them with a statement necklace and a stack of bracelets Scott M. Granet, LCSW is a long-time resident of Redwood Shores, and you’ve got a totally pulled-together look with very little effort. and is director of the OCD-BDD Clinic of Northern California in Redwood City. He would like to hear your suggestions for future Adena DiTonno is a wardrobe and image consultant in Redwood columns, and can be reached at 650-599-3325 or Shores. my website,


As I mentioned in an earlier article, much of my free time in college was spent playing the arcade game of foosball. The game room was a popular destination complete with a foosball table, pinball machines, ping pong and pool tables. Some of the games didn’t really require interacting with anyone else, though many of course did. Plus, since they cost money each time and were only available during game room hours, the amount of time spent there was somewhat limited. Fast forward 40 years to Angry Birds, Farmville, Call of Duty, Mario Bros., Temple Run, Brickbreaker, Doodle Jump, Minecraft, Halo 3, Everquest, (insert your own here). Electronic devices such as computers, cell phones, Xbox, Nintendo DS, and the Wii make these and thousands (millions?) of other games literally available at our fingertips 24/7. Now, please don’t mistake this article as a criticism of video games. They certainly can be fun, and many are truly amazingly creative. Most people who play these do so without ever exhibiting signs of addiction and enjoy them as a harmless diversion. The issue that I am raising, however, is when they seem to become more than just a game and contribute to serious life problems. WebMD reports the following: “According to the Center for On-Line Addiction, warning signs for video game addiction include: 1) playing for increasing amounts of time 2) thinking about gaming during other activities 3) gaming to escape from real-life problems 4) lying to friends and family to conceal gaming 5) feeling irritable when trying to cut down on gaming.” Also, given the amount of time and energy spent on the games, it is not unusual to find people who limit socializing, and have difficulty with school, employment and relationships. Feelings of anger, depression, and anxiety may surface as well, especially when not playing. Males under 30 are most likely to exhibit signs of excessive video gaming, but it can certainly occur in girls, women and people over 30. Teens and pre-teens are of particular concern as excessive gaming can interfere with social development and academic performance. While many games now involve playing with others online, they are a poor substitute for real social interaction. So, is video game addiction real? The answer appears to be yes. Internet addiction, which includes video gaming, is considered by some to be a significant enough problem to warrant inclusion in the DSM, the book published by the American Psychiatric Association which describes and classifies all psychiatric disorders. Just like other addictions which interfere with day to day functioning, it is best to seek the guidance of a counselor skilled in its treatment if you are concerned about your usage or that of a friend or loved one.

Video Game Addiction: Is it Real?

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Priya Talreja (6th grade) has been attending Science in Action for one month and really likes the hands on aspects of learning. She says it’s really fun. She learned how to make a camera and how the human eye works.

Claire Crowder (3rd grade) says in tennis you move around a lot and on cold days it warms you up. She likes being outdoors. When she thinks of her tennis lesson she says, “Oh, tennis! It’s outdoors!” and is eager to go.

Sammy Wong (5th grade in September) thinks “tennis is fun, the coaches are nice and you learn a lot of stuff.” She says they do warm up in class and practice foot work moving tennis balls from one cone to another. She urges others to try it because it’s fun and you compete in little games like rallies.

Sports & Science In Action

Join the Summer Reading Club at Redwood City Public Library! Readers, Listeners and Parents are invited! Avoid summer braindrain - read all summer and get great prizes! Sign-ups continue until the end of August at all four Redwood City Libraries. Don’t miss these special Summer Reading Club programs: • Magician Gerald Joseph - Wednesday July 11 at 7:00pm • Ventriloquist Steve Chaney - Wednesday July 18 at 7:00pm • Daffy Dave - Wednesday July 25 at 7:00pm

Parent’s name: ______________________________ Mobile number: ____________________________

2012 Summer Schedule (subject to change with notice)

To Register, Email:

Please enter child’s name then child’s number in the space below each activity for which you wish to sign up IT in Action (MOUSE Squad curriculum, materials, and training; need parents to be trained as docents like those in Art in Action; start with first 20 families; please contact to volunteer) Sundays (1 or 1.5 hrs between 1-4pm) at Sandpiper Community Center ___/___/___/___ Language in Action (Chinese, brush painting, calligraphy, wu shu) Sundays (1 or more hours between 1-4pm) at Sandpiper Community Center ___/___/___/___

Paws for Tales • Saturday July 7 at 11:00am Dogs love to hear stories! Come read to a specially trained dog provided by the Peninsula Humane Society. Seaside Storytime • Saturday July 28 at 1:30pm Come and hear stories and see animals from our own bay with the Marine Science Institute. Peninsula Book Club • Tuesday July 31 at 6:00pm We will discuss Jesmyn Ward’s Salvage the Bones. For more information & to RSVP, visit

CLUB USA® proudly presents Photography & Optics for kids featuring Mrs. Jennifer Lo and Dr. David Brew.

NEW! Science in Action • Mondays July 9 from 6:00pm - 8:00

Math in Action (mental arithmetic, same time as Science so children can do one activity before another) Saturdays (1 hour per group between 10am-1pm) at Redwood Shores Library Sundays (1 hour per group between 1-4pm) at Sandpiper Community Center ___/___/___/___

Photography & Optics Five Mondays (7/9,16,23,30, 8/6; 6-8pm) at Redwood Shores Library ___/___/___/___

LEGO Two Sundays (6/24, 7/1; 1.5 hours per group, 1-4pm) at Sandpiper Community Center ___/___/___/___

Sports in Action (tennis) M-F (3-5pm) at Preserve Park courts (next to Redwood Shores Elementary School) M (2-3pm), W (2-3pm), F (2-3pm) ___/___/___/___

Science in Action Six Saturdays (06/23,30; 07/14,28; 08/11,25; 1 hour per group; 10am-1pm) at Redwood Shores Library Ten Sundays (06/24; 07/01,08,15,22,29; 08/05,12,19,26; 1 hr / group; 1-4pm) at Sandpiper Community Center ___/___/___/___

Music in Action (concert pianist Alex Davis et al. performs and gives 15 min 1:1 instruction to preschoolers) Wednesdays (public performance 11:00-11:30, private instruction thereafter) at Redwood Shores Library ___/___/___/___

Weekly Storytimes Mondays • 11:00am - Preschool Ages 3-5 Thursdays • 10:30am - Preschool Ages 3-5 Thursdays • 11:30am - Tiny Tales Ages 0-18 Months Teen Gaming and Activities: Mondays 5:00pm

Volunteer with the Friends of the Library The Friends operates a resale book store inside the Downtown Library to generate funds to support library programs and events. Call 650.780.7050 for more information about the Friends and to identify your volunteer interests. For volunteer opportunities at the Redwood Shores Branch Library, please call 650.780.5740.

Meeting Space Available at Redwood Shores Branch Library 399 Redwood Shores Parkway,

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