Minor Project "Synthetics" version 1



Theme - Women's make-up obsession. Stop Motion Video is supposed to give false, artificial and uncanny feeling.

Characters: A girl with a red dress.

Clothing: Classic conservative red dress with short sleeves, classic shoes without heels.

Introduction: Interior First shot: Representing the environment - 70-80's style room. There is a table with a mirror and there is a girl sitting next to the table and staring into the mirror. Action: Second shot: The mirror does not reflect the girl. Third shot: Lipstick on the table. Fourth shot: shots are switching in between the lipstick, girls eyes and lips. Fifth shot: Lipstick deforms, melts, turns into a flying bubble, its form responds on the sound effects. Sixth shot: Girl tries to grab the bubble sitting at the table, but it drops on the ground. Seventh shot: She stands up, tries to step on the bubble, but it still slips away. Eighth shot: Girl falls on her knees, awkwardly grabs the bubble and swallows it. Conclusion: Nineth shot: Girl stands up, her reflection in the mirror behind her is looking to the same side. Final shot: Girl's Reflection brushes her fist through the lips and the lipstick gets all over her cheek. Black screen End.

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