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Army exec sees death to 11 NPA rebels as end of Reds in Quezon The killing of 11 New People's Army (NPA) rebels in a clash with govemment forces in San Narciso, Quezon, on Saturday was the final blow that could end the communist insurgency in the province, a top Army official said on Sunday. Failed ambush: 11 Rebels killed Eleven armed combatants of the New People's Army (NPA) were killed in a 3D-minute gun battle between one squad of soldiers of 74th Infantry Batta1ion (74th1B) of the Army while travemng on the Mulanay....:..San Francisco road in smo Macuyo-cuyo, barangay White Criff, this town, Saturday afternoon. 11 Reds killed. in encounter Eleven suspected New People's Army (NPA) mem- bers were killed Saturday ina 3Q.. inute gun battle with troopers from the m 74th Infantry Battalion (74thIB) of the Army along Mulanay-8an Francisco road in Sitio Macuyo-cuyo, 8arangay· White Cliff, this town. Military cautious in probing 11 slain rebels To avoidspecutations that the 11 New People's Army rebels killed in a clash with government troops on Saturday in San Narciso, Quezon was a rubout, the military is doing all tegal _Qrocedures in its probe, Two NPA guerillas kHled, one captured



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Lanao Sur marks Anniversary ~ The provincial government of Lanao del Sur is stepping-up its preparations for the 53rd founding anniversary celebration of the _province. NPA torch 6 trucks in Bukidnon Suspected New People's Army (NPA) rebels torched six trucks Saturday night in Quezon, Bukjdnon, the military said. Army camp in Capiz eyed as tourism site The Army is now in talks with the Department of Tourism (DOT) for the possible development of this military camp as an ecotourism site and an aHemative to Boracay Island.


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AFP to continue enhancing soldiers' image The mintary will tap film and other modem multi-media to enhance the image of soldiers, which has been tainted by allegations of human rights abuses and corruption.


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AFP creates 19 soldier-fltmmakers - The Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) now have 19 soldier-

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filmmakers amonc its ranks. AFP too help secure fishermen in shoal - The Armed Forces of the Philippines will support and coordinate efforts with the Philippine Coast Guard to ensure the safety of fishermen returning to the Panatag (Scarborough) Shoal, AFP spokesman Col. Amulfo Burgos Jr. said yesterday. Senate chief: China's claim on shoal weak AFP, PNP ink antiMtorture MOA Officer due for attrition honored today THE Armed Forces is paying a tribute today to Lt. Gen. Roland Detabali, commander of the military's Southern Luzon Command based in Lucena City, who is facing attrition or forced retirement from the service in the camino weeks. Abra female board member, 3 others charged with murder Police filed murder charges last Friday against a provincial board member of Abra and three others for the killing of a FilipinoSwiss in the capital town of Banaued town last Nov. 23_

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Rebel's jail transfer'tied to spy expose Communist rebels on Sunday condemned the transfer of Alan from the pofice Jazmines, of one of their consultants, headquarters to a regular jail in Camp 8agong Oiwa in Bicutan, Taguig City, for exposing the alleged presence of US Federal Bureau of Investigation agents inside the national police headquarters in Camp Crame. Photo: Indonesian soldiers salute ..•


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truce monitors arriv, At least 10 Indonesian mmtaryofficials and five civilian experts arrived in the country yesterday to join the Malaysia:4ed International Monitoring Team (IMT) that oversees the ceasefire agreement between government and Moro .Islamic Liberation Front (MfLF) forces. Photo: Government Chief peace adviser •..



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Indonesian 22-23

peace monitors

in Manila


25 26 27

15 Indon peace monitors arrive - Indonesia's 15-man contingent to the lntemational MonitOring Team (IMT) arrived in Manila the other day and win proceed to Cotabato City today for their deployment for the Mindanao peace process. 15 Indonesian IMT Contingent arrive - Indonesia's 15-man contingent to the InternationaJ MonitOring Team (IMT) has arrived in Manjla the other day and will proceed to Cotabato City today for their deployment for the Mindanao peace process. Trillanes: An quiet on military front, but you never know There is no unrest in the mHitary these days because the situations that caused them before no longer exist

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China sends patrol shipS to disputed waters 50 Coast Guard personnel joining CARAT The Philippine Coast Guard will be sending 50 personnel to the nine-day Cooperation Afloat Readiness and Training (CARAT) that begins today in Mindanao. .


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Latest RP..uS war games start Armed men free Indian national, says professor Pofice wounded Naval Exercises

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Jordanian journalist sa Sulu, spy? Abante p. 6 - Aarestuhln umano ng militar ang beteranong Jordanian journalist na si Baker Atyani na ngayon ay kasama ng Abu Sayyaf sa lalawigan ng Sulu.

31 32 The Middle kingdom marks a milestone Unearthing AFP corruption POI p, A-17 Manila Times p. A-4


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July 2012

Army exec sees death 'of 11 NPA rebels as end of Reds in Quezon'
LUCENACITY~ The killing of 11 New Peo- emment soldiers, has not issued a statement ple's Aijny (NPA) rebels in a clash with gov- about the recent breakout of hostilities. Luga said no details were known on the ernmerit forces in San Narciso, Quezon, on Saturday was the final blow that could end identities of the two rebels who died in an encounter that broke out at 5:30 a.m. in the communist insurgency in the province, Barangay Mambog in Botolan, Zambales. a top Army official said on Sunday. The bodies were taken to a funeral parlor "The incident is a major setback to the NPA in Quezon. The final nail to its coffin so in the capital town of Iba. to speak," Col. Eduardo Afio, commander He said Lito Collado, mown as Warry in of the Army's 201st Infantry Brigade, said Tarlac, was arrested after the clash. Soldiers took Collado to the provincial hospital where in a phone interview. With the killing of 11 rebels, by far the he was treated for a bullet wound in his leg. Lt. Col. Michael Samson, commander of largest number of NPA casualties in a single encounter in recent history, the Quezon in- the Army's 24th Infantry Battalion, said government forces recovered four Armalite surgents have been reduced into 23 armed rifles, a shotgun, a hand grenade, two rifle guerrillas, said Afio. grenades and antigovernment documents On Saturday, troops from the 74th Infantry in the clash site. Battalion engaged 15 rebels in Barangay Three residents who were arrested with White Cliff In a 45-minute fire fight before the rebels retreated in different directions Collado were released after tb.eywere leaving behind 11 bodies of their dead com- cleared by village officials, the\rriilitarfs Northern Luzon Command said in;moth~r rades, three of whom were women. report. ;»·;L"''';;·· Two Army soldiers=-Pfc. Moises Magora In another clash in Nueva Vizcaya atB a.m., and Pvt. Jonel Badulid-were slightly soldiers recovered two rifles in the clash site wounded. The soldiers recovered four M-16 AI- . in BarangayTalbek in Dupax del Sur town. An malite rifles, a Baby Armalite with M203 M-16 Annalite rifle was recovered after a grenade launcher, a shotgun, an M79 clash between government troops and NPA grenade launcher, ammunitions and an im- rebels in Barangay Pias in General Tinio, Nueva Ecija, at 4:30 p.m. provised explosive device. Luga said residents reported seeing the Afio identified three of the rebel casualrebels in their villages. ties as Armando Albarillo, alias "Ka Jun," alleged NPA commander; Rosario Oblinar Albay (Ka Cristy), NPA secretary; and her spouse In Albay province, the Daraga police has Eduardo Oblinar (Ka Emer), an NPA plafiled frustrated murder charges against five toon leader. The rest of the NPA casualties suspected NPA members believed responsihave yet to be identified, he said. ble for last May's attack on an Army detachArio said the presence of the rebels was tipped off to the military by concerned citi- ment and the burning of heavy equipment at zens. 'With the active cooperation of the cit- 'the construction site of the Southern LUzon International Airport (SUA) in Daraga town.: izens, our target of ending the communist The same group would also be charged insurgency in Quezon province this year will with arson by the Bureau of Fire Protection be accomplished much sooner," Mo said. . for the destroyed properties of Sunwest Central Luzon Construction and Development Corp., the In Central Luzon, Brig. Gen. Alan Luga, contractor of the SLIAproject, and two other commander of the Army's 7th Infantry Divi- constructions firms, said Senior Supt. Paulision based in Fort Magsaysay; Nueva Ecija, no Belga, PNP assistant provincial director. ' Charged at the provincial prosecutor's of ~ yesterday said' two suspected NPA rebels were killed while another was arrested in fice on Friday were Rolando Alcera, of OaS town; Dante Orcio, of Camalig; Eduardo three separate clashes with government troops in Zambales, Nueva Vizcaya and Sevilla, of Libon; Rolito Calayas and Jose Bernardino, both ofPioduran, Delfin 1: Mal~ Nueva Ecija on Saturday. The NPRs Central Luzon Regional Com- Zan Jr. and Mar S. ArgueUes, Inquirer Southern Luzon; Tonette Orejas and Armittee, which was reported to have control over the three units that clashed with zov- m;:J;d Gaians, Inquirer Central Luzon

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Failed Ambush: 11 Rebels Killed

SAN· NARCISO, Quezon Eleven armed combatants of the New People's Army (NPA) were killed in a 30·minute gun battle between one squad of soldiers of 74th Infantry Battalion (74thIB) of the Army while travelling on the Mulanay-San Francisco road in sitio Macuyo-cuyo, baran-

gay White Cliff, this town, Saturday afternoon. Colonel Eduardo Ano, commanding officer of the Army's 201st Infantry Brigade, identified one of the slain rebels as ArmandoAlbaril10, an alleged platoon leader of the NPA's Southern Tagalog Regional Party Committee; while the others are pending identification. Reports said the at about 11:10 noon, the soldiers were on their way to Munalay town to participate in the Quezon's 2·in 1 project of planting two million mangrove trees in one day in the entire province when. the clash took place.



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SAN NARCISO, Quezon -Eleven suspected New People's Army (NPA) members were killed Saturday ina 30-minute gun battle with troopers from the 74th Infantry Battaiion (74thIB) of the Army along Mulanay-San Francisco road in Sitio Macuyo-cuyo; Barangay White Cliff, this town.
Colonel Eduardo Ano, comMunalay town to particlpate in said the soldiers exchanged fires with the rebels for about 30 minmanding officer of the Army's Quezon's mangrove-planting, utes that resulted in the killing of 201st Infantry Brigade, identified project when the clash took . 11 rebels and woundingoftlNe one of. the sla in -rebels as A~- - .pIaGe.-- -'----~----mando Albarillo, alleged platoon Ano said that the rebels were of the government troopers, one of. them was identified as Pfc, leader of the NPA'sSouthern Ta- about to ambush the soldiers galogRegional Party Committee. when a civilian informant sent a Badulid. The military recovered from The other dead rebels have yet text message to the soldiers into be identified. forming them that some 15 rebels the battle scene five M16 rifles, a M203 grenade launcher, an M79 Reports said that at about were sighted along the road. rifle,8 shotgun, and an explosive 11: 10 a.m. last Saturday, the Lt. Col. Dennis Perez, comdevice. soldiers were on their way to. mandingofficerof the 74thIB,





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July 2012

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City·· To avoid speculations that the 11 New People'sAr.myrebels killed in a clash with government troops. on Saturday in San Narciso, Quezon was a rubout. the military is doing all legal procedures in its probe. . Col. Eduardo Aiio, Ar· my's 2:Olst Brigade commander, said they observe standard operating procedure in the investigation by the police authorities in the bloody incident in order to prevent . allegations of "salvage." "Shortly after the clearing operation yesterday, we immediately called the attention of our counterpart in the police, especially the Quezon Crime Laboratory Office under Supt. Rufina Baldovino, for them to do the Scene of the Crime Operation. We also informed Quezon police director Senior Supt. Valeriano de Leon Bondoc Peninsula (3rd He said the group had to do his part," said Aiio district) and secretary of to take a five-kilometer in a phone interview SPN Berto, under the dewalk from tll,e mountain while at the town proper funct Komprob-Quszon; of San Narciso, waiting. , down to the barangay Rosario Oblinar, alias road and another 25-km, for his t'roops who were Cristy, secretary of SPN travel to the poblacion. still at the clash site. ' "It's really a ·sacrifice on ' Edel, and Eduardo Olbi"That is the- very reanar, her husband, deputy the part of our men but we son why up to this mosecretary of SPN Edel. have to do it. We have to be ment (3 p.m.), our sol, One Pfc. Badulid sus- . transparent," said Perez, diers with the police intained a gunshot wound adding, "...We anticipate -vestigators and the dead in ,the right arm but is that anytime soon, leftist rebels are still on their now in stable condition groups like the Karapatan way here," said Afio, addat the hospital .. ' would aCCUBe us of rubout ing he has told his battalDuring clearing operand other malicious allegaion commander Lt. CoL ations, the troops recovtions to tarnish our image." Dennis Perez not to ered five M-l6 Annalite . Mio identified three of leave the area until the rifles, a shotgun, an M· SOCO is over and to co- those killed as' Armando 203 and an M79 and nuAlbarilio, alias Ka Jun, the operate with policaprobmerous ammunition. . highest rebel leader in ers.




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July 2012



TWO members of the communist New People's Army (NPA)were killed while another one was captured following a series of encounters in the provinces of'Zambales and Nueva VIZCaya. Brig. Gen. Alan Luga, commander, 7th Infantry Dvision (ID), said Sunday that the first encounter between elementsof the 24th ~'llaual, ion ~d 12members of.tjW.~I.commumst group, the Pmagsamb na Sangay ng Tarlac-Zambales, Central Luzon Regional Committee, occurred in Sito Dinapil, Brgy. Mambog, Botolan, Zambales. The encounter, Luga added, resulted in the death of two rebels who still remain unidentified and



the capture of one Lito Collado, a.k.a Warry, who sustained a gunshot wound in his leg. Captured were two M16 rifles, two M14 rifles, a homemade shotgun, a hand grenade, two rifle gre.nades, subversive documents and personal belongings. .The.second clash erupted at Brgy Talbek, Dupax Del SUf; Nueva Vizcaya when members of the 81st Infantry Battalion, led by Lt. Ramon Dave Advincula, chanced upon another band of rebels. The rebels were believed to be members of the Platun Nueva EdjaNueva Vizcaya-Eastern Pangasinan, Central Luzon Regional Committee.

No casualties were reported on vilian residents in the area. both sides but reports said the guer"In the spirit of [Internal Peace and rillas, who reportedly scampered" to Security plan (IPSP) Bayanihan, J various directions after the lO·minute would like to thank the civilian inclash, left behind two high-powered formant who courageously provided firearms, one MI6 rifle, an M14 rifle, us vital information about the rebels and subversive documents. criminal activities, The people are alAt around 4:30 p.m., another pia· ready fed up by the oppressive extortoon of soldiers fr-om the 56th In- .,,)ionactivities which victimize all.of fantry Battalion, i~d by 2Lt' Alhin '''·.·them. We will' never abandon our Daquioag, also dashed with 'the mandate to protect the people from rebels in Brgy Pi as, General Tinio, these armed bandits who have reNueva Edja, The rebels put up a roamed as potent threats against the fight .that lasted for 10 minutes, bepeace and securityin the area, "he said. fore escaping to the mountains, The1PSPBayanihan, the new antileaving behind an MI6 rifle. insurgency thrust of the government, Luga said the military is now getwas implemented two years ago. ting the full cooperation of the dWILLIAM B.DEPASUPIL

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2 July2012



Community Service
The Army's 8th Infantry Division (BID) commander, Brig, Gen. Gerardo T, Layug, hailed the success of the Pacific Partnership 2012 (PP12), which he said has benefitted more than 16,000residents of the island province of Samar, Layug said the number of beneficiaries, mostly poor residents who have limited or no access to medical care, exceeded the initial target of about 10,000. In his message at the closing ceremony of the Philippine leg of the PP12, Layug said that "For the past 14 days, all of us have been witness to a very extra ordinary event - .the biggest humanitarian mission in the Pacific region and a gathering of several nations coming together for a common purpose of bringing the much needed help to our people and improving our capacity to have a synchronized and well-coordinated response when disaster strikes." "It was a very challenging task for all but, in general, we can proudly say that Pacific Partnership 2012is a success arid together we exceeded all expectations," he added. (Elena A. Aben) po. 1.30

2- July2012
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Lanao Sur Marks 53rd Anniversary

weeklong celebration ofthe 53rd founding anniversary of Lanao del Sur and the preparations for the general registration of voters in the province on July 9 to 13continue to be peaceful, said Governor Mamintal "Bombit" Adiong Jr. yesterday. Civilian, police, and military authorities in Lanao del Sur have also announced what they described as unprecedented prevalence of "zero crime" in the province since January this year. Among attributed the"feat to the enhanced harmony in military and police operations in the province, and to theground-gahringpeacenegotiations between the government and the Moro Islamic Liberations Front (MlLF).

MARAwr· CITY - The ongoing

their thousands of constituents in conducting festivities that started on June 28 and culminate on July 4, the day Lanao del Sur came into official existence from the split 53 years ago of the then empire Lanao province. The weeklong festivities included an array of colorful presentations portraying mostly the culture and tra.ditions of the Marimaos in kulintang, bayok (singing); and other rarely seen . tribal renditions like the contest on horse graceful walk. "We give impetus to cultural activi. ties because we need to preserve our culture and traditions that are the same ..means our forebears upheld in foreigh colonizers," Among said. The celebration also included a fair showcasing the respective products and manifest services of local and

The governor personally led other provincial and municipal officials and

national agencies operating in Lanao del Sur. . The obviously proud governor also credited the cooperation of his constituents spawned by the "state of . improved" local economic activities that "keep ow: people busy," swaying them from the propensity of usual feudal bickering. "Our commerce and other economic activities have improved a lot in the midst of the prevailing peace and started shaping our people's paradigm shift to productive life from feudal ineli- i nation," Among said. i Adiong took time to commend the improved collaboration ofmilitary and police forces in the province under the "persuasive leaderships" of Colonel Danny Lucero, head of the Army's 103rd Infantry Brigade, and Senior Superintendent Romeo Magsalos, provincial police director. f .'2.'l..


o~July 2012
NPAs torch 6 trucks in Bukidnon
DAVAO CITY - Suspected NewPeople'sArmy (NPA) rebels torched six trucks Saturday night in Quezon, Bukidnon, the military said. Officials of the Army's 4th Infantry Division said several armed men on board five vans flagged down the trucks at around 10 p.m. Saturday in Barangay Puntian, Quezon town. The armed men ordered the drivers to leave the area, poured gasoline on the trucks and then set them on fire. Authorities have yet to identify the owners of the trucks. - Edith Regalado


Army camp in Capiz eyed as
CAMP PERALTA, [amindan, Capiz - The Army is now in talks with the Department of Tourism (DOT) for the possible development of this military camp as an ecotourism site and an alternative to Boracay Island. Camp Macario Peralta, which serves as the headquarters of the Army's 3rd Infantry Division, may soon become a tourist spot for nature lovers and those who are fond of hiking, Anny officials said. "Tourists visiting the world-class island resort of Boracaywill now have another option for a place to visit. Visiting the camp will give visitors a Chance to understand more of the local society and culture,' said Maj. Gen. Jose Mabanta Jr.,3rd ID cruef.· "The opening of the camp to tourists will offer an opportunity to teUthe world the rich cultural heritage of people in the area," he added. Maj. Enrico Beta, spokesman of the 3rd ID, said the talks with the DOT seek to provide opportunities for employment while contributing to efforts to boost the country's image. . Camp Peralta, the third largest military camp,

is a nature park and wildlife sanctuary, The 33,3l0-hectare camp is the only military installation with five waterfalls. "With the five waterfalls that we have so far discovered here, this is one of the best places to travel to and appreciate what the natural environment can offer," Mabanta said. . The camp also has a grotto with the image of the Virgin Mary for those who want to pray and those who want to escape the noise of the city. The shrine of the Virgin Mary is located on a hilltop that offers a view of the province. The shrine is surrounded by a myriad of animal and plant species. Because of the rich natural resources, the camp has been labeled as a forest conservation and wildlife sanctuary area. Ileto said the camp can also offer a treat for those who are into nature trekking. A two-hour hike through the forest will treat visitors to a glimpse of the lOO-meterwaterfall and three basin falls, "Visitors can also take a dip and swim in the

tourism site


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stream," Ileto said. The 3rd ID also has a swimming pool and a .: icnic area called the "Kalikasar; N~ture Park" p mplete with amenities and a viewing tower. co. hid' Camp Peralta also has an arc ar~u~, a spa, a mini dam, a physical resistance trammg gym, and a covered court. . Military and tourism officials have y~tto finalize the amount to be charged from visitors who want to explore the camp. . "But there should be at least a f~ for the maintenance of the camp," Mabanta said. Be said the development of Camp Peralta as a tourism site will benefit the. -:esidents of the barangays inside the Army. facility. Camp Peralta is just 54 kilometers from Roxas City, Capiz, 88 krns from Kalibo, Aklan, and 122 kms from Iloilo City. The sprawling camp covers the towns of J~mindan and Tapaz in Capiz ~nd Lambunao m. Iloilo. There are 18 barangays mTapaz and eight villages in [amindan. .




July 2012

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sound design, •.•....•....., '.. <. .. .' .. '. .:'.••........; Theattivityseekstoenable clvll-mllltaryoperations person rteltouse multimediarortheirJri£orma-"

tioncampaign. .

Nineteenniili tary officers who at· . t.· ended the workshopjOinedthe£irst~e~et

' ..•..ii> ::...

ing" held last week in Camp Aguirtaldo.

AFP Write, ShOdt,CutIPlayFilmScreen-


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2- July2012



AFP Creates 19 Soldier-Filmmakers

The Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) now have 19 soldier-filmmakers among its ranks. Yesterday, AFP Chief of Staff General Jessie D. Dellosa hailed the '19 soldiers behind the first-ever '~pWrite, Shoot, Cut, Play Film Screening" for successfully illustrating the other side of

the men and women of the military through four original short films. The films, "Bagong Tsinelas", "Drawing", "Pangarap", and "Kinse" are all about the various faces of the military portraying soldiers as a son, as a friend, as a medical practitioner and as a parent. ' "These films feature the different facets of our soldiers' lives that many do not see often," Dellosa said "Behind the image that is often stereotyped, or even vilified in other forms of media, through these works,


we hope to immortalize in film the struggles and sacrifices, as well as the human and emotional side of our men and women as they go about fulfilling the noble mission of soldiery in the service of our country and people," he added. A premiere for the SOldier-produced films was held Wednesday at ' the AFP Theatre in Camp Aguinaldo following the graduation of the 19 military officers who successfully completed the "Basic Filmmaking Workshop." f>




o~ July 2012

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When asked if the lifting of the fishing ban would lead to the redeployment of government ships, Burgos said the ~o~st Guard, not the military, IS directly involved in the issue. A security official said the lifting of the fishing ban in Panatag could pave way for the return of Philippine govern~ merit vessels to the disputed area.
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Enrile also welcomed the administration of the area with holding of the CARAT exercises. or without fishing ban," he said. Emile shrugged off reports Senate President Juan Ponce that the Joint military exercise is Enrile, on the other hand, called a move to provoke China. on President Aquino to intensify in the modernization of the AFP .IIOf course, that is what they will saJ" so what? If you're proif the government wants leverage voked, move on ... Peace? We against China over the territorjal ' always pray for peace but in this disputes in the West Philippine world, you always think of worst Sea. . condition, and prepare for it, not Emile noted that the annual assume a peaceful world, there budget allocated for the counno such thing, peace all the '. try's military is not enough. time," Enrile said. But he said Malacanang He said the people should should be given leeway to address this and provide the mili- . notalways put limitation to tary its much-needed boost for . ~e government especially in terms of modernizing the modernization. country's depleted military hardware and equipment. "The day will come that you will go to war, so you need to spend for that to serve the country. What will you do if your country will be taken away from you and what will you do if countries like China will swallow you alive?" he asked. ... 'The Philippines has protested the Chinese vessels' action but China has insisted that it has sovereignty .over the area. . Both countries support peaceful means to resolve the dispute despite reports of bullying by Chinese ships of Filipino vessels and fishermen, On June 15, President Aquino directed two Philippine ships to pull out of Panatag Shoal allegedly due to bad weather. These ships have been facing off with Chinese vessels and boats that have remained in the area since April. Five days after, on June 20, an alleged Chinese vessel accidentally rammed a local : fishing boat in Bolinao, Pangasinan, north of Panatag Shoat killing one and leaving four others still missing. A maritime investigation is still underway to identify the foreign vessel involved in the accident. . ..

Called off
Panatag Shoal is located 124 nautical miles from the nearest base point in Zambales. It is within the Philippines' 200-nautical mile exclusive economic zone as provided by the UNCLOS, to which. China is a signatory. . A standoff ensued on April 10 after Chinese maritime surveillance ships stopped the Philippine Navy from arresting Chinese fish. ermen who had engaged in illegal fishing and harvesting endangered species in the area. The Coast Guard and the Philippine Navy, however, have stopped searching for the four missing fishermen.' National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (ND.RRMC) executive direct?r Benito Ramos, however, said local responders continue to conduct search operations. "The Coast Guard and Navy have called off their search op-

___ ,


erations because the fuel (for registered vessel. "We are not losing hope. They their air and naval assets) is very expensive. But our Office have life vests," he said .. The four missing fishermen of Civil Defense in Region 1, our were identified as Fred Celina, local responders and fishermen in the area are still searching for Arnold Garcia, Domy de los the missing persons," Ramos Santos and Amante Resonable . . Authorities are still investi- ~ yesterday told radio~dzBB. gating whether the vessel really ~ He said they are not yet giving up on the missing fishermen, came from China and whether whose fishing boat was report- the collision was an accident. - With Christina Mendez edly rammed by a Hong; Kongr



···.··.··.·.·.o#FICEC)fl1-lsi"'tMx •• H~#lJEStlcI#Ar~~~~I C •• ~d:~~¥--~.~;~




















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July 2012

I«be]llaniIa ~




Senate chief: China's claim on shoal weak
CHINA'S legal claim on the contested Panatag (Scarborough) Shoal in the West Philippine Sea (South China Sea) is weak but the mainland can bully the Philippines because the government has failed to boost the country's defenses, Senate President Juan Ponce Emile said on Sunday. .Emile said that past governments did not prioritize the country's security because of false hopes that the Philippines will not be bullied or threatened by other countries like China. In reference to the Armed Forces of the Philippines (APP) Modernization Act, the Senate chief lamented that in previous administrations; Congress had allotted budget for military modernization to strengthen the country's security butthe funds ,

' . '

»>-W'eaW .



July 2012

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AFP, PIP ink anti-~ure MoA i
II Armed Forces oHhe Philippines (AFP) Chief-I of..staff Gen. Jessie Dellosa last June 26 reiterated I I the military's commitment to the protection I Ihuman rights and its zero tolerance of torture. I Dellosa highlighted this pledge by signing a i I commitment with Commission on Human Rights I j (CRR) chairman LorettaAnnRosa!es shortly afoor I theArP's "Basta Run Against 'Iorture" heldinftont I I of the grandstand of Camp Aguinaldo, Quezon City. I "We,in the Armed Forces of the Philippines, I Iwill be sincere and sure in doing our part in I I supporting this cause. Through our capability and I strength, we will be vigilant in our operations tOI Pl;'event any possible occurren~e ofmhuman"acts I , against people In condemnatIOn oftorture, the I I AFP chief of staff announced. A1;nongthe signatories were the heads and I representatives of the Philippine Human Rights! : Committee, the Department of Interior and Local I . Government, the Philippine National Police,the I United Against Torture Coalition (DATC)and the i I Bureau of Jail Management and Penology. ~ I 1he activity, which was spearheaded by the CRR I I andtheUATC,comtnemQratedthe2012UnitedNatiOIlS I I "International Day in Support ofTo~ Victims." I I Dellosa said this was the first tune the AFP I . hosted the advocacy run, which was usually he~dat 1 I the CHR compound. I I . ToohuIxlredrunnemfromthePhilippine~the PhilippineAirFbrceandthePbillppineNavyjoinedthe 1 I fun "This participation of the AFP manifusts in I I very clearterms our commitmentto putan end to any I adsofhtnnan Iightsviolationand torture,» AFPHuman I RigbIs Office chief CoLDomingo Tutaan Jr. said. PNA I









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Z July 2012



Officer due for attrition honored today
THE Armed Forces is paying a tribute today to Lt. Gen. Roland Detabali, commander of the military's Southern Luzon Command based in Lucena City, who is facing attrition or forced retirement from the service in the coming weeks. AFP chief Gen. Jessie Dellosa is due to lead the ceremonies in Camp Aguinaldo, which includes a testimonial parade and review in honor to Detabali, a member of the Philippine Military Academy Class of 1978. The event will be held on July 16 at the AFP grandstand where electricity was finally restored Saturday. Power supply at the grandstand was cut starting April 10 after lighting hit its transformers. Debatali has been the Solcom commander since May 2009. Under the attrition law, a lieutenant general like Detabal! should be promoted to full general, three years after he was conferred his current rank. Otherwise, the officer will be forced to retire. Detabali got his third star on July 16, 2009. He could not be promoted to the next rank because the post of AFP chief is not vacant. Two other members of PMA Class '78 - 9th Infantry Division chief Maj. Gen. Josue Gaverza and AFP Command and General Staff College chief Rear Adm, Victor Emmanuel Martir - are due for attrition on July 25. Without the attrition rule, Detabali is supposed to retire yet on September 21 when he reaches the mandatory retirement age of 56. Martiris turning 56 onAugust 11 and Gaverza,January 25 next year. AFP spokesman Col. Marcelo Burgos said Detabali "has been widely successful in reducing the influence of communistinsurgency in his area of responsibility." It was during Detabali's stint as Soleom chief when Marinduque, Romblon and Cavite were declared insurgency-free. There is yet no word as to who will succeed Detabali. Military sources said among the contenders are Lt. Gen. Irineo Espino, the AFP's Inspector General who is a classmate of Dell os a (pMA Class 1979). - Victor Reyes


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July 2012



IAbra female board member, 3 others charged with murder

Police filed murder charges last Friday against a provincial board member of Abra and three others for the killing of a Filipino-Swiss in the capital town of Bangued town last Nov. 23. Charged before the Abra prosecutor's office were board member Ma. Elena Jenkins, Bartolome Sebastian, Isikiel Panabang, and a certain Joseph. Director Samuel Pagdilao Ir., chief of the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group, said the filing of charges against Jenkins and her alleged cohorts finally solved the killing of Marc Gerald Alfred Aubord, 26, a resident of Barangay Causapan in Danglas, Abra. Pagdilao said Aubord's killing is the third "cold" or unsolved heinous crime solved by the ClOG in Abra and Apayao. Senior ~uperintendent Pedro Austria [r., ClDG-Cordillera chief, said the killing stemmed from a property dispute between Jenkins and her older sister, Gemma Franco, common-law wife of Aubord's father Gerald. Franco used to be supportive of Jenkins but differences between them ensued when the former met and began living in with the elder Aubord.

This allegedly prompted Jenkins to focus her anger toward her sister's Swiss common-law husband, said Inspector Elmer Roberto Balaba, CIDG-Abra chief. Wishing that the Swiss national would leave Abra for good, Jenkins allegedly ordered the killing of the young Aubord, which was an easier target than his father, Balaba said. Records show that the young Aubord was crossing the Calaba Bridge in Bangued on his motorcycle when he was shot in the head. Policerecovered an empty AS-caliber shell at the crime scene. Austria said several witnesses pointed to Jenkins as the alleged mastermind and financier of the killing, while Sebastian and Joseph were tagged as the gunmen. Panabang, for his part, was the one who supposedly identified and pinpointed the young Aubord to the gunmen. Aside from the Aubord case, Pagdilao said the ClDG-Cordillera has also solved the killings of Michael Bernal also in Bangued last March and forester Kennedy Bayani in Luna, Apayao last May.


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July 2012



Rebel'sjail transfer tied to spy expose
.:By Florante s. Solmerin
COMMUNIST rebels on Sunday condemned the transfer of Alan Jazrnines, of one of their consultants, from the police headquarters to a regular jail in Camp Bagong Diwa in Bicutan, Taguig City, for exposing the alleged pres. ence of US Federal Bureau of Investigation. agents inside the national police headquarters in Camp Crame. . . "The Communist Party of the Philip- . pmes condemns the arbitrary transfer of Alan . Jazmines," the group said in a statement. "Jazmines isa consultant of the National Democratic Front of the Philippines in peace negotiations.". Next page .

National police spokesman Senior Supt. Generoso Cerbo Jr. did not reply to questionson Jazmines' alleged transfer . . Earlier, Jazmines and some , of his fellow detainees claimed that the FBI was holding office inside the Custodial Center as an extension of their condominium office near Camp Crame, Cerbo, however, denied Jazmines' claim. "The alacrity with which the [National Police] carried out Jazmines' transfer shows that it was likely carried out upon the orders of US intelligence officers who are actively operating in the Philippines and who wish to isolate Jazmines and make him ineffective in defending the cause of political prisoners and exposing US government intervention," the CPP said. "US intelligence operatives in the Philippines have been increasingly active and working closely with the [National Police] and the [Armed Forces of the Philippines] in conducting surveillance and counter-guerrilla combat operations' against Filipino anti-imperialist forces. "The US has used the socalled Balikatan exercises in the past several years as a camouflage to set up its physical and organizational espionage network in the Philippines. There are also plans to set up a satellite office of the gestapo New York Police Departmerit right inside tire [police headquarters]. " The communists said the rights group Karapatan would also investigate reports that Jazmines was being denied his right to a legal counsel and was prohibited from even calling his lawyers .


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Indonesian soldiers salute during welcome ceremonies at the Indonesian embassy in Makati City yesterday prior to their deployment as truce monitors in Mindanao. Indonesian army personnel and conflict-resolution experts arrived in the Philippines to.join a Malaysia-led international contingent safeguarding a ceasefire between Philippine troops and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front. Story onA-28. . AP

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Indonesian Ambassador Yohannes Krisiiarto Soeryo Legowo and Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process Teresita Deles welcome the 15-man Indonesian contingent to the International Monitoring Team at the Indonesian embassy in Makati City yesterday. AFP

Indonesian truce monitors arrive
DAVAO CITY - At least 10 Indonesian military officials and five civilian experts arrived in the country yesterday to join the Malaysialed International Monitoring Team (IMT) that oversees the ceasefire agreement between government and Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) forces. The Indonesian team now joins 40 other IMT members from Malaysia, Brunei, Japan, Libya, and the European Union. The participation of the Indonesian team in the IMT was reportedly upon the MILF's

request. It is seen as an effort to bolster the gains of the ceasefire accord, as the government and the MILF cited the absence. of armed clashes between government troops and the rebels from January to June this year. - Edith Regalado


~ July 2012



. :.:

peaced~liligmdbeSigned~isy~r .•·.·:· : ••••••••••.• .<'theMltF.~asWagedatebeBi9n ,,: •. .for···lllor~thatl~hree:dEl~4esi.oriii~ ••• ··· .'··riallyforthe.esta'blishIDento:fa~:in~.·.·.·. . dependent ..state·...• ·inMirid~h~6/ih~ . ..•outhernthfrdClftlt¢iIlainlyCa~ho~ .. s

·•• . liClr~~i~~~~~~~rj~·· ••• rece·~ty~ats·••.. · •
dropped ... :itshid··fotfull .•nd~lJe.l1dence·· i .": inJavotofautonomouscontro}ovtr . .:large.:.·areasinMindanao,\\7hichit •. claims .asMusHms"ancesttaldotnain',· .. · . . ..·.Theinsurgency hastliimedtndte . than 150;000 livessiriceilieMtislim re.• elllonbega.niritheeady·.lMOs.·.· .. b ...thepeaceeffo rtnearlycoUapsed killed 19soldierswh{)they claimed' entered their area in violation of the truce. AFP


151ndon peace monitors arrive
Indonesia's 1S-man contingent to the International Monitoring Team (IMJ) arrived in Manila the other day and will proceed to Cotabato Oty today for their deployment for the Mindanao peace process. The IMTr led by Malaysia with 21 members, is one of the ceasefire mechanisms for the peace process . between the Government of the Phil. ippines (GPH) and the Moro Islamic Uberation Front (MILF), It has now a total of 47 members (down from the previous 60), including 15 from Brunei, 15 from Indonesia, and bNoeach from Japan, European Union (EU), and Norway. On Monday, Indonesian Ambassador Yohannes Kristiarto Soeryo Legowo led a welcome ceremony for their IMT contingent at their embassy in Makati Oty. He said their IMT led by Army Colonel Khairullah, with 10 military and civilian staff from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, will be deployed -23mainly in Davao Oty, where Indonesia also has a Consulate, For GPH, Secretary Teresita Deles joined the event, saying in her brief •. remarks that the Indonesian IMT members came at a very crucial period in the Mindanao peace processes, meaning with the MILF and the Mcira. National Liberation Front (MNLF). " She said it is the period "when we want to see the end of the road" for the negotiations. (EddK. Usman)







15 Indonesian IMT Contingent Arrive


Indonesia's ts-man contingent to the International Monitoring Team GMT) has arrived in Manila the other day and win proceed to Cotabato City today for their deployment for the Mindanao peace process. The IMT, led by Malaysia with 21 members, is one of the ceasefire mechanisms for the peace process between the Government of the Philippines (GPR) and-the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF). It has now a total of 47 members (down from the previous 60), including .15from Brunei, 15 from Indonesia, and two each from Japan, Euro, pean Union (EU), and Norway. On Sunday, Indonesian Ambassador YOhannes Kristiarto Soeryo

Legowo led a welcome ceremony for their IMT contingent at theirembassy in Makati City. He said their IMT led by Army Colonel Khairullah, with 10 military and civilian staff from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, will be deployed mainly in Davao City, where Indonesia also has a Consulate. For the GPH, Secretary Teresita Deles joined the event, saying in her brief remarks that the Indonesian IMT members came at a very crucial period in the Mindanao peace processes, meaning with the MILF and the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF). She said it is the period "when we want to see the end of the road" for the negotiations. "It is a very important signal of constancy of.; support of Indonesia


in completing the (implementation of the) 1996 FPA, and now with th~ MILF (peace process)," said Deles:' The FPA refers to the September 2, 1996, Final Peace Agreement signed by GPH (then GRP) and tlte MNLE Its full implementation is under a review process through the aegis of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OlC). Deles noted that fhe coming of the Indonesian peacemakers wa~ on the request of the peace panels of GPH and MILF. She said this was also discussed in a recent meeting between President Aquino and Indonesian President Susilo "Bambang" Yudhoyono. An Indonesian Embassy statement recalled that the GPH and MILF formed the IMT in 2004. p.\~

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July 2012


Trillanes: All quiet on military front, but you never know
By Cathy Yamsuan
THERE'is no unrest in the military these days because the conditions that provoked past discontents no longer exist. wrhe concerns that caused unrest in the past like lack of housing and delays in the salaries of soldiers have been addressed," said Sen.' Antonio Trillanes IV in Filipino ina radio interview yesterday , Trillanes-leader as a Navy lieutenant of two coup attempts against former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo=was asked his insights on the two-year-old Aquino administration over radio station dzBB. Trillanes recalled that in the early days of the Aquino administration there was a group of civilians out to "grab power" that attempted to recruit soldiers but they failed, The rebel-turned-senator said some "mercenaries" in the milltary took money from the anti-administration group but only made promises that were never kept, "There is no longer any military unrest where the mission is to fight corruption, But in the mean tneyhad quit. case of a power grab scenario, "But whether nothing came of it ("wala they will succeed Yan"). They were only after the ("kwng uusad") is a money of those willing to fi- , different thing altonance such efforts ("mangun-,' gether," he said.

guwatta lang naman yu~"),"', said Trilianes, a leader ofthe , Oakwood mutiny of 2003. .', .,


The 40-year-old senator, who is ' running for reelection next Year. said "the most that was agreed upon were acts of sabotage and terrorism meant to scare people just so the mercenaries could justify' what they charged the finanders." The senator noted that soldiers were smarter now and could easily discern "when he is',be~ ing abused, or played with." ~ ,.. .. ' 'When the s9idier, realizes that ex~ma1 problems like:' COt,' ruption and social in~/ justice are. unbearable, that is when 'military intervention is considered. But as it is, Ido not see such indications. And ap-----------------parenrly, not withm ~eS~i~~t four years," Still, he warned that coup financiers may be keeping a low profile these




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China s.ends patrol ships to disputed waters
BEIJING - China has de- ritorial waters and protect its played four patrol ships to sovereignty - remarks which a disputed area of the South appeared to be directed partly China Sea, state media said at Vietnam. China's military has estabyesterday, amid a deepening lished routine naval patrols in row with Vietnam over comthe South China Sea as a matpeting territorial claims. The ships, described by ter of "national sovereignty" the Xinhua news agency as defense ministry spokesman . surveillance vessels, reached Geng Yansheng said. "The determination and what China calls the Huayang reef in the Spratly islands will of China's military to safeguard national soveryesterday. China last month sum" eignty andterritorial integrity is unwavering/' he said. maned Vietnam's ambassador China said last month it in Beijing and protested a law had elevated the administra- . adopted by the Vietnamese parliament that places the dis- five status of what it calls puted Spratly islands under the Nansha (Spratly) and' Xisha (Paracel) islands from Hanoi's sovereignty. China and Vietnam, as well a county to a prefectural-level as other neighboring nations, district. China's state-backed China are locked in long-standing territorial disputes over the National Offshore Oil Corp. ' has also called for tenders South China Sea, including the resources-rich Spratly and from foreign companies to explore for oil in the South Paracel islands. Xinhua said the ships left China Sea near Vietnam, a China's southern island prov- move Hanoi deemed "illegal." . Tensions in the South China ince of Hainan last June 26 and would travel more than 2,400 Sea have risen sharply recently, with China and the nautical miles on patrols. The ships are under the au- Philippines also locked in a thority of the Chinese govern- maritime dispute over Scarment's State Oceanic Admin- Dorough Shoal, a reef off the . Philippine coast. istration and not the country's Taiwan, Vietnam, Brunet navy. China, Malaysia, and the PhilChina said Thursday, it would resolutely oppose any ippines all claim parts of the - AFP military provocation in its ter- South China Sea.


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July 2012

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The Philifpine Coast Guard will be sending By EVELYN MACAIRAN 50 personne to the nine-day Cooperation Afloat c.hall.engesthat. we are now facinp' these training Readineps and Training (CARAT) that begins exercises would be useful to us,' he said. today in Mindanao. The Coast Guard carries many responsibilities Coast Guard' ... . spokesman Lieu_on its shoulders, he pointed out ., tenant Commander The maritime agency does not only perform Armand Balilo yessearch and rescue (SAR) operations on water, terday said divers but also on land. Turn to Page 6 from the Special Operations Group (SOG), medical personnet Coast Guard Air Group (CGAG), ..• l'VV.e.··.· als.•.• ..•••. ····.611a.v. eto.··.f~ce·iliechallei1.g.·.··es~~llght~9~ut .esca1atethe.·l:ensioninllieareawlii~hChil1ahashee· 1 Anti-Terrorism Unit b cI' .f: cit e 0'1 'ploratibriSmarlhnte secunty .i Cl.<l1 uin.•..ahs.'lt~n ...•.. ..·.··.p.avv t .·ar t.l·~.·mS .. ·.M.·.·.. S·.·~ , .•...••o .• ; F"ffirg .•.. ••• .. pin.·m;.·.t.·ee~.r ().sfhl •._..•• g r.aa·. .·•.• .·. •. . · ·•...·.•..•. .. ··.·.·g·.?r.t.·..•.... ·.arI n.·.·.·N.··.·.' ·.·.d.·.a and from the £ublic ·•..••.~d.·{.m.oe.,b,·.··... e.·.lp .•. iz...••.... b y . s.•.•...•·.e.·.rg.o... ..•.e.r.n.•... e•..n.•...... ·.a-·..• ..•....·~ •. ..u.ex e..•. .....•...... ......, >.. · . .·m.· . ·•....t..l' .agencles(. Baliloadded... ·.a nr·•.. e.·i~.· . ......•. .......•.•.... .:.:": ··.a.·.......••. •...••....•.. ..al1tat,13I)Fl'vfiguelMqlvqr./BRP9alv~dorAbefe~ean,. ~ d . t.·.. .. ·..•..•.•...e. ~.·...•.. .•... ·.·.v l . urp N:,.. lip l.I affairs office (PAO) would be deployed .·.·.· ••..•...• ·.·.CoasfGllardcommaJ:ldant ViceAdrturalEdmund .···.BRPTeotlmoflgurlU:tDl1an(}lJ~·~avy~L!SSyarydesr~ to the joint military Tariditected. its SARv~sselBRP·.Pampanglla~~.the . arid USl'-lSSafegrtar~"'Yill •• p'arhC1p.~tetnth.eexer<:~~' exercise. PCGHelo)636tojoinilieexercise./ ·...Thenav.<llexE!rClses>vvilla1so1J:lyoly~~OOl'hihf "The training .•.·•·· ·.·..... ... ThePampangaand.its·.50.personnel.h,ave alrea4r ·.pine..• Nayysail()r~· •. ~4~350."U$.s~ryicem~11'ii· •.•.• i •.• ~· exchange with the d ·..•..... ·.l.".t.ll5 c0 un .. .ar.t. H G !:Vi~esC.h e th i:lt.. . · •TltePl1.ilippitleiN.a.Y):.i~f!:Is?d~pl()XII!$PI1~p£··ll ..•. Up.·.·.:··....•.. ......•. ..e.. W.·. D t e~.ll."P. a . ..•......•... • United States Coast .• ocked.atthecity' s¥akar Wha,rf WJ.thJ:J~~ersormel.islartderpla~e.*v,§ls,.pr()y14~ d ... Guard (USCG)·.tiInef~r •• theoperung .• fthe.Jbll1tnaval •.....•• n ··.I.ut.1.· ..·.' a.·.s.n.··.N.··.·.e.m.·.ll.,.·.c.o.o o n v e.B.·.il e . yan·.ci.h.· r~.~.ft!,&cioJdudau:li would be very helpandm.mtiIneexerClses. ........•. . -:« ·O....•.••..... ..•.. .•... . .•.a..·.v.........•....•.. ful The USCG would have techniques to share and on our part, we also have experiences to share... This is an opportunity to exchange knowledge and expandmaritirue secur ity network through training and capability." Balilo

50 Coast Guard personnel joining CAR· ft .. 4,'1
···········ii·······SO·i(0diastFfOI1l··.psges· . ••.• ·.··••··

?.• ·.·.·



h ..



Balilo empha. sized the bilateral training exercise comes at an opportune time as the' Coast Guard faces many challenges. "Considering the


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July 2012

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Latest RP-US war. games start
Aimed at further enhancing partnership and cooperation between the Philippines and the United States, another bilateral mmtary exercise kicks off today in the vicinity of Mindanao Sea. Dubbed as "Coopera~ tion Afloat Readiness assets' operational readiness." Tonsay added that the exercise will ultimately help improve the naval defense capability of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) through an exchange vage training at General Santos Bay, Sarangani; and medical, dental, and engineering civic action projects, and community relations activities in General Santos aty and Glan, Sarangani. The exercise will involve the USN, . USCG, PN, and



and Training (CARAn
2012," the exerdse until July 10 is partidpated in by 900 personnel from combined units - of the Philippine Navy (PN) and the United States Navy (USN) as well as contingents from the Philippine and US Coast Guards. Navy Col. omar Tonsay said CARAT 2011 "will be enable the the PN to enhance combined interoperability capability with the USN and the Philippine and Coast Guards (pee; and USCG) as well as test their personnel and naval

doctrinal and tactical best practices. According to the PN spokesman, CARAT 2012 win be conducted at Naval Forces Eastem Mindanao (NFEM) area of responsibility (AOR) with the at-sea activities in vicinity of Mindanao Sea. The exercise includes in-port 'raining, subject matter expertise exchanges (SMEEs), ceremonies, and interactions; diving and sal-

air, and special operations units in the conduct of shore-based cross training exercises (CTX), diving exercise (DIVEX), salvage exercise (SALVEX), air operations exercise, and at-sea fleet training exercises (FTX), search and rescue (SAREX), including friendly sports competitions in volleyball and basketball. During the exercise, the PN's Barko ng Republika ng Pilipinas (BRP) Magat Salamat (PS20), BRP Miguel Malvar (PS19), BRP Salvador Abcede (PG114), and BRP Teotimo Figuracion (PG389) will see action together with the USS - Vandergrift (FFG48) and USNS Safeguard (T-ARS SO) of the US Navy. (Elena L Aben)


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..hpa@yabO&ce,m"'telnO..(@8s2~1693, LocaJ;S28.,¥·529$
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o{ July 2012


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Armed men free Indian national, says professor
ZAM~OANG~ CITY-An Indian national, Senior Supt. Antonio Freyra, the provinwho had been declared dead after he was cial police chief, earlier said Veetil was rekidnapped in Sulu, was freed on Saturday portedly killed after relatives of his wife afternoon. failed to give the ransom demanded by his Former kidnap victim and professor Oc- kidnappers. . tavio Dinampo confirmed the release of Veetil is married to a Tausug woman. He Bidju Kolara Veetil, 36, an Indian national was allegedly kidnapped by a armed men who was kidnapped in June last year. believed to be relatives of Veetil's wife. Dinampo, who claimed receiving reports Freyra said the abduction resulted in to a from Bantay Ceasefire members on the rido (family feud), prompting Veetil's wife ground, said Veetil was released to his in-" to negotiate. •. . law in Patikul town in Sulu, Aweek ago, Interior and Local Governments , Bantay Ceasefire is composed of civilians Secretary Jesse Robredo said Veetilwas being 'Whomonitor conflicts in the province. held by the same group holding Jordanian . "The Indian national is now with his in-journalist Baker Abdulla Atyani and his Filipino laws in BarangayPansul," Dinampo added. crewRamelitoVelaand RolandoLetrero . . - Chief Supt. Mario Avenido, police chief The three have not resurfaced frOID the 'for the Autonomous Region in Muslim Min- Abu'Sayyaflair since going there on June 12. danae, however, said they have not re- The government, however; has not declared -c-eivedany report about the supposed reo Atyani's group as having been kidnapped. lease. Julie s. Alipala, Inquirer Mindanao

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July 2012

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Policeman Wounded
Another policeman was hit when a new wave of landmine attack occurred 'Saturday at Sitio Nakan-an in Barangay Sangay, Buenavista, Agusan del Norte, a regional police spokesman reported yesterday. Superintendent Martin M. Gamba, spokesman of Police Regional Office 13 (PRO-l3), identified the slightly injured policeman as POl Ariel Tale of the Agusan del Norte Provincial Public Safety Company , (ADN-PPSC). The wounded police officer was immediately brought to the PRO-l3 hospital in Barangay Libertad, Butuan City,for medical treatment. The landmine attack happened at 8:30 a.m. when the police force conducted a hot pursuit operation on the fleeing armed group believed to be members of the New People's Army (NPA), Gamba said. (Mike U. Crismundo) (3


Jordanian journalist sa
GLAN, Sarangani (PNA) .c. fhe . Philippines and the United States (US) Armed Forces will begin Monday their scheduled nine-day joint naval maneuver exercises off the .coastsof this General.Santos City and In Sarangani.CommodorePhWp of the Naval Forces Eastern Mindanao,said two US Navy ships arrived here at the Makar port Sunday for thejoint exercises with the PhllippineNavy along the SaranganiBay. The US naval units, which include a frigate and several. seacraft-bor'nehelicopters, were in Manfla and .now on their way to General Santos City/he said. P/l~

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Sulu, spy?

ZAMBOANGA CITY -- Aarestuhin umano ng

Cacayan, commanding


Jordanian journalist If!I si Baker Atyani na ngayon ay kasama ngAbu Sayyaf sa lalawiganag Sulu. Si Atyani, ang bureau chief ng Arabic television ¥ AI Arabiya News Channel, ay may ginagawa umanang documentary ukol sa teroristang Abu Sayyaf at Mom National Liberation
Front (MNLF), gayun rin


ang mga wanted na Jemaah Islamiya militants. "We will arrest him as soon as he gets out of the Abu Sayyaf - for espionage - and interrogate him about his mission," ani Col. Jose Johriel Cenabre, deputy commander ng naval forces sa Mindanao, sa paoayam ng Abante, lnamin ni Cenabre na inaalam nila ang tunay na pakay niAtyani sa pagpunta sa Suluat ang sikretong pakikipagkita hito sa mga terorista. "Atyani is freely moving in the hinterlands with Abu Sayyaf terrorists and we are monitoring the situation," wika nita. Kasama ni Atyani aug - Tel no. (02) 892·1 dalawang Pinoy assistants na inarkila lamang nita sa Maynila at ngayon ay nanganganib ang buhay dahil sa sila'y pawang mga Kristiyano na kinamumuhian ng Sayyaf (AI Jacinto)


02. July 2012



The Middle Kingdom marks a milestone'

HAND-CARRIEDBY special courier is the following letter from Secretary of National Defense Voltaire 1. Gazmin ...I thank the good secretary for his response, and for the benefit of our readers both military and civilian, I am publishing his letter in full. Dear Major General Farolan: The various views and comments you have including those of our illustrious veterans and citizens, in your Reveille of 25 June 2012, are very well understood and appreciated. We certainly acFarolan cord utmost respect to the rationale and perceived wisdom of your respective opinions. Nevertheless, allow me to refresh o~rselv~!Swith certain facts on the issues that you have mentioned in your column. , The Muslim rebellion in southern Philippines began in the' *** early'70s. Our national leaders wasted no time in finding the On Al-Barka, We must distinguish freedom fighters who right approaches to end the conflict. They-have, one after the struggle for a just cause from criminals who torture and muother, applied their own solutions to the problem. In the protilate their victims. The latter, by their actions, have placed cess thousands of our citizens, both our soldiers and brother, themselves beyond the pale (of any peace process consideraMu;Um rebels including innocent civilians, perished in the re- ' tions). By the way, the AFP knows who the main culprit is. He sultant countl~ss armed confrontations. Sadly,to date, we are' , happens to be a repeat offender. In 2007, Marines on a still amidst the same situation. And, notably, by our own actions search mission for kidnapped Italian priest Fr. Giancarlo we have wasted just too many lives of our own.citizens, Bossi suffered the same fate the army troopers also at AJ.Thus, our national leadership has launched the Internal Barka. Peace and Security Plan "Bayanihan" or IPSP "Bayanihan," a " In criminal proceedings, the complainant is People of the whole-of-nation approach to win the peace for all of our' Philippines-not the victims or even their family members. countrymen. This new security strategy envis~ons to attain" And it is justice, not vengeance, that is demanded by People genuine peace through self-help an~ 700peratlOn among ~l.c of the Philippines. of our countrymen in the communities regardless of their ; Somehow I get the sinking feeling that in the end, the only callings in life, be they in government service or civilian ones to be punished, if convicted by court martial proceed-. zens. Currently, our government is involved in the peace pro-, ings, are our officers. How can we bring to justice the crimicess with our Muslim brothers to once and for all arrive at,~ nals involved if we are unable to conduct pursuit operations the true solution to these four decades of conflict. because of ongoing peace negotiations? Under the current The Al-Barka, Basilan massacre of 19 Army troopers in': rules of engagement accepted by our government, we need October of last year was an unfortunate incident. Admit-s: MILFconsent to send our troops into MILF-controlledterritory tedly, that has affected the implementation of t~e peace.. , or so-called "areas of temporary safety (ATS)." process with our Muslim brothers. We have grieved so . , On Scarborough Shoal. In July 1969, three US astromuch the loss of the precious lives of our soldiers, This is' nauts-Neil Armstrong, Edwin Aldrin and Michael the reason why our Armed Forces has been ascertaining the' , Collins-headed for a lunar landing onboard Apollo 11. real causes that led to that tragedy and pinpoint those who;" Armstrong was the first to make contact with the moon's.surare truly responsible, including our very own officers. ,-' face, announcing to the world, "One small step for man, one We have not cast hasty judgment on who was at fault. We;~ giant leap for mankind." , placed our court martial procedures in order, as we avoided, Last week, three Chinese astronauts--Jing Haipeng, misthe normal retaliatory actions to similarly incur casualties ?n; sion commander, with Liu Wang and Liu Yang, China's first the enemy. We discarded the thought ofvengeance as we vig-: " female astronaut-returned to Earth after a 13-day space orously pursue the peace process to achieve our aspirati0p, ot", "-----mission that included both remote and manual docking with lasting peace and stability in Mindanao, 'lil add: oacp3_hpa'! an orbiting module, all part of preparations for manning a Our stand in the Scarborough Shoal issue is premised, .------permanent space station. The mission, Shenzhou 9, was a from the mandate of our constitutional duty: "The Armed: ' milestone in the country's ambitious space program. Forces of the is the protector ?f the people and ;>: In light of the Scarborough Shoal dispute, we are preparing the state, Its goal is to secure the sovereignty of the state. to spend PIS billion for radar stations and 12 fighter jets. and the integrity of the national territory." This is the man-: ~ , It is my hope and prayer that our military planners have -31-


caused the passage of RA 7898 in 1995, otherwise. known as the AFP Modernization Act. There is therefore no: argument against the implementation of this law that would assure ail of us Filipinos of our readiness to secure: and defend any part of the Republic of the Philippine's W'hl!'l'1' , it becomes necessary. . ' " -, '~ ,' , The modernization of our Armed Fotceshas been-long overdue. It becomes understandable therefore that by the dictates of our scarce resources, we cannot simply procure at one time a large array of military platforms. We have to do it piece by piece over a length of time as allowed by our financial capability. Nevertheless our planned acquisitions are not intended to compete with the status of anyArmed Forces. They are meant to develop a reliable defense capability worthy of securing our sovereign state and its territorial integrity. And for almost 17 years after the passage of the AFP Modernization Act, we are just attempting now to embark on the upgrade of the sorry state of our armed capability. Addressing the internal and external defense and security problems of our country is the constitutional responsibility of our national government One problem is as vital as the others. ,Nonetheless their degree of importance can be reckoned from the desired outcome should we fail to immediately attend to an extremely urgent problem, Thank you for hearing the views of our Defense Department. With our continued highest regard and esteem. Very truly yours, Voltaire T.Gazmin ' Secretary





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July 2012



The House and the Senate also focused on corruption in the Armed Forces of the Philippines. House hearings unveiled the misuse of funds by the AFP with two generals having found to have amassed millions because of their control of the purse strings. The Senate blue ribbon committee, meanwhile, un· earthed the practice of "pabaon" whereby retiring AFP chiefs received millions of pesos in cash as farewell gifts. The scandal resulted in the suicide of former AFP chief Angelo Reyes. With one final year to go before the 15th Congress bows out in 2013, the House and Senate may again be diverted from their principal task of crafting laws for the political and economic growth of the Philippines. The House may again vote to impeach another justice of the high tribunal considered an ally of former President Arroyo. A House move to impeach AssociateJusticeMariano del Castillo has only been held in abeyance by Speaker Belmonte. The complaint may be passed in the third and last year of the 15th Congress. Having caused the removal of a chief justice and an Ombudsman, this Congress may yet go down in the books as an impeachment-centric legislature, preferring to remove officials instead of crafting more laws which would improve the lot of the Filipino people.

Unearthing AFP corruption